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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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business news live from berlin it looks like another head is about to roll at germany's biggest carmaker boss much yes miller may be heading for the exits as the company says it's considering further a bold thing its leadership structure will take a look at behind that bland corporate statement. coming up accusations fly over suspected poison gas attack in syria president assad's regime invites international
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chemical weapons experts to inspect the allegedly site of the attack but russia says it's found no evidence that it actually happened. graceful situation it's in total which shows which are you going to check for a country in a tradition which president trumps fury of the f.b.i. raid on the office of his personal lawyer he believes it's designed to undermine his presidency. and facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg appears before u.s. lawmakers on capitol hill later today pieces of grilling over revelations that eighty seven million users personal data was improperly accessed brings us election in two thousand and sixteen. thank you for joining us some big changes appear to be underway at europe's largest car maker folks like is still reeling from the emissions. eating scandal and now it
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is released a statement saying some turnover at the very top of the company could be in store including a new chief executive to replace mathias miller now the board will meet friday for consultations but reports are mounting that miller's successor will be the current head of the v.w. brand have a d.c. that miller has only been on the job since two thousand and fifteen and the company has paid billions in costs in the aftermath of an internal plot to deceive customers and regulators about diesel emissions is actually selling more cars than ever before. and more on this story now with our senior business editor ben fizzling with us here in our studio and our financial correspondent daniel colp is standing by at the frankfurt stock exchange good to have you both with us and this is pretty big news that the c.e.o. could possibly be replaced it's all speculation but how certain is this it's huge news to me i mean who would have expected this this is a man who's managed to steal this huge german company through
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a real crisis. and managed to lead it to profitability to record sales and we're talking about one of the biggest companies in the world it is according to some think is the top order to make. whether or not they're going to suddenly switch heads i don't know it's still up in the year it sounds like that's what they're going for because they've said in a statement that mr miller's shows willingness to contribute to the changes that these statements are all what it is extremely we have the the corporate journalese i suppose you could call it so it is very difficult to tell exactly what's going on at the moment it looks like he's going to go you know we're trying to parse those words here you know you mentioned that material or lead v.w. through a crisis remind us of the background here or what pressure has been under well a lot of the pressure has come from us from the media. because this sales look had tested right now americans didn't like these. in the first place they fudge the
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figures by using cheap devices that was on the winter corn as his predecessor i have to point out he has always denied having any of both men or any knowledge of that. and this guy because he is mother was brought in to clean everything up and he seemed to be doing a good job so i'm still baffled as to what's going on over vito well let's see if investors are baffled daniel it's come to you now at the stock exchange what are the u.s. shares doing on this news well from the trading perspective so it has been a really a successful trading day here for the company first of all jumped high this morning after it was stated by the chinese president to implement lower tariffs on foreign car imports china a very important country for the comic on now with this news of all the new c.e.o. shares even jumped we are seeing a plus here of about six percent at the moment and daniel we heard from ben there
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you know if you don't you selling more cars than ever the emissions scandal may have damaged image a bit but it doesn't seem like it's actually affected its business the bottom line could we see that start to change. well i think the worst chapter off the gate scandal should be over a buy and now a volkswagen shares have suffered in the past they had to pay millions to customers and called all of that mostly in the united states but still this has really been a surprise there were no room was always praised how you managed a crisis two thousand and seventeen was a record year for the company they never sold as many cars as in two thousand and seventeen all of those shows also very low appreciation for really how all of this was really communicate the band was just talking about this so yeah i can tell you that investors here at the frankfurt stock exchange were really surprised and it's going to be really interesting what the new c.e.o. is going to do they have been asking in the past to cut costs and also for higher
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margins let's see if the possible successor current branch of diesel will be able to meet those very high expectations right certainly some big changes underway there at volkswagen daniel cope for us at the frankfurt stock exchange and our senior business editor ben says oh and then we'll have you back a little bit later in the show with more business thanks very much. ok now on to our other top story a russia has called for an international chemical weapons watchdog to inspect the site of an alleged chemical attack in syria this is us president donald trump threatened imminent military action in response to it aide workers in the town of duma east of damascus a poison gas was used to kill dozens of people in an attack over the weekend moscow is that it found no evidence and the syrian government denies any responsibility. did these bombs dropped on the last rebel held area near the syrian capital damascus contain chemical weapons the answer could be calls for escalation in the
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conflict there most of all between the united states and russia. the two global powers faced off at the united nations security council in new york. russia's obstructionism will not continue to hold us hostage when we are confronted with an attack like this one the united states is determined to see the monster who dropped chemical weapons on the syrian people held to account yet. i call upon those slandering the regime to move forward with the assumption that there was no chemical weapons attack. no russian troops have been deployed in syria at the request of illegitimate government of a country we already conveyed to the u.s. sides that force under false pretext against syria could lead to grave repercussions. aid workers say chlorine gas killed at least forty people and injured many more in duma the u.s. and its allies want an investigation into what happened there but the u.s.
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may go further than an inquiry history will record this as the moment when the security council either discharged its duty or demonstrated its utter and complete failure to protect the people of syria either way the united states will respond. that response could look like this last year following another suspected chemical attack u.s. president donald trump ordered cruise missile strikes against a syrian air base trump says military options are again on the table and action of some sort could come soon. and let's go over to their views correspondent yury rachet there was standing by for us in our moscow studios how yuri russia has denied that syrian government forces used chemical weapons in duma what is the russian government basing its evidence on. well according to
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russia's u.n. ambassador vaseline new benz yes russian investigators who were sent to do now over the weekend and phone allegedly no evidence that chemical weapons had been used in that attack also experts from the united nations couldn't very far the use of any chemical weapons so far even more the kremlin as an ally of the syrian president bashar al assad said rebels just staged to attack russian foreign minister sergei lavrov repeatedly demanded investigation into the chemical weapons allegations by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons let's listen to what he sat today in moscow. again under the pretext of a lack of security experts are not allowed to the site by those wanting to continue that and syria and russia policies speculating about chemical weapons it will be a verdict on them so they will reveal their real plans and prove that finding the truth is not what interests them. so yuri we hear that it's very angry message of
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anti syrian anti right russian rhetoric and we saw some of that tough talk also during the u.n. security council meeting on tuesday the u.s. saying there russia could stop the senseless slaughter if it wanted to do you think this is a new low in u.s. russia relations. well look on the rhetoric level we can hardly count to the lowest in the russian american relations there was some hope here in russia that the victory could improve the situation a bit odd that the russian politicians who were all these simply didn't want to believe that relations would only get worse it's astonishing severe how quickly the new law seems to be reached considering that only a week ago moscow and washington agreed on a potential summit meeting of putin and from washington reportedly in the very next future but meanwhile this plan seems to be out of date now meanwhile on the ground
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in syria your area the rebel fighters are reportedly leaving duma does russia see this as a victory. what if this was the only and ultimate goal of the russians they can now see this conflict as a victory in their actual fact their goal has been reached so far but the question is of course at what the prize and that seems to be very high is russia is in the pillory to have agreed to the alleged use of chemical weapons to syria russia has now to defend itself repeatedly and this all of the time when moscow has big financial difficulties difficulties the ruble collapsed since yesterday because of the new gas engines the accusations in the case of the poisoned russian double agents in the script on his daughter in the u.k. are still on the table after all it doesn't look like a victory for russia at the moment right given his correspondent yury or chateau in moscow thank you yuri. now u.s. president donald trump is called an f.b.i.
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raid on the office of his personal lawyer disgraceful they asked the i acted in part on behalf of special counsel robert muller muller is conducting an investigation into russia's allegedly meddling in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election. president trump was blindsided by news of the raid on his longtime a chinese office and he didn't hesitate in publicly venting his anger at a meeting with military leaders an issue he called to discuss syria. so i just heard that they broke into the office of one of my personal attorney is a good man. and it's a disgraceful situation it's a total which trump attorney michael cohen came under scrutiny after he had made it to making a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to an adult film actress just days before the two thousand and sixteen presidential election stormy daniels alleges she had a sexual relationship with donald trump in two thousand and six she said cohen paid
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her to keep silent trump has denied the allegations. the raid was based in part on a referral from robert muller who is heading a separate investigation into suspected russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election it's unclear if there's a direct link to muller but that didn't stop trump from also attacking the special counsel's inquiry. and say an attack for our country of the true sense of the terror court and what we all stand for. why don't i just fireballer well i think it's a disgrace what's going on and we'll see what happens but i think it's really a sad situation when you look at it while lawmakers on capitol hill warn the president to allow the miller investigation to go ahead without political interference the latest f.b.i. raid suggests there could be more legal trouble in store yet for donald trump what we do with respect to the. following the story for us and she joins us in our
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studio this is such a complex story explain to us what the stormy daniels investigation has to do with the miller investigation so if you've heard the name michael cohen in the past however many weeks in the media it's because he is donald trump's personal lawyer he has been a confidant of tom for about a decade or so and he is the one who wrote the one hundred thirty thousand dollars check to stormy daniels basically to buy her silence now this raid was. connected ostensibly to that to that payment because i don't know if you've ever written a check for a hundred thirty thousand dollars yet i certainly haven't but there's a lot of questions that come along with writing a check for that much money who actually is paying for it where's the money coming from if it was a campaign contribution is that legal etc etc so what's being reported now is that michael cohen is basically being investigated for bank fraud in connection to the payment for stormy daniels how ever we do know that this raid was not directly
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ordered by muller it was actually ordered by the department of justice the f.b.i. and the prosecutors for the district of new york which includes manhattan so this was actually independent of muller now of course there's a twist which is that it was they all came together to do it were probably goes deeper than just investigating the payment a stormy daniels ok so a very deep dive how is this going to affect the president i mean it's not necessarily as you said linked to the mother investigation this is another pop that's been opened if you will exactly so we know as we heard that he's calling it a witch hunt he's calling it disgraceful and there have been a lot of people who have now been accusing moeller of overreaching his mandate because this was done on his referral but what we have to remember is this is a big deal in order to be a raid doesn't just happen it happens when you think this witness who you're trying to get information from isn't going to cooperate with a subpoena and then the f.b.i.
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has to go through all sorts of different levels of bureaucracy of approval from various different judges and mandates to get the rate approved and make it happen so it's getting much much harder for trying to say that this is simply a witch hunt and there's nothing behind it that all those who are waiting to see what happens with miller himself all right i'm irish waiter thank you very much for bringing us up to date on that story. right ben is back now with the latest on a controversial gas pipeline project here in europe thank you sumi ukrainian president petro poroshenko has demanded a stop to the north stream through pipeline it links russia and germany under the baltic leaving the current trends a country of ukraine out of the equation in a meeting with german chancellor angela merkel poroshenko called the project a political bribe to inflict an economic an energy blockage against ukraine. the planned pipeline will be twelve hundred kilometers long and transports russian gas to europe via the baltic sea but the north stream too isn't simply an economic
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project it's taken on a political dimension to specifically concerning the role of ukraine in overland translators. it's better. for the dependence on russian gas persists but for ukraine revenues are at stake and there is also a strategic significance that's why we've made clear that from our standpoint the north stream to project is impossible if we don't have clarity about ukraine's role as a transit location all of i think it. needs to move. further talks between the governments of germany and ukraine have already been planned the c.e.o. of the ukrainian gas company enough to us is pinning his hopes on them in an interview with joy to valley he expressed his concern that north stream two would expand russian competitor gas problems market dominance we believe by removing transitory crazy if we can elsewhere basically clears his way for full scale
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military operation should the pipeline project continue with that transfers in ukraine the economic cost to the country could be up to three billion euros only. and that's going to correspond david stern who joins us from kiev david tell us more about ukraine's objections to this second phase of the project what's behind it exactly. well as you've heard it's both an economic and political case for ukraine economic and you heard the figure three billion dollars annually that's a great deal of money for a country like ukraine on any day but obviously they're going through some very difficult economic times right now and so the question is where they would find that money they've been a major transit country for russian gas all this time despite the difficulties with russia so they need to find that money elsewhere if this if they're going to be cut out of the equation so to speak but for the ukrainians also it's very much a political question as well they're looking to try to limit any influence any acts
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extra influence that russia might have over germany europeans or what they see as extra influence on the asli because they are locked in a very difficult situation with this war going on diplomatic fighting going on between the two countries as well so they would like to see russian influence limited as much as possible let me get to the politics in a moment first of all this is the second phase of the project the first part is up and running is ukraine fighting a losing battle here i mean do these objections come just white light. well it's a good question and what remains to be seen obviously chancellor merkel made some very positive remarks today but how positive really remains to be seen with really depends on the details and will the ukrainians be included will there be some sort of agreement or some compromise that will allow that ukrainian transit continues
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but really that it's difficult to say what you can do at this situation obviously they're trying very hard we've heard from the president poroshenko we've also heard from the head of nafta guys who are trying. very strongly that the that the europeans and the germans in particular need to think twice three times before going ahead with this but obviously it is going ahead at least at this moment what do you think about the objections to the cycle political motives of moscow's behind a pipeline do you agree in any way i mean is this all part and parcel of a of a greater russian divide and conquer strategy. well i don't think i can go as far as to say whether it's divide and conquer but obviously that's what the ukrainians are saying and other people besides ukrainians are ukrainians to have their supporters in germany and in in europe what we can say is that russia does use energy as a as a leverage and sometimes as
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a political weapon i've lived in ukraine for quite some time i've witnessed now two so-called gas wars now ukrainians have also been accused of trying to bring their influence or try to use the gas pipeline to their advantage but what one can say is that if both sides at least and the ukraine and the russians do use the energy card sometimes to bring people on side now whether this means that they'll bring the the europeans to heel that it's going to be a. ploy to tear apart the european union well obviously one can never say that but this is what the you with ukrainians are warning and others are warning as well thank you very much for unraveling that very complicated political and economic story thank you. three back to you all right thank you ben now he's one of the world's richest and most influential influential men and he'll be grilled in the u.s. senate today facebook chief executive mark zuckerberg has been in damage control
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mode after it was revealed that the data of millions of facebook users may have been improperly shared the news is left users around the world wondering whether they should close their accounts clear richardson reports. in washington d.c. spring is in the air well almost but with facebook making all the wrong headlines and what better season for some digital cleaning many americans have said they'll delete their accounts could this be a turning point for facebook. mark zuckerberg is testifying before congress for the first time to answer questions about a major data privacy scandal he's hoping to convince both facebook's users and the company's investors that he's taking the problem seriously but just how worried are people are you a facebook user. are you concerned about some of the allegations of data privacy breach and i really want to close my page you're going to you're going to delete your facebook absolutely because i just feels just privacy is just not there you
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know use facebook. why not the. person. instagram took over the top in that interim that you know instagram zone by facebook yeah but they're like very different things everybody knows they use it to get ads ads including ones meant to get you to vote in a certain way information collected from eighty seven million users was improperly harvested by a company called cambridge analytic it says its research helped donald trump win the twenty sixteen election his campaign denies it. and i went to ask an expert if that changes facebook has promised are enough to win back public trust you know. so facebook said they're going to make it easier to find your privacy controls to see what information they have on you. is that enough i think privacy concerns are just one of the issues here because dealing with so many different issues there are discriminatory ads online there's been
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a lection manipulation there's been security issues so i think while they're making some changes they're going to need to do a lot more in order to regain the trust of both the users and regulators around the world. has apologized for the oversight and promised a new privacy features before his hearings but it seems unlikely lawmakers will take any serious action. go right to washington where mark zuckerberg is due to testify later today our alexander phenomena is standing by for us there this is a highly anticipated hearing what you think we're likely. second bergs pre-purchase written testimony has been already published online so we know what he is going to say at the beginning of the hearing and he's going to apologize saying that that facebook didn't do enough that facebook didn't take a broad enough view of their responsibility and that it was
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a big mistake and that he is the one responsible for that because he started facebook and he ran the car company that we already know that some lawmakers say that this apology is not enough to death. cool parts are not enough the lawmakers want to grill work and this hearing some of them are going to want to lash out at and embarrass burke and many experts who say that this testimony is maybe the beginning of a new era that will be defined by skepticism and regulation and that the best thing could do is just to do no. harm well that's a question alexander what are we going to see in terms of regulation what measures could the u.s. government actually take here. what lawmakers
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want to see what has to be done and there are some talking about regulation with the goal of increasing transparency protecting users of privacy and giving individuals more control over they digital identities but this is only one issue there is a novel huge issue here in two thousand and eleven after complaints from users facebook promised the federal trade commission should protect users privacy in the way they expect and. question is no word for the new revelations. mean that this agreement has been violated if it is to kids stay still could face penalties up to sixteen thousand dollars for each violation so this is also a huge issue are a lot at stake today we're expecting to see mark zuckerberg testify
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a look at later in the day he was alexander phenomena reporting for us from washington alexander thank you very much. you're watching the news still to come on the program chancellor angela merkel takes her top ministers away on a two day retreat kenna trip to the countryside put an end to their infighting and focus their priorities. will also be looking ahead to tonight's champions league action much more news and sports coming up in two minutes time.
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dot com africa on the most. the dangerous battle for images. five women. five exceptional stories. hey sara i want to look at this. point it may be nothing more easy one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the front lines capturing three full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life here to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women or photographers starting may third on t w. welcome back you're watching our top story german car giant volkswagen considering
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replacing its c.e.o. muchas miller as part of a management shakeup the new board is due to meet on friday for consultations and accusations have been flying over suspected poison gas attack in syria president assad's regime has invited international chemical weapons experts to inspect the alleged site of the attack well russia says it's found no evidence that it actually happened. and a facebook boss mark zuckerberg is due appear before u.s. lawmakers on capitol hill today he faces a grilling over revelations that eighty seven million users personal data was improperly accessed during the u.s. election in two thousand and sixteen. for the first measures that could force facebook to take its users privacy seriously aren't coming from washington but from right here in europe and we have been from the social media with this high car so we're talking about the new privacy laws tell us more about it we're talking about the general data protection regulation we can just call it the g.d.p.
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our for short it's actually not new it was approved by the european parliament two years ago but it will be coming into effect now next month may twenty fifth and overall this will be a big change to the rules here in europe in terms of how companies can collect store and process large amounts of user information the actual regulation is ninety pages long we won't go through all ninety pages don't worry but just to sum it up this will give more power to consumers when it comes to their own personal data and that's really what people are crying out for right now we just want to show you some of the most important changes to data privacy that will come from this regulation next month and these are the basics here so the g.d.p. our will require companies to get users consent before collecting data that means you have to opt in instead opting out afterwards users can request a free copy of their personal data and then they should get a response from a compass. within one month the will have the right to be for god and that means the right to erase personal information and there will be very large fines for any
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data breaches here so up to four percent of a company's annual revenue big big changes this is all taking effect in the e.u. next month may twenty fifth what do you think the impact is going to be that we're going to see here i think will be a big impact russia already seeing a large impact in the e.u. facebook for example has been rolling out stronger privacy protections and making it easier for users to find their privacy settings the financial impact will be big as well so according to goldman sachs they estimated that this new regulation could reduce facebook's revenue by up to seven percent that's two point eight billion dollars per year the interesting thing though is that the law could also have an impact on people outside the e.u. so nearly all the users around the world now facebook says it will apply this new law to them as well so essentially e.u. regulations protecting global users of facebook very interesting there in fact the e.u. justice commissioner has already taken note of this and take a look at what she tweeted here she writes glad to hear that facebook wants to use
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e.u. privacy standards as their global model we will observe the great interest how the letter and the spirit of the law are applied so well to wait and see what happens in practice but the signs are there that this new e.u. regulation could in fact be a new global standard for data privacy and a blueprint for the u.s. as well perhaps right karloff them from debut social media thank you very much. a sunny day for global stocks and why is that there is i think the sun the sun is out shining is the reason is that china has poured cold water over the heated tariff dispute with the united states both sides have been threatening each other with steep duties on imports for the pos months now but the trade war could just start winding down with the chinese the first to flinch president xi jinping today repeating his vow to open the economy and actually cut tariffs. cars are a major sticking point in the trade conflict between the world's two biggest economies the us pays a twenty five percent tariff on cars it brings to china while china only pays two
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point five percent in judy's on cars it exports to the u.s. that's not the complete picture the u.s. sells six times more cars in china than the other way around but appeasing washington was the thrust of chinese president xi jinping speech to an audience of international business leaders at the forum. john b. she charged we will lower the import tariffs for cars oh sure john b. at the same time we will lower the import tariffs of some other products. only we are going to our card to respect the people's demands for special superior product imports. she also pledged improved access to the financial sector and stronger intellectual property rights although the u.s. was not specifically mentioned she speech seemed that addressing the sources of the trade conflict his words were welcomed by markets the world over but china has made
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similar commitments before with little implementation this time around however the stakes are higher insufficient action could pave the way for further escalation. looks like the last major hurdle is gone reports the u.s. has cleared the mega merger between buyer and monsanto the share prices skyrocketing today farmers fear the same for seed prices a deal would hand the companies a monopoly that's why officials have insisted by divest additional assets the german drugs and pesticides group intending to buy the american agricultural colossus for of a sixty two billion dollars if all goes smoothly this will be the biggest ever takeover of a u.s. company by a german one. public sector warning strikes have hit germany expect travel delays lufthansa has canceled hundreds of flights industrial action is also affecting nurseries and rubbish collection as the german economy expands the workers want to
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pay rights. one flight canceled after another left tons of alone has had to ground every second plane leaving thousands of passengers stranded like here in frankfurt an estimated ninety thousand customers are to be a factor that many have decided just to wait until it's all over most of them are taking it in their stride. because it looks like we're a fact is about to strike a flight was canceled but the travel agency has been really helpful and they've managed to book as a new flight. we've not been a fact as yet but it's understandable that workers want to work with the unions to get more money it's just a shame for us that it happens to be today on the. eight hundred planes can't take off because security staff striking in protest the nationwide strikes also include public sector employees like nursery school teachers and hospital workers they're
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demanding more money. i mean these people are dependent on public sector employees we want to see the current strong economic situation in germany reward such workers not just shareholders we want to see a clear strong pay rise. the avoid the door to the cliff to get. a rise of six percent or at least two hundred euros per month per employee and of knowing cream and candy marked the thirty union plans to expand destroyed so. good luck to them i'm going to write my request right now ok raise for me as well please i don't know if it's part of the government's priorities probably not and the german government then is laying out its priorities are working on it at least the chancellor angela merkel has gathered her cabinet for today retreat to hammer out the details of her government's program over the coming months that the meeting is taking place outside of berlin and set up on a blog so i was pressing issues on the table include drafting
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a new budget we're forming germany's refugee policy and minimizing the. damage to the country's auto industry in the wake of the diesel emissions scandal. and let's bring in our chief political editor michelle of proof nor she is covering the cabinet meeting for us. so this is a two day closed retreat outside of berlin why is that what is the chancellor hoping to achieve here. well in this and she's trying to achieve actually a team in the cabinets that has seen the first four weeks of its new existence with a lot of in-fighting particularly between the c.s.u. ministers that conservatives are very insistent part of angela merkel c.d.u. party horsy award for the new interior minister striking a more aggressive tone in terms of migration here in germany particularly on the issue of family reunification of migrants here in germany those who have less asylum status now that has become a bone of contention between the two sides in this old new coalition those social
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democrats who were so reluctant to go into yet another government and are going to tackle c.d.u. c.s.u. lots of infighting so far there's a lot of intellectual work on paper one hundred seventy seven pages of that coalition agreement and in a way she will hope to set the clock to zero again and really get started with a cabinet that stops fighting with each other and gets down to work them a shell of that infighting has been splashed across the headlines here in germany why have we seen such contentious dialogue and what are the main points of contention here you mentioned migration is one of them. well first of all this was almost a forced political marriage particular for the social democrats who really initially didn't want to go into yet another term in office and that c.s.u. minister i just mentioned horsy will for his see is you party has a regional election to contest this coming autumn and migration is the big issue
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that's part of the c.s.u. last dealy to the far right if tea party in those past general elections here and migration is the overarching issue so he has to be seen to be tough on migration to regain that political territory for his own party and at the same time he was the warning voice from day one of what became known as the migration crisis in twenty fifteen or one point criticising the german chancellor accusing her of breaching german laws now he's somewhat toned down his message since then but there's no doubt this cus you. is running on migration profile issue michelle and just briefly if you can given all that how united do you think this government is going to be behind the chancellor. well it knows it has to because there are larger issues at stake we're expecting the nato secretary general here also the head of the european commission yorker and there are big issues beyond me that all sides know they need
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to also make some headway on their views chief political editor covering this cabinet meeting for us thank you michelle or the daughter of an ex russian spy has been the star discharged from the hospital in the u.k. and taken to a secure location. and her father circus cripple spent two weeks in critical condition after being exposed to a nerve agent in the english city of solsbury last month london blames moscow for the points and it is plunged relations between the two countries to their lowest point in decades. at one point it was feared uli a script all would die in this hospital now after a steady improvement in her health doctors have deemed her well enough to leave. we have now discharged from salisbury district hospital i also want to take this opportunity to wish her well this is not the end of her treatment a significant milestone five weeks ago yulia and her father were exposed to a nerve agent identified by the u.k.
4:42 pm
as novacek they were found slumped unconscious on a park bench in the center of this sleepy english city. doctors said they were able to keep this cripples alive until their bodies heals naturally they say said a script of condition is also improving on friday i announced that he was no longer in a critical condition. although he is recovering more slowly. we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course. which appears so was the target of the attack the former russian spy was convicted of passing information to the u.k. in two thousand and six he was later freed from jail as part of a swap deal. the attack on british soil has caused a massive diplomatic scandal the u.k. points the finger at russia but moscow denies involvement british police occur really centering their investigation on the script calls home scene of the highest concentration of novacek now they have a witness whose story they once thought they'd never hear. now some other stories
4:43 pm
making headlines around the world north korean leader kim jong un has made his first official mention of possible talks with the u.s. according to state media kim reportedly met with top party officials and discussed the prospect of dialogue u.s. president trump has agreed to meet kim a soon as next month and no date or venue has yet been set. and several police officers have been injured in a second day of clashes with activists french authorities tear down a protest camp. in western france the camp was set up there nearly a decade ago to block the construction of a new airport and the government has since abandoned those plans. if you can determine. it's more. short clip there from the courage film called the dark winter which is on the general police now this is the
4:44 pm
first movie to be made about the genocide that islamic state began again for your community in northern iraq in two thousand and fourteen robin merrill is here from our culture desk and talk to us more about this fellow robin the started out as a documentary but ended up as a feature film how did that happen well the producer. and his director saying his went to the north of iraq in twenty fourteen shortly after i had had been there i was still around to be honest with you to make a documentary about the plight of the c.d.c. i mean we know the figures five thousand dead four hundred thousand displaced thousands of women and children right terrible genocide anyway the people were so trauma took traumatized that the filmmakers couldn't really talk to them i also believe that cleric's that not as well so they decided to go away write a movie write a fictional film and then go back and they did actually film it that and let's see
4:45 pm
some more of the film right yeah. the hold of a book or the original the story begins with the engagement of rico a u.s. city soldier and para. but then i ask fighters invade burning the village to the ground shooting men and kidnapping women and para was among the abducted women who were then sold to rich arabs. ran cried on rico searches tirelessly for his fiance finally locating her in syria and bringing her back to her family now living in a refugee camp it soon becomes clear that terrell has been raped she is severely traumatized and pregnant reiko still wants to marry her despite the objections of his father who considers pair o. to have been really and. that last detail has raised the ire of some his ities who
4:46 pm
say the father's attitude is not representative of their culture and that it's an attempt to further discriminate against them. based on a true story the dark wind is the first ever fictional film about yesterday's which perhaps places it under almost impossible demands and scrutiny but it remains a harrowing portrait of how the abuse of women continues to be a common tool of war and terrorism one that traumatizes not just the women directly affected but all those around them as well. soraya what we saw there this film has also been somewhat controversial among some of the u.c.d. community itself that there's a launch displaces a big community here in germany about sixty thousand people and some of them are raj an open letter saying they're awful so it's in the film particularly about the fact that the father of the hero said that. a pair o.
4:47 pm
who was called by a sold and right she's now pregnant that she is unclean. they say this isn't the truth and nowadays this is the way they mean well i spoke to the film's production company this morning because they're based here in berlin and they do point out it is a movie it's a fictional film that is based on some true facts but this is like a lot of films all you know but it is a fictional movie and it's very much advertised as that however i'm not surprised this happened this community the z.d. community has been persecuted for thousands of years on not surprised they get upset about these things could it then help to raise awareness about this community in northern iraq well exactly i think it raises a when is it in the rest of the world with this film coming out the film was actually made only location that mostly with actors and local people. and local peshmerga forces actually were protecting the crew as they were making
4:48 pm
the film also protecting the locals because people seeing people in black costumes we saw on the gums from what just happened to them they were very traumatised community as i say and also while filming was. wise by us forces obviously the peshmerga. got rid of the people but anyway i hope this will bring awareness to the plight of this. community into public consciousness once again there is lots on our website. www dot com slash culture all right to robin merrill from our culture desk thank you for bringing us that story. now sports are an outlet for many around the world including in south sudan a country where millions have been displaced by an ongoing conflict sports facilities have also been badly damaged due to the fighting leaving locals no pitcher a court to play on the night of nations is lending a helping hand take
4:49 pm
a look. the conditions here in mali callus else who done are bleak civil unrest has reduced the region's only sporty complex to rubble helping hands from the united nations are clearing the area and rebuilding for the future the peacekeepers involved with the mission have engineering know how and i hope sport will foster better relationships among the people with the walking creates in the space develop in this area to see how they use the people from the pews see the people from town to lies this new to space to interact play sports and actually be strong we try relationships teenagers have already hit the half already pitched a practice and with the basketball court in progress the locals believe this complex once completed will have positive impacts. it would help us other way around in
4:50 pm
time of stress management if you kind of football you want to leave the spend my time in happy compared to the night or if you have brain you happy you joined with other people then from there you have been a problem the united nations is breaking down conflict through building in an attempt for a lasting peace in south sudan. the champions league returns tonight for the second leg of the quarter finals with two english teams manchester city hellsing liverpool we have a lima talkie from data force with us a lima it's a big class but in the first leg it was actually something of a blowout yeah it was a young club completely out. so we didn't expect a three no squad line but cup very cautious before the big game today the second leg saying that he's not taking anything for granted. they say no lead is a safe lead even if you're up by three goals that's why liverpool were huffing and
4:51 pm
puffing at training before the big match against manchester city in the champions league. coach you can plop nothing is fixed in stone. it's. always. the. c.d.'s that can still be you have to try to play again really really good and to limit games. c.d.i. in a do or die situation there's no room for slip ups in the champions especially not the kind that can cost you victory like blowing a two goal lead against manchester united on saturday in the premier league. as i kevin deprived. and raheem sterling also need to step up the magic. and with a master tactician at the helm figuring out a way shouldn't be that difficult to go through have to make all the. critical chances be clinical when you could the chances could see two chances then the
4:52 pm
chances are going to receive. you know do so well in your keeper say that all the conditions city have ninety minutes to overturn a three no deficit but liverpool where are the smiles of training i hoