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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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this is the only news live from berlin russia and the west at loggerheads over the script all poisoning reports say worship fills in a bit to gain access to britain's investigation into the attack at a meeting of the world's chemical weapons watchdog britain maintains mosco is the chief suspect in the attack also coming up drawing up a blueprint for post-war syria turkey russia and iran discuss the war torn
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countries future. and a tragic anniversary. pirating ordering. of it is really really encourage a very narrow very today marks fifty years since the assassination of american civil rights icon dr martin luther king in memphis tennessee well look at his legacy and the state of research relations in the united states today. thanks very much for your company everyone. russia has reportedly failed in a bit to join britain's investigation into the script all poisoning and made the appeal to gain access to the british case and an emergency meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague while the british
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government calls the request perverse maintaining that moscow is the chief suspect in the nerve agent attack well that's despite a discrepancy in the investigation that has proved awkward for british authorities . this is sports and in the lab in britain at the center of the investigation into the poisoning of the strip poles the head of the lab says they cannot confirm the nerve agents origin despite the british government's confidence on the matter. it's our job to provide you know the scientific evidence that identifies what the particular nerve agent is. was from this family. military. but it's not our job to see where actually was manufactured some like yukio opposition leader jeremy carbon are arguing that that statement seems to contradict what foreign secretary boris johnson told the w cheering a march interview. you argue that their source of.
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the chalk is russia how did you manage to find that out so quickly that's driven by says samples of the look at the evidence when the people from porton down the. they have the samples do. they they. asked the guy i said are you sure and he said. meanwhile johnson and the foreign office are stressing to did the see no contradiction between those statements and the latest results from british chemical weapons experts. but russia has seized on the statements from britain's weapons lab called a wednesday meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague to address the u.k. government. muscle continues to deny involvement and has claimed officials in the west may have staged the poisoning. got this even in the script case a grotesque provocation crudely concocted by u.s. and british security services some european governments are not following london
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and washington blindly. but instead choosing to carefully make sense of what happened. she. switches germany is not one of those utopian governments they are standing by the british government's version of events . or analysis remains the same great britain is explain to us in great detail why russia's responsibility is very probable and why there is no plausible alternative explanation and we agree with great britain's assessment yulia scrip allas no reported to be recovering from the attack sergei her father is still in critical condition and relations between the west and russia are no at their lowest point since the cold war. the euro shadow it joins us now from moscow yuri we're getting we're ports the delegates at today's meeting in the hague have rejected a new program to the poisoning of the former spy in march what's worse is the next
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step now. well this is certainly a setback for moscow off the ted cold for the joint investigation with great britain from moscow it's crucial they are allowed to handle the whole matter as important as possible and that's why russia is now calling for a meeting of the grand security council this week for russia this dispute is about more than just the question of who is to blame for the poisoning of the two russian citizens to the pile and he's built up off the whole community off western countries shoulder somebody to you with you can it's not with russia moscow now is as isolated as ever while that anyone ever finds out who poisoned st paul that's really written in the stars about the russia simply wants to use that the high political stage the u.n. security council next to show its arguments and once more to demand it's presumptuous of innocence for now we've heard of course the british chemical
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weapons expert saying they just can't pinpoint russia as the source of this never charke in this case how is the last hour during this into its reaction today. well luke russian officials were quick to comment on it pro-government russians have taken at as yet another piece of evidence of that the affair is part of a campaign to harm their country's international image russian president putin is sad he didn't expect an apology from the u.k. but we are just expecting reason to prevail so that international relations don't sustain damage such as we have seen recently he sent a press percent of the of president putin the music to scoff said this is asian has been completely monstrous from the beginning the accusations would be crazy and unfounded they had over the russian secret service of his be sergei an irish can call to the situation now absolutely grotesque. yuri tell us about it because i
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mean you've been covering russia for a while now there's well how is this story playing out in russia i mean is the fallout from the former spice poisoning getting any attention or a lot of attention. oh yes absolutely a lot of attention as i mentioned this is a very important issue for russia for russia international good to belittle l.-a which is now extremely damaged almost all russian media follow an official line of the kremlin is in no sense contrary polls are part of an anti russia conspiracy the latest revelations from the u.k. only reinforces the must circulation komsomolskaya pravda for example slammed to the un to kremlin come pain if it turns out its rights that moscow had nothing to do about the chemical attack in cellars very will our vest on pardon us up old guys for their shameless hysteria or will they pull something else out of thin air and start of the whole show again this is komsomolskaya pravda and other newspapers the
