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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2018 2:00pm-2:16pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin and it's berlin where catalonia separatist leaders says he wants to stay carlos pushed him on says he plans to remain here in the german capital while forbes look at spanish demands to extradite him he faces charges in connection with last year's independence referendum also coming up a standoff in brazil former president louis announcer just saw what ignores a deadline to turn himself in to begin a twelve year sentence for corruption he was defiant sets the stage for a confrontation between his supporters and those who want to see him behind bars
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and the u.s. state of texas sends in the national guard to patrol the border with mexico this after president trump said he wanted the deployment until his border wall is the option. thanks for joining us i'm marion evans dean. former catalonian president carlos pujols says he plans to live in berlin while the courts consider a spanish extradition request against him he was speaking at his news conference here in the german capital just a day after being freed on bail from a prison in northern germany the state worth their refused to send him back to spain to face charges of rebellion but the court may agree to extradite him on the lesser charge of misuse of funds. d.w.
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correspondent charlotte charles some pill has been following that press conference in berlin and she joins us now so charlotte you were listening to a statement what was his main message yes i'm sued outside the venue that statement at the moment is a community center in suburban a modest stage for the latest twists in this very dramatic cackle and independence process use the press conference to say very clearly that he respects the german legal process he said that he plans to stay in germany as is legally required but specifically he plans to stay in lynn while the legal process here plays out he said off that he plans to return to about him where he's been in exile since late last year now he said he wants to use his time here and by then to do what he's been doing up until now which is defend what he says is a legitimate independence movement that's how to have a quick listen. do you think the f.b.i.
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or the other country made me believe that we was to return to belgium where the case i started once in the last year there were high water but the old police vans like to keep that it was lucky just. so. it's up to the consequences of the breach but it's my duty to travel around europe explaining what's happened what's going on i want to speak. all right how exactly he plans on defending the rights of the cac how he plans on defending the rights of the catalans that he says that he is representing is as yet on clay he said in that press conference that he has no immediate plans to meet german politicians but i think one thing is fact he said and this is not the last time that we'll see him on in a media event here and by then all right so clearly he wants to keep the focus on
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that catalonia is independence bid but just how much freedom does he have what is used among the legal standing at the moment. well in terms of the process here in germany he is by no means out of the woods he's obviously released on bail at the moment he paid seventy five thousand euros to get out of jail in and northern germany it was decided by the courts in northern germany that there was no grounds to extradite him on one of the charges the most serious charge he's facing in madrid which is high treason not something that carries up to thirty years in prison now in order to extradite him on those grounds jemini to say that it had an equivalent. treason here as well but they needed to provide it's not something that they couldn't do what could still happen though is he could face extradition on a much lesser charge that of misuse of public funds that's something that is yet to be decided so it could all change the mist of creation in the coming days and weeks
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and we could see him indeed returning back to spain are i do for a spanish charlotte charleston pill many thanks indeed. to the u.s. now where the state of texas has begun sending the national guard to secure the border with mexico falls a call by president donald trump to deploy up to four thousand members of the national guard to fight drug trafficking and illegal immigration in the region trump said he wanted the deployment to last until progress has been made with his border wall. you can run but it's very difficult to hide from the u.s. border patrol what word will you put these immigrants it's the end of the line and . they're among tens of thousands of people who try to cross the border between mexico and the u.s. illegally every month. president trump has started a new offensive to reduce the numbers it involves making sure that it tainted and
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sending troops to the border. we don't have laws we have catch and release you catch and then you immediately released and people come back years later for a court case except they virtually never come back so we are preparing for the military to secure a border. the national guard in texas has already started sending equipment troops from arizona will also soon be on their way one of their jobs will be to carry out aerial surveillance. it's not the first time the u.s. has deployed the military to the border but it comes as a number of illegal crossings has dropped dramatically from more than six hundred thousand three hundred twenty sixteen to just three hundred fifty thousand in twenty seventeen mexico's condemned chum's plans saying the decision is motivated by domestic political concerns he says was here during the recent ration is a huge frustration over issues to do with internal policy or your congress direct just enough to them not to the mexican people. other critics also say trump is
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stepping up his rhetoric now because his plans to build a border wall have stalled in congress trump though says he's determined to stop all illegal immigration as it threatens both security and jobs. and that is some of the other stories making news around the world canadian police say fourteen people are dead and fourteen others are injured after a bus crash in rural cisco router one province near the town of tisdale a truck hit the bus carrying a junior ice hockey team the team has put out a statement calling the incident an incredible tragedy moscow has promised a tough response to new u.s. sanctions imposed on several russian officials washington has frozen the assets of companies and all of our explodes to russian president vladimir putin us that it was responding to what is called russia's malign activity around the world. a monitoring group says syria's military is gaining territory around the last
