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this is d.w. news coming to you live from berlin the leaders of turkey iran and russia meet for a crucial summit on syria they say they'll focus on their common interests in the country and the talks coincide with big changes on the ground in this seven year war as rebels are forced to leave a key stronghold also coming up a british military lab says it cannot prove the nerve agent used to attack former double agent screwball and his daughter came from russia as an international watchdog meets to discuss the case we ask an expert how certain we can ever be
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about the origin of chemical weapons. it's fifty years since the assassination of martin luther king in memphis tennessee . his legacy and how it still inspires activists in the u.s. today. hello i'm terry march and good to have you with us the presidents of iran turkey and russia are meeting for their second summit in six months to discuss the crisis in syria it comes as rebels are facing what could be a game changing setback the loss of eastern guta a key stronghold near the capital damascus under russian brokered deal buses carrying fighters on their. began leaving the main town of. rebel areas in syria's
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north only a pocket of hardliners remain as tens of thousands have evacuated under similar deals pro-government forces have now retaken ninety five percent of the enclave. as peace talks between turkey russia and iran begin it those large but also conflicting interests in the outcome of syria's civil war. syria twenty eight hundred. seven years of civil war and still no end in sight there are too many interests involved this war goes beyond the assad regime fighting rebel groups major foreign doctors are playing their part to. these are the main ones they regularly supply weaponry and personnel to those they believe can help to meet their own geo political and russian president vladimir putin is one of president assad's closest allies russia has provided military support to assad since twenty
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fifteen since then the syrian government has managed to recover lost territory with the aid of russian airstrikes putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region reduce american influence and keep radical islamists of power the russian air station near latakia is now a permanent fixture on the tartars marine base russia's only such base in the mediterranean is being enlarged. president hassan rouhani of iran is another supporter after all iran has no intention of losing one of its closest allies in the arab world from day one to run a support to damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return grants around a much needed route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. this man on the other hand would like to see assad out of power turkey has supported various rebel groups
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from the start and since january has had its own troops in syria one of president aired ones goals is to push by kurdish groups to gain influence in parts of syria by supporting u.s. operations against the so-called islamic states. a spring in our correspondent dorian jones now in ankara he's covering the three way summit between russia iran and turkey that's happening there today during the summit brings together three nations with very different interests in syria's future what do they want out of these talks. well i think they are looking for and achieving an end game in syria there is realisation even though they are all from rival sides that they do have to work together on the ground to bring these warring parties together to achieve some sort of end to this seven year civil war and also to help them achieve their own regional goals given the fact that many of those goals are
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contradicted by this makes this process extremely fraught with difficulties and many of the talks today will be focused on those different goals and the contradictory goals and also the fact that they are all backing rival proxy fighters in syria further complicates the matter but it's still recognized at this meeting today and part of this why the start the process which these three countries have been working to solve the civil war in syria is seen as the best chance to ending this conflict iran turkey and russia met six months ago dorrian for peace talks has anything changed since then to bring the conflict closer to an end. progress certainly has been slow but there have been these creation of these the conflict zones across syria and this is where the syrian rebels are being moved to and they would benefit from a cease fire now it is a very slow and extremely controversial practice because given the fact that neither side seems to agree on who are legitimate rebels and who will what deemed
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terrorist who do not benefit from this ceasefire this is a major point of rivalry an argument between moscow and tehran there will be big arguments and discussions today. particularly over this enclave in italy where many of the rebel fighters in ghouta are being sent to that is a key point of discussion but this conflict zones in many ways is seen as a way of ending the syrian civil war it will be the final settlement where supporters and opponents of the regime will be ultimately place and that is where a lot of focus on these talks today will be on the conflict zones u.s. president donald trump recently enough. withdrawal of u.s. troops from syria he is obviously not at those talks today what influence if any does washington still have there. will washington still to house have one major card to play that is backing this syrian kurdish militia which controls up to us third of syria and in many ways that is