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riots and the in this same way you are shadow reporting from moscow russia thank you. meanwhile two are there any story of the day the leaders of iran turkey and russia have met for a summit on finding a political solution to the syria conflict president rich of tired hosted russian leader vladimir putin and iranian counterpart a sign rouhani for talks in the turkish capital on grow the three nations have emerged as the power brokers of syria seven year long civil war and peace they're looking to bolster their influence in the country all three nations have large but also competing interests and the outcome of the syria conflict. syria early twenty eighteen seven years of civil war and still no end in sight there are too many interests involved in this war goes beyond the assad regime fighting rebel groups. major foreign doctors are playing their part too. these are the main ones
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they regularly supply weaponry and personnel to those they believe can help to meet their own geo political ends russian president vladimir putin is one of president assad's closest allies russia has provided military support since twenty fifteen since then the syrian government has managed to recover lost territory with the aid of russian airstrikes putin wants to strengthen russia's military presence in the region reduce american influence and keep radical islamists of power the russian air station near lattakia is now a permanent fixture on the tarsus marine base russia's only such base in the mediterranean is being enlarged. president hassan rouhani of iran is a supporter after all iran has no intention of losing one of its closest allies in the arab world from day one tehran has supported damascus with advisors weapons and
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troops syria in return grants around a much needed route to the hezbollah militia in lebanon. this man on the other hand who'd like to see us out of power in turkey has supported various rebel groups from the start and since january has had its own troops in syria one of president early ones goals is to push back kurdish groups to gain influence in parts of syria by supporting u.s. operations against the so-called islamic state. you know we use a dorian jones is an encore covering the trial lateral summit dorrian phillis and what's come out of this meeting. well the message coming from the three leaders even though they are all opposing sides in the syrian civil war is a corporation the works and that corporation will continue to deepen the claim that success in the creation of these d. conflict zones in syria which is where syrian rebels and their families all being
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slowly moved to they say that this has been successful and it will continue throughout syria they also said that this will provide further stability in the country allowed the return of syrian refugees are not a priority the leaders said out of this meeting and that will be particularly welcomed by turkey which hosts around three million syrian refugees and there is specially growing unease among the turkish public over that presence beyond that there was a message to the u.s. they say made it clear that they don't believe the u.s. should be involved in syria they said they don't want foreign powers interfering in syria they play much of a conflict interference that is a thinly veiled reference to the u.s. and also a warning to turkey a serious large kurdish minority because with them saying that they are all the leaders are committed to the serious territorial integrity every steer that because the syrian kurdish militia controlling a third of syria they could ultimately secede from the country all leaders of commit themselves to prevent our it well i want to pick up on that point so the
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three leaders asserting their support for syria sovereignty territorial integrity as you've just been reporting and the right of the syrian people to shape their own future yet these are three major stakeholders with boots on the ground planes in the air vying for influence in syria how do they square that circle. well known confronted them on that at the press conference and all the questions came from carefully selected journals from their countries but yes you're right there does appear to be a great deal of hypocrisy there but the fact is increasingly describing themselves as a government to moves to syria and that is a common statement coming from all of the leaders they believe because they have invested a large amount of treasure and soldiers on the ground and that they have these direct links to syria they claim that allows them to take this role and at the end of the day they say they believe because they are the main players they are involved in backing the key parties in this only they can bring peace and a solution to syria all right you referenced in your previous answer this role of
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the u.s. which has been condemned by these three leaders president trump was not part of this summit in ankara he made that surprise announcement yesterday that he wants any u.s. involvement to be diminished in syria has there been any reaction to that surprise announcement. of the iranian president hassan rouhani much more the united states saying that they keep changing their minds over syria in the fight i was alluding to the point of despite comments of wanting to withdraw from syria there were reports of the pentagon or increasing their military presence in syria backing a syrian kurdish militia but ultimately this growing alliance between these key parties is seemed aimed at pushing america out of syria and that ultimately will be a major headache to washington and possibly brings a looming confrontation between american backed syrian kurdish militia and turkish military forces with the turkish president vowing to remove them all from syria
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dorian jones reporting from ankara on that trilateral summit thank you. aren't to say now but some of the other stories making news around the world. an aircraft hangar has collapsed at an airport in the u.s. city of houston texas after strong wind swept through the region a spokesperson at hobby airports of the collapse caused millions of dollars worth of damage to planes but there were no reports of injuries and commercial flights were not affected. a woman has shot and injured three people at the you to parrot quarters in northern california before fatally shooting herself police have identified the suspect in the scene a vegan activist blogger who cues you chub of censoring her videos authorities say they are still investigating what her motive was. and i want to hand you over now to helena about that trade war that major tree i was there you see the market is speaking markets we saw those markets plunging into the u.s.
