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long. saadawi the free force of nature starting a bullet on g.w. . this is detail the news coming to live from berlin a hostage taking in shooting in southwest and france the incident is unfolding right now at a supermarket in the town of trade reports say one person has been killed and eight others are being held hostage is also a claim of islamic state involvement. also coming up in the program china's physical side to the end of the u.s.
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president donald trump gets sick with new tariffs unveiled plans to hike touted on up to sixty billion dollars of goods from china and india and he says it's in retaliation for unfair trade practices. in brussels even needles are relieved that the block has escaped stephen aluminum tallis for the time being and british prime minister to resign mr pleased at the transition period all briggs's has been approved. thus hardliner john bolton is prompts a new national security advisor he's advocated preemptive strikes on north korea and things think the us should dump the iran nuclear deal. on. an unwelcome i'm a touchy ma we begin with breaking news coming in from france efficiency us.
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situation is underway inside a supermarket security forces are at the scene in the south western town of close to the city of kharkiv song there is contradictory information on the number of victims with the situation still ongoing but they are reports at least one person has been killed it's been reported that the gunman claimed allegiance to the islamic state the french prime minister edward filipe is on his way to tape he has said that the situation is quote very serious. the french government has been quick to respond to the incident doing its best to reassure the public the interior ministry has treated that police have set up a security paramita at the scene and authorities are asking people to avoid the area and to await further information from authorities and not to spread rumors or verified information interior minister says he is traveling to the location
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immediately highlighting how seriously the french government is taking this situation for more on this breaking news situation we are joined by the correspondent in paris lisa what is the latest you're hearing on this hostage situation in tabe. as you said the situation is still ongoing it's a celtic situation we're hearing different reports one person died two people died but nothing confirmed so far from the authorities we know that the prime minister aide awfully is on his way back to paris to monitor the situation from there call on the interior minister who will be going to the site on either side to monitor everything from down there and they will obviously keep posted in one of our core the french president who is in brussels at this very moment the situation there as i said is still ongoing at the area has been cordoned off there hundreds of police officers there and we have we are hearing that the police the government has sent
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there is easy and that is the anti counterterrorism police force that is actually being deployed in hostage situations there are there to monitor the situation and maybe obviously later on intervene if necessary and listen all of that hearsay and what they hear in the police there are treating this as a terrorist incident. absolutely prime minister it off even just confirmed that in an interview with the media he said everything is indicating this is a terrorist act and we know that the antiterrorist section of the paris prosecutor's office they have seized the affair so that's a very clear indication that that the authorities the government indeed believe that this is a terrorist act we're also hearing press reports that the attack on that person that is now in the supermarket supermarket holding hostages that he yelled virus
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a god is great at the time of the attack but is there any information or details obviously they sketchy at the moment but other than initial cost as to who this attacker might be. we don't know anything about his identity we just know that he's pledging allegiance apparently to so-called islamic state we know that he's in there at this very moment there are also reports of people lying on the floor several people injured but we don't really know if that is true yet because the authorities as i said have not confirmed any information about the possible impact of this possible a number of injured or dead people at least other attention is focusing right now in favor you said there's a hostage situation in a supermarket but there are also reports of another shooting not they far from there but fifteen minutes drive in caucus on what can you tell us about that yeah absolutely apparently a man in a car trying to run no vote for police officers for john d'armes that we're judging
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who were jogging and then shot one of them in the sauna that person's life is not in danger we're hearing also the police found the car later on and hasn't found the drive yet it's not clear if these two incidents are linked but there they happened only a few killick kilometers away from each other as about ten kilometers the obey from each other so there is a chance that this is indeed the same prison as the prison that is now in the supermarket and this is what the security like in france since two thousand and fifteen the country suffer from a range of a terrorist attack some of them serious some of them a bit more minor what is security like that at the moment. on the cover the government had the state of emergency in place until late last year then the new president. ended that state of emergency but the government in shrines many of these rights into common law say the police cars white raging rights wide ranging
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possibilities to strike back possible terror terrorists terrorists and also prevent terrorist attacks in advance right elisa loose in buys thank you very much for bringing us up to date on that breaking story and of course we'll return to you as soon as more details become available thank you very much for now. turning now to other news and china has said it will fight to the end if u.s. president donald trump hits it with nuclear talents trump has threatened to impose the tatts because of what he sees an unfair trade practices by the chinese his announcement said global markets sliding as fears of a trade war grew as much as sixty billion dollars worth of annual chinese exports to the u.s. could be affected. the first of many punishing china on trade it was one of president trump's most fiery campaign pledges we can't continue to allow china