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seen as one the main factors why washington is continuing to support this kurdish militia even though nato ally considers them terrorists and in fact even though tom has announced the withdrawal we are getting reports of the pentagon is reinforcing its support of this kurdish militia possibly a warning to those attending the summit today that while washington is excluded it still remains a player but it has to be said that all the three leaders attending today that's one thing they agree on they believe the u.s. has no role to play in the syrian conflict dorian thank you very much for bringing us up to date their story in jones there in ankara. the nerve agent attack in the u.k. on former double agent sergei screwball and his daughter has caused a rift between russia and the west the kremlin has demanded an apology from the u.k. for saying the poison came from russia. failure to track down the source of
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a nerve agent proves the accusations are baseless in an interview with t w british foreign secretary boris johnson said there was no doubt in his mind that russia is to blame. you argue that their source of. edge and not the choke is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly that's very thin possess samples when i look at the evidence from the people from porton down the the. have the samples do they they they they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said as they don't. british foreign secretary boris johnson they're talking about the porton down laboratory that identified the agent used in the attack the nerve agent that is more on the scientific investigation let's bring in allister hay he's professor of environmental toxicology at the university of leeds and he's worked on chemical weapons issues
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for nearly forty years he's personally worked on six investigations of actual an alleged chemical weapons use professor thank you so much for joining us to tell us how difficult is it for a laboratory like porton down to conduct a scientific investigation in such a politically charged environment. although very difficult indeed and a lot of pressure on the bar treat because there are hundreds of songs to process regard to his job is to identify the agent that was used and the head of the live oratory has doubts what he did that he is all says and that authority is going to know so that it's not saying where this particular agent came from simply stating what it is. the chief executive of porton down laboratory has now spoken as you mentioned he says his scientists only identified the nerve agent and this is important they have not come to any conclusion about where it came from. we and
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terms of our rule where he will to identify it as an over choke. and that it was a military create an air feature. we know verify the precise source but we provided the scientific information to the government who have then used the number of other sources to piece together the conclusions that they've come to. now professor the organization for the per prohibition of chemical weapons is meeting today they're making their own investigations can we expect them to find out anything more no i think they will simply confirm what the british laboratory has found the o.p.c. job you can draw on about twenty different cities around the world and some of those will be involved as well as the o.p.c. dobby's oligarch tree in looking at the samples biological and environmental and
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identifying the agent but that will be as far as they will go they won't say any more than one point source ok well of course it's good to know what that agent was but the big question is where did it come from give us some high idea of how this process would work how would you go about determining the origin of a nerve agent. well it's not easy if there are some other precursor chemicals that might have been used to make the nerve agent present in the samples some solvents and maybe some unreactive products you can get a clue as to the manufacturing process and that could narrow down the number of sources but it is not exact reading for an exact fit you need to have had an earlier sample from the location and you compare that earlier sample with the most recent one that you're looking at and get to match in the absence of that it is
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still much more speculative. the two victims of the term are still in hospital tell us how exactly the nerve agent no but chalk affects the human body. well all the charts work in a similar way sorry all no agents another chalk in this instance is a nerve agent they all operate in a similar way essentially they block a message from nerves to muscles that sends muscles into status and then that's muscles all over the body and the most crucial one is the one that it thinks your breathing so if your breathing is compromised that will have an effect on the brain and that can have major long term complications as well so the main impact is on the breathing and that's what would have had to have been at that and addressed when the scruples were found first so thank you very much for that that was
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alastair hay professor of environmental toxicology at the university of leeds. now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today a woman who shot and injured three people at the you tube headquarters in northern california before fatally shooting herself a suspect allegedly had a website that railed against you tube for censoring her videos and cutting her earrings cutting her earnings on the platform police officials say they are still investigating a motive. a dutch lawyer with russian times has become the first to be sentenced in the u.s. special council's russia probe will fund its fun has was handed a thirty day trial jail term and ordered to pay a twenty thousand dollars fine if he admitted he lied to robert melissa investigators about his contacts with an official in donald trump's campaign. and thousands of people have gathered in rio de janeiro and other cities in brazil to
