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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 5, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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brings a change in fortunes. all right you're watching you demis we still have a long way to tell you about including eighty seven million facebook users have their data misused the company admits it hasn't done enough to protect them and now c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has to answer some very tough questions. and that starting a whole lot more coming up and this is news with ben thank you and don't go anywhere else we're going to top the hour. going. on to learn german with w. . any time any place.
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whether with jo-jo and her friends. colleagues is going to do not believe in limited spreadsheets but if you join the cause of work with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. and learn german for free with d w o. p. the big facebook dot a breach just going to go up the numbers aren't nice the social media giant likes to present itself as building a community instead it's been storing away a treasure trove of data to be sold off to the highest bidder have you deleted your facebook page. and astounding rebound on financial markets as the white house tries
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toning down the rhetoric over a trade war between the u.s. and china now markets man isn't all that optimistic that this is the beginning of the end of the dispute. and the blame game who's at fault for global warming a green group threatens to take the oil major royal dutch shell to court if it fails to comply with climate targets set out under the paris accord. i'm good for school and let's do business and network of transparency that's how the german justice minister describes facebook the social media platform is under fire for a massive data breach involving even more users than first thought it now says eighty seven million people may have been exposed to the cambridge analytical privacy scandal the british firm use the information without uses consent to help us president donald trump's twenty sixteen election campaign. it is potentially the worst privacy scandal involving any social network and facebook has admitted its
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role on its corporate blog in a post the social media giant revealed changes to its privacy policy it also released figures about where users affected by the cambridge analytical privacy scandal came from the u.s. was the most affected but millions elsewhere are among those whose data may have been improperly shared after the u.s. uses in the philippines indonesia the u.k. and mexico are among the most affected we can focus enough on preventing abuse and thinking through how people could use these tools to do harm as well and that goes for big news foreign interference election beach in addition to developers and data privacy. we're going to broaden. what our responsibilities and i would. be with my men. and the stake that mark zuckerberg will have to answer for in front of leading lawmakers in the u.s. on april ten and eleven the social media giants will be testifying before the u.s.
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congress he will likely talk about how facebook uses and protects user data and its plans to limit user data accessible to other companies. let's talk about this case of ethics falling victim to big business with my colleague mike all the time and explain the numbers first of all how did these huge numbers get even bigger well initially it was only fifty million that's what we all heard right that's what was reported but now facebook said this morning that they have crunched the numbers again they have reanalyzed all the data and now this could be up to eighty seventy million facebook user profiles that cambridge and another take i got from facebook how did you get the job it was a small personality quiz up and even if you sign up for this app and we have friends on facebook i would have thought it would have also gotten my data so it's crawled through friends' networks or cable thing is i'm not on facebook you are i have a whole lot of people have deleted their facebook profiles do we know how many well the last take the only really the only one who really knows is facebook mark
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zuckerberg this morning said it had no meaningful impact. marketing from that monitors user numbers has even seen an increase since the scandal broke. so it seems people don't really care of course that was the big delete facebook it seems people are angry but the numbers seem not to be affected at the moment bill is no where else to go is there. so you obviously haven't deleted your what do you think of facebook. i've gotten more careful over the years in the beginning i did these kind of quizzes all the time i was very free to share data you've got time to do those sorts of quizzes i did when i was at university today i cannot and now. i mainly use facebook to see what my friends up to i don't really post a lot myself. what's going to change with facebook as far as its features go because it has promised change exactly what's going to be really interesting for everyone who is on facebook next monday you can go to facebook and see if your daughter has been has been stolen by cambridge analytic up next monday also failed
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and. i don't know maybe maybe who could try i don't know was going at it a little hope at least you know where your daughter is than also facebook will restrict the access for external apps to some of the profile information and also it won't be as easy to look for uses which was now possible by telephone numbers the email addresses they're also getting rid of that function is that going to be enough and mean according to the europeans they want to see big change the german justice minister said that facebook lives off the trust of its uses but it's gambled away that trust is that they felt facebook is built on trust obviously the need for their business model and now it's obviously became clear that they have and protect that outdates are enough it was easily accessible for a from the cambridge analytics so i guess we'll have to see how use this behave in the future or if facebook has to massively change how they see business what's also been really interesting is the huge swings as far as facebook's stock market price
