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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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i am. sure this is g.w. news live from berlin a british military lab says it cannot prove that the nerve agent used to attack the former double agent script and his daughter came from russia that undermines the u.k. foreign minister who told the w last month the evidence was in this view you were upset because your caller also to go was so i said are you sure and he said i lose my dog so it was an international watchdog meet to discuss the attack we ask how certain we can be about the origin of chemical weapons also coming up big changes are taking place on the ground in syria
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a seven year war the rebels are being forced to leave a key stronghold near damascus and a critical summit of the country's future is getting underway in turkey. punitive tariff song soybeans and over one hundred other products that's beijing's answer to tariffs the u.s. government imposed on chinese imports the trade spat between the economic superpowers is escalating. also coming up celebrating a civil rights icon a very rare ordering. of. her order very very fifty years after the assassination of martin luther king in memphis tennessee we'll look at his legacy and the state of race relations in the u.s. today. i'm sumi jo misconduct good to have you with us the global chemical weapons watchdog is holding a special meeting to discuss the nerve agent a time. on
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a former russian double agent and britain moscow has demanded it join the investigation into the attack a move britain has announced as perverse in an interview with. sofa last month british foreign secretary boris johnson said there was no doubt in his mind that russia is to blame you argue that their source of north edge and the choke is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly does britain possess sample something else when i look at the evidence from the people from from porton down the the border a have the samples you do and they they they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy why so i said are you sure and he said there's no dar so there's little doubt enforcement johnson's mind but chemical weapons experts have failed to back up the foreign secretaries assertions that is complicating an already murky situation. this is porton down the lab in britain at the center of the
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investigation into the poisoning of this great. despite the british government's competence the head of the lab has cast doubt on the nerve agents origins. it's our job to provide you know the scientific evidence that identifies the particular is where identify was from this family. military could be. but it's not our job to see where actually was manufactured the russians meanwhile called for a meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague to address the u.k.'s accusations moscow continues to deny involvement and has claimed officials in the west may have staged the poisoning. group this me even in the script case of a grotesque provocation crudely concocted by u.s. and british security services some european governments are not following london and washington blindly but are instead choosing to carefully make sense of what
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happened. it was up solutions germany is not one of those european governments they are standing by britain's version of events. remains the same great britain is explain to us in great detail why russia's responsibility is very probable and why there is no plausible alternative explanation and we agree with great britain's assessment yulia is now reported to be recovering from the attack sergei her father is still in critical condition and relations between the west and russia are now at their lowest point since the cold war. kitty logan is a correspondent in london as she's following the latest developments for us hi kitty this discrepancy is putting the british government under a lot of pressure isn't it. very much so that has been seized upon by the opposition leader gerry coleman from the labor party as
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a labor party saying that boris johnson has quote egg on his face following that interview with torture that way he really muddies the waters even further than the government has is here is that porton down the ladder that you heard the comment from earlier it's simply they're simply scientists they said we need to evaluate what intervention was they named it and they have identified it they're not responsible as they said they're for actually determining where it came from that job is for the government to assess bring in many other factors but the problem is the government's message on this has not been clear there are many doubters here there are a lot of conspiracy theories out there and of course there is the fight back from russia who claims they are quite they claim to have absolutely nothing to do with this and they're calling on the u.k. government to provide more evidence kidda given that pressure what is the government's evidence that establishes a clearly to rush and why are they making that public. well the security minister
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decided to noone has been commenting further on that saying that there are effectively full threats yes there is the scientific evidence that came from the pull down now that this is the russian no they should not talk but he says there's also intelligence sources that these are this historical context for example if you look back at the list that been there which was also tied to russia so there are many other aspects of this investigation is that was also a police investigation ongoing police gathering day by day more and more evidence about circumstances of this attack insoles body so the government is keen to point out that the scientific evidence is only one part of the problem is is that they are reluctant to publicize that evidence because it may perhaps compromise intelligence sources but there is now increasing demand for them to put more detail about this incident incident out in the public domain i think hitting him on the obesity a-w. that's the global chemical weapons watchdog is holding
