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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin and it's berlin for catalonia separatist leader says he wants to stay calm this push to plan says it plans to remain here in the german capital while courts look at spanish demands to extradite him he faces charges in connection with last year's independence referendum also coming up. the u.s. state of texas sends in the national guard to patrol the border with mexico this after president trump said he wanted the deployment until this border wall is built . with.
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the as. a mitchell henery thanks for joining us before we get on to those stories we're getting some breaking news in the northwest of germany according to local media in munster a major police operation is underway after a vehicle drove into a group of people in the city's historic center early reports indicate at least three people have been killed and dozens more injured. correspondent look at tennis is on the line for us from hanover. have you any more details on what has happened . yes good afternoon actually on the. key people die each turkey people are long that's. not confirmed yet. i'm not sure that it's a planned attack but as you know it change it seems like yeah so you're saying that
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the police are indicating that they may be some sort of terrorist attack yes yes you're not sure yet there's still a lot of clear but the assured as a physical but also into a group of protest against around the city center the people whom doubt that you and all sound and the people are shooting and the cartels into this area yes. we'll wait on both police confirmation from on this thank you very much you'll get ten. elsewhere for mccutcheon one president carlos pushed him on says he plans to live in berlin while the courts consider a spanish extradition request against him he was speaking the news conference here in the german capital a day after being freed on bail from a prison in northern germany a state court there were fused to send him back to spain to face charges of rebellion but the court may agree to extradite him on the lesser charge of misuse
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of funds. reporter charlotte chosin pill was at the press conference in berlin and joins us now in the studio charlotte welcome you were there can you tell us what the press conference was like i was yes it is a very modest venue where the press conference was held it was a community center in an area but then that is a very suburban it's a rather strange stage for the latest twist in this very dramatic as catalan independence movement custer's role was in relatively good spirits i he made very clear that what he planned to do was to remain in gemini over the course of the legal proceedings that he faces here in gemini that of course is legally required what he did say though is that he will stay in berlin for the forseeable future and then once the legal proceedings are a but should he not be extradited back to spain he will then return to belgium where he's been in exile since late last year he said that he planned to he will
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respect the german she dishes process he also once again called for dialogue with madrid and emphasized legitimacy of his independence movement and said he will continue to fight for that while he remains in exile let's have a quick listen to what you have to say. maybe the fact to the rest of the journey that the horror movie another country made way for who was who was to return to belgium where the case must start the ones who rushed here and where my lawyer if i hope the feast of the old need to be used in this way to be told you would need it one need use. this so. except for the consequences of that to respond to these is my duty to you to travel around europe to explain what's happened what's going on the colonial in spain. yeah you didn't give very many specifics about what exactly his plans all for the coming days weeks as he says it was a surprise to him that he was that he was detained when he was traveling through
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germany what we do know they what he did say is that there are no plans currently in the for him to meet with german politicians i think one thing that's very clear though is that this is not the last big media event that we're going to see from iran while he's here in berlin and do we have any feeling of what his legal standing is right now or pressure on isn't out of the woods yet we did hit that german court has decided that he can't be extradited on the grounds of high treason on this is rather complicated essentially in madrid he's facing very serious charge of rebellion that carries up to that two years in prison gemini it would have to have a very similar law or if it's going to extradite him on those grounds that they were looking into whether to extradite him for high treason in germany they need to be proof that he either was violent or incited violence in that process and it was decided that no that was something that cannot be proved he will not extradite him on the grounds of rebellion or or high treason what he is still facing though is
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actually dition on the grounds of misuse of public funds with one of the lesser charges that he is facing in spain so he could indeed see him still return back to to face the courts in madrid but for now he said he's going to make berlin his base did he give any idea of what he plans to do while he is here in berlin. very unclear as i said at the moment but while he was in brussels i was that when he first arrived back in brussels he became somewhat of a celebrity that every time that he went for a haircut or went to the operator there was a bit of a media frenzy so i'm sure that he'll be taking the time to make the most of that essentially because in a way this is playing into his hands it means that he is still in the public eye and he can still use his platform to to argue on an international. in front of the international media that his case is a just a minute yes he will but that will likely happen here again in berlin show it doesn't bill thank you very much for joining us. to the us now where the state of
