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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 6, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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u.s. president donald trump doubling down on a possible trade war with china and zhang has a clear answer they say that they will fight the measures at all costs and to the end. all that more coming up with their heartfelt verse in just a few minutes i'm sara kelly in berlin thanks for watching have seen against. one hundred million tons of sand and. devastate everything. with deadly consequences. the storms they become a. magnet to frequency.
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once they start there's no stopping them. just starting april seventh on d w. a. so much for deescalation the e.c.b. warns of a one percent drop in world economic output as a consequence of a possible trade war as donald trump doubles down on threats to china u.s. officials now examining even more tariffs on chinese imports beijing vows to fight the measures to the end. trade war no trade boy konami cooperation between the u.s. and germany is alive and kicking at least on the grassroots level germany's of friendship model is making. headway in the u.s.
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. this is due to your business life from berlin and the office where the economic output could fall as much as one percent in one year if u.s. the u.s. president rather donald trump continues on the trade war path with america's partners that's according to a top official at the european central bank he said world trade in goods could fall by up to three percent in the first year after the change in tariffs well g.d.p. could drop up to one percent meanwhile donald trump has doubled down on a possible trade war with china and ordered officials to examine an additional one hundred billion dollars worth of tariffs on chinese imports on the hours before business leaders and investors around the world had welcomed signs of deescalation in the dispute it's all very confusing. u.s. president trump proposed the latest harris in response to china levying tariffs on u.s. cars and soybeans that was also in retaliation to an initial round of terrorist washings and put on chinese products critics warned that an all out trade war could hurt the
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u.s. farmers worried this is the one thing that keeping an eye on what's happening out of washington what's happening with the markets that directly affects our lifestyle and to directly affects our pocketbooks and the way we plan for the following years are we gonna pay all the bills the sheer horror we got to buy a new piece of equipment. you know do you get your kids you know a couple new pairs of shoes more than half of us live in exports go to china so for us farmers any escalation of this trade dispute means they'll wallets could be taking a direct hit but this is a spot that even the u.n. secretary general is watching closely. offers of altered was always the damage for those involved in the good war and for the international economy is a goal. we need to win the international cooperation with it it is a problem that must be to die and all that must be to see is discussion to overcome
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the problem so far there is no dialogue instead the tit for tat continues china's ministry of commerce has already announced countermeasures saying it's ready to fight the us at any cost. check how the markets are taking all this in advance is standing by and frankly it's been a quite a boat a coaster ride for investors this week no. it sure has it's an awful week and i think most people that i've talked to here are glad that the weekend is just about to start there's only a few more hours of trading left here in frankfurt it went down like a roller coaster at the beginning of the week and then right up again to the top yesterday and now losses again after a new round of tariffs has been announced by donald trump at least and people are aware of how damaging this could be you mention the one percent to g.d.p. world decline that could be a result of cording to an e.c.v.
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official and people here see that too and it's amazing that at the end of the week the dax for example is clearly higher than at the beginning but to put it into perspective how damaging the mood or how damaged the mood is at the moment the levels here but on wall street as well are much lower than at the beginning of the year will events in frankfurt thank you very much. now everybody is talking about donald trump's tariffs and the trade war but there are examples for growing economic corporations between the u.s. and the e.u. and germany in particular one such example is the german american skills initiative which is trying to introduce germany's well established system of the so-called you education to the united states that combines classroom learning with hands on the occasional training three years ago the german american charges of com a start of the cooperation with the u.s. and german governments and as our correspondent phenomena reports from the southern us state of georgia the initiative is beginning to bear fruit. it's seven in the
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morning and colin mckeon is already at work the seventeen year old is training as an industrial mechanic at each e.o. it's an american tech from and union producing components for household appliances coats three year apprenticeship is based on the german educational model and he even gets paid in the us where apprenticeships are often unpaid provide only basic training and have a bad reputation but the code believes this program is a gateway to success this definitely gives me a jump start you know getting ahead of the ball and everybody else because i'll be having an associate degree the same time as people just have a high school diploma e.g. o. is only one of twenty eight businesses and join john that have joined forces to create their own pool of highly skilled workers for them embracing the job an apprenticeship model means addressing one of the biggest problems in u.s. manufacturing we cannot find workers out there that have the basic skills as an
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industrial mechanic a machinist electrician any of the true vocational trades that we used to create in america forty fifty years ago the german system is is a really good example or a model to follow the apprenticeship you have in germany one hundred years old gives us exactly the programs that we need to create that work for. the german system combines hands on training and classroom learning same here colin mckeon spends half of his day at union center education center which brings together schools colleges and companies we're seeing a tremendous growth in the skill set of these young people we hear it from our employers we're seeing growth in our employers they're getting trained mentors who have a skill set that perhaps they didn't have before to teach young people how to get ready for the jobs of the future in the factory. supports comes from the german
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american chamber of commerce in atlanta which certifies that all trainings are implemented according to german standards those standards are tough but the month is still high there's great interest from companies here in the united states but also other foreign companies here in the united states the german company is always on the forefront advocating these programmes and then the others follow the importance of skilled labor has also been recognised in the world of politics georgia's legislature even changed a number of laws to accommodate the german model pushed forward by the state's lieutenant governor. i want to be able to expand this all. and i also want to expand it in terms of not just simply in more locations but also being able to expand in different different types of degree programs back in you know in codes long day is coming through and it's parents are happy with their son's career
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choice i love the opportunity they have gave him to get ahead on his career and job and here have a chance to work and learn everything that he's able to learn and actually fill me in half the same time i think that it's a great opportunity for kids and if all goes according to plan called the key and is looking at a bright future so promising signs there from the grassroots level of economic relations but can that be damaged by the content around time let's bring in the vice president with a representative of german industry and trade in the us and joins us now from our washington studio does this example mean that crossroads trade relations between germany and the u.s. are completely on damage. well this example actually shows that despite the current debate about tariffs about trade policy the german american trade relations and economic relations in a broader sense are what they are the united states are germany's most important
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export market and we have about five thousand german companies invested here in the united states those companies are here to state they create seven hundred thousand jobs all across the united states and their main concern is filling these jobs with qualified people so these apprenticeship programs initiated by the german companies will continue but it's not just german companies with factories in the u.s. increasing the u.s. companies adopting that dual education system what do you what do you hearing from them. indeed these clusters or apprenticeship programs started on the initiative of the german companies but bit by bit now three years down the road more and more american companies japanese companies and other european companies are joining and so by now in these programs that are certified by the german american chambers of commerce german companies are only fifty percent
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of the participating companies and as we also have seen in the sport we have seen before and it's the german companies who start the process and then it's actually the peers the american companies japanese companies in the region who see what's happening who go there talk to the c.e.o.'s talk to the apprentice a little apprentice what they're actually learning and why it's a good idea and then they say ok this is actually a convincing model so they then join the program later on this is something we have seen not only in georgia but all across the programs in the different states and that's quite encouraging but what kind of noises are you hearing from the ministrations do you feel that tensions in trade relations could damage this very promising corporation. well the trumpet ministrations actually highly supportive of everything that has apprenticeship related they issued an executive order last year in june two thousand and seventeen where they actually outlined several initiatives how to scale apprenticeships how to strengthen the
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manufacturing sector specifically they created a task force on promoting apprenticeships and making this kind of vocational training more popular in the united states and the german experience is feeding into this process so it is a recognized as a good example it is highly recognized also by local players we have heard from a tenant governor of georgia earlier so there is full support. you know how exactly how do you have creating american jobs all we have time for now thank you very much to washington. that's all for me thanks for watching bye bye. move. to a. cut
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