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this is news coming to you live from south africa mourns the loss of an apartheid i call winnie mandela has died at the age of eighty one and activist and wife of nelson mandela for many she was the mother of the nation but she leaves a mixed legacy south african president cyril ramaphosa paid this tribute to her. she was not only and inspiration but she also touched the lives of many millions. do it in the dark day. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu so it was
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confusion by suspending a deal with the un on african migrants just hours after announcing it. people in france brace for months of travel chaos as brilliance begin a series of major strikes they come as resistance grows to present amount of well maccollins plans to modernize the french economy. and in champions league soccer behind me to visit some hoping to continue their goal scoring form after the weekend thrashing of. the germans have a poor recent record against better song. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. many across south africa are in mourning today following the death of winning. the ex-wife of former president nelson
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mandela she was a towering figure in the fight against apartheid but she was also one broiled in a number of controversies recent years she died peacefully at a hospital in johannesburg at the age of eighty one this young bride the first black social worker at the south african hospital where she worked and when he mandela's fight against apartheid would dominate her marriage and the rest of her life in one thousand nine hundred sixty four her husband nelson mandela began serving twenty seven years on charges of sabotage and plotting to overthrow the government during that time when he supported him and the anti-apartheid cause eventually also serving time in prison my husband has been fighting for the liberation of african people for the wishing someone to mention in this country. in the one nine hundred ninety s. when his reputation also began to suffer she was implicated in the kidnapping and killing of a teenager accused of being an informer she was also convicted of fraud. when
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her husband was released from prison she was there to greet him although she later described the marriage as a sham. the mandela's divorced shortly after he became president. nelson mandela died in two thousand and thirteen. winnie mandela is mainly remembered for her unwavering commitment to the end of apartheid. for many years she bore the brunt of this senseless per tomatillo of the apartheid state with story says him and fortitude despite the hardships she faced she never doubted that the struggle for freedom and democracy which triumph and succeed. after a lengthy illness when he meant ella died in hospital surrounded by her family. however for many her image as
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a fighter lives on. or more on winnie mandela his legacy let's cross over to johannesburg where jason burke from the guardian newspaper is standing by for us jason tell us about winnie mandela his place in the parte movement what role did she play i think one of most important roles for the mind of a play was during a ninety seven thousand nine hundred eighty s. when many of the senior a.n.c. leaders including our husband nelson mandela were imprisoned during that time when he said he was imprisoned on a number of occasions what's around eighteen months freshers and so that you can find but she was out on the streets as well she was in so where in the seventy eight seventy days through the eighty's and the other townships there she was a real figurehead for defiance for resistance on the ground and that was a very in a period where the a.n.c.
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was under great pressure now winnie mandela also courted controversy at times embraced violence and was convicted of fraud tell us more about these controversial aspects. well the fight against apartheid was a right brutal one. the movements. force against apartheid was a divided one is well. the two combined in a whole series of a lot of instance internet on internal wars in particular in the nineteen eighties which we need go jolene to where so she was accused of eventually found guilty of being involved in the murder of a fourteen year old who was suspected of being a police are i sure was a cold four or at least a train carriage those seen as choices to the commuted say that she legs to
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be a place to be executed signature lines justice so there was dots and then later there were the fraud allegations as well which set the tone as to reputation and given all that you've just told us there jason how will winnie mandela be remembered and south africa i think one of the most interesting things over the last twenty four hours has been the difference between international reaction and view of what he meant and the local reaction the local reaction has been entirely on a critical eye she saved his mother the nation by many the comments may have be that as in some ways you'd expect entirely appreciative of her sacrifices as a leader of the black community when george creates his rights and. to use his head there as terry and also work with it which is something that isn't slave necessarily seems to so there's a big difference between that fear of the head as i actually remember it and the