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a meeting today russia says it hopes that this meeting will just fuse the suspicion what is the u.k. expecting. yes this was a closed door meeting held in the hague already there are differences opinion over opinion perhaps not surprisingly between the u.k. and russia over this russia says it wants a joint investigation with the u.k. the u.k. has dismissed this as us and it says it's simply not realistic to request this it is standing by its position that russia is most likely to blame for the incident in soulsby saying it's simply circumstantial that russia created this then agent it was stockpiled in russia and therefore all fingers point in that direction still kitty logan reporting from london thank you kitty. well in just the last few hours the situation has escalated even further this after the british foreign office was caught deleting a tweet clearly contradicting the porton down left statement in the tweet from
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march twenty second the foreign office clearly says that the lab analysis quote made clear that this was a military grade noble chalk nerve agent produced in russia but now that the lab has publicly refuted that claim it appears the foreign office went ahead and deleted that tweet that's played into moscow's hands as katie was saying it claims a foreign office was set on going after russia regardless of trying to clarify why it was deleted the foreign office said the tweet had misquoted the british ambassador to russia during a briefing in moscow however here he is they're repeating those exact words in a video i posted on the twitter account of the foreign office we just saw that video there. produced by the russians still you know overall it's a bad look for the foreign office and one that's unleashed a fierce criticism at home as well labor lawmaker laura pitt pidcock tweeting may well be that nerve agent used in the salisbury attack can be traced back to the
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russian state but both unhelpful and worrying that boris johnson's on record declaring categorically that porton down claimed it was from russia seemingly without clear evidence which is it. all right well we got some other news now and drawing up a blueprint for a post-war syria that's the focus of a summit between the leaders of iran turkey and russia underway today president of arda one is hosting russian leader vladimir putin and iranian counterpart house and ronny for the talks in the turkish capital uncorrupt the three nations have emerged as the power brokers of syria seven year long civil war they're seeking to speed up the peace process and bolster their spheres of influence in the country and radio state media reports that three countries agree displaced syrians must be able to return all three nations have a large but also competing interests in the outcome of the syria conflict. syria early twenty eight hundred. seven years of civil war and still no end in sight
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there are too many interests involved this war goes beyond the assad regime fighting rebel groups major foreign doctors are playing their part too. these are the main ones they regularly supply weaponry and personnel to those they believe can help to meet their own geo political and russian president vladimir putin is one of president assad's closest allies russia has provided military support to assad since twenty fifteen since then the syrian government has managed to recover lost territory with the aid of russian airstrikes putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region reduce american influence and keep radical islamists out of power the russian air station near latakia is now a permanent fixture on the tartars marine base russia's only such base in the mediterranean is being enlarged. president hassan rouhani of iran is another assad supporter after all iran has no
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intention of losing one of its closest allies in the arab world from day one to run a support to damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return grants around a much needed route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. this man on the other hand would like to see assad out of power turkey has supported various rebel groups from the start and since january has had its own troops in syria one of president aired ones goals is to push back kurdish groups that gained influence in parts of syria by supporting u.s. operations against the so-called islamic states. dorian jones is in on couric covering the three way summit there today hi dorian so erda want put an end rouhani have given there a joint statement what were the key points that came out of that. well the key point is one is that they are going to continue cooperating and deepening that
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cooperation they all agree that it has been successful in working to and to bring an end to the syrian conflict a lot of stress was put on the importance of these d. conflict zones whereby syrian rebels and their families are moved to areas within syria and the ceasefire is then in forced although that is still a very competent of controversy is a very serious regime insists that islamic terrorist groups as they refer to are not covered by that and there is a dispute with moscow and ankara over who they actually are islamic terrorists are but beyond that there is also this commitment for the returning of syrian refugees back to syria that is very important for turkey turkey currently host around three million refugees in turkey and it is an issue of growing unease in the turkish public so one is keen about that statement coming out but the most of all the key point the come from this statement is the support of the territorial integrity of syria that is aimed at the kurds is a quote fear among all of these leaders that the kurds at some point could create
