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this is news coming to you live from berlin the leaders of turkey around and russia meet for a crucial summit on syria they say they'll focus on their common interests in the country the talks coincide with the big challenges on the ground in this seven year war as rebels are forced to leave their last bastion. also coming up. it's fifty years since the assassination of martin luther king in memphis tennessee
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a look at his legacy and how it still inspires activists in the u.s. today. and is or will bring you an update on last night's champions league action including a moment of magic from who else but although israel madrid took on the advances in a repeat of last year's final. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us. the presidents of iran turkey and russia are meeting for their second summit in six months to discuss the crisis in syria it's thought today's meeting could have a critical impact on developments in the country it comes as u.s. influence appears to be waning with president calling for american troops to be withdrawn rebels are also facing what could be a game changing setback the loss of
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a key stronghold near the capital damascus. syrian state media and media close to the government reported that the first fighters from the army of islam started leaving the city with their families on monday it is the last and largest rebel force in eastern guta should the army of islam withdraw without resistance then government troops would be able to take complete control of the area. but the army of islam leadership is clearly divided some factions deny that the withdrawal agreement has been wrapped up but that's caused a delay in the withdrawal of both fighters and civilians from devastated duma meaning that they can't be given humanitarian help for the time being. water food medication electricity and fuel are scarce while infrastructure is practically nonexistent. only a few have been able to leave for no sick children like those seen here would have to two weeks ago the army of islam has only ever load
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a tiny number of people to leave the city. it has been accused of using civilians as human shields the u.n. estimates that ten thousand people remain in duma and are in urgent need of aid. on the outskirts of duma buses await the army of islam fighters for days no russian envoys have been negotiating a withdrawal agreement with the rebels as long as the fighters remain in place it will remain near impossible for civilians to flee east and. other. talks underway today in ankara between the presidents of turkey russia and iran they all have large but also conflicting interests in syria we'll have more from our correspondent in a moment but first let's take a look at the roles played by those countries in the syrian conflict. syria twenty eight hundred. seven years of civil war and still no end in sight there are
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too many interests involved in this war goes beyond the assad regime fighting rebel groups major foreign doctors are playing their part too these are the main ones they regularly supply weaponry and personnel to those they believe can help to meet their own geo political and russian president vladimir putin is one of president assad's closest allies russia has provided military support to assad since twenty fifteen since then the syrian government has managed to recover lost territory with the aid of russian airstrikes putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region reduce american influence and keep radical islamists of power the russian air station near lattakia is now a permanent fixture on the tarsus marine base russia's only such base in the mediterranean is being enlarged.
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president hassan rouhani of iran is another supporter. iran has no intention of losing one of its closest allies in the arab world from day one to run a support to damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return grants around a much needed route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. this man on the other hand would like to see assad out of power turkey has supported various rebel groups from the start and since january has had its own troops in syria one of president areas one's goals is to push by kurdish groups to gain influence in parts of syria by supporting u.s. operations against the so-called islamic state. a spring in our correspondent dorian jones now in ankara he's covering the three way summit between russia iran and turkey that's happening there today or in this summit brings together three nations with very different interests in syria's future what do they want out of
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these talks. well i think they are looking for an end game in syria there is realisation even though they are all from rival sides that they do have to work together on the ground to bring these warring parties together to achieve some sort of end to this seven year civil war and also to help them achieve their own regional goals given the fact that many of those goals are contradicted by this makes this process extremely fraught with difficulties and many of the talks today will be focused on those different goals and the contradictory goals and also the fact that they are all backing rival proxy fighters in syria thurber complicates the matter but it's still recognized at this meeting today and part of this why the process which these three countries have been working to solve the civil war in syria is seen as the best chance to ending this conflict iran turkey and russia met six months ago dorrian for peace talks has anything changed since then to bring the conflict closer to an end.