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more nuanced view overseas jason thank you very much that was jason burke there from the guardian newspaper speaking to us from johannesburg thank you. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines today authorities in thailand have seized drugs worth an estimated twenty nine million u.s. dollars in several unconnected cases the largest single haul was seven hundred kilos of crystal meth amphetamine the drugs were produced in the good notorious golden triangle region where the borders of thailand myanmar and lawless me. a circus truck carrying five elephants has crashed in southeast spain killing one of the animals and leaving another two injured emergency services used a crane to remove the body of the dead elephant as well as the survivors from the
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crash site. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon says israelis do have a right to a homeland it's a notable shift in the kingdom's position towards the jewish state saudi arabia does not recognize israel but ties between the two countries have improved in recent years well staying in israel itself that countries announced a deal with the un to resettle african migrants to western nations but just hours after announcing the deal israel put it on hold again prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he wanted to consult more widely on the deal which some hardliners had attacked because it allows many of the migrants to stay in israel under the agreement with the un some sixteen thousand of them were to be sent to western countries including germany. some of these migrants mostly from eritrea and sudan have been living in israel for a decade there are around thirty five thousand of them they say they have fled
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danger and persecution at home in israel they work illegally but the government wants them gone and offer them a stark choice leave the country voluntarily go to prison or be deported to an african country such as rwanda. that the choice i'd rather go to jail at least i'd be safe there. but many israelis and many supporters abroad condones the plan unethical must deportation so prime minister benjamin netanyahu turned to the united nations refugee agency for help. sixteen thousand two hundred fifty migrants will be sent to countries like canada or germany or italy or some of the world's most developed countries that's the commitment of the u.n. high commissioner. but that plan has also run into trouble hardliners say it allows too many migrants to stay in israel. that seems to be want has driven nessun yahoo to suspend the deal just hours after announcing it but it also remains unclear exactly how the u.s.
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. germany and italy both mentioned as possible destinations for the deported migrants were taken by surprise they had not been consulted although the german interior ministry said always respected its humanitarian obligations. let's bring in our political correspondent hans blunt to try to explain what's going on here hans the israeli prime minister announces a plan to send unwanted to saddam seekers to other developed countries like germany and italy but germany and italy claim to have no knowledge of it how is this possible frankly it's it's a gaffe on the side of netanyahu it's under play mattick it's something he shouldn't have said and he has explained that mentioning germany and italy and canada in fact that these are just examples that they weren't really concrete agreements with these countries although canada has said that it is talking tonight on you know what did happen is that there is an agreement between the united
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nations high commissioner for refugees the united nations refugee agency and israel in fact to try and find countries that will take these sixteen thousand or so refugees from israel and you know take them up for various reasons humanitarian reasons family reunion that kind of thing but there have been as far as we can find out no concrete agreements with any country at the moment to take up refugees from israel so the israeli prime minister going out on a limb there but apparently the u.n. was informed at least can you give us an idea a rough idea at least of how this plan this deal was supposed to work well the united nations refugee agency has said that they would look for countries other countries in israel to take up refugees for various reasons possibly if they have family members in this country. possibly if those countries would grant them political asylum but as i said they have as far as we know been no concrete agreements with any countries so far actually to take up these refugees so it's
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a matter that's really in the hands of the united nations at the moment and not really israel if this plan is for the developed and if israel if netanyahu gets his cabinet the rest of his government on board with it is it something that germany might be willing to go along with well the german interior ministry has said that germany is always prepared to accept its responsibilities its humanitarian responsibilities in terms of refugees and so on so i think the germans would be prepared to talk about this whether there would be actually prepared to take up refugees is another question since obviously germany also has quite a large number of refugees already and this is a very controversial political issue in germany as well so there's no guarantee in fact that germany would take up any of these refugees at the moment thanks so much hans but from our political desk.