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a session this movement backed by the united states all of agreed that they will stop by to join you mention the point about returning syrian refugees to syria but since the last time that these countries met six months ago have there been any developments that actually make that prospect within reach. well i think that they will be looking to these to conflict so they believe that this in a way provides a map of how our future post post conflict syria will look like they create they believe that these will become increasingly the areas of stability on top of that they believe that with the moving of the rebels from most of the country into other areas to small specific areas that then deescalate the regions as a whole and the office of prospect of returning of refugees and if another message coming from all the leaders are talking about the reconstruction of syria and we understand that both the russians and turks are talking about developing contracts to rebuild syria a key point of interest for all those concerned during this happening while
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meanwhile on the ground in syria when the last remaining rebel strongholds eastern ghouta is expected to fall and the united nations fears that it could become the next battleground in this conflict what would that mean well that is a major fear given the fact specially for turkey borders turkey is believed to be. over a million people trapped there and the fear is that they become like a scene of major conflict in turkey could witness another major exodus but it seems that the leaders are committed to working this conflict so in it live work turkey has to point a large number of soldiers thirteen major military bases observation posts that will in force a cease fire so it doesn't seem at the moment that all sides do appear to be making wanting to make this conflict so work as all agree that there is very high stakes room for a major conflict there does remain given the fact there are groups which damascus regime consider as terrorist and turkey does not. reporting for us from ankara
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today thank you daryn. that commemorations are taking place in the u.s. at the african american community. on december first one nine hundred fifty five police arrested activist rosa parks for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man in montgomery alabama as was the law her actions spurred king to lead a boycott of public buses in the city which lasted for over a year. he continued to organize and lead marches for voting rights labor rights and desegregation across the u.s. championing nonviolent tactics inspired by mahatma gandhi in india. this culminated in august one thousand nine hundred sixty three when king led the famous march on washington and delivered his iconic i have a dream speech.
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the speech and the march propelled the civil rights movement forward in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the u.s. congress passed the civil rights act which outlawed discrimination based on race religion sex or national origin in the united states the same year king was awarded the nobel peace prize but he wasn't done yet. he continued to organize peaceful protests and marches which are often met with violence or from authorities and pro segregationists. in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight king was helping organize sit ins against economic inequality when he was shot and killed in a hotel room in memphis tennessee he was only thirty nine years old. king's legacy still reigns over civil rights debates from the south african anti-apartheid movements to the modern day black lives matter and pro-gun control marches political change makers all over the world use king's teachings and writings as
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inspiration even fifty years after his death. indeed he's alexander phenomena joins us from memphis tennessee where she's covering commemorations for us hi aleksandra martin luther king was assassinated in the same town that you are in right now is a big day for memphis tell us what's been going on what's the atmosphere like. and injecting emotional festive just how i would strive to see and hear the first relief of the day organize a labor unions and you can see behind. you need a good person i'm going to feel this relief here and then the march. to the city and this hash a reason of course because it was because of say the haitians workers here in memphis that martin luther king jr came to memphis because he viewed the fighting for civil rights cannot be successful without achieving economic equality so he
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wanted to forge the workers' fight for better working conditions for higher pay for having their own union yeah listener can see a lot of people on hand there what other events are planned today. there are many bands plans today different rallies of course march. panels riis laying ceremonies in memphis but also across the country and we will indeed we observe a moment of silence followed by bells ringing across the country in with members of the goldman when martin luther king jr was states unleashed shock on the balcony of the low grade motel here in memphis alexander this anniversary comms at a time where america is deeply polarized and the black lives matter movement alone
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shows that there is much work to still be done in terms of racial equality what african-americans you spoken to said about race. relations today. i take them to many. states and across the country and they told us that they out of work and very proud of what has been achieved in the last fifty years they are waterworks that los require discriminatory treatment of african americans you have to sit here thinking about. those that are not speaking to implement its approach to leave and then to their communities still have to deal with issues such as poverty for example but let's have a list. but i feel like king would be very alarmed and i think that he might feel like many of his struggles were in vain because the masses of black people in america remain educationally politically and many ways in
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terms of disenfranchised poverty is a significant problem in the united states for all poor americans but it disproportionately affects african-americans so that's an area where we haven't made progress we have to be concerned about losing rights that we thought we had fought for a song with one of the civil rights leaders and he was saying that if my grandchildren have to fight the same fights that i had to fight why did i why did i do what i do . so it's under a lot of concern and those voices there how prominently do race relations feature in political life today. you know when i talk to many activist who told me that barack obama was elected as you ask and they thought that it's you know the fight is over. the mountain top that they are seeing the promised land only to realize
