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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 7, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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this is deja vu news live from berlin a driver plows into crowds in a german city killing several people police in the northwestern city of months are saying that a vehicle drove into the crowd enjoying the spring weather at least three people are dead including the driver who killed himself after the incident many more are we doing to. the earth. by michelle henery thanks for joining us a driver has plowed into a crowd of people in the northwestern german city of munster killing several people as well as injuring dozens more local media has since reported that the driver has
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killed himself after the collision a police operation is still underway and authorities have asked people to avoid the area. the police and munster have been tweeting about the incident saying they're on site with all resources they posted this update a short while ago please do not spread rumors on twitter and facebook please leave the downtown area and go home we'll keep you informed here this photo has been circulating widely on twitter following the crash it shows the site in one story that's been reported to be the scene of the incident. do you don't these political correspondent hans brunt joins me in the studio is where is the correspondent. hans we want to turn to you first what do we know at this point but we know the interior minister has just confirmed that four people were killed in this attack all this incident which child shouldn't call it an attack yet in this incident three people
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who were in the crowd and the driver who killed himself apparently. there were several dozen injuries we don't know how serious those injuries are yet and we do not yet to know the exact background of this of this incident but surely this must be bringing back memories of the twenty sixteen christmas market in berlin where another vehicle plowed into a crowd of people are there any indications from authorities that this might be a terrorist attack as that was there are no indications at the moment yet obviously everybody is wondering whether that is the case that's the big question the christmas market attack in two thousand and sixteen that was clearly a terrorist attack that was an islamist driver who took a very large truck and drove it into a christmas market in the center of burden in this case the truck involved was a much smaller vehicle basically a kind of delivery truck and it seems that the number of people involved the number of injuries and so on is quite
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a lot smaller but that's really as much as we know at the moment and since then has germany been on a higher security alert after the attack at the end of two thousand and sixteen obviously that was highlighted all around the country but since then i think things have gotten back to normal what has changed that is that access to such public places where crowds gather has been restricted in other words barriers have been put up these prices have been made more secure we don't know yet whether the in a city of minsk there where this incident happened today is secured in such a way possibly against large trucks but not against a smaller vehicle like the one that was. and turning to our other correspondent gary hart out of first grade can you tell us a bit about what started about the region yeah mr is one of the the middle cities of germany's they're quite wealthy quite pretty very peaceful time fact minister is a famous for its role in peace keeping if you will because the
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thirty year war was ended there with the treaty that was signed in and in the historic. destroyed room they're still being kept the documents and. the artifacts there and it's a very wealthy town it's a very catholic town it has a big university town and on a day like this you would expect in historic city center that we can see also here on the war on these pictures that many people many students. you know everybody would be enjoying the one of the first sunny days out this year and street cafes and everybody enjoying themselves and having a good time i spoke to relative of mine. again has spoken to a friend who is sequestered at the moment near the scene of the scene is in a. street called speak over the right in the middle of this story center in front of
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the keep in cows which is a trademark of monsters a symbolic figure from the area somebody who used to run around in the old days with a with a backpack made from made of wood and sell goods and it's sort of a trademark of months and right there in front of that trademark apparently this attack has happened so it's a wealthy town and it's. it's very pretty sort of it strikes at the heart of what you know what germany wants a story germany is very and as you say this was the first true sunny warm. day of spring many people locals and tourists alike were out enjoying the weather enjoying the end of the easter holidays and as you can see now behind us the somebody for some live images from the scene from munster but going back to you hons how have german authorities been responding to this attack well at the moment
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there's all peacefully been from the police and attempt to try and control the situation they are appealing to people not to go there to leave the situation to leave the area they are appealing to people not to post photographs of the scene not to speculate about what may or may not have happened they're trying to very much try and keep a lid on the situation as it were so that the police can distribute the relevant information and in fact distribute information that is confirmed and reliable because often in these kind of situations you have speculation rumors going wild and all sorts of things being tweeted or being posted on facebook and in the end people don't really know what exactly is happening the police are trying to control it from the side of the central authorities the german government and so on the justice minister and various other politicians have already expressed their sympathy their condolences towards those people that have been affected but there
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too there is an appeal for a certain reticence for a kind of wait and see attitude because it is a developing situation and people want to try and avoid you know wild rumors and we've also heard that police may be looking for two other people involved can you tell us a bit more about it was some speculation about that initially but it seems that that's not the case the police have said that the situation is under control that no further danger is imminent that people need not worry that there may be other perpetrators at large so i think the. that is one pickers huns their heart thank you very much for keeping us updated will surely come back to you for more on this story as you'll appreciate this story is developing quickly but that is what we know so far at least three people are dead after a van plunged into a crowd in the north west german city of munster this afternoon police say that
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number may rise around thirty people were injured in the incident that happened in the historic center of the city authorities have confirmed that the driver is also dead having taken his own life police say they are not searching for other suspects at this time. elsewhere former catalan president carlos push them all says he plans to live in berlin while the courts consider a spanish extradition request against him he was speaking at a news conference here in the german capital a day after being freed on bail from a prison in northern germany a state court there were fused to send him back to spain to face charges of rebellion but the court me agreed to extradite him on the lesser charge of misuse of funds. reporter charlotte was at the press conference in berlin and joins us now in the studio charlotte welcome you were there can you tell us what the press conference was like i was as it is a very modest venue where the press conference was held it was
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a community center in an area but and it's a very suburban it's a rather strange stage for the latest twist in this very dramatic as catalan independence movement. was in relatively good spirits i he made very clear that what he planned to do was to remain in gemini of the course of the legal proceedings that he faces here in germany that of course is legally required what he did say though is that he will stay in by then for the forseeable future and then once the legal proceedings are a the should he not be extradited back to spain and he will then return to belgium where he's been in exile since late last year he said that he plans to he will respect the german she dishes process he also once again called for dialogue with madrid and emphasize the digits mysie of his independence movement and said he will continue to fight for that while he remains in exile let's have a quick listen to what he had to say.