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to rape our country and that's what they're doing now actions are following words trump is moving to levy tariffs on chinese goods to slash the value of the u.s. trade deficit with china we want reset perkel mirror if they charge us we charge them the same thing but beijing says reciprocity should not be the goal on trade it says it could impose retaliatory tariffs on u.s. products like pork and aluminum if it must but that it would rather convince washington to change course. the bad alter that fact we trade everyone knows it's unrealistic to achieve complete equivalence if the u.s. purchases whatever it wants but also rejects selling china the products we want and keeps blaming us for the trade imbalance how is that head on voice i don't mind up . meanwhile some analysts are asking is trump's bark bigger than his bite when it
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comes to trade. the president already announced global tariffs on steel and aluminum earlier this month but then came the negotiations and the exemptions. they include an initial exemption for the european union with e.u. leaders welcoming the move to avoid protectionism at the global level. this is a major risk for jobs in europe. in this respect style look with the u.s. ski. the dialogue is set to continue but so too is the pressure from washington trump is hinting more punitive measures on trade could be on the way. this is joins me now and for the reasons behind washington's decision to slap tad of some china that's right i made a decision to implement these measures follows his frequent complains about the gaping u.s.
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trade deficit with china since china germany joined the world trade organization in two thousand and one trade between the two countries has consistently grown but the flow of goods from china into the united states has risen much more quickly five fold over the last sixteen years last year that resulted in a record three hundred seventy five billion dollars trade deficit with the united states a short while ago i asked our singapore correspondent what it means when china announces should it be hit with a new terrorist it will fight to the end of time or actually has plenty of measures as well to fight back against the us such as in the areas of automobile automobile imports soya bean as well as chips and don't forget now china is actually the manufacturing base for major u.s. companies like apple as well as intel and one area that u.s. has treat for boston and that in agriculture and the presidency thinking from china can has already launched a probe into a u.s.
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exports of some of the hurting so i have been those target and other crops could hurt mr trump's support in some politically important farming areas and i'm tired can also have other weapons as well to such as non-tariff obstacles like safety inspection stealing cable essential goods to enter the country and it's also an underrated approach often used to advance their job political goals in asia. so the wheels are certainly in motion there and other white house has instituted a waiting period on implementation of these terrorists how likely is it that there can be a way out of a deal after all. well we've actually seen one of the major complaints about the treats up close is actually the u.n. being very low and so one of the ways that perhaps you can be a way out is the u.n. strengthening and one of these ways could be when the new china central government
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bank central bank governor comes in and takes over and he's actually been in charge of the twenty fifteen devaluation of the u.n. so maybe he might be able to have some policies in order to change and turn the way around that. our reporting from singapore their president who takes pride in soaring share prices is rattling the markets on friday starts have been plummeting around the globe in response to donald trump's actions general the frankford to start of strange for us give us the latest european stocks still in the red so very little improvement from this morning when the markets open anxiety still dominates the mood of investors here they don't know whether that even exemptions for steel and aluminum tariffs will be made permanent they don't know which chinese industries will be targeted and how that will affect their supply chains and they know that this lack of clarity will extend at least until the end of the consultation period and of course they also have to contend with
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a potential escalation of the chinese response even though china has announced some fairly moderate measures for now so all of this taken together is depressing investment decisions and there is little sign that markets will find themselves on the upswing again before the trading week closes another one in frankfurt thank you . now the european union has among other countries been temporarily exempted from new u.s. tariffs on metals but steel makers and their workers still have pressing concerns will the european union be able to carve out a lasting agreement with the united states and what will happen to massive amounts of chinese steel now looking for other markets a reporter went to one of german steel giants to some clips production sites to gauge the mood. it's the early shift it to some crips steelworks and there's just one topic of conversation for those clocking in the preliminary agreement about the u.s.
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steel tariffs. we don't really believe it we know donald trump always goes back and forth with things. it's not a real agreement because the largest steel producers have been excluded and of course it's only valid until the beginning of may so nothing's such a stone from my eyes because. it's not a proper settlement as donald trump has clearly had so much pressure from within his own country for trouble from the federal reserve banks and the u.s. economy via chaffed. exports around four billion euros worth of products to the u.s. every year industrial facilities machines and steel high quality high tech steel. the german state association has welcomed the agreement with the u.s. government says the e.u. is far from being in the clear the u.s. will still be sealed off for many of the steel exporting nations from eastern europe and asia their exports may well end up on e.u.