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a short while after this election that they still have to fight and today we have to tromp in the oval office and many people many civil rights leaders are concerned because this president has been accused of being racist. he has express for african american football players taking in. the national. people told me that they still have to continue right today because alexander phenomenal printing first from memphis tennessee thank you aleksandra. well as we heard there the battle for social economic equality is still going on in the u.s. and it's very interesting that mr trump really misses an opportunity to take credit for the rise in employment among black americans their economic situation has improved but studies show black workers is still chronically under represented in high salaried jobs. even the american flag is in tatters here this is
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a black neighborhood in memphis tennessee the city where martin luther king was assassinated fifty years after his murder black people here earn forty eight cents for every dollar a white american makes. people are working and they're spending all their lives and they're spending hours but they're not getting out of poverty they're still in poverty so i don't know that i would say it is better that people are working. it's a way slavery. despite improvements in education blacks get less access to economic opportunities experts say they are trapped in structural inequality. nationally and the more money i have. tried to fight.
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it's five decades since martin luther king was murdered and for many here his struggle for economic justice has not yet been won. the trade of the day comes from who else bought donald trump it breeds we had no choice in a trade war with china funnily enough the two economic superpowers. tariff clash not a day goes by without one side upping the stakes this time beijing. china has launched rockets and built high speed trains the chinese economy has been booming so much that it can counter the u.s. threat of punitive tariffs china is not about to take the trade dispute with a us lying down we will take corresponding measures of equal intensity against u.s. products according to chinese foreign trade low which will be announced in the near future we have the confidence and ability to respond to any protectionist measures . the tit for tat is now in full effect beijing plans to match washington's fifty
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billion dollars in tariffs with tariffs of its own and the u.s. move disregards the nature of mutual benefit in economic and trade corp it disregards the two countries industries and the interests of consumers and is neither conducive to chinese new american national interests e.g. more than one hundred u.s. goods are affected by the terrorists they include soybeans cars and beef that will make those products more expensive for chinese consumers for american producers it will mean fewer exports to china a major market the trade dispute has now entered the next phase well now the trumps targeted beijing's prized tech sector i'd call this a trade war the market around today tells the story is our financial correspondent ali but. their prices are going down the price. going up but gold is not about iran and commodity. prices.
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are north. they're down by between a one point seven percent. drop. for quite a while there. are national economies for the month of the products and here. there's are under persons like a continental like the. auto makers. that we'll. tell the big question is how long this battle is going to last it's a it's a hard one to ask you will be i know when will the w.c. owner step in for example i mean it's a tory asleep. it is notoriously slow and it depends on how it's being called upon to step in a truck to an expert and he said yes they were called in already on intellectual property by the americans chinese to his knowledge not yet appealed there if there
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is a case in front of the w three zero in case of tariffs it takes probably at least six months to get a decision whether the arguments put in by the person who wants to impose tariffs are justified and if one of the parties is to satisfied with the outcome then it could go into a so-called w.t. court and that would take at least a year and if there's an appeal another year or so this could drag on for a long w.t. always probably not the answer because there are so many unilateral or at least bilateral. things going on if the w t o comes in play then it will take a long time and a damage will have been done by that problem ok sounds like we're in for a lengthy battle for us on that trade war between the us and china in frankfurt thank you. i'll be back with more business news for you very soon so thank you ben you're watching news still to come going beyond martin luther king's political legacy we look at his influence on the arts how his message of hope lives on in
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music and cinema. and thailand is a popular tourist destination and some stay for good a growing number of families are sending elderly relatives to thailand for old age care that they say money can't buy in their home countries. plus the popular gay dating app grindr comes under fire for sharing users' private data we'll tell you what the controversy is all about that's all coming up in the next thirty minutes. of the kosovar say. sixty. one the subject
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in-depth you decide what's on sunday more. dot com smart the. freedom of expression. of value that open ways has to be defended and you. all over the world. are. freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. don't come to freedom. welcome back you're watching do you have your news our top stories britain has dismissed an appeal from russia to join its investigation into the poisoning of a double agent and his daughter in salisbury chemical weapons experts have failed