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at the opening they have since managed to recoup some of their losses but as lady just mentioned it was the wood trade war that had the street despite the fact that the u.s. president donald trump says he's countries not in a trade war with china that war was lost many years ago by the food a she said or incompetent people who represented the u.s. still he's definitely doing his best to stoke tensions announcing new gigi's on a whole range of tech products and as fit china has retaliated. american soybean farmers need china the vast country by sturdy percent of the project it has a huge park industry mainly fat on soybeans that beijing has included side bins on its list of punitive tariffs to encourage chinese pig farmers to buy outs where china will fight back by targeting very specifically industries that the focus of the voter base is seeking to appeal to the soyuz produced in states such as this
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constant in wyoming with a strong republican voter base just distract of chinese tariffs not one point seven billion dollars off u.s. soybean futures on wednesday shanghai residence cement impressed by the dispute. i saw on the internet that we should boycott american goods probably well i can't speak clearly it will affect prices like on the imported goods we use in our daily lives but it won't have a major effect on our daily individual life i think those products aren't in huge demand if. chinese officials are wondering why the u.s. is spoiling what they call in mutually beneficial trade relationship. for u.s. president donald trump the tariffs are a way of putting pressure on beijing he wants china to give up the benefits and protectionist measures it claims as a developing nation and known up to its status as
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a world trade heavyweight. the first direct train from london to amsterdam has completed its maiden journey it took less than four hours eurostar hopes the route will entice both business and leisure travelers to switch from the et to the rails and from city center to city center it's just as fast as flying and with one way tickets at thirty five pounds the connection could be a game changer. the platform at london simpang chris was mostly filled with officialdom just before the first amsterdam bound euro study parted although a small party of tourists also managed to get on board for an on time departure. dylan amsterdam route is euro stars first network expansion since one thousand nine hundred ninety four when the trains began connecting various cities in france and belgium the amsterdam service is aimed at passengers who would normally fly. look
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at our experience in other markets in paris and brussels it seems that the customer does value an alternative that we see which is that they are like having a stranglehold on this market so what customers are giving an alternative city said he said it's a fast it's great trying to go with wife right at the table the response we get is yes. because we're going to take. the first train to amsterdam made it almost on time but return passengers to london face delays due to a train change in brussels the u.k. is not part of the e.u.'s passport free shipping in zone and right now there are no separate international boarding areas in amsterdam and rotterdam making passport control in brussels a must for u.k. down passengers but. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg will testify before congress in a week from now the house call us panel says the hearing will be an opportunity to
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shed light on privacy issues off the misuse of facebook data. british company cambridge analytic abused the data of fifty million uses since then the company's share price has tumbled. was back in just over two laid it out another tech company accused of misusing uses data. while just a week after facebook came under fire for sharing private user information with a third party another social networking platform has triggered or similar controversy before show that the popular gay dating grinder has also been passing on a very private information about their users without their knowledge and the for the sake of our from our social media desk is here with the first we have facebook now granted what's going on oh well an investigation by the swedish public broadcaster as the end together with a region and you discovered that grindr has been passing on very sensitive
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information about their users to two american external companies who provide optimisation services and the information includes the user's phone i.d.'s g.p.s. location there is the city and more worryingly their status which users can decide to share on their their profile now experts are calling this of course a breach of privacy that users are of course very upset some of them are calling for a boycott of the app we have a tweet here. who says i call on my fellow homosexuals queers gay boys and those undefined to delete a grinder in support of our brothers living with hiv who is status and data you have been made you have been sharing to make profits and another issue here is that the way it was the way this information was passed on to these third party companies it was unsafe because much of that information was an encrypted which