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markets. we believe that that could mean around thirteen million tons being diverted to a. form that's an import increase of fourteen percent which would completely swamp european steel markets some place considerable pressure on companies to adapt. that donald trump still dispute has changed the way many workers at towson crip see the u.s. and has done a lot of damage at least as far as trust is concerned. for the global trade is also on the agenda of european leaders meeting in brussels of greater that's right christophe as we've heard trump has temporarily exempted the european union from higher talent and a minium which are meant to come into effect today the topic is overshadowing what was meant to be the main item on the agenda at the summit brags that he would it is of welcomed exemption from trump status that they want to get the exemption to be
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permanent here's what they said. what i'll be working with my shadow e.u. leaders today on is to see how we can secure a permanent exemption for the user there is still time spent with usually about what the next steps might be going to see to well the good thing is that this issue as a reinforced our unity the european commission has spoken with one voice and very rapidly so happy that in this group when it comes to raising tyrants against the european union will respond with countermeasures that was our collective reaction we want good transatlantic relations but we may also respond if we believe that international trade rules have been violated pullets that i think. that we now join our correspondent government as he was in brussels and yogas because they warned that if taleb same pose in the e.u. the bloc will retaliate and that's a pretty strong message coming from the e.u. . the e.u. and reach out practically is being cautious here they want to send the message that
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retaliator e tariffs from the e.u. also remain on the table if donald trump things and that is the message sent to the united states if he thinks he can out muscle the votes largest trading block eat better things again the real concern here on the european side is that either he wants to use these tariffs as a bargaining chip if you want to get a better a deal on the tariffs that europeans put on american products coming into the european market or even worse that he is targeting the. system that this tariff declaration is only a first waif in what is a bigger assault on the global architecture of the current trading system but it is that optimistic that they'll find a more permanent solution for the tag of exemption. it really depends now on the negotiations that will be an ongoing in the next weeks and months to come and to what extent donald trump is really obsessed with this year. idea of reciprocity if
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you look at the tariffs on either side the difference is really minor of course each side protects a specific area for instance europe is very keen on agricultural products to bring all of these in equal line is virtually impossible and so it will because it depends on on the trade results for the european union ever since the second world war trade in europe has been a truly to achieve not only prosperity but also to reduce conflict. just a way you are because there's been another development where you european leaders have signed off on guidelines for the future trading relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. as brigs it to gather momentum the plans agreed at the summit in brussels and formed the basis for the next stage of withdrawal negotiations talks will now focus on trade and security in leaders also agreed to a twenty one month transition period to britain's departure from the bloc british
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prime minister is a man praised the spirit of cooperation during today's talks like that what can you tell us about that you break the transition off. the transition phase of sensually de lay's breaks at the final goodbye of the u.k. from the european union by twenty one months and that is good news for business because they have more time until a potentially if there's a no deal scenario. the relationship reach a cliff actually if you want in the transitional phase itself there's good news and bad news for the u.k. the good news is they can start negotiating trade deals although they can come only into effect at the end of the transition period the bad news is they remain basically they're treated like a e.u. member states with all the upper league ations applied with the jurisdiction of the international court of justice in place but they will have no voting rights in the european union's affairs just like this in brussels thank you very much.