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to back claims by the british government that the nerve agent used the attack came from russia and the leaders of turkey iran and russia save them porton to prepare the ground for the return of syrians displaced by the conflict in their country the three countries presidents are holding a crisis meeting and uncorrected discussed the conflict. now to a problem affecting many countries around the world an aging population demographic trends are set to challenge the way we adapt to and care for a growing number of senior citizens our next report is from thailand where there's been a boom in luxury nursing homes for wealthy westerners is exploiting the elderly the way of the future take a look. this beach on to cat is a popular tourist destination on thailand's largest island. while most visitors return home after a couple of weeks but most of these european pensioners are here to stay. now in the senior citizens are spending their sunset years under the palm trees at
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this nursing home it's called bunch you adore lay which means house of help and care zani of from switzerland has joined other residents for breakfast. so you're from battle zone you know who has dementia has lived here for two years. and what are you doing here. in mumbai mon fake asian. that's nice zone you had a career as a flight attendant thailand is her final stop but she doesn't realize it. but you live here now. yes but just for a few days. sonia's caregiver can help her cope with life far from home. oh. yeah they have dementia. they can't remember things so retell them they're on vacation here so they don't get upset. when someone you does get
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homesick she can come and sit in this bamboo bus shelter complete with transit maps from faraway switzerland sunny is happy to sit here and wait for the bus even though it never writes. it costs between seven hundred and three thousand euros a month to stay here fifty four carers look after around twenty two residents an unheard of ratio in many european countries physical therapy is a key element of daily life here the concept of caregiving is well regarded in the predominantly buddhist country which prides itself on helping people in need another motivator for staff here is a good salary between two hundred ninety and six hundred fifty euros a month. helga hails from germany's wineland her son dinah has come for a visit. who also suffers from dementia says she feels comfortable here. but this is what's your favorite food. a good brat forest i wouldn't mind that.
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hina was unhappy with elderly care conditions in germany but how this health insurance wouldn't cover care here so we had to sell our house to finance it. if leadership there were about twenty patients for each caregiver the staff were very nice to the seniors and the atmosphere was good but patients had to wait twenty minutes in the bathroom for assistance. there's just not enough staff there. was a lot. another peaceful day on. beach complete with german sausage a little taste of home some nine thousand kilometers away sending elders far from home is a hard decision but good care in a heavenly setting makes it easier for everyone involved. aren't just hope week after facebook came under fire for sharing private user information another social networking platform has triggered
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a similar controversy reports show that the popular gay dating app grindr has also been passing on deeply private information about their users and we have our social media editor federico bodger with us here to tell us more about this a story that erica told what happened so it was an investigation by the swedish public broadcaster as the end together with ana region and geo that showed that grindr has been sharing information about their users these status with two external american companies grindr uses these third party companies a to optimize their dating app and they say it's a common practice in the world of. however it's unclear why these third party companies would need to know about the users the status and where he gets even more problematic is that along with that information the grand they're also provided information about their users g.p.s. location their phone id their new city so things that really expose users to being
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identified and also the way this information was passed on to these third party companies was unsafe some of that information was an encrypted which makes it very easy for anyone with basic hacking skills to to hack and now experts are viewing this as a previous c. . and of course users are not happy about it and actually many of them are calling for a boycott we have an example here a grinder i call on all my fellow homos queers gay boys and those undefined to delete a grinder in support of our brothers living with a savy whose status and date out you have said to make profits. now is to me the app's privacy policy does it state that some of the user information might be. shared with third party companies but users are arguing that they are not provided with enough background to really understand what they're signing up for thought ok
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so what is going to saying about. well following the backlash they said that they will they will no longer share the state as information with third party companies but the outcry is there we're seeing people deleting the app and that might not be for for the best in fact there is regarded to having in many ways benefited the gay community for example by connecting its users to sites that provide information about testing they have been working with the local n.g.o.s especially marginalized communities to support people with. the even introduced a featured that reminds people to get tested so you know from a health perspective grindr has been a very useful tool in raising awareness about eighty and these latest revelations could jeopardize old that and also has experts are warning that this breach in trust might want to add up to the stigma surrounding a t.v.