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makes it very easy to hack and these users at risk of being a day. defied which is especially problematic in countries where the beauty community is already being targeted and we have somebody making that point here hopefully we'll be able to see that tweets if not it's the head of a british human rights foundation who says governments that actively persecute the people could exploit this breach as could other homophobes customers of all dating apps need to be reassured that all the personal information held on them is safe from the source is very very very troubling what this grinder have to say for itself well they have now following the backlash said that they will no longer share and information about about their users these states is but the outcry will likely continue and this is not necessarily for the best in the sense that grindr has been regarded as benefiting for the gay community for example from
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a health perspective they have been. spreading information about where to get tested when to get tested they have worked with local n.g.o.s to support people with hiv and now this good work could be jeopardized by the latest revelations or breach of trust or they'll have to win it back so they go to thank you so very much for bringing us that story. all right we're going to transition now and shift our focus to the us that country is marking fifty years since the assassination of reverend dr martin luther king jr on the day april fourth one thousand nine hundred sixty eight a white supremacist fatally shot dr king in memphis tennessee news of the south the nation leaped to riots and unrest in the number of u.s. cities his death marks a key moment in the civil rights movement killed at the very peak of his influence dr king left an indelible mark on america. were.
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a defining moment in american history in one thousand nine hundred sixty three civil rights activist martin luther king led the march on washington and delivered a speech that remains iconic to this day are have a dream. but one thing what. this measure where all rides up. live out the true meaning of it occurring was two hundred fifty thousand people converged on the nation's capital that day demanding freedom and equal rights for african-americans the following year the u.s. congress passed the civil rights act which ended segregation and outlawed discrimination based on race religion sex or national origin dr king was awarded the nobel peace prize and continued to organize nonviolent protests and inspire millions in one nine hundred sixty eight he traveled to memphis tennessee where he
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delivered what was to be his final speech. was the next day from this window a man called james earl ray fired a single fatal shot at the activist as he stood on his hotel balcony dr martin luther king had been forever silenced. martin luther king was shot and was killed by god was. the painful events of that day are etched on his friend's memories. he turned. out. and that of his relatives speaking ahead of the anniversary of his death his
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youngest daughter recalled what the world lost when her father died but also what it gained. he taught us. the importance of in bracing. is not merely as a tactic it is a way of life. fifty years on and dr king's final speech still reverberates today. pam. i'm not sure that we. are hurting overnight. when i joined i did overuse the alexander phenomena who is in memphis tennessee to discuss martin luther king's legacy alexander you still get goosebumps just listening to that a big day for the city where you are tragically the place where dr king a was skill set the scene for us what's the mood where you are. the mood he
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seems to be very energetic sometimes even emotional and very festive as you can he see behind me there are people marching throughout the city we were we are following then you know workers and many people here told me that it is important for them to be here to show that they remember martin luther king jr and that they are thankful for what he was able to achieve and one woman even told me that she is very optimistic and hopeful for their future because the things she thinks that it is important to show that they are strong together and together they have a chance to change the country to transform it's as much a luther king jr it's optimistic and hopeful but five decades after dr king's an assassination alexander social and just. still very much in the picture in the u.s. you spoke to several african-american activists what that they share with you about
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race relations in america today. you write they told me that they think that they're still they still live in the divided country because although it's true that laws requiring discriminatory treatment of african-americans have to the pier it's they still think that the laws have has to be done still that there is a long way to go when we talk about in carson nation for american for black males when we talk for example about the fact that african-americans are sweet times as likely to be killed by police then why it's so you can see that we are really talking still about a very divided country. alexander phenomena reporting from memphis tennessee a very big day for that city in the thank you so very much for greatly appreciate
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it. and your washington you still lost more to come more on martin luther king's legacy we'll look at his influence on the arts how is message of hope lives on and music and cinema. plus a growing number of families are sending elderly relatives to thailand for old age care that they say money can't buy in their home countries and that's all coming up in just a few. detroit was the voice of the one nine hundred sixty generation. you can are fighting to ensure that no one is last resort to arms. he was a pioneer you can create a world that has never been seen before and the bush won society's worst nightmare . public enemy number one movie.