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while progress certainly has been slow but there have been these creation of these the conflict zones across syria and this is where the syrian rebels are being moved to and they would benefit from a cease fire now it is a very slow and extremely controversial practice because given the fact that neither side seems to agree on who are legitimate rebels and who will want. terrorists who do not benefit from this ceasefire this is a major point of rivalry an argument between moscow and tehran there will be big arguments and discussions today. particularly over this enclave in italy where many of the rebel fighters in ghouta are being sent to that is a key point of discussion but this conflict zones in many ways is seen as a way of ending the syrian civil war it will be the final settlement where supporters and opponents of the regime will be ultimately place and that is where a lot of these talks today will be on the conflict zones u.s.
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president donald trump recently announced withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria he is obviously not those talks today what influence if any does washington still have there. well washington still to house one major call to play it is backing the syrian kurdish militia which controls up to one third of syria and in many ways that is seen as one the main factors why washington is continuing to support this kurdish militia even though nato ally considers them terrorists and in fact even though tom has announced that we've to all we are getting reports of the pentagon is reinforcing its support of this kurdish militia possibly a warning to those attending the summit today that while washington is excluded it still remains a player but it has to be said that all the three leaders attending today that's one thing they agree on they believe the u.s. has no role to play in the syrian conflict dorian thank you very much for bringing
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us up to date their story in jones there in ankara. and some other stories making headlines around the world today a woman shot and injured three people at the you tube headquarters in northern california before turning the gun on herself the suspect allegedly had a website that railed against you tube for censoring her videos law enforcement officials say the shooting was being investigated as a domestic dispute. a dutch lawyer with russian times has become the first to be sentenced in the u.s. special counsels russia probe. hundred was handed a thirty day jail term and ordered to pay a twenty thousand dollars fine he admitted he lied to robert miller those investigators about his contacts with an official in donald trump's campaign. thousands people have gathered on rio de janeiro's and other city in rio de janeiro and other cities in brazil to call for former leader luis is not you know lula da
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silva to be put behind bars. facing a twelve year prison sentence for alleged corruption the demonstrations come on the eve of a supreme court hearing to appeal the charges. commemorations are set to take place in the united states today to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of martin luther king the civil rights leader was killed by a white supremacist in memphis tennessee at the peak of his powers in a moment we'll talk to an expert about his legacy but first let's look back at hell king changed life in america for good. activist dissident troublemaker icon martin luther king jr as a towering figure in american history his life his work and his death forever changed the way the u.s. review race civil rights and equality. king was born into an america where slavery was a recent memory segregation was the law of the land and poverty gripped most of the
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african-american community. on december first one hundred fifty five police arrested activist rosa parks for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man in montgomery alabama as was the law her actions spurred king to lead a boycott of public buses in the city which lasted for over a year. he continued to organize and lead marches for voting rights labor rights and desegregation across the u.s. championing nonviolent tactics inspired by mahatma gandhi in india. this culminated in august one thousand nine hundred eighty three when king led the famous march on washington and delivered his iconic i have a dream speech.
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the speech and the march propelled the civil rights movement forward in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the u.s. congress passed the civil rights act which outlawed discrimination based on race religion sex or national origin in the united states the same year king was awarded the nobel peace prize but he wasn't done yet. he continued to organize peaceful protests and marches which are often met with violence from authorities and pro segregationists. in one nine hundred sixty eight king was helping organize sit ins against economic inequality when he was shot and killed in a hotel room in memphis tennessee he was only thirty nine years old. king's legacy still reigns over civil rights debates from the south african anti-apartheid movements to the modern day black lives matter and pro-gun control marches political change makers all over the world use king's teachings and writings as inspiration even fifty years after his death.
