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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is news to live from for a lead russia loses its bed for a joint probe into the poisoning of attacks by and now they are escalating the matter to the un security council russia remains the main suspect in the nerve agent to tackle months ago the global chemical weapons watchdog says it cannot be part of the investigation. also coming up one of the highest paid actors in the world is behind bars he's been convicted of poaching endangered animals and wildlife preserve twenty two years ago. and combating
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a national sweet tooth the u.k. puts a new tax on speed trains this week. to the wall it aims to improve people's health across britain. with. kelly welcome to the program russian state media says that an expiry is recovering after a nerve agent more than a month ago this according to family members in close contact with his daughter london considers moscow the chief suspect in the attack on u.b.s. cripple and her father surrogate the kremlin still denies any involvement it is called for a united nations security council meeting in protest after failing in a bid to join britain's investigation. departing on bad terms sixty american diplomats pack their bags and board buses at dawn they're leaving
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the u.s. embassy in moscow the latest diplomatic expulsion in the wake of the spy poisoning crisis a large number of russians have also been ordered out by the u.s. and other western allies which accuse moscow of orchestrating an attack on sega's script and his daughter yulia in the u.k. in march using a nerve agent with russian foreign minister sergey lavrov claims the attack was staged to justify the expulsion of its diplomats. there who wouldn't preclude the we're going to been a while since we've seen such a blatant mockery of international law diplomatic ethics and basic decency. i will point out that we will continue responding adequately to unfriendly moves but at the same time we want to find the truth. east. on wednesday russia failed in its bid to become part of the investigation into the poisoning it was voted down at a meeting of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons in the hague
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britain's representatives said it would be perverse to allow the alleged attackers to carry out the investigation but russia says that the u.k. cannot ignore its questions about the legitimacy of its claims moscow has called a meeting of the united nations security council later today to discuss britain's accusations and for more on this let's bring in now correspondent katie logan who is standing by with latest from london and kitty you know russia as we heard there saying that the u.k. is throwing around baseless allegations and that the u.k. cannot ignore its questions about the investigation do they have a point. certainly russia's position has been strengthened in the last few days by the lack of charity coming from the u.k. government itself has really played into the russian narrative that there is no solid evidence that they want to see more proof of the accusations that the british government is making it is not a typical for russia to stick by its position in the past with the newcomer
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allegations with them instead seen in ukraine but russia says there is simply no proof as the case and the interview we saw from port down where the chief of poland said well we don't know exactly it came from russia is one example of how russia can take that snippet of information and use it to its advantage but it's certainly putting pressure on the british government to come up with more information of its own already so let's talk a little bit more about that pressure because what evidence is the british government offering and is it likely that they will indeed be forced to make more of a public. there is indeed there are calls here for the british government to come out and say a lot more than it has done already certainly the lack of information is playing well only just into russia's hands but into the hands of conspiracy theorists and doubters about this whole story the government has sent its has the scientific evidence from the lab at porton down it says this was not a chop it is a russian invasion in a. lot. of russia that produced it but the government says there's more to
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that gentz there's also at least in it estimations on going and it says also that russia's past actions for example in your case indicate that it certainly has the capability and the motive for carrying out this attack until today kitty in the meantime russia now calling for a meeting of the un security council how likely is that to impact not only the poisoning prado but also the diplomatic crisis. the you can desiccation will carry on regardless that is going to be no doubt a wide ranging and quite long investigation but as for international concern it says it wants the international community to back it so far it's largely out on its own we'll have to see what comes out of that meeting later today and as you mentioned the u.k. its allies that i mean they seem to be standing firm here so tell us what that means domestically for teresa mayes government. it's an interesting time for the government already under pressure because it breaks it and some cynics saying well
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this is the ideal p.r. for the government to look strong and clear and it starts against russia while dealing with all the complications of a difficult process it process but certainly the government believes that it is correct in its position it says that there is simply no room for doubt in this instance or a truism a has been very firm on that so it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out right now there has been public backlash because of boris johnson's comments because of the lack of charity from the government insists that the government here is treading very fine lines politically to carry logan in london thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world italy's president sergey has begun crisis talks with political party leaders hoping to break the government's deadlock after inconclusive elections the anti establishment five star movement and the far right likud party won the most votes