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in forty five minutes w. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing the environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. he could be farming magazine. long b w. one hundred million tons of sound. of you stating for him it's. just the consequences. of the storms. that come.
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coming in america too and frequency. once they start there's no stopping them. starting april seventh on g.w. . chris have you back with us you're watching the every news hour play a large rock this is our main headline right now. russia has reportedly failed in a bid to join britain's investigation into the poisoning of an x five and his daughter britain says russia is the same chief suspect in this probe this might some doubt over the exact provenance of the nerve agent used in the attack.
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now to a challenge affecting many countries around the world an aging population demographic trends are changing the way we adapt to and care for a growing number of senior citizens our next report is from thailand where there's been a boom in luxury nursing homes for wealthy westerners is exporting the elderly the way of the future take a look. this beach on to cat is a popular tourist destination on thailand's largest island. while most visitors return home after a couple of weeks most of these european pensioners are here to stay. now in the senior citizens are spending their sunset years under the palm trees at this nursing home it's called bunch you adore me which means house of help and care zani are from switzerland has joined other residents for breakfast. so you're from
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battle zone you know who has dementia has lived here for two years in france and what are you doing here. in mumbai mon fake asian ya that's nice zone you had a career as a flight attendant thailand is her final stop but she doesn't realize it. but you live here now. yes but just for a few days. the news caregiver helps her cope with life far from home. oh. yeah they have dementia. they can't remember things so we tell them they're on vacation here so they don't get upset. when suddenly it does get homesick she can come and sit in this bamboo bus shelter complete with transit maps from faraway switzerland sunny is happy to sit here and wait for the bus even though it never writes. it costs between seven
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hundred and three thousand euros a month to stay here fifty four carers look after around twenty two residents an unheard of ratio in many european countries physical therapy is a key element of daily life here the concept of caregiving is well regarded in the predominantly buddhist country which prides itself on helping people in need another motivator for staff here is a good salary between two hundred ninety and six hundred fifty euros a month. helga hails from germany's wineland her son divina has come for a visit helga who also suffers from dementia says she feels comfortable here. but what's your favorite food. a good brat forest i wouldn't mind. and. i was unhappy with elderly care conditions in germany but held as health insurance wouldn't cover care here so we had to sell our house to
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finance it. if leadership there were about twenty patients for each caregiver the staff were very nice to the seniors and the atmosphere was good but patients had to wait twenty minutes in the bathroom for assistance. there's just not enough staff there. another peaceful day on. beach complete with german sausage a little taste of home some one thousand kilometers away sending elders far from home is a hard decision but good care in a heavenly setting makes it easier for everyone involved. to helena is back here now with a chill wind for investors and slovakia lenna we're talking about an unsolved murder of a of a journalist in slovakia and that journalist was investigating corruption in the country his fiance was also murdered and that has sparked outrage it's also cost a shot over the eastern european country as a place to do business and claims of corruption involved criminal gangs politicians
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and e.u. agricultural funds we've got this exclusive report now former your i bet ash was badly beaten up along this track he brought the printed smartphone pictures with him as evidence a competitor sent a group of armed thugs cut down his rapeseed and drove the fifty eight year old off the land he had leased state owned fields he'd farmed for decades his rival obviously had good connections to the local authorities his leasehold was canceled from one day to the next and transferred to his attacker there's a lot of money at stake. most likely we were only interested in getting their hands on the e.u. subsidies. barish says organized crime gangs in eastern slovakia are taking over huge areas of arable land to become eligible for millions of euros in e.u. subsidies every year he says he knows of thirty other farmers who contribute away
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by violence and blackmail so far you're right paresh is the only one brave enough to come forward and talk about it publicly the police and justice ministry have been informed but slovakian authorities remain unresponsive. who they have so much power and influence they can manipulate the police they exert influence over administrative authorities and also manipulate the agency which distributes you subsidies when throwing up. this is the corrupt swamp that journalist john korczak was investigating before he and his girlfriend were shot dead a tragic wake up call for slovakians. in the eastern slope at city of course it's our demonstrators now rally in the streets every friday they're protesting against a corruption and bribery since korczak was murdered a steady string of corruption cases has been emerging into the open. in this public