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opposition holdout in eastern guta near the capital damascus reports say government air strikes have killed dozens of civilians since the truce collapsed on friday. brazil's former president louis of national religious silver has defied a judge's order to surrender to police to start serving a twelve year sentence for corruption on friday who have filed a new request to avoid jail in the run up to the tober presidential vote the third such appeal in three days well lou supporters say his conviction is a ploy by the political right to keep him out of the election which polls suggest he would win by a wide margin. the. morea of the brazilian people they chant his most fervent supporters when lula was given twenty four hours to hand himself into police he sort of refuge at the steelworkers union
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in sao paolo the union he once led and where he launched his political career nearly four decades ago. the deadline came and went without a surrender but according to media reports police decided not to come and forcibly remove him to avoid triggering clashes with his supporters your core your this i woke up this morning thinking if the federal police come here now to arrest lula they want to have room to get in. the youth box. some four hundred kilometers south and to let protesters gathered this is where authorities had wanted the former president to be a judge had ordered him to report to this police station in the city of karachi by five pm on friday a day earlier the supreme court had rejected his plea to remain free until all appeals against the sentence were exhausted his adversaries had come to see him arrested. what is it will be
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a key i came here just so i could see up close when this crooked son goes to prison he is. back inside the leader of lula's workers' party announced that the former president would take part in saturday morning mass at the union headquarters indicating that the standoff would stretch into the weekend. and this is where we will be this is where the president is this is where we are and this is where we will stay. most reports suggest that lula's aides have been negotiating his surrender with police and that he will be taken into custody later on saturday. israeli security forces have fired live rounds on palestinian protesters at the gaza border killing at least nine people including a journalist and injuring dozens more this follows the deaths of more than twenty others in demonstrations last week the palestinian bassett or to the un has condemned the killings let's have a listen the pressure will be mounting on all part of the international community
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not only the security council but all parts including the secretary general to do something in order to stop this continuing the massacre against the palestinian people. well meanwhile organizers of the gaza protest say the demonstrations are against the decade old blockade of the territory but israel accuses the palestinians of using the protest as a cover for infiltrating the border and staging attacks inside israel. sending up smoke from burning mounds of tires the protesters hope but israeli soldiers can't see they can't shoot. the demonstrators are calling this the great much of return their demand the people forced from their lands during the one nine hundred forty eight war with israel be allowed to return the islamist hamas group was a key force in organizing the protests. that are there now is that we will never
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give up on any of our inalienable rights the land is one of them another is the holy sites jerusalem the mall and the church is. israel says the protests are a challenge to its territory and it has the right to defend itself it accuses homines of using the protests as cover to carry out attacks on israeli border towns . is a travesty for the palestinian people that the hamas government is encouraging its people to attack israel is encouraging its people to commit acts of violence and encouraging them to actually storm into israel to try to destroy israel and kill as many people as possible but rights watchdogs have criticized israel for firing on protesters from its side of the border the united nations has urged restraint. we remind israel of its obligations to ensure that excessive force is not employed against protesters the unjustified unlawful recourse to firearms by law enforcement
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resulting in death may amount to a willful killing and grave breach of the fourth geneva convention. the protests along the volatile border are expected to culminate on the fifteenth of may the day following the seventieth anniversary of israel's declaration of independence. some sports news now and in friday's bundesliga action there was relief for hanover as they finally end a five game losing streak against fair to braman hand over broke the deadlock when martin harnick flicked the ball in at the near post hole hungry for more hangover made it two before half time thanks to fix carlos. and it was this creative law that started it all. to hand over hold on for the two one win and are now nine points clear of the relegation zone. in formula one australia is daniel ricky topped the time sheets at the end of friday's practice session for
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the bahrain grand prix the red bull driver finished ahead of both mercedes lewis hamilton and ferrari's fettled ricky argos said he was optimistic about his chances in bahrain defending champion hamilton looking for his first season when locked up on his best lap finishing fifth fastest qualifying starts today. and now to a smashing easter tradition from the greek island of core food thousands of people have gathered to watch as residents drop hundreds of large red clay pots from their balconies. the pasar half filled with water to make a greater smash and splash the tradition marks holy saturday in the greek orthodox calendar although its meaning remains shrouded in mystery. you're up to date now on d.w. news will be back again at the top of the hour in the meantime you can always get
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