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but during the campaign party leaders said that they would refuse to form a coalition together. the defeated candidate in sierra leone's presidential election summer of. zero four aud the former foreign minister has said that he plans to challenge the result his rival julia smart a bio one the runoff election with nearly fifty two percent of the vote. for those former president has been eyeing a political comeback as the front runner in upcoming national elections but he is likely to soon be in jail the nation's top court has narrowly denied his request to remain free pending an appeal for a bribery conviction is the biggest name yet to be toppled by prosecutors in a massive anti corruption investigation. after a marathon televised debate brazil's supreme court was deadlocked chief justice carmen lucci of then cast the deciding vote rejecting luis in the us or distilled
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his bid for freedom while his conviction is appealed that last year lula was found guilty of taking bribes and sentenced to twelve years in prison. the brazilians are equally divided in opinion outside the court and to move the protestors celebrated the court's decision was. the original i love you shouts one demonstrator. others were upset by the ruling. on a system is no different we are really worried for the future of our democracy in our fragile country that the most action by one with a history of institutional coups and impeachments. he only knew our democracy is weak if you have sadness. under lula's presidency from two thousand and three to two thousand and ten brazil saw its largest period of economic growth in three decades millions were lifted out of poverty but after he left office
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a corruption investigation allege that top level politicians including lula and then president rousseff had received bribes in exchange for awarding state contracts. lula has claimed the charges are an attempt to thwart his bid for president in october. i am a victim of the largest to ridicule hunt that a president or brazilian politician has ever faced. despite the corruption allegations latest opinion polls show that lula would win the election by a wide margin but after the supreme court's ruling and facing the start of a prison term a political comeback seems unlikely. now bollywood superstar salman khan has been jailed for killing in danger to indian animals a court in rajastan convicted khan of legally poaching to wear indian black box
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while filming in one nine hundred ninety eight he was sentenced to five years in prison khan has always denied charges he is among the top ten highest paid actors worldwide and has appeared in more than one hundred films he can still appeal against the verdict. for more let's bring in correspondent who has been following the story for us from delhi so tell us i mean this bollywood actor he was already controversial before this case right. yes well in summer crime is one of the biggest movie in bollywood i would say is among the top five million viewers worldwide last year or earlier this year incorrect and he made about thirty million years and self last year is a huge name but as you said he is also extremely controversial this is not his first brush with of all of the over the last twenty years he's actually been had four cases filed against him in relation to the poaching of use animals and in
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a separate case in two thousand and fifteen he was cleared of allegedly killing a homeless man while driving under the influence. ok so definitely not his his first brush with the law here but you know this particular case when we look at this killing of endangered animals it dates back twenty years so one of the only been convicted now. ok we were speaking a short while ago with us as you can hear we no longer have connection there we'll try and get him back on the lines they can tell us a little bit more about this case but in the meantime we would like to tell you what is still coming up here at g.w. because the u.k. has slapped a new tax on sugary drinks this week a hit to the wall it ain't to cut down on obesity and promote good health we will
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ask berliners if they would welcome a similar move here in germany for example. but in the meantime we are looking at facebook now where the data scandal is worse than thought that is right sarah and has drawn some harsh reactions germany's justice minister accused facebook of an ethical behavior and she said the social media giant should face a strong european response over a huge state only can valving tens of millions more people than initially claimed facebook now speaks of eighty seven million years of profiles that have been exposed in the cambridge privacy skep. it is potentially the worst privacy scandal involving any social network and facebook has admitted its role on its corporate blog in a post the social media giant revealed changes to its privacy policy it also released figures about where users affected by the cambridge analytical privacy
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scandal came from the us was the most affected but millions elsewhere are among those whose data may have been improperly shared after the u.s. uses in the philippines indonesia the u.k. and mexico are among the most affected we're going to focus enough on preventing a figure people could use these tools to do harm as well and that goes for. foreign interference election. in addition to developers and data private. we're going to broaden out. what our responsibility and i was this huge mistake it was my. mistake that marc second burger will have to answer for in front of leading lawmakers in the u.s. on april ten and eleven the social media giants the whole will be testifying before the u.s. congress he will likely talk about how facebook uses and protects user data and its plans to limit user data accessible to other companies but with the social media