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discussion amongst academics a lot of the participants insist that although slovak is a condom is booming the rule of law in the country is weak. and it's about changing the atmosphere about turning slovakia into a polite country where where people have their rights except where are where we don't see corruption your i bet ash won't give up the fight for his fields he hopes the current protests will bring about change he doesn't expect help from the e.u. fighting corruption is a sovereign task for slovakia authorities. zimbabwe relies heavily on maize for its food security but extreme weather of course can wreak havoc on a monoculture many farmers are now diversifying their crops all switching to local varieties of maize which often hadia and agricultural research institute is behind
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the tri. northern zimbabwe's rivers have dried up due to a severe drought in the region. desperate villagers have dug holes along the dried out river beds to collect water to keep their gardens moist. over eighty percent of the nation's farmers grow maize hard hit by the dry spell in this region much of the crop has already begun to wilt. helton and bosy is an agronomist with commute tech and in geo that seeks to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in the country he is convinced that maize monocultures can provide food and seed security with this climate change you know may is always. is maybe five years that plant maize where they grow. maybe they just get a decent deal once out of it but he saw it in a z's way the first step to the flea to the drought to stress is caused by
8:39 pm
a claim which is. common in checkers helped establish the tree because community seed bank to promote the more drought and stress tolerant varieties of small grains like sorghum or chickpeas. dorothy to work on the yarra coming to take a delivery of small grain which is expected to pay back in seed interest after harvest this in turn will boost the bank's seed stock the seeds are stored under cool and dry conditions and they can last for up to two years in a facility. sitting here like you know the good thing about to see the bank is that it's monitored by different agricultural specialists in addition the seed bank is well secured it's different from keeping your seat within the confines of your household in a household set up you'll see might be destroyed by fire or even sefton which. so far there are only a few places like harare's biggest open market where small grain farmers can sell
8:40 pm
their products gradually awareness than attitudes are changing. your number to get compared with previous years things have changed demand is now very high among customers. as a result the price of a twenty kilogram unit of small grains is forty percent higher than that for maids . so that has prompted commuter to also create a local company where farmers can now supply their produce and in turn get paid. the seed bank in northern. district is already working with over forty villages. and now we need to do. farmer. off the farmers for that produce. when they are on there was bitterly behind proceed very expensive. for farmers in zimbabwe's drought stricken rural areas small grain seed
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banks are a welcome opportunity to move away from the high risks of maize farming they provide heat security and cut costs for the farmers and their families. all right speculation on what should be some action packed football for. yes indeed more champions league action tonight and back by popular demand matt hermann from did obvious first good to have you here with us so what can we expect from this one we're going to expect goals goals and goals at least in the liverpool vs man city match these are two teams who love to play on the front foot love to outscore opponents they've combined for twelve goals in their two league appearances in the premier league i think this can be a great match you also have club for squad all kinds of things going. magister city's march to this season's premier league title is nearly complete they lead the table in england by a country mile and single season record for points wins and goal difference are
8:42 pm
well within reach the only team to get the better of them liverpool in a high scoring thriller of a loss but city's coach seems to remember with some fondness. well i think. the game is third in the game here with us for three days so we cannot deny the both teams try to play so we are both teams more schools more goals are scored in the premier league this season so far and by far the liverpool forward mohamed salah has been the team's goal machine this season and the fans at anfield know that they'll need him and the other boys in red to be at the top of their game to get past city. that's it it's a big game against. one of the best teams in europe if not the best team in europe in a moment and that's nice to be honest it's we are not
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coincidently in the qualifiers we qualified for that too so we are there and yes the beat man city. few weeks months ago. but we knew before the game that it's possible it's only i believe it difficult to do it. city have heard a lot of praise this season mostly from vanquished opponents to want to turn liverpool back into one on wednesday. matt it looks like the clash of the titans who is going to emerge victorious in just one i mean i wouldn't be shocked to see liverpool get one past city at least in this leg at anfield they did beat city at anfield in january in that four three thriller but over two legs i don't think it's going to happen for liverpool augments city are just too strong they beat liverpool in manchester five nil earlier this season and city kind of made
8:44 pm
a habit of that six times this season they've scored four or more goals as their opponents when they're on home turf city might not win tonight but they are going to win over two legs now what about his old team barcelona because they're also playing indeed they face roma and they're coming on the back of three months of unbeaten football in the you know league and the champions league and they've done that with both big wins like the three nil win that they got to chelsea in the second leg of their last round match in the champions league and also some late game heroics they were down two nil to severe this past weekend in the league and they scored two goals in the last three minutes to you know keep from losing keep that unbeaten run going meet roma for my money are the most surprising team to even be here at this stage they seem like a team who's happy to be there i don't think they're going for the higher matters that time of the damn going to put you on the spot give us your prediction i've got one right. i'm going to go with city three two over little pool of high scoring exciting match and barcelona are going to throttle roma at home for one now i'm
8:45 pm
going to check in with you tomorrow thank you so much riker we appreciate it all right now some call for you with the first golf major of the year starts on thursday when the masters is always a special event but this year there is an added buzz in the air at augusta tiger woods is that an after before. arming well in recent tournaments he is one of the favorites to win the title but there is a wide open field and many believe this could be the best masters any year. the biggest name in golf is back after four back surgeries in four years tiger woods is fully fit and raring to go tiger has described himself as a walking miracle but he's keen to tame the tiger mania i have four rounds to play this. i gotta go play. let the chips fall where they may and. a lot of work to do between now. with all the focus on tiger rory mcilroy is flying
8:46 pm
under the radar a bit this year mcelroy is aiming to join the most elite club in golf a masters victory would give him the career grand slam only five players in history have achieved the feat of winning all four majors jordan spaeth is another one of the favorites at augusta the twenty four year old won here in twenty fifteen and knows that the key to victory is mastering augusta's notoriously tricky greens see these greens my first thought isn't where's this go my first thought is was the speed that's needed on his part and it was at times there's just only you do this place or maybe you know a very small handful of others in the world that make you think that way sergio garcia certainly knows how to handle augusta screens he won here last year in a playoff against another of this year's favorites justin rose and with world number one dustin johnson back in form this year's masters field really is wide open.
8:47 pm
today america is commemorating fifty years since the death of dr martin luther king and robert merrill from our culture desk is here now to look at some of the tributes and artistic endeavors that musicians and filmmakers have made about him over the years good to see you robin wright let's start with the silver screen what impact has his legacy had on well well be loads of documentaries down the year is obviously extraordinary story a very uplifting story a very interesting story a very tragic story of course at the end but there's also been lots of mini series i know on american t.v. too but concerning the movies that mean many movies and really i want to focus on one the just from twenty fourteen is a film based around one of the most significant events in the civil rights movement although the civil rights act was passed in one thousand nine hundred sixty four
8:48 pm
nothing movie really happened and a year later in selma alabama a terrible injustice took place the americans of course know about david oh yellow stars in this film as i say came out in twenty fourteen martin luther king in selma . that is. our victim was. disappointing martin luther king's call to protest in march nine hundred sixty five the tone changed dramatically when troopers attacked the demonstrators with horses tear gas and clubs the events from that day in selma alabama were turned into a film for the first time in twenty forty three murders. we need your help dr this thing is just going to have to wait it cannot wait you got one big issue i can hundred wife. martin luther king believe nonviolent resistance was the path to black civil rights in the united states but many grow impatient with king's nonviolent stance. they want change now
8:49 pm
a new documentary king in the wilderness shines a light on the conflicts that arose within the civil rights movement a topic which until recently had been largely ignored. the conflicts arose in part from a sense of powerlessness and desperation among african-americans things explored in another documentary i am not sure negro based on the book by james baldwin but. there's little hope here only dead civil rights activists including martin luther king. racism in america isn't history in twenty sixteen not a single black actor all filmmaker was nominated for an oscar the hash tag oscars so white started a debate in twenty seventeen moonlight a coming of age story about a gay black youth won best picture at the academy awards this picture.