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and maybe discourage people from opening up about their disease and from even from getting tested well another big controversy there in the tech industry about your from our social media desk thank you very much for sharing your story with us. right back to bed i want to chill wind for investors in slovakia. the unsolved murder of a slovakian journalist investigating corruption and his fiance has sparked outrage it's also cost a shadow of the eastern european country as a place to do business the claims of corruption involved criminal gangs politicians and e.u. agricultural funds we have this exclusive report. farmer your i bet ash was badly beaten up along the stracke he brought the printed smartphone pictures with him as evidence a competitor sent a group of armed thugs cut down his rapeseed and drove the fifty eight year old off the land he had leased state owned fields he'd farmed for decades his rival
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obviously had good connections to the local authorities his leasehold was canceled from one day to the next and transferred to his attacker there's a lot of money at stake. we're only interested in getting their hands on the e.u. subsidies. better ash says organized crime gangs in eastern slovakia are taking over huge areas of arable land to become eligible for millions of euros in e.u. subsidies every year he says he knows of thirty other farmers who contribute away by violence and blackmail so far you're right paresh is the only one brave enough to come forward and talk about it publicly the police and justice ministry have been informed but slovakian authorities remain unresponsive. good to see those who have so much power and influence they can manipulate the police they exert influence over administrative authorities and also manipulate the agency which
4:39 pm
distributes you subsidies. this is the corrupt swamp that journalist ian korczak was investigating before he and his girlfriend were shot dead. a tragic wake up call for slovakians. in the eastern slovak city of course it's our demonstrators now rally in the streets every friday they're protesting against corruption and bribery since korczak was murdered a steady string of corruption cases has been emerging into the open. in this public discussion amongst academics a lot of the participants insist that although slovak is a condom is booming the rule of law in the country is weak. and it's about changing the atmosphere about turning slovakia into a polite country where people have their rights accepted to where or where we don't
4:40 pm
see corruption your eye better schwanke give up the fight for his fields he hopes the current protests will bring about change he doesn't expect help from the e.u. fighting corruption is a sovereign task for slovakia authorities. brown is a lawyer in prague and bratislava and advisors western firms that operate in eastern europe welcome to the show so what's the investor sentiment when it comes to slovakia there being mass protests against corruption a small government reshuffle but this sounds like a deeply entrenched problem. if you or most western investors corruption was not so much your problem as long as you were manufacturing ones you were discussing state money public document or for instance also lend you subsidies in this respect do it or tension more context is corruption if you will just minute hectoring slovakia are still
4:41 pm
a perfect country and economic growth has shown up so i guess that one particular sector but a bit but are we talking about organized criminal gangs with links to the italian mafia or is this said to be the case in the journalist's murder well those are still under investigation of course but generally was a lot of italian black money great money going into eastern europe after their early chanst and nobody cared about the origins and this all something now the farmer in the report said these gangs and manipulating the agency that distributes funds how much is the e.u. at fault. leaving of course doesn't have enough means to control what's happening with the money that's in most countries in the region i know we have to get it straight. people are in the state of station on the two world leaders decide above huge amounts of money and this of course shows that
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looks a lot of money we're going to look at in most countries in the region so why was this happening elsewhere in the. yes only also detectably we have a prime minister who are there fused to. getting two million euro as a semicircle just by being a second richest guy in the country or in most other countries but these are somehow to different girls sometimes. crean well it which is just about in white collar me and others where we give us a lot of money just by the way also explained some of the criticisms of the european union to two thousand and four people thought you can unit look during the state of florida correctness and of course it brought a lot of money but it's not enough just to send money but you really must control cable have to leave it there corporate consultant other brown thank you very much for joining us returning now to commemorations in the u.s. marking half a century since martin luther king's assassination. and
