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he didn't british military lab says he cannot prove the nerve agent used to time former double agent screwball and his daughter came from russia that undermines the u.k. foreign minister who told the news last month the evidence was in disputable they were absolutely categorical and i also got worse so i said are you sure and he said there's no doubt will ask what the discrepancy means says the international chemical weapons watchdog meets to discuss the attack also coming up drawing up a blueprints for post-war syria turkey russia and iran discuss the war torn countries future also tit for tat china slaps punitive tariffs on more than one hundred american products including soybeans and cars is beijing's answer in kind after the u.s. government to impose tariffs on chinese imports
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a trade spat between the economic superpowers that is escalating spruiking markets . plus a tragic anniversary a rare ordering. of very rare order to carry american dream to dave marks fifty years since the assassination of american civil rights icon martin luther king in memphis tennessee a look at his legacy and the state of race relations in the u.s. today. thank you very much for your company everyone the global chemical weapons watchdog has been holding a special meeting to discuss the poison attack on a former russian double agents in britain moscow has amounted to join the investigation into the attack a move that britain denounced as perverse in a recent interview with the. british foreign secretary boris johnson said there was
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no doubt in his mind that russia is to blame. you argue that their source of north edge and chalk is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly that's driven by says samples of these when i look at the evidence we the people from from porton down the the. they have the samples you do and they they they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said. all right well the foreign office meanwhile has said it sees no contradiction between those statements and the latest results from the british chemical weapons experts but the lab tasked with identifying the nerve agent used in the attack has stopped short of saying it could name its exact provenance this is porton down the lab in britain at the center of the investigation into the poisoning of the screen. despite the british government's confidence the head of
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the lab says they cannot confirm the nerve agents origin it's our job to provide eight you know the scientific evidence that identifies support that particular nerve agent is where identified that it was from this family and that is military create an air feature but it's not our job to see where actually was manufactured the russians meanwhile called for a meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague to address the u.k.'s accusations moscow continues to deny involvement and has claimed officials in the west may have staged the poisoning. got this to me even in the script case of a grotesque provocation crudely concocted by u.s. and british security services some european governments are not following london and washington blindly but are instead choosing to carefully make sense of what
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happened. it was about solutions. germany is not one of those european governments they are standing by britain's version of events or analysis remains the same great britain is explain to us in great detail why russia's responsibility is very probable and why there is no plausible alternative explanation and we agree with great britain's assessment yulia is now reported to be recovering from the attack sergei her father is still in critical condition and relations between the west and russia are now at their lowest point since the cold war. and a key logan is in london for us to talk about awkward how are british authorities dealing with these discrepancies yes this comes at a particularly bad high the u.k. government which is already under pressure about the missiles break incidence the government has been out today trying to explain the context of these comments
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explained hold down is simply a lab where the scientists made the evaluation that this was not a top nerve agent that it did was a regionally produced in russia where they didn't say the precise source that was russia but unfortunately or as johnson as we've heard there has been on the record in the past saying exactly that and there was also a foreign office tweet which indicated the same porton down had said that the agent came from the net and she came from russia a foreign office has since deleted it is tweets where does this leave us that the public very confused that sure it was the case into russia's hands because what it has been all along that there was no clear evidence that the nerve agent did come from russia right and russia didn't skip or be seized on the fightings of the findings of this report demanded a still the mountain apology in the meantime got the o.p.c. w the global chemical weapons watch talk to grab its request for an emergency meeting what's at stake here kitty for the u k. that's why i don't notice the
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meeting taking place in the hague behind closed doors already u.k. and russia are all of russia wants a joint investigation the u.k. says no way on they say they absolutely would not allow it and the u.k. is standing by its position it says the evidence is too overwhelming and it's interesting to see that the e.u. and other countries other international countries are still standing by the u.k. so do the british government is pretty confident that they ease and not information and evidence out there to back its claims minus again kitty what is the government's evidence that establishes a clear link to moscow and why don't they just make it public. this is the big question and this is what a lot of people are asking they're asking for more detail the government says it's not just about what the scientists at porton down a lot can here it is it's also about intelligence sources it's about historical context for example. it's about
