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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2018 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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facebook begins its campaign to restore confidence to the company says it is sending notices to potential victims of data abuse as c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says investments to protect privacy will hit the bottom line. and paralyze france rail workers are putting the brakes on the president's labor reform plans and the strikes are already accustomed hundreds of millions. and some for business on the w. and how you know i guess it's good to have you with us facebook is trying to reduce the impact of its latest scandals and is announcing new measures almost on a daily basis as c.e.o. mark zuckerberg prepares to testify before u.s. congress in a written testimony he said he's sorry for the massive breach in which millions of users statter was passed onto and on the linux firm for political campaigning
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sucker burke arrived in washington for two days of congressional grillings that begin tomorrow facebook is also sending out notices to users about whether their formation might have been passed on to a data analysis company and used for political campaign it will appear in the user's newsfeeds both the hearing and the notices mark efforts by the social media giant to restore confidence but user privacy. for more on that let's bring in our financial correspondent at the new york stock exchange it's called the hi yes it's good to see you now circle burke has promised a whole a ray of investments to solve these privacy issues but also said that those investments will impact profitability and i'm sure investors are not happy to hear that. yes certainly in general facebook is going to hire for instant by year's end total of twenty thousand content review
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staffing and security stuffing so the total will be twenty thousand for those jobs and more jobs mean higher costs and was higher costs you have less profitable and wall street doesn't seem to be too impressed by those figures and the stock price increased slightly here on a monday talking about monday marks are broke already did arrive in washington and sources are saying that he is varying as you would and it ties obviously he's trying to show himself from his best side and now we're waiting for lawmakers and their questions on tuesday and also on wednesday and see if the sort of a tie can actually pull it off now yes there's always something else i want to talk about the wall street journal is reporting that u.s. regulators are about to approve buyers take over monsanto what have you heard what you can tell us about that. well what i've heard is that the
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companies meaning buyer and month central agreed to sell more assets and with that they will get the approval of u.s. authorities the justice department to go ahead with the six the billion plus dollar merger and we saw an immediate impact on the stock price of one cent of the stock gaining a good six percent and there's also word out that probably of the german company u.b.s. if might be buying those assets we still do not have confirmation yet sources close to the companies breaking this story but obviously there is a pretty good chance that after the european union gave the approval of through the merger last month that also the u.s. authorities will follow ahead and then this merger can be finished in the next couple of months will certainly follow that story very closely thank you very much and scott to new york to russia now where sanctions imposed by the u.s.
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government to vladimir putin's closest circle and their companies are hitting some of the country's private businesses the latest round of sanctions are partly related to charges of russian meddling in u.s. elections and they could just be the beginning as more sanctions might follow from america's european allies reason enough for russia to go east in search for new customers bowlegged doesn't have much to smile about right now shares in new south the company the hardship its global aluminum empire plummeted over fifty percent on monday analysts that russian credit beijing agency act attribute the volatility to belay should set of sanctions the united states has imposed on russia. frind the first time when sanctions was imposed on privately owned russian and produce because before sanctions had been imposed on their own state and to us and to the we see
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a lot cheaper too on the russian market fears that the european union could also be mulling fresh sanctions has left many businesses and the country on edge meanwhile russian prime minister dmitri medvedev has ordered his government to draw up possible retarded trade steps. we believe there's an obvious simple pragmatic goal behind the us sanctions to address their own economic challenges in an uncompetitive way. the threat of more western sanctions has prompted some russian companies to look eastward in the search for new markets vision markets the scenarios of the best sanction is a potential market for new financing. new markets for the russian producers and in best one source i think in years we'll see increasing the amount of investments coming from asia in there a better world. as the country's economic relationship with the united states
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deteriorates russian businesses have a long term incentive to look for new markets. france's parliament is debating controversial radio reforms today amid continued strikes by employees of the state owned s.n.c.f. railways the reform bill is up for a vote early next week and unions are angry that changes could be pushed through by direct decree which they say is undemocratic protests led to new restraints cancellations on sunday the s.n.c.f. said only one in five high speed trains were running the government is seeking to overhaul the debt ridden way away company and reduce costs passenger rail traffic is to set to be opened up to competition starting in twenty twenty ending yes and see if the not. and germany's flag carrier lufthansa has cancelled more than eight hundred flights planned for tuesday after public sector union valahia announced walkouts of its own at some german airports flights leaving from airports in
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frankfurt cologne bremen and munich appen affected some of them are long haul routes lufthansa says it's ninety thousand passengers will be hit bertie is demanding a six percent pay rise for millions of employees in various public sector jobs across the country. and china's foreign ministry is complaining trade negotiations with the united states are impossible under the current circumstances beijing has pledged to counter attack of great strength if the us follows through with tariffs of an extra one hundred billion dollars in chinese goods president on tweeted today that their arrangements to stupid trait meanwhile china is trying to improve relations with japan chinese premier league young met the head of japan's trade commission a cornal in beijing it's a first economic dialogue between china and japan since twenty ten maybe it could lead to trade flows moving in
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a different direction. now the diesel emission scandal hits two whole years ago and yet the germans are still struggling to catch up on the global shift towards clean automotive technology fuel cells are just one example and if the germans don't have it motorists will just switch makers. it's where big it lives and works and like many norwegians she loves german cars even her grandfather swore by the v.w. beetle. i've always been driving german cars. this so this is actually my first asian produced car and i never thought that i would ever drive a german car so i think my grandfather he would have turned in this great. big it now drive so toyota me right a fuel cell vehicle that runs on hydrogen it's
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a type of car that no german auto maker currently offers fuel cells are very environmentally friendly that's why the norwegian government is promoting them there are no harmful exhaust emissions only water vapor but for burgundy and her family that's not the only reason for their decision to buy one the hydrogen car. you know driving the bus lane so i can park for free in public spaces. and get around a bit quicker and cheaper. with. the other cars. the benefits already beginning in the showroom. dealer explains that there are hardly any taxes on a fuel cell car. unlike with a conventional engine the government doesn't charge. fees.
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fifty thousand euros that's not a bargain but it's almost thirty thousand euros less than in germany. it would be good to have. it make it easier to make more stations. along with other forms of mobility there is growing demand for fuel cells. from hydrogen and that can be produced in an environmentally friendly manner. the electricity that's needed for an.
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electric plants. and would still like to drive a german car again in future but for now she's happy and. not just because of the environment. thanks for watching.
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