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robin male from our culture desk is here with us to look at some of the tributes and artistic endeavors that musicians and filmmakers have made about martin luther king over the years hi robin let's start with the film what kind of an impact has his legacy had on the world of cinema for example well there's obviously been numerous documentaries made about his life over the years i mean a large that had a tragic end but also a very uplifting and very interesting life that the mini series to an american t.v. t.v. numerous ones of those concerning the movies the have been a lot of sort of big movies about him but the one i want to look at is the woman i think had the most impact in recent years it's a film based around one of the most significant events in the civil rights movement funny enough and not to sixty four the civil rights act was passed this actually happened a year later because not a civil rights act was passed but not much of being. this is in selma alabama where
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a terrible injustice took place to david o. yellow i was stahl's as martin luther king in selma from twenty fourteen it is unacceptable that we have our law to keep was a boy now on to martin luther king's call to protest in march nine hundred sixty five the tone changed dramatically when troopers attacked the demonstrators with horses tear gas and clubs the events from that day in selma alabama we turned into a film for the first time in twenty fourteen. we need your help dr this thing is just going to have to wait it cannot wait you got one big issue i got one hundred one. martin luther king believe nonviolent resistance was the path to black civil rights in the united states his words to many with. our have a dream. that one day. this measure will rise up.
4:45 pm
live out the true meaning of it. but many grow into. patient with king's nonviolent stance. they want change now a new documentary king in the wilderness shines a light on the conflicts that arose within the civil rights movement a topic which until recently had been largely ignored the conflicts of rose in part from a sense of powerlessness and desperation among american blacks things explored in another documentary i am not sure negro based on the book by james baldwin. there's little hope here only did civil rights activists including martin luther king. racism in america isn't history and twenty sixteen not a single black actor all filmmaker was nominated for an oscar the hash tag oscars so white started a debate in twenty seventeen moonlight
4:46 pm
a coming of age story about a gay black youth won best picture at the academy awards this picture. fifty years after his death king's dream of a world where one is judged not by the color of one's skin is far from reality but the example of his life of nonviolent resistance continues to give hope that one day it will come. in we see the incredible impact on film and let's look at music now and some of the music that's been influenced by martin luther king and the song that's been written about him that a lot of people don't realize there is but just before we get to that i would say just hearing that speech his speeches were music i actually thought that. here we are yes is the surprise just happy birthday from stevie wonder actually everybody knows it because they believe the best they possibly they don't know it's
4:47 pm
a specific being revealed to help the campaign for martin luther king's. but that's very very the national holiday in america which it now is it's always the third monday in january every year and that was written specifically for that because we think it's just a happy birthday song another song you two did two songs on the album unforgettable fire in one thousand nine hundred four one was actually a ballad that very few people know at the end of the album which was called m.l.k. was all about and the other was of course one of their biggest hits ever pride in the name of love let's have a quick listen to that. should just say that he sings of the morning i before he historically got it slightly
4:48 pm
wrong by now because it was in the name that martin luther king was shot but i'm of the sentiment was that finally coming back to martin luther king's words that they've been used and in and spot a number of songs over the years let's have a listen to one from. jay baker about six years ago where they've sampled his voice of speeches i haven't heard. one day one day one day. one day using martin luther king's words and writing mail from our culture desk to talk to us about the legacy of martin luther king and film and music thank you very much for. all right moving on to some
4:49 pm
sports now and in the champions league quarter finals byron munich came from behind to secure and away went against the via bahrain put on an impressive performance in the second half and tiago scored the winner in the two one victory in the night's other day champions around the dread demolished hosts eventis christiana renate who else scored twice in the three know when the return leg will be played next wednesday. and we have more champions league action ahead tonight we have that herman from words with us to talk about it what can we expect from tonight oh goals goals goals at least in the liver for man city match these two are set to play in front you know on the front foot and they like to outscore opponents and they've combined for twelve in the two games they played in the premier league this season so let's have a look at what is in store. magister city's march to this season's premier league
4:50 pm