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the police and make best a geisha in which is extremely detailed and of course ongoing still it's as if all it if have compiled a bigger picture showing that these must have come from russia has never agents it says that this knowledge talk was originally produced in russia it was stockpiled in russia it says there is simply no other explanation as to where it came from but as the concrete evidence that they're holding back maybe it's because they want to protect their intelligence or sources but the problem is that it's still adding to the conspiracy there is the confusion and it's adding weight to russia's argument could you logan reporting from london thank you. in other news the leaders of iran turkey and russia have met for a summit on finding a political solution to the syria conflict present rich attire want hosted russian leader vladimir putin and iranian counterpart song rouhani for talks in the turkish capital ankara the three nations have emerged as the power brokers of syria's seven year long civil war and addition to peace they are looking to bolster their
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influence in the country all three nations have large but also competing interests in the outcome of the syria conflict. syria early twenty eighty. seven years of civil war and still no end in sight there are too many interests involved this war goes beyond the assad regime fighting rebel groups. major foreign doctors are playing their part too these are the main ones they regularly supply weaponry and personnel to those they believe can hope to meet their own geo political and russian president vladimir putin is one of president assad's closest allies russia has provided military support to assad since twenty fifteen since then the syrian government has managed to recover lost territory with the aid of russian airstrikes putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region reduce american influence and keep radical islamists out of power the
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russian air station near lattakia is no permanent fixture on the tarsus marine base russia's only such base in the mediterranean is being enlarged. president hassan rouhani of iran is another supporter after all iran has no intention of losing one of its closest allies in the arab world from day one to run a support to damascus with advisors weapons and troops syria in return grants around the much needed route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. this man on the other hand would like to see us out of power in turkey or supported various rebel groups from the start and since january has had its own troops in syria one of president early ones goals is to push back groups to gain influence in parts of syria by supporting u.s. operations against the so-called islamic states. do you ever use
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a dorian jones is an encore covering the trial lateral summit dorian phillis and what's come out of this meeting. well the message coming from the three leaders even though they're all opposing sides in the syrian civil war is a corporation or works and that cooperation will continue to deepen the claim that success in the creation of these d. conflict zones in syria which is where syrian rebels and their families are being slowly moved to they say that this is being successful and it will continue throughout syria they also said that this will provide service ability in the country allowed the return of syrian refugees are not a priority the leaders said is out of this meeting and that will be particularly welcomed by turkey which hosts around three million syrian refugees and there is specially growing unease among the turkish public over that presence beyond that there was a message to the u.s. they say made it clear that they don't believe the u.s. should be involved in syria they said they don't want foreign powers interfering in
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syria they play much of a conflict on that interference that is a thinly veiled reference to the u.s. and it was also a warning to turkey a serious large kurdish minority exists with them saying that they are all the leaders are committed to the serious territorial integrity there is fear that because the syrian kurdish militia controlling a third of syria they could ultimately secede from the country all leaders have commit themselves to prevent our it well i want to pick up on that point so the three leaders asserting their support for syria sovereignty territorial integrity as you've just been reporting and the right of the syrian people to shape their own future yet these are three major stakeholders with boots on the ground planes in the air vying for influence in syria how do they square that circle. well known confronted them on that at the press conference and all the questions came from carefully selected journalists from their countries but yes you're right there does appear to be a great deal of hypocrisy there but the fact is increasingly they're describing
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themselves as a government to use for syria and that is a common statement coming from all of the leaders they believe because they have invested a large amount of treasure and soldiers on the ground and that they have these direct links to syria they claim that allows them to take this role and at the end of the day they say they believe because they are the main players they are involved in backing the key parties in this only they can bring peace and a solution to syria all right you referenced in your previous answer the role of the u.s. which has been condemned by these three leaders president trump was not part of this summit in ankara he made that surprise announcement yesterday that he wants any u.s. involvement to be diminished in syria has there been any reaction to that surprise announcement. of the iranian president hassan rouhani much more the united states saying that they keep changing their minds over syria in
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a fight i was alluding to the point of despite trump's comment of wanting to withdraw from syria there were reports of the pentagon or increasing their military presence in syria backing a syrian kurdish militia but ultimately this growing alliance between these key parties is seen that aimed at pushing america out of syria and that ultimately will be a major headache to washington and possibly brings a looming confrontation between american backed syrian kurdish militia and turkish military forces with the turkish president vowing to remove them all from syria dorian jones reporting from ankara on that trilateral summit thank you. i want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. italy's president said it's your mouth that i love has launched a formal consultations aimed at creating a coalition government after last month's inconclusive elections the populist five star movement of merged as the largest single party while an alliance of center right and far right parties took the most seats neither group gained enough votes
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to govern alone. and they're sure would russian ties has become the first person to be sentenced in the u.s. special council's russia probe alex was handed a thirty day jail term and ordered to pay a twenty thousand dollars fine he admitted to lying to robert muller's investigators about his contacts with an official in donald trump's campaign. a woman to have shot and injured three people at the you tube headquarters in northern california before fatally shooting herself police have identified the suspect as in a scene a vegan activist blogger who accused you tube of censoring her videos authorities say they are still investigating a motive. all right want to hand it over to ben now and that trade war that is well turning into a full blown trade war between us and china if you speak to president trump tweet today he actually said that his country is not in
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a trade war with china that war was lost many years ago by the foolish or incompetent people who represented the u.s. then still he's doing his best to stoke tensions announcing you judy's a whole range of take products china has retaliated. china has launched rockets and built high speed trains the chinese economy has been booming so much that it can counter the u.s. threat of punitive tariffs china is not about to take the trade dispute with a us lying down we will take corresponding measures of equal intensity against u.s. products according to chinese foreign trade low which will be announced in the near future we have the confidence and ability to respond to any protectionist measures . the tit for tat is now in full effect beijing plans to match washington's fifty billion dollars in tariffs with tariffs of its own and the u.s. move disregards the nature of mutual benefit in economic and trade corp it disregards the two countries industries and the interests of consumers and is
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neither conducive to chinese new american national interests e.g. more than one hundred u.s. goods are affected by the terrorists they include soybeans cars and beef that will make those products more expensive for chinese consumers for american producers it will mean fewer exports to china a major market the trade dispute has now entered the next phase. and only about is tracking this story from the financial center of frankfurt all the while both sides just end up scaring away customers doing themselves harm. the end of the day. yes that's the outcome it's a lose lose situation who are whomever you talk to who knows a thing or two about trade and about international economic trade. you're going to have job losses you're going to have less growth you're going to have consumers looking at higher prices you're going to have higher interest rates perhaps people who are betting on lower interest rates for some time having trouble with their
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mortgage at home in the united states or perhaps in china as well and of course because of the size of the economies china and us being at the top of the world economy you're going to have everyone else in the boat as well for example a german industry rep today said germany will be caught in the middle heavily invested and both countries for example exactly what i'm already reading because of globalization is that china's u.s. tariffs could hit b.m.w. hot. because it makes so many vehicles in the united states and it's exporting eighty nine thousand and eighty nine thousand b.m.w.'s not from munich or from doing good thing but from the united states to china and if china would slap twenty five percent additional tariffs on it they're twenty five percent already on u.s. cars and you're looking at a tariff of fifty percent that on top of the b.m.w. calculated sticker price so you're surely going to have less sales timelier will be
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affected too it makes mercedes vehicles in the united states and exports not as much as b.m.w. but almost as much to china tesla would be affected too and everyone in brown well knows you got to pay top dollar to get a b.m.w. and mercedes now what about the world trade organization is it going to chime in at some stage. it's basically already chime in and then because there's a u.s. claim to the w t o on intellectual property we here and china has said that it has made a claim to make a request for consultations and that. would be another case the thing is because of us blocking w t o judges the people who decide on these claims the w t o is hardly and a position to meet with any demand on claims like this and this with the w.t. you know already taking a very long time to settle claims like this exactly it goes on and on and takes
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years sometimes only about spore is there for at first thank you very much. i just finally this last story we're following for you facebook c.e.o. mark zuck a book will testify before congress in a week from now the house commerce panel says the hearing will be an opportunity to shed light on privacy issues after the misuse of facebook the british company cambridge analytical buz the daughter of fifteen million users since then the company's share price has tumbled. and the u.s. is marking fifty years since the assassination of martin luther king you but that's for that's correct because on that fateful day april fourth the year nine hundred sixty eight reverend dr martin luther king jr was killed by a white supremacist in memphis tennessee well when the country learned of his assassination riots and unrest broke out in a number of u.s. cities killed at the very peak of his influence dr king left an indelible mark on america. activist dissident trouble maker
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icon martin luther king jr is a towering figure in american history his life his work and his death forever changed the way the us review race civil rights and equality. king was born into an america where slavery was a recent memory segregation was the law of the land and poverty gripped most of the african-american community. on december first one hundred fifty five police arrested activist rosa parks for refusing to give up her seat on a public bus to a white man in montgomery alabama as was the law her actions spurred king to lead a boycott of public buses in the city which lasted for over a year. he continued to organize and lead marches for voting rights labor rights and desegregation across the u.s. championing nonviolent tactics inspired by mahatma gandhi in india.
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this call unaided in august one thousand nine hundred sixty three when king led the famous march on washington and delivered his iconic i have a dream speech. the speech and the march propelled the civil rights movement forward in one thousand nine hundred sixty four the u.s. congress passed the civil rights act which outlawed discrimination based on race religion sex or national origin in the united states the same year king was awarded the nobel peace prize but he wasn't done yet. he continued to organize peaceful protests and marches which are often met with violence from authorities and prosecco geisha nests. in one nine hundred sixty eight king was helping organize sit ins against economic inequality when he was shot and killed in a hotel room in memphis tennessee he was only thirty nine years old. king's
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legacy still reigns over civil rights debates from the south african anti-apartheid movements to the modern day black lives matter and pro-gun control marches political change makers all over the world use king's teachings and writings as inspiration even fifty years after his death. well as the country marks this tragic anniversary we asked some african-americans for their thoughts on the legacy of dr martin luther king jr and the state of race relations in the u.s. today so i think what we're experiencing i think fifty years after up tomorrow the king is actually quite similar to what most of the king was seen during the last two years of his life which in one thousand nine hundred seventy he talked about that he was witnessing this american nightmare and so when you contrast this dream with this late we're we begin to see an america that really has a do history
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a history of racial progress in races progress races progress that he was challenging during the last few months of his life we have to be concerned about losing rights that we thought we had fought for salk with one of the civil rights leaders and he was saying that if my grandchildren have the by the same fights that i had to fight. why did i why did i do what i do has my living been in vain and that was so slate to me i feel like king would be very alarmed and i think the he might feel like many of your struggles were in vain because the masses of black people in america remain educationally politically and many ways in terms of this one franchise so we went through a period where thing car separation rate for african-american males in particular but it's also opening creasing for women as well and that not only means that these
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individuals come out of prison with a record that makes it hard for them to provide economically for their families poverty is a significant problem in the united states for all poor americans but it disproportionately affects african-americans so that's an area where we haven't made progress and we face a crisis in the states and that's a crisis that's unique because for the first time in fifty years we have people in office particularly the presidency in the congress and senate that have a different view of where america should be and they have an idealized view that america would be best off if it were more euro centric and of course that's hostile to the whole business of equality and advancement which dr king gave his life.
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office force now in tonight's champions league action liverpool host manchester city in the first leg of their quarterfinal the all english clash pits together two of europe's most high profile coaches you can call up and pep guardiola and also promises to be full of goals. just a city's march to this season's premier league title is nearly. eight they lead the table in england by a country mile and single season records for points wins and goal difference are well within reach the only team to get the better of them liverpool in a high scoring thriller of a loss but city's coach seems to remember with some fondness. i think. the game is third in the game here with us for three years so we cannot deny the both teams try to play so we are the both teams more schools more goals are scored in the premier league this season so far and by far the liverpool forward mohamed
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salah has been the team's goal machine this season and the fans at anfield know that they'll need him and the other boys in red to be at the top of their game to get past city. that's it it's a big game against. one of the best teams in europe if not the best team in europe in a moment so. that's nice to get on the streets where you are not coincidently in the qualifiers we qualified for that too so we are there and yes b. b. and then city we. may have a few weeks months ago. but we knew before the game goes possible it's only a little difficult to do it city have heard a lot of praise this season mostly from vanquished opponents they'll want to turn liverpool back into one on wednesday. before i let you go on to remind you of the main headlines that we're following for you right now britain has this missing
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appeal from russia to join its investigation into the poisoning of a double agent and his daughter in salisbury well chemical weapons experts have failed to back claims by the british government that the nerve agent used in the attack came from russia the leaders of turkey iran and russia say it's important to prepare the ground for the return of syrians displaced by conflict in their country three presidents have held a crazes meeting in ancora to discuss the ongoing conflict. on iraq and really thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us this continues at the top of the out.
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in. it's always about passion and rarely about business plans. creative entrepreneurs in the german capital. the tunnel between self-determination and self exploitation. passion and profit berlin creatives made in germany next. entered the conflict zones confronting the powerful this week on conflict zone i miss them both to talk to russia come back succumb myself to his ruling fall to the a.k.p. she speaks to an apology on human rights as the government assumes military operations in syria and continues to crack down on civil liberties well not sure if
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