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texas has begun sending the national guard to secure the border with mexico it follows a call by president donald trump to deploy up to four thousand members of the national guard to fight drug trafficking and illegal immigration in the region trump said he wanted the deployment to last on the proper progress has been made with his border war. he can run but it's very difficult to hide from the u.s. border patrol regularly for these immigrants it's the end of the line and. they're among tens of thousands of people who try to cross the border between mexico and the u.s. illegally every month. president trump has started a new offensive to reduce the numbers it involves making sure that it tainted and sending troops to the border. we don't have laws we have catch and release you catch and then you immediately release and people come back years later for a court case except they virtually never come back so we are preparing for the
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military to secure a border. the national guard in texas has already started sending equipment troops from arizona will also soon be on their way one of their jobs will be to carry out aerial surveillance. it's not the first time the u.s. has deployed the military to the border but it comes as the number of illegal crossings has dropped dramatically from more than six hundred thousand apprehended in twenty sixteen to just three hundred fifty thousand in twenty seventeen mexico has condemned jones' plans saying the decision is motivated by domestic political concerns that this is not a serial killer issue declarations of judah frustration over issues to do with internal policy or your congress direct to self to them not to the mexican people nor along with you. other critics also say trump is stepping up his rhetoric now because his plans to build a border wall have stalled in congress trump though says he's determined to stop all illegal immigration as it threatens both security and jobs. let's go back to
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that new store that has broken in the last few minutes a vehicle has crashed into a crowd of people in the town of munster in north west germany several people have been killed and injured correspondent look tennis is on the line for us from hanover he'll come have you any more details on what's happened. yeah re still don't know much over now is that a car drove into the keeper statue and all. the numbers of us around for a turkey it's a very busy people are shooting and the cars over into the steeple departed the german polish a school for them to have. media reporting to thirty people around it but this is not confirmed. and it also has not been confirmed that this has been a terrorist attack but has there been any indication from authorities that this may be the case you know it's a momentary no no no. and we don't know if you know you said that this attack
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happened in one store is historic center can you describe for us what this area is like yeah this is a stark center of mentor is a. big. of a lot of historical buildings lot of pressure on stilts or people sitting outside a very. very very nice ok so lots of people sitting there drinking coffee. having fun. and is there has there been any indication of a possible motive from the attacker you know at the moment there's not that many and we don't know who was said checker and whether it's something i think are and. that it just wasn't an attack or not we've been hearing reports that police have swarmed the area and are asking people to avoid the area can you tell us more about this. yes at the moment remember polish florence everybody to stay outside will
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and tool at least the soonest possible and not to call me so i see. people yeah so you can yell to people there is munster a very big city and in germany. no mentor is not necessary because of that industry area it's. down where everybody comes from the area to show and to go shopping in the music and. so in the region it's it's a big city yes so we were just going to confirm that there's been reports about least three people dead and dozens injured in the historic town of munster and we have a correspondent on the line look at tennis who is going over the details for us and you say that there's many people there it's a popular tourist destination especially given the pleasant warm spring weather that it's been having lately. yes. it's very nice and then said
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a moment people are enjoying developer. in your money and if he gave everybody sitting on the street you know i screen. you see especially in the weekends it's always very busy. and has anything like this that that you know happened before. no no so it's no. it's a bit of a quiet and peaceful area it's a very nice touristic place of it is very beautiful store call center and usually first peaceful yes. and there have there been any more details on what the driver had been doing and i mean can you tell us what time of day that this happened it happened around fortuity so very. popular moment for people to sit and they've cups of coffee on call
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at four o'clock so a very busy moment in the city and we're hearing reports of the attacker is now dead can you give us any more details on what the police have said. you know the police didn't call them anything yet but you're a media are reporting that. the guys were shot themselves this is not kosher and judge. and. can you can you tell us anything more that you may have heard any more details to to tell us more about the story yeah i only know at the moment is. somebody else into an old city of munster people as being. concerned. several people in charge the media talking about it out to a few people but difficult that it could become or that's all we know at a moment. thank you very much for your update we will be in touch with you for more
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on this yes thanks. the police in one store have tweeted about the incident there are dead and injured please avoid the area will be providing more information here we are on site a journalist with germany's bill daley has tweeted this photo showing what he says is a large police presence in one store. this as yet unverified photo is also circulating online appearing to show the scene of an accident in. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin morris coming up at the top of the hour we hope to see that there soon thank you for watching. but.
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first on the germany is a strong country. guns and we have achieved so much we can do this and it's something hinders us we must overcome it india. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters w made for mines.


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