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it's travel chaos for commuters in france today unions are staging mass strikes which has brought many of the country's trains to a standstill after a long weekend falling public holidays over the easter french railway operator s.n.c.f. say it will hold three out of four regional trains and high speed trains are also affected only about one in ten are running today so commuters are canceling trips or turning to cars sharing options the four main rail eugene's have called two days of strikes in every five days for the next three months to protest the government's plans to eliminate some rail benefits. china. to the united states said to any new terrorists on chinese goods which door counter measures of the same proportion the fear of a full blown trade war between the world's two biggest economies continues to weigh on lockets asian stocks traded lower today taking the lead from wall street where
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the markets were largely weighted down by tech stocks fear that further tariffs could be imposed on tech products by china have spooked investors the u.s. is expected to release a list of chinese products that will be hit by the punitive tariffs announcement or announced by the united states government last week. for more on that story that's cross over now to our man at the frankfurt stock exchange. so today of course is the first chance for european stock markets to react to the latest developments in the u.s. china trade dispute after the he still holidays so what's the verdict was the mood like. the verdict is oh boy we didn't want this and now we're getting it and exactly what people had feared is happening the trade conflict is escalating i don't think it's a trade war yet but that's certainly what the people are fearing and they're
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fearing that china will escalate and that it has some kind of repercussions and connection with us that it's the biggest creditor of the united states and of china in any way says hold on we don't want your debt and not at that price it could lead to rising interest rates worldwide and that's one of the big fears connected with this trade conflict at the moment. in the midst of all this lazy day we will see a much anticipated i.p.o. music streaming service if i will go public in new york is is this the right time for such a move. it's the worst possible time monica the market is moving so of tech stocks are under tremendous pressure special pressure as you mentioned and spotify itself it has a business model that has people wondering where the profits going to come from and still writing losses so it's going to be an easy i.p.o. there in new york people are very eager to see how how good or how bad it will go
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to anybody in frankfurt thank you very much for bringing us up to date others. that are returning to our top story travel chaos in frogs due to massive walkout by railway workers and lisa lewis our correspondent is standing by for us in paris right now so lisa we've seen the pictures of quite a lot of people there way stations trying to get one of the very few trains that are running today what's the latest development yes absolutely very few trains are running today indeed uncertain train lines it's one out of ten and as you say that the platforms are packed with people these pictures were taken i believe at the gather you know in the in southern paris and these people are trying to get to get a train the train is concert and then they cross the tracks which is obviously it's
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a bit in here according to the law but they did it to catch another train so lots of chaos really at the train stations people are trying to get the few trends that i have a about or on the other hand taking the car taking the bus and that is causing hundreds of kilometers of traffic jam jam across the country this of course today is is only the beginning many say we could see strikes of that kind to now for two days every three days for the next three months that's quite a disruption to everyday life in france how do you think in london with call will react. absolutely this strike is going to go on for three months the unions say two days a strike strike three days off two days of strike and so on and so forth so m.r. car has said that he would not give in to the strikers his transport minister repeat that this morning and said you know this is really
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a silly strike you should stop it and this is the reason i'm a reformer need to reform the sector but oversee the unions don't agree on that and they want to show the government that they can actually win this fight it's not only about that reform it's also shows strength for the unions that they have actually the capacity to to actually make the government give in and for the government so that they can show that they can push through reforms in this country that is known to be very difficult to reform but a lot of people of course certainly economists would agree that those reforms are absolutely necessary in order to keep the french economy on track it has certainly recovered in in recent months and now we see this strike by rail workers but not just in the rail sector energy sector garbage sector as several others are joining those walkouts what's on their agenda. absolutely the different strikes across different sectors in the country all these workers asking for better working
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conditions or special privileges for the time being they these movements are separate movements and that is the main challenge for the unions here they need to create a common narrative for example a neo liberal reform narrative that the country needs to defend itself against that's i think the only way to get maced is the french to support them actually and to make the government give up their report reform plans in the long run. in paris thank you so much. terrorism standing by now and good use about bloodshed in yemen that's a good. moniker an airstrike by the saudi led coalition piling in yemen has killed twelve civilians in the coastal city of hard data the attack destroyed a house where people displaced from other provinces were living witnesses said the dead were all from the same family the saudi led coalition said reports of the