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call for former leader luisa not to live his silver to be put behind bars so it is facing a twelve year prison sentence for alleged corruption the demonstrations came on the eve of a supreme court hearing to appeal the charges. the u.s. and china are opening up another chapter in their ever growing trade war kristoff has more that's right terry the trump administration has rolled out a list of proposals chinese i take imports to be hit with new tariffs let's take a look closer look at these now the list names thirteen hundred separate products with a total value of roughly fifty billion dollars the items would be subject to an added import duty of twenty five percent of the list includes various industrial components for airplanes for example like launching gear rotors turbines flight data recorders and even tires the medical and pharmaceutical sector is also effected with extra tears to be put on different electro medical instruments and
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many medicines of the terrorist follow through on president trump's campaign promise to crack down on what he calls chinese trade abuses and address the u.s. trade deficit what's interesting though is that mobile phones which constitute about forty percent of u.s. imports from china are exempt from the list with the u.s. government likely to be fearing an outcry among consumers over higher prices for their favorite gadgets now for more let's bring in our markets man orly bartz standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange early this ongoing terror of dispute between the world's top two economies has been rattling markets in recent days what's today's reaction. that's rattling today as well initially know the german market and the european market started off with basically treading water and posting slight losses but then a message came from china and the market went south in
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a more clear way it's not in turmoil by no means but there are clear losses and here in germany for example almost all the major shares are losing of course lots of exporters among them people do fear a trade war because chinese broadcaster c.c.t. t.v. says that china will impose additional tariffs now in reaction to this fifty billion package from the united states of twenty five percent on one hundred six u.s. products including soybeans automobiles and chemicals and soybeans that's the worst possible scenario for u.s. farmers an important demographic in u.s. politics and the market is taking taking it seriously so the tension between those two sides certainly rising but what are other ways for china to put pressure on the united states. it has a huge instrument in its hand us debt the chinese with their huge trade surplus
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they have lots of money to spend and invest and they invest it in u.s. treasuries to a large degree that's a safe investment the u.s. dollar the world's leading currency and if they threaten to buy less that already could contribute to interest rates rising to the u.s. having to pay more for debt and it's leaked out already of the chinese that it could do something like that and it had effects on the u.s. treasuries already it could use this instrument more actively to cause pain for the united states but the other side of the metal is that it also causes pain for world equities because basically every investment vehicle is hinged to u.s. interest rates if they go up the market goes down here in the parts reporting from the frankfurt stock exchange thank you so much. now music streaming service spotify decided to forgo a big advertising campaign in the tradition of ringing the opening bell and its flotation on tuesday but it still called attention investors awaited the stock
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market debut with a mix of excitement and caution. spotify has not earned a cent since it was founded in two thousand and six but losses of almost a billion euros didn't seem to put off investors. at the new york stock exchange hopes run high for the swedish company. do you think jamal is going to be strong for spots a fight you know it's quite a sexy stock it's quite a sexy industry. the way that they've done it's all the asli maybe indexes are going to come through a lot of trade that's a lot of a lot of funds the ones that have spots five. the share price underlines that spotify opened it almost one hundred sixty six dollars per share that values the company it twenty nine point five billion dollars the timing for its i.p.o. is not ideal though. following facebook's data scandal the tech sectors reputation has been severely turn ish what is going to do this. us president donald
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trump's verbal attacks on amazon came as an additional setback. still investors have high hopes for music streaming providers. more people are now talking about streaming it's easy to forget that just three years ago even in the us streaming was really saying it was loading songs so this helps educate the market and that's equally true across the world spotify and its competitors account for sixty percent of all buzy revenues and countries like germany offer them a lot of potential for further growth that creates optimism and self-confidence that spotify and among investors. expect to tara now with an important anniversary in the history of the civil rights movement in the u.s. that's right kristie of very important date on this day fifty years ago u.s. civil rights leader martin luther king was gunned down by
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a white supremacist in memphis tennessee today his death will be observed with special events around the country dr king. is best remembered for his famous march on washington and his iconic i have a dream speech in nineteen sixty three. propelled the civil rights movement forward the following year the u.s. congress passed the civil rights act which blog discrimination. well even though the fight for equal rights has come a long way since that fateful day the struggle for justice is far from over the w.'s alexander phenomenon reports though in a recent killing that has convulsed the african-american community in memphis. remembering harris a teen killed in memphis a few days ago because he reportedly stole that can of beer the store clerk chased him out of this shop and fired several shots. now harris relatives keep watch outside to prevent the shop from opening again.