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giant not changing what it collects and shares some lawmakers may not be satisfied . so there's a lot to unpack here with me in the studio is my colleague. initially facebook said fifty million users were affected by this scandal now it says it's eighty seven million years how did that number change well obviously facebook didn't know how many people were affected all wasn't willing to say it at the beginning and that's what happened so obviously everybody is getting to find out the extent of this privacy breach if you can call it that. the fact is that facebook has also said that the two milot two billion users on facebook can assume that their data has been perhaps compromised at some point and so that's something that could affect anyone who is on facebook right now that's certainly not good news while facebook unveiled a new privacy policy trying to explain more clearly to users the data that it
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gathers but it doesn't actually change what it collects and shares in light of the scandal why not why not well i think obviously the people at facebook can explain that better but experts broadly say that's the you know the bread and butter of apple's business strategy to date the fact that they have all this data and that they can actually share it with whom ever they want and in this case of course something went wrong because the people who had they had trusted to maybe not take this data where do. just exactly that and that's what they're trying to change that now but there's obviously been a lack of oversight you know from facebook to begin with because we've trusted them with our data for those on it anyway like myself and that's been the main issue here is really a major trust issue at this point as well and what have been reactions to this most recent revelations well of course a lot of people are just shocked by the sheer numbers. report here in germany if anyone downloaded the app associated or linked to convert analytic sixty five
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people don't know that in germany but apparently three hundred thousand people may have had their information compromised in one way or the other through those sixty five is that we're going from that assuming that by thousand people you know more may have affected from each one person so one thing leads quickly to the other exactly ok what can facebook users do now about this whole issue well on april ninth which is coming monday facebook is going to publish a link and that will allow users to know first of all of the wealth effect by the kember journalistic a scandal and then of course they can also get information about which are accessing their information at this point and change that so that's something that everybody can wake up to do on monday morning on a monday that is exactly what we have to wait a few days it's about time some people might say to bomb the chamber thank you so much. u.s. officials have signaled possible wiggle room in the trade dispute with china u.s.
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trade secretary. said he would like to reach a trade agreement with china soon and the president's economic adviser larry kudlow questioned whether the just recently announced tariffs on imports from china would ever take effect. now stock markets in the united states and asia posted gains on the news only bartz in frankfurt for us investors in europe seem to be confident that a trade war may be called off after all right. yes more confident as the day wears on the dax going up and up and gaining over two percent now and all the major shares in the dax are gaining and it's practically the same picture across europe if you look at the euro stocks fifty and you know yesterday in the days before people went into safe havens like gold for example gold is going down now also seen as being less necessary to hedge your bets there and oil which suffered from
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perhaps the prospect of the economy worldwide being hurt by this trade conflict had had been going down is now recovering as well and in other news di maria see such a had some somber news at the company's annual shareholders meeting tell us more. that's right everybody things immobility is the future of the automobile industry and that's such a basically has to believe that too but he warned investors he warned his shareholders that the cost in the medium term in the short term and medium term why because you mobility costs billions in investment up front and the profit from the cars isn't going to be that great in the beginning batteries which are expense of make up a good part of the cost of the car and investment also has to include making factories even more flexible than they are right now right now you can build big and small cars along one another diesels and gasoline powered combustion engine powered cars
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in the future. sees that factories have to be able to build cars with their batteries alongside combustion powered cars so that was a little bit of a sober moment a sober message to the investors the share went down briefly but now the overall mood is so good the. back up there and forging along well you've got some friends for thank you. and it's time to get out your clubs and your goofy pants the first gulf a dry of the year start. later today sarah and that is of course the masters yes so here is the deal because it's always a special event but this year there is an added buzz in the air and of last tiger woods is back and after performing well in recent torments he is one of the favorites to win the title but the field is wide open and many believe this could be the best masters in years the biggest name in golf is back after four back
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surgeries in four years tiger woods is fully fit and raring to go tiger has described himself as a walking miracle but he's keen to tame the tiger mania i have for all support soullessness. i got to go play them let the chips fall where they may i hope so. but i've got a lot of work to do between now and then. with all the focus on tiger rory mcilroy is flying under the radar a bit this year mcelroy is aiming to join the most elite club in golf a masters victory would give him the career grand slam only five players in history have achieved the feat of winning all four majors jordan spaeth is another one of the favorites at augusta the twenty four year old won here in twenty fifteen and knows that the key to victory is mastering augustus notoriously tricky greens see these greens my first thought isn't where's this part go my first thought is was the speed that's needed on his part and it
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a lot of times there's just only you do this place or maybe you know a very small handful of others in the world that make you think that way sergio garcia certainly knows how to handle augusta screens he won here last year in a playoff against another of this year's favorites justin rose and with world number one dustin johnson back in form this year's masters field really is wide open. meantime in champions league soccer liverpool stunned manchester city three nil in the all english quarter final clash the hosts scored there are other scored all three of their goals and a frantic first half midfielder alex oxley chamberlain was among those who starred for europe and coopt side liverpool travel to manchester next week knowing that a single goal will leave city needing to score five but both coaches believe the tie is far from over you grow
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a real challenge and now we are three going up that's better than being three no down one of the present but it's not a decision everybody knows that as well we go to manchester city and they want to. strike back they didn't play bad tonight don't we didn't create the norm the media per usual number of chances i think in this room these nobody except the guys was talking to you beliefs but we're going to go through tomorrow and we're going to try to convince ourselves in this week to try and six days. to try to do our games ninety minutes more you want to try and try they will meantime in the mites other quarter final barcelona ran out easy for one winners over roma and on side goal either side of half time made life comfortable for the host before gerard piqué added a third roma struck back late on but luis suarez but the game to bed with his first champions league goal the season barcelona travel to rome for the second leg next
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tuesday. bridget is looking to kick its sugar habit to improve people's health the majority of adults in the u.k. are either overweight or obese which is often tied to various illnesses the government has launched a crackdown on the national sweet tooth with a tax on sugary drinks that goes into effect this week and the goal here is getting people to shed some weight. the scales and merciless but every player must get on and get weighed before each match. one and a half killers lighter than last time zac is on the right track and so is the rest of his team. you get bonuses for losing weight so two to three pairs lose weight they get one goal for the. zac s. and plenty of bonus goals he's already shed fifty one kilos his story will be familiar to many of the weight as
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a child he was bullied by the time he turned twenty he was in despair but then he found football and the pounds started falling off. if he used to do the football sitting at home on the sofa watching video t.v. and playing video games. like football it's sort of. a thing that enjoyed. no where in europe has a spigot an obesity problem and the united kingdom type two diabetes has become an epidemic and the more excess pounds of fat a person carries the more prevails two years ago but only comes into effect this friday soft drinks with more than five grams of sugar per hundred milliliter will increase in price the equivalent of an extra twenty one cents per liter at another seven cents to that if there is more than eighty grams of sugar. which celebrity chef jamie oliver was one of the key campaigners for the levy on fizzy drinks.
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it's a symbolic slap and that's what we want to be you know how fine a business can do so well be so prolific and have genuinely track marks on. the tax has also had an indirect effect on sugar consumption it's good the drinks manufacturers an incentive to reduce the amount of sugar in their beverages less sugar no tax coca-cola classic was the only brand not to follow suit and change its recipe instead its bottles have become smaller the company points to its sugar free drinks as an alternative. you know what. coach michael falloon thinks this is just a beginning mind and body must work together to loose weight now that the food industry is playing ball to goals might get a little bit easier to reach. and for more we
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headed to a nother european country we went to the streets of the german capital to berlin to find out what people here in germany think of putting a tax on sugary drinks. i mean it's an idea it's worth a try i'm not sure if it's. maybe like for your health. it's good i think this is. unreal i think this is a joke i don't think it's a good idea because. then everyone being called and called i know. they can do this i think this is a good idea to. britain make a tax of of this yes well most of the year i think state regulation is a good idea because people aren't going to take any measures on their own initiative so it's all right for the state to intervene germany should copy this idea. so can you live without coca-cola. yes they can because they don't like ok
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but. there was like a close up so you can live without coca-cola i. think as you drink a lot of sugary drinks yes i do you know you can't live without coca-cola you know coca-cola and coffee on the. well there's always water thanks for watching i'm sara kelly in for letting us. play.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the power folks this week on conflict zone i mean is the move to talk to russia comebacks or maestro to his ruling class to be a k.p. she speaks for the culture young should. the government assumes military operations in syria and continues to crack down on civil liberties. these principles. on the books. lawyer. culture. hair. superman. superfood stylish blood color. lifestyle drugs. sixteen is. going to make your store t.v.
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smarter the g.w. for smoking. what you want when you want it up to date extraordinary. steps movie decide what song sunday morning just come smart. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing the ones are meant for the better it is up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. equally to the environment magazine. w. this week on conflict zone i'm in istanbul to talk to rob's a comeback succumb myself took his ruling party the a k p she speaks for
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a party on human rights since the parliament and is also a close confident of president touted as the government pursues military operations in syria and continues to crack down on civil liberties.


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