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attack would be fully investigated or data is the port where most humanitarian aid arrives in yemen. and this is the u.n. is hosting a meeting in geneva today to raise money for war torn yemen and discuss humanitarian issues related to the conflict organizers are hoping to bring in some three billion dollars the new pledges to meet the rising costs of providing aid three years of fighting in yemen have claimed around ten thousand lives the proxy war between the saudi backed government and iranian backed with the rebels has also driven an estimated two million people from their homes the un has been revising upwards the number of yemenis in need of assistance the organization estimates that since last year another three point four million more people depend on outside help for survival ayesha is a mother to five young children. and she's also alone in the world since her
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husband died she has to track for two hours every day just to fetch water from a well. she struggles to look after her family. had things which before the war even if you didn't have much money you could buy things but prices have skyrocketed i don't know how i'm going to buy food. years of conflict in yemen has devastated the country thousands are dead and millions driven from their homes two thirds of the population that's nineteen million yemenis need humanitarian assistance according to a u.n. report from last year half of the country has no access to clean running water. that's caused a widespread colorado demick. yemen's health care system is under extreme
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strain the young are worst hit. but i'm a little bit what would even before the war more than one in five newborns died now the death rate can hit seventy percent because of the current situation in the country yet at a center. for ayesha and her family the future looks bleak without help and already critical situation could become desperate. for more on the situation in yemen i'm joined now by martin millions from the aid organization care international who's the regional emergency coordinator for north africa in the middle east and he's based in jordan's capital amman jordan we heard some disturbing numbers there about the situation in yemen as someone who deals with humanitarian crises in many countries can you put the yemen crisis into context for us. yeah it's it's mind
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boggling i mean looking at the numbers this is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our times. we have i think eighty percent of the population more than twenty two million people in need of humanitarian aid. it's i mean like looking at the numbers it's sometimes really difficult to understand the situation because you know i frequently travel to yemen out and when you look at the situation you still see people industry it's used in markets open the food in the shops and then you know at the same time that there's eight million people that to bring call famine conditions sometimes it's very very difficult to comprehend what it means for the families and i think your report showed well that the people are just struggling to buy the food that's available in the market but they just don't have the means to purchase for this happening as we're talking about donors
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are gathering in geneva with organizers they're hoping to collect three billion dollars in aid for yemen even if that target is reached is it going to be enough. you know i mean to put it in perspective last year we are still much less and it was funded by around a little more than fifty percent and you know the situation as we see it now i mean there's no was a silver lining that didn't get any better basically the peace negotiation the peace process the u.n. and these process has kind of derailed and there was no progress made in the last year so first and foremost what the people need of course is you know for the warring parties to come back to the table and cease fire i mean that is the minimum i don't think with humanitarian aid you will solve the situation in yemen even if the fighting in yemen word and to morrow the country would still need massive aid
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what kind of challenges will the people of yemen face after the war i think now is it's also the social fabric from very this social cohesion that the country is very much divided now into at least two parts and of course you know there's a lot of. you know infrastructure that was damaged infrastructure that was destroyed and i think there's yeah i mean that would be for me i guess those two elements would be the top priority peace building so secretions social fabric as well as a recovering economy recovery from the damages of the war martin thank you very much for talking with us so as martin really is there with care international he spoke to us from jordan's capital amman. and sports news with you a bit of soccer by in munich visits via in the first leg of their champions league
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quarter final this evening while they're on the verge of winning their sixth straight bonus league title but it's been five years since they won the champions league in recent seasons spanish sides have always been the stumbling block. biren haven't won the champions league since twenty thirteen every season since they've crashed out against spanish sides but coach. is keen to point out the things were very different when he was last in charge when i was here in two thousand and twelve and twenty thirteen we be two spanish teams to reach the final . the two best teams in the history of spanish football barcelona and real madrid. in. history so for me the last four years aren't relevant. severe may not have as impressive a record in europe as spain's top two sides but they have won the europa league three of the last four seasons. they're also on
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a high after knocking manchester united out in the last round severe coach someone tele says the key to success is taking the game to buy and. used to scoring lots of goals in every game they used to having control of the ball we have to do the same and keep the ball for as long as possible that way you force them to do something they're not used to. but shutting down by and will be no easy task they scored eight goals against us in the last round and six against dortmund at the weekend. the scene is set for a classic champions league encounter. you're watching d.w. news coming to you live from berlin we have more news for you at the top of next hour of course all our stories online dot com thanks watch.
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the women wait till nightfall to cross the border into israel. they're syrian mothers bringing their wounded children into enemy territory clandestinely to meet doctors there will treat the little ones who are often seriously injured it's a gesture of humanity in an inhumane constant three thousand. d.w. . started out with some junk and instructions from
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