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storm started to pull something on g.w. . this is the interview news live from berlin a british military lab says it cannot prove that the nerve agent used to attack former double agent screwball and his daughter came from russia but that directly contradicts what the u.k. foreign minister told e.w. in an interview they were absolutely categorically false to god or so i said are you sure and he said of their daughter so was an international watchdog needs to
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discuss the attack we ask how certain we can be about the origin of the nerve agent . punitive tariffs on soybeans and over one hundred other products that's beijing's answer to tariffs the u.s. government imposed on chinese imports the trade spat between the economic superpowers is escalating. also coming up celebrating a civil rights icon i wrote about a very bad. girl who really hated her owner of the very early very. fifty years after the assassination of martin luther king in memphis tennessee we'll look at his legacy and the state of race relations in the u.s. today. you. see me so misconduct good to have you with us the global chemical weapons watchdog o.p.c. w is holding a special meeting today to discuss the nerve agent attack. under former russian
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double agent in britain the kremlin has demanded an apology from the u.k. for saying the poison came from moscow they argue britain's failure to track down the source of the nerve agent prove the accusations are baseless in an interview with salva british foreign secretary boris johnson said there was no doubt in his mind that russia is to blame you argue that their source of a snuff edge and the choke is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly that was driven by says sample some days i look at the the evidence from the people from from porton down the the board of may have the samples you do and they they they were absolutely categorical a mass the guy was so i said are you sure and he said as they don't but the porton down laboratory chief executive say says his scientists only identified the nerve agent but not where it came from he said this was not their task we. in
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terms of our rule were able to identify it as an overture. to fi that it was a military to read an air feature. we know verified the precise source but we provided the scientific information to the government who have then used the number of other sources to piece together the conclusions that we've come to. let's get more on the story now with kitty logan a correspondent covering this for us in london hi kitty we hear a clear contradiction there this must be putting the british government under pressure. yes it has and it's coming to an awkward moment full of the british government it if you listen to the interview carefully from yesterday and he look at the context of it they do explain in that interview that while they identify the age doesn't of a chalk and they also believe that that came from
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a state that they're not exactly saying the source of it but that's not their position to do so and the government is saying the british government is saying well look we had other factors that came into play here there were other sources of information the problem is they can't tell us what those are the sources of information are and that is playing into the hands of russia it's playing into the hands of the conspiracy theorists and the doubters in the attack insoles great why aren't they telling us what those other sources of information are. they likely fact is that those sources are intelligence sources they may even be russian intelligence sources who they don't want to expose that's the theory behind this and they may have been shared with other governments that cannot be shared with the public but there is a cool now from the public from many people here saying well we do need to know the facts we do need to know what is behind the government's decision that has had such a knock on effect with the russian expulsions for the international outcry and
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important down is very much sat on the fence because it is not suitable institution it's the job of the lab to identify the nerve agent and not to go any further so it's put itself in a rather awkward spot by coming out in public about this it has not helped the government's case in the arguments with russia right correspondent kitty logan covering the story for us from london thank you kitty. now conflicting interests and points of agreement between the main power brokers of the seven year long syria conflict have emerged the talks aimed to find a political path to peace president writes of her virtue one is hosting russian leader vladimir putin and reigning counterpart hassan rouhani for the talks in the turkish capital ankara rainy and state media reports that the three countries agree that displaced syrians must be able to return but also that iran wants a serious african region to be handed over from the turkish control to the syrian army. not some other stories making news around the world one person has died and
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six others have been injured in a fire at a shopping mall in moscow the cause of the blaze was not immediately known authorities say they have launched a criminal investigation this comes just a week after a fire in a severe ian shopping mall claimed sixty four lives a woman is shot and injured three people at the you tube headquarters in northern california before fatally shooting herself police have identified the suspect down a vegan activist blogger who accused youtube of censoring her videos authorities say they're still investigating a motive. a dutch lawyer with russian ties has become the first person to be sentenced in the u.s. special council's russia probe alexander swan what pain and thousands of people have gathered in rio de janeiro and other cities in brazil to call for former leader louis ignacio lula da silva to be put behind bars facing a twelve year prison sentence for alleged corruption the demonstrations come on the eve of a supreme court hearing to appeal the charges. now on this day fifty years ago