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for more i'm joined here in the studio by sebastian the opes who's a professor of american history john f. kennedy institute of berlin's free university here in berlin and thanks for being with us this morning now why did african-americans continue to face institutional racism in the united states even after slavery ended. after the end of this of a war and the end of slavery especially in the us south politicians implemented laws that were designed to keep black and white populations separate this kind of segregation happened in everyday life in bathrooms in churches in schools but also these laws were designed to keep african-americans from voting and participating in political processes when you look at martin luther king's legacy and you look at all that was achieved in the us civil rights movement can you put your finger on specific accomplishments of specific achievements that can be attributable directly
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to martin luther king i think in addition to his the influence he had on the civil rights legislation legislation of the one nine hundred sixty s. the voting rights act and the civil rights act i think one component one element is really crucial and important editors his role as a spiritual and political leader and his display of an african-american man being particularly intelligent and numb violent defying common stereotypes people who held at the time about african-american men. what in your opinion needs to still happen today in order to achieve martin luther's dream of racial equality i think it's hard for me to tell as a european white man and to talk about african-americans and their problems but i think the list is obvious what we have talked about for the last five years or so is the incarceration rate fell on disenfranchised underfunded black schools police
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violence of course and there is no easy solution for that but i think two factors can be interesting and should be addressed which is real integration black students black students should have the same access to computers good schools and teachers as white children have and i think diversity on the police force is sweet. need african-american officers to bring in their points of view that ten years ago the u.s. elected its first african-american president there was suddenly a black president in the white house and for many this was a watershed moment filled with hope yet since then things don't seem to have gotten any better what has changed for the worse in america since then i don't think things have changed for the words necessarily but this very symbolic moment of iraq obama being elected the first african-american president of the united states was a moment of hope and the hope for change was great but the us has seen
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a history of racism and discrimination for three hundred fifty years and i think fifty years since the civil rights movement is just too short to address all of these issues first thank you so much for being with us today professor your boston sebastian from american from the john f. kennedy institute at berlin's free university thanks for being with us this morning thanks for having me. cross over to christophe for our business is also taking a look at the economic legacy of martin luther king that's right terry and u.s. president donald trump rarely misses an opportunity to take credit for the rise in employment among black citizens and while their economic situation has improved studies show that black workers still are chronically under represented in high salaried jobs of half a century after martin luther king's death differences and wages among white and black employees also persist. even the american flag is in tatters here this is
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a black neighborhood in memphis tennessee the city where martin luther king was assassinated fifty years after his murder black people here earn forty eight cents for every dollar a white american makes. people are working in their spending all their lives and they're spending all these hours but they're not getting out of poverty they're still in poverty so i don't know that i would say it is better that people are working. it's a way slavery how despite improvements in education blacks get less access to economic opportunities experts say they trapped in structural inequality. massively i mean more money i have not i am i think. trying to find. ways. perhaps. it's five decades since martin luther king was murdered and for many here his
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struggle for economic justice has not yet been won. music streaming service spotify decided to forgo a big advertising campaign and the tradition of ringing the opening bell at its flotation on tuesday but it still called attention investors awaited the stock market debut with a mix of excitement and caution spotify has not earned a sense since it was founded in two thousand and six but losses of almost a billion euros didn't seem to put off investors. at the new york stock exchange hopes run high for the swedish company. we do think tomorrow is going to be strong for spotify it's you know it's quite a sexy stock it's quite a sexy industry. and the way that they've done it's obviously may mean that indexes are going to come through a lot of trade as a lot of a lot of funds the ones i have spotify. the share price underlines that spotify
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open it almost one hundred sixty six dollars per share that values the company it twenty nine point five billion dollars the timing for its i.p.o. is not ideal though following facebook's data scandal the tech sectors reputation has been severely turn ishta was going to do this. us president donald trump's verbal attacks on amazon came as an additional setback. still investors have high hopes for music streaming providers. more people are now talking about streaming it's easy to forget that just three years ago even in the us streaming wasn't really it saying it was still downloading songs so this helps educate the market and that's equally true across the world spotify and its competitors account for sixty percent of all buzy revenues and countries like germany offer them a lot of potential for further growth that creates optimism and self confidence at
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spotify and among investors. now travelers and france are bracing themselves for a second day of transport chaos as rail workers continue to strike unions had called on them as well as energy workers garbage collectors and air france staff to protest president across labor market reforms they want of the walkout saw many of france's four and a half million daily train passengers facing major disruptions. the chaos was complete hundreds of thousands of travelers left stuck in paris but throughout france the walkout at state owned rail operator s.n.c.f. led to the cancellation of almost all high speed train services on tuesday a few regional services operating mostly delayed. justice is really catastrophic something needs to be done with the victims we haven't done anything we need to get to work like everyone else it's not normal we're against this we're not happy.