8:50 pm
fifty years after his death king's dream of a world where one is judged not by the color of one's skin is far from reality but the example of his life of nonviolent resistance continues to give hope that one. it will come. out. amazing movie a famously snubbed at the oscars by the way how about music because he's also influenced music and there's a song that a lot of people don't know was written about him yeah that's true just before we get to that i should say that his speech is music. i mean wonderful but the song you were talking about is this one from stevie wonder in ninety nine he well. everybody knows this song because we've all behind her birthday party but what most
8:51 pm
people don't know is this song was written about mounting martin luther king and it was to help the campaign for martin luther king's birthday made a national holiday in america it was successful because martin luther king days now every third monday in january changes a bit during the year with his birthday was actually generally the fifteenth but it's on a monday another song you two did two songs on all night great album the unforgettable five ninety four one was a ballad right at the end of the album cold m.l.k. all about him but the one again people know is this one pride in the name of love. unfortunately. bono got it slightly wrong to start they said early morning april for it was actually early evening on april the fourth but i mean the sentiment was
8:52 pm
correct and i saw it yeah i was amazed i was always one of the biggest hits of course finally coming back to martin luther king's words these are being used and inspired by many artists over the years. like this one from twenty four here just a few seconds was. one big one they. actually called one day which was a number one hit in here in germany in two thousand and fourteen in france in belgium a number two hit in italy for d.j. bacon who is actually a dutch d.j. and instead he martin luther king's would. be only vocals almost song as sort of a techno track but with his words is famous words of course going for the right the ongoing legacy and power of dr martin luther king thank you so very much i'm greatly appreciative. arnaud to
8:53 pm
a story which has captured hearts across china a young woman who went missing as a toddler has been reunited with her biological parents after more than two decades her parents scoured streets on foot by bike and finally in a taxi before finding their missing daughter. there last time it was more than twenty four years ago back then her parents sold bananas at the market her father took his eyes off her for a moment to get some change and then his three year old was gone she only knew her parents' first names and did not know where she lived making finding them again difficult here canyon at home with her biological parents her original name was wang cafe she was always curious after her adoptive family told her she was found at the road site now she lives thousands of kilometers away with her own children. it won't be easy i'll try hard to get back here to get back to chengdu and be as
8:54 pm
close to them as close as possible. to. her father ming king became a taxi driver in order to step up the search for his daughter he started sharing his story and her picture a breakthrough came after a police artist sketched what kiffin might look like as an adult and as luck would have it she saw it struck by the similarity she got in touch with her biological father a d.n.a. test confirmed to match her birth parents and i want to make up for lost time. i don't know mazing story our before i let you go i want to remind you of our main stories that we're following for you right now. russia has reportedly failed in a bid to join britain's investigation into the poisoning of an expiry and his daughter britain says russia is the chief suspect in this probe despite some doubt of the exact prominence of the nerve agent used in the attack. the leaders of turkey iran and russia say it's important to prepare the ground for the return of
8:55 pm
syrians displaced by conflict in their country the three presidents are holding a crisis meeting or held a crisis meeting rather an encore to discuss the conflict. don't forget you can always get the don't use on the go just download our app from google play for from the apple store they'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any great king news you can also use the app to send us your photos and videos. you've been watching you know you knew soundly aloha rock in berlin on behalf of the entire new sim thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us to break up is up next and i hope to see you again tomorrow same time same place have a great one.
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of the. some of. the men. can. move.
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the. body. i need to try he was the voice of the one nine hundred sixty eight generation. are fighting to ensure that no one in the last resort to arms should just be of the view was a pioneer create a world that has never been seen before and the society's worst nightmare.
8:58 pm
number one movie. w. on freedom and whole. world i come from the region as rich in history. so poor in education and opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent druggists i see many of the younger promising. now making names for themselves all over the. song by the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom a sense is life experience. you can visit it but you call come back. my name if you feel what i know i work at the moment.
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they make a commitment they find solutions. they inspire. africa to move. stories of those people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s new multimedia series. d w dot com africa on the move. we make up over a week what types of office the undemocratic we are the civil servant has to. be one to shape the continent's future. part of enjoying african youngsters as the share their stories their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent.
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platform for africa charge. this is d w news from berlin tonight doubts and double speak moscow in london at walk over the poor reasoning of a former russian spy today at a meeting of the world's chemical weapons watchdog russia failed in a bid to gain access to britain's investigation into the attack despite home a diplomatic wonders the u.k.
9:01 pm
is not budging it says moscow remains of the main suspect also coming up drawing up a blueprint for post-war syria.


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