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u.s. civil rights leader dr martin luther king was gunned down by a white supremacist in memphis tennessee today his death will be observed with special events around the country king is best remembered for his famous march on washington and his iconic i have a dream speech in one nine hundred sixty three the event propelled the civil rights movement forward the following dear the u.s. congress passed the civil rights act which outlawed discrimination. and we can talk to do that was alexander phenomena she is in memphis tennessee hi alexandra fifty years since martin luther king was shot down in the town that you're in right now this is a big day for memphis what's been going on what's the atmosphere like today. this is a very emotional day for many civil rights leaders so this sigil that rights leaders who fought with dr king for equality for racial and social justice it is
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a very emotional moment for them to come together in memphis fifty years after dr king's assassination and of course it is also a very crucial day for the city for the organizers who have been planning this for months now and to hope that everything it's going to work out today yeah send what events are planned for today. as you might see behind me there are people governor ring union workers there is a rally scheduled to begin in a couple of minutes and well the organize by sanitation workers there are strike fifty years ago was the reason for dr king to come here to memphis because he and the students fighting for equality for civil rights is only
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possible when you also fight for economic equality sold this really will start in a couple of minutes there are many different events taking place here in memphis and across the country and said sikhs are called a clock there will be and moments of silence to remember remember the moment when dr king was fatally shot here in memphis offended a racial equality was one of the cornerstones of martin luther king's message and the black lives matter movement alone shows that there is much work still to be done what african-americans you've spoken to said about race relations today. fifty in the last fifty years but they also told us that even although laws have been changed they are still not being implemented properly and they are
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dealing today with different issues for example issues such as casual in carson nation for black males and many other issues let's have a listen. but i feel like king would be very alarmed and i think he my feel like many of your struggles were in vain because the masses of black people in america remain educationally politically and many ways in terms of who. poverty is a significant problem in the united states for all poor americans but it disproportionately affects african-americans so that's an area where we haven't made progress we have to be concerned about losing rights that we thought we had fought for a talk with one of the old civil rights leaders and he was saying that if my grandchildren have the by the same bite that i had to fight why did why
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did i do what i do. so aleksandr a lot of concern in those voices there are probably do race relations feature in political life. well you know people activists who told me that they thought oh so that's the fight is over obama was elected as u.s. presidents but then they had to realize that's not true and they have to continue they fight and now with donald trump in the oval office many here are really concerned this is a president who has been accused of being courageous who has expressed condemned for african american football players taking can be doing the national anthem so many people have told me that this is still a very poor support issue and that there are still many issues they have to fight for. tender phenomena in memphis tennessee thank you alexandra.
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time for some sports news now and in football the champions league quarter finals by a minute came from behind to secure an away win against sylvia byron put on an impressive performance in the second half and tiago scored the winner in the two one victory and the night's other game champions round madrid demolished host eventis christiana hernando scored twice in the three nil when the return likes will be played next wednesday. and in tonight's champions league action liverpool host manchester city in the first leg of their quarterfinal the all english clash puts together two of europe's most high profile coaches and have already all that it also promises to be full of goals. magister city's march to this season's premier league title is nearly complete they lead the table in england by a country mile and single season records for points wins and goal difference are well within reach the only team to get the better of them liverpool in
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a high scoring thriller of a loss but city's coach seems to remember with some fondness. well i think. their game adventures third in the game here with us for three days so we cannot deny that both teams try to play so we have the both teams more schools more goals scored in the premier league this season so far and by far liverpool forward mohamed salah has been the team's goal machine this season and the fans at anfield know that they'll need him and the other boys in red to be at the top of their game to get past city. that it's a big game against. one of the best teams in europe if not the best team in europe in a moment so. that's nice but honestly we are not coincidently in the qualifiers we qualify for that too so. we are there and yes
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b. b. and city. have a few weeks months ago. but we knew before the game that it's possible it's only i believe it difficult to do it. city have had a lot of praise this season mostly from vanquished opponents they'll want to turn liverpool back into one on one stick. and boxing news south canelo alvarez has pulled out of his world middleweight title rematch against jenna diego love can after failed drug tests as it has tested positive twice for the banned substance in february and is still awaiting the outcome of his hearing he blames the result on contaminated beef tea a while back home in mexico the showdown was highly anticipated after that you found out a controversial draw in the last title bout in september. you're watching news still to come beijing's last tariffs on u.s. soil beans and other goods to trade showdown between the economic superpowers is a growing. sense as well we'll have that story coming up for you right in business
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. with different languages we fight for different things that's fun but we all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom for global news that matters b.t.w. made for martin's. a muse on this issue she gets to learn some new sounds so called shades.


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