title is nearly complete they leave the table in england by a country mile and single season records for points wins and goal difference are well within reach the only team to get the better of them liverpool in a high scoring thriller of a loss but city's coach seems to remember with some fondness. for three years so we can. try to play so. the score in the premier league this season so far and by far liverpool forward mohamed salah has been the team's goal machine this season and the fans at anfield know that they'll need him and the other boys in red to be at the top of their game to get past city . that's it it's a big game against. one of the best teams in europe if not the best team in
4:51 pm
europe in a moment so. that's nice to be on the streets where you are not coincidently in the quad of fans we qualified for that. we are there and yes b. b. and city. few weeks months ago. but we knew before the game that it's possible it's only i believe it difficult to do it city have heard a lot of praise this season mostly from vanquished opponents they'll want to turn liverpool back into one on wednesday. ok matt how is this going to is going to clobber guardiola you know i wouldn't be shocked to see klopp and liverpool get a good result in this match this one is at anfield liverpool are very strong at home and they did pick up that for three win over city city's first loss in the league this season back in january but you know you're going club he does have a great record against pep guardiola he has six wins five losses and one draw
4:52 pm
that's the best of any active coach really but over two legs it's probably not going to happen for liverpool partly because man city just don't drop a lot of games period and also let's remember back to the beginning of the season he was the fourth week of the season the premier league man city beat liverpool in manchester five nil and they have done that six more times scored four more goals past their visitors at the end he has so it's very tough to get a result there ok i do want to ask you about last night because there was some really good action there at the quarterfinal action there as well. pushed by munich pretty hard but you did predict yesterday if they were going to win by munich two one i did yes indeed it is i'm glad you brought it out and i just thought it was a really in gauging match actually it was some the kind of game that you want to get out of a champions league quarter final where a somewhat outmatched home side opens up with a goal and really pushes the visitors to bring out their best. back in
4:53 pm
about fifty or thirty seven minutes throughout from getting a shot deflected after a problem had scored first and the second half came out like a house on fire clearly you pikas had given them a bit of a nudge and you know ya go ended up winning the match with about seventy two minutes gone in the game this is going to be very tough result for seville to come back from but you know that that's exactly what i wanted to see was byron pushed to the limit and what about rail some magic from christiana rinaldo yeah it was. the rinaldo show and it shows that we're now though is really entering a serious conversation about one of the greatest players ever in that he has now led them to two champions league titles in a row he wants to make it third he came out with a beautiful goal stabbing it near post in the first half and then this bicycle kick on it's pretty and the result was not in doubt at that point they were up one nil
4:54 pm
and they were really controlling things but this was just putting a stamp when you're playing away from home at a club like event as they have lost at home in the champions league in over a year and just to you know basically play them up against the wall i think that that is putting some serious marker down about what real madrid wants to do in this tournament this year it looks like they might just be the team to beat all right matt hermann from d.w. sports thank you very much. and we just have a bit of boxing news for us sal canelo alvarez has pulled out of his world middleweight title rematch against janet eagle of can after his failed drug tests that has tested positive twice for the banned substances are all in february in a so waiting the outcome of his hearing he blames the result on contaminated b.c. a while back home in mexico now the showdown was highly anticipated after the two fought out a controversial draw in their last title bout and september. and
4:55 pm
we have time for a minder of our top stories at this hour britain has dismissed an appeal from russia to join its investigation into the poisoning of a double agent and his daughter in seoul spring chemical weapons experts have failed to back the claims of by the british government that the nerve agent used in the attack came from russia and the leaders of turkey iran and russia say it's important to prepare the ground for the return of syrian displaced by the conflict in their country the three countries presidents are holding a crisis meeting in ankara to discuss the conflict. thank you for watching t w linda her awful be here with the headlines in just a few minutes. it
4:56 pm
was found by chance off the coast of course a. sixty. one subject today he's playing.
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the storm starting in april seventh on t.w. . good. this is the w.'s live from berlin a british military lab says it cannot proof the nerve agent used to attack former double agent screwball and his daughter came from our shop on that undermines the u.k. foreign minister who told the view news last month the evidence was indisputable
5:00 pm
they were absolutely categorical about all stick up for us so i said are you sure and he said at least they don't.


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