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u.s. president donald trump has also made an announcement he's appointed a new national security adviser with notably hard line it was very known that trump and his former national security adviser. didn't always see eye to eye so it came as no great surprise when he announced the john bolton would take over the village he'd be trans third national security advisor in fourteen months even in a crowded field john bolton's provocative views have long stood out whether it's north korean brinkmanship or iran's nuclear program. and has had one answer to fight fire with fire let's ask john bolton of the past ten years he has been a fixture on u.s. talk shows today in the new york times and here's the headline it's an eye catcher to stop iran's bomb bomb iran rarely missing a chance to hammer home his aggressive foreign policy approach i think has the
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earlier strike the more damage you can do it is a stunt she has doggedly clung to ever since he has the us ambassador to the u.n. under george w. bush that was during the iraq war he now returns to government on a bulging in-tray. well i think. issues that confront us on proliferation and terrorism these are issues dealt with before the president obviously has them at the top of his priority list and so that's that's will be working or among among many others bolton will have to put words into action when he starts shaping u.s. national security policy from next month. breaking news coming in from france for efficiency a hostage situation is under way inside a supermarket security forces at the scene in the south western town of ten close to the city of caucus on there is conflicting information on the number of victims
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with the situation still ongoing but there are reports at least one person has been killed it's been reported that the gunman claimed allegiance to the so-called islamic state the french prime minister edward phillips is on his way to ted he has said the situation is quote very serious for more on this breaking news situation i have on the line correspond an elizabeth in paris on what is the latest on this hostage situation in the town of ten in southwestern france. we're a bit confused but right now the hostage taker is dying in the supermarket some people are still inside some people managed to get out of there all conflicting reports of one or two people being killed possibly the picture there was a bunch of thousands like the supermarket and somebody else pretty cold out there yet on the ground. flying above and around the place in a small town it's the sort of place where you never expected that kind of act to
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happen jacket like small city tight and even smaller. plays the piano in the french countryside is something that is shocking the anti country and it's always conflicting reports about the number of casualties we have one person who is concerned reported killed what can you tell us about the casualties in any other for the information on that. that has been talk of people being that there's up does a policeman who's been injured that apparently is not a danger that those one confirmed wasn't killed and was cut short by the shop possibly other people inside the shop about it's not very good here is this right now there's a siege that they've got things are really on hold and trying to show a global aims are being covered already in the murder of complaints from the police and from the families that television showing too much. because quite obviously
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the seiko will itself have a device to share with him everything that they were told to do in the news. that they that the policeman who was killed was in the town of kaka song which is about fifteen minutes drive from said when this hostage situation is underway what more can you tell me about that are these two incidents men even think what authorities are saying about that. that is an interesting point because when i was a man coming in a small town like tribe people knew. people who you also he would have been identified as very probably came from the next mid-sized telecaster in which as will your thirty thousand inhabitants. how he got radicalized is on the run whether he's a french national is unknown he's in it is certain he got into the supermarket shooting in saying you know revenge this area he has been made a declaration saying that he was doing this for dash and that nobody knows whether this is somebody who's sort of on this from them to whether this is
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somebody who snuck to decided having more to be exposed to those ideas that he would make a stand in previous events you have and your range of events for people who suddenly decide that they will follow instructions that allopathic out. to create those events from people who for instance will be a case of the backlog plans for weeks in belgium got organized had them in a new attack and at this stage we do not know whether this is somebody who was thinking of getting on the action or whether this is somebody who can planning this for weeks but also possible and from what you're saying this is a base more time with this hostage situation is taking place candy and what is security like in saddam's. in a town like that there would be close security there would be a supermarket just outside the city if people go there because it's got. you would park and walk in the city would check your handbag nobody would look at you twice
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and i don't even say i mean i haven't been to get there so they go but i go to places similar to justice and like shop power is the idea of getting into into a place and having to go to crew to check whether you've got weapons is unthinkable you've built you know these things you now have to care if you go inside inside loft apartment in paris or is this but they don't check every handbag it's probably buildings it's very difficult to to have a situation in which there would be a lot of security and the police is treating it initially as a terrorist incident. yes no that was very clear it was you know when somebody goes in with a kind of war weapon shouting allahu akbar and taking revenge to syria how else would it be if it is terrorism but it is it terrorism technically being inflicted terror the pike and it didn't kill cells and there's every proof it's a terrorist incident. it's what else could it be right and it is
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a myth in fact thank you very much for being us up to date with the baking news situation coming out of south west and from. let me recap the breaking news story that we're funding a full hugh a hostage taking has taken place in southwestern france an incident is unfolding right now at a supermarket in the town. reports say a one person has been shot dead and injured there are conflicting reports of others obviously held hostage although. they've been there's a claim of state involvement the french prime minister has said it seems to be a terrorist incident. would be following the story for you right here on news and bring you more details become available for now that's it for me on this that she. as you again in half an hour.
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journalists discuss the topic of the week the poisoning of the former russian spy sergei script. has triggered a major crisis between the west. has even told. him seriously.
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a week watches over half of the under budget five we ought to settle seven percent . beam one to shape the continent's future christmas. party and join african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent. platform for africa it's. a lot of very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the earlier this week all focuses on the russia where the former k.g.b. agent has just been reelected to a full term in office victory though comes time when tensions are running high between.


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