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the power lines. yeah you didn't give very many specifics about what exactly his plans all for the coming days and weeks as he says it was a surprise to him that he was that he was detained when he was traveling through germany what we do know they would he did say that there are no plans currently in the books for him to meet with german politicians i think one thing that's very clear though is that this is not the last big media event that we're going to see from the one while he's here about it and do we have any feeling of what his legal standing is right now appears on isn't out of the woods yet we did hear that
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german courts have decided that he can't be extradited on the grounds of high treason on this is rather complicated essentially in madrid he's facing very serious charge of rebellion that carries up to that two years in prison. gemini it would have to have a very similar law or if it's going to extradite him on those grounds that they were looking into whether to extradite him for high treason in germany they need to be proof that he either was violent or incited violence in that process and it was decided that no that was something that cannot be proved he will not extradite him on the grounds of rebellion or or high treason what he is still facing though is actually dition on the grounds of misuse of public funds with one of the lesser charges that he is facing in spain so he could indeed see him still return back to face the courts in madrid but for now he said he's going to make berlin his base did he give any idea of what he plans to do while he is here in berlin is very
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unclear as i said still at the moment but while he was in brussels i was that when he first arrived back in brussels he became somewhat of a celebrity that every time that he went for a haircut or went to the operator there was a bit of a media frenzy so i'm sure that he'll be taking the time to make the most of that essentially because in a way this is playing into his hands it means that he is still in the public eye and he can still use his platform to to argue on an international in front of the international media that his case is it just meant yes what will likely happen here again in berlin. thank you very much for joining us. now to some of the other stories making news around the world canadian police say fourteen people are dead and fourteen others are injured after a bus crash and rules escutcheon one province near the town of tisdale a truck hit the bus carrying a junior ice hockey team the team has put out
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a statement calling the incident an incredible tragedy the funeral has been held for a palestinian journalist killed while covering mass protests on the border between gaza and israel cameraman yasser murcia was shot despite wearing a press jacket he's one of more than twenty killed this week after being fired upon by israeli security forces to the u.s. now where the state of texas has begun sending the national guard to secure the border with mexico it follows a call by president donald trump to deploy up to four thousand members of the national guard to fight drug trafficking and illegal immigration in the region trump city one of the deployment to last until progress has been made with his border wall. he can run but it's very difficult to hide from the u.s. border patrol right there for these immigrants it's the end of the line. there among tens of thousands of people who try to cross the border between mexico and
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the u.s. illegally every month. president trump a started a new offensive to reduce the numbers it involves making sure that it taint and sending troops to the border. we don't have laws we have catch and release you catch and then you immediately release and people come back years later for a court case except they virtually never come back so we are preparing for the military to secure a border. the national guard in texas has already started sending equipment troops from arizona will also soon be on their way one of their jobs will be to carry out aerial surveillance. it's not the first time the u.s. has deployed the military to the border but it comes as the number of illegal crossings has dropped dramatically from more than six hundred thousand apprehended in twenty sixteen to just three hundred fifty thousand in twenty seventeen mexico has condemned transplants saying the decision is motivated by domestic political
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concerns that. declarations a huge frustration over issues to do with internal policy congress direct just over to them not to the mexican people nor love with each. other critics also say trump is stepping up his rhetoric now because his plans to build a border wall have stalled in congress trump though says he's determined to stop all illegal immigration as it threatens both security and jobs. here to talk about byron munich claiming the bundesliga title i'm joined now in the studio by john expect from d.w. sport.


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