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coordinated by four unions to strike a response to government plans to reform the country's rail industry president. has set out to dismantle privileges including the fifty days holiday a year to which staff of the highly indebted s.n.c.f. are entitled. wants to raise the real work is retirement age at the moment train drivers can retire at fifty two. very happy with the number of strikers in the context of the number of trains because due to the strike practically the entire rail network was paralyzed so is satisfied with the level of mobilization by the train workers. the unions have settled in for the long haul for the next three months at least until june workers plan to strike for two days each week. and almost a year after mcclellan was elected president other industries are also growing restless workers in the power and gas sectors have also come out on strike in
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protest of plan privatisation municipal waste collectors have also walked out because here want the right to retire early if they deal with hazardous chemicals adding to tuesday's unrest stuff and air france were also on strike demanding a six percent wage hike. got a lot of soccer action for you today in the champions league quarter finals by munich came from behind to cheer in a way win against serbia pablo this r.b.i. gave the spanish hosts a deserved lead in the first half but by and levelled the score before the break thanks to an own goal from his was novice and thiago. completed by and come back with a diving header after half time handing the pairings a crucial second away go ahead of the return tie later this month.
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in tuesday's other match champions real madrid demolished hosts you ventus in what was a repeat of last year's final the night belonged to chris john the rinaldo who gave the visitors an early lead with a close range finish before bagging a goal of the season contender the portuguese forward unleashed a fierce bicycle kick into the back of the net to double his side's lead the goal was so good it brought both sets of fans to their feet while solo then made it three nil to rio madrid late on. in tonight's action liverpool host manchester city and their first leg of their quarterfinal of the all english clash pits together two of europe's most high profile coaches you're going to club pep guardiola it also promises to be full of goals. manchester city's march to this season's premier league title is nearly complete they lead the table in england by
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a country mile and single season record for points wins and goal difference are well within reach the only team to get the better of them liverpool in a high scoring thriller of a loss but city's coach seems to remember with some fondness. well i think. their game i'd lunch is third in the game here with us for three days so we cannot deny the both teams try to play so we had to both teams more schools more goals are scored in the premier league this season so far and by far the liverpool forward mohamed salah has been the team's goal machine this season and the fans at anfield know that they'll need him and the other boys in red to be at the top of their game to get past city that it's a big game against them. one of the best teams in europe if not the best team in europe in a moment and that's nice too but honestly we are not
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coincidently in the qualifiers we qualified for that too so. we are there and yes b. b. and city. few weeks months ago. but we knew before the game that it's possible it's only i believe it difficult to do it. city have heard a lot of praise this season mostly from vanquished opponents they'll want to turn liberal back into one on wednesday. now an artist who uses his work to express opposition germany's gay art basel it says one of the world's most successful contemporary artists he recently celebrated his eightieth birthday and to celebrate this milestone a number of museums have dedicated exhibitions to the. prince by georg bartlett's meet works of the old masters. alberich dura meets basel it's in dresden scoop the state cabinet prints by basel it's in cage in
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an exciting dialogue with works from the sixteenth century masters. i don't want to say i'm wonderful but it works wonderfully well it looks very good. it's a belated birthday present to get your basle it's from the dresden collections the artist born in deutsch posited saxony refused to be a realist painter in communist east germany once in the west he refused to be abstract instead he turned his painting upside down although really his graphic works bartlett's is one of the most successful painters alive today he always believed in artistic rebellion and provocation. is one person voice is a position that's enough i think you have to do that as an artist who else is going to do it sounds were not elected we don't need a majority we don't do anything people want us to do we don't do what the
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government wants we don't do what the church once we do only what are the ones with the goods. today basil it lives in austria but he often comes back to saxony. it's the superstar of the art scene hung sick. as you would know if by i'm often here as you grow older you get more weepy in a sentimental and sure if i can exhibit in dresden it's a great honor but this is a choice because. through the lens of the old masters we get a fresh take on an artist that we otherwise know is a painting of oil on canvas. and lets himself seems to be pleased with his confrontation with the immortal words of history. news for now we have more of the top of the next hour thanks for watching.
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