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i was highly upset. because he's young he's almost seventy years old he had a bright future. you know he was a normal teenager and proud like everybody else but thank god i was a demands to tell him to have. his life prices while he was going through he should know when that to. her nephew was shot but no one called the police his body was found two days later behind a new york by house oh yeah i don't. know the man who shot harris has been charged with murder but for many in the community this case once again proves that the life of a black man counts little in today's america i don't think this would have happened this was a young don't they will be discussing the work they're having to prove that is what his life was of more value within a beer amount that we would even be having discussions of beer or anything else is
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that we would have you know he was gone. down in left there for two days. while harris family grieving in this neighborhood memphis commemorates the fifty s. and a very serious martin luther king jr nation with many plans to honor the iconic civil rights leader who was fatally shot on the balcony this motel activists say they are proud that so much has been achieved in the last fifty years but there is still a long way to go the laws have changed they say but too often there are not implemented properly. it's not ok for you to kill somebody over a beer so we're not fighting to get legislation fighting the laws to become to be.
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so we continue to think about what we must do after eight before we must continue to build community members. family. political power to really change hearts and minds right. and that still seems an uphill struggle just like in the days. problem affecting many countries around the world an aging population demographic trends are such a challenge the way we have to care for a growing number of senior citizens the next report is from thailand where there's been a boom in luxury nursing homes for wealthy westerners. the way of the future take a look. this beach on to cat is a popular tourist destination on thailand's largest island. while most visitors return home after a couple of weeks most of these european pensioners are here to stay.
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in the senior citizens are spending their sunset years under the palm trees at this nursing home it's called bunch you adore lay which means house of help and care zani are from switzerland has joined other residents for breakfast. so you're from battle zone you who has dementia has lived here for two years on the bus and what are you doing here. in real time on vacation. that's nice zani had a career as a flight attendant thailand is her final stop but she doesn't realize it. but you live here now. yes but just for a few days. sonia's caregiver can help her cope with life far from home. i mean that means you have to have dementia and they can't remember things so we
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tell them they're on vacation here so they don't get upset. when something it does get homesick she can come and sit in this bendy bus shelter complete with transit maps from far away switzerland sonia's happy to sit here and wait for the bus even though it never writes. it costs between seven hundred and three thousand euros a month to stay here fifty four carers look after around twenty two residents an unheard of ratio in many european countries physical therapy is a key element of daily life here the concept of caregiving is well regarded in the predominantly buddhist country which prides itself on helping people in need another motivator for staff here is a good salary between two hundred ninety and six hundred fifty euros a month. helga hails from germany's wineland her son divina has come for a visit helga who also suffers from dementia says she feels comfortable here.
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but this is what's your favorite food. a good bratwurst i wouldn't mind that. i was unhappy with elderly care conditions in germany but how this health insurance wouldn't cover care here so we had to sell our house to finance it. there flieger there were about twenty patients for each caregiver the staff were very nice to the seniors and the atmosphere was good but patients had to wait twenty minutes in the bathroom for assistance. there's just not enough staff there. was a lot of another peaceful day on. beach complete with german sausage a little taste of home some nine thousand kilometers only sending elders far from home is a hard decision but good care in a heavenly setting makes it easier for everyone involved. but
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a sports now in the champions league quarter finals by munich came from behind to secure in a way win against serbia by and put on an impressive performance in the second half i go score the winner in the two one victory and the night's all the game champions rael madrid demolished hosts event is because there were no other scored twice in the three no when the return legs will be played next wednesday. you're watching d.w. news coming to you from our live more coming up at the top the hour and of course you get all the latest news and information around the clock on our web site that's at d.w. dot com thanks for watching. the truth. it's
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always about passion and rarely about business plans. creative entrepreneurs in the german capital. tunnel between self determination and self exploiting shouldn't. passion and profit berlin creative's made in germany next on t w. meaning that it's never to be realised
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martin luther king jr. his legendary speech farai. of a society free of racism. the speech was written in one dramatic move a couple nights on the fiftieth anniversary of his death the dream of martin luther king jr. close up in forty five min. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one to the shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist i have worked on the strength of many cantrips and their problems are all in the same fourteen social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption we can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and seem right to fold to hunt inside to put
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their trust in us. my name is jenny harrison and weren't. one of the big buzz words in the world of business today is industry four point zero i'm sure you've heard it refers to the factory of tomorrow.


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