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scores and that's going to be really interesting next week when the c.e.o. mark zuckerberg faces congress what's going to happen there he's certainly going to get a grilling he certainly is going to be two congressional hearings and he'll have to answer how exactly all this private and personal use information got into the hands of a third party what's really interesting i think is that facebook so far has been very eager to control what information is coming out and now like a book has to speak publicly and can be asked any type of question so be interesting to see what's coming out of that ok they'll have to pull up his britches and watch out. trouble could be coming his way multitrack you very much for coming in today for. stocks on both sides of the atlantic are enjoying a big bounce back the german blue chip dax finishing the day up close to three percent the dow jones industrials following suit investors believe a trade war between the u.s. and china could be over for even really began the trumpet ministration has signaled
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possible wiggle room in the spat with china u.s. trade secretary will ross says he'd like to reach an agreement with china soon and the president's economic advisor larry could lower questions whether the latest tariffs will ever take effect. or he bounces at the frankfurt stock exchange for us really how do you read into this could this be the beginning of the end of this very short lived trade war. yes. i hope so but i don't know and i don't think anybody who reacted so positively to the positive signals from the united states knows either i talked to a traitor just as he was leaving the stock market when trading that finished just a little while ago and he said you know who knows when the next tweet will come from the white house and what will be in it so people are ready for for backlash as for one hundred eighty degree turns but i think everyone was surprised at several officials from the administration in washington coming out and indicating that
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all's not lost there is a readiness to talk now it will be up to both parties to somehow initiate a negotiation process and also of course for the two leaders to somehow address the question publicly to make make make plain that they aim to avoid a trade war with exactly because it comes down to those true leaders who really are eager maniacs i mean a president who thinks he's the best ever and the other one has just made himself president for life. yeah that's right i mean the good thing is that the chinese president has a very very strong position as you said he's just made himself president for life so he's probably now as powerful as he as he will ever be and if he wants to avoid a trade war i think he can do it and he probably has the power to put the kind of pressure on president donald trump to do it because trump is is under pressure is
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a much different situation he has midterms coming up in november that may seem a long way away but here at the market people are are looking for a motive and trumps initiating this trade conflict with the midterms in mind and so many people have come out and said trade war it's a lose lose it will cost jobs to do something else so there is hope there but. i don't think so not yet not a very sad day for us in frank but thank you. here's a potential market mover for you a dutch environmental group once all producers held accountable for climate change it's threatening to sue boiled up shell one of the largest fossil fuel produces unless it takes a clean attack is it possible to force a big oil company like shell to steer away from fossil fuels that environmental group defense see is at least trying given our producers shell eight weeks to step
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up its development of renewables if nothing happens they'll take the giant compilation to court you know the show knows that the my giora t. off the oil gas and coal reserves in the world need to be kept in mind but still there c o told the world i will mine everything i'm able to mine. one of wrong. it's so shallow is among the world's ten biggest carbon emitters. a group claims the endless dutch multinational is responsible for two percent of commissions of carbon dioxide and methane since the dawn of the petroleum era and yet it plans to only invest five percent in renewables show shell knows that carbon emissions need to be zero by twenty fifty but the company is only aiming to reduce current emissions by hall show me to believe it or be here to go was shot
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says it believes climate change should be driven by government policy not led to gauge. taking legal action against large energy companies is becoming increasingly popular. nine american municipalities including new york city have sued fossil fuel companies they're seeking compensation for climate change damage just. as doing business with here.
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the buildings plunged in residential areas. got a real clique in cape town to get. in-vitro fences out to protect the housing estates no kind of christie courage for putting putin pieces. back. without starting the big. ego at
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out of people you can not put their computers to create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation the ideas for the fireman series of global three thousand on t.w. and online. hello and welcome to the latest edition of eco africa the environment magazine. becoming see you from the show in washington state southwest nigeria i mean to
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bring you new and inspiring stories on environmental issues from all of africa and europe but i'm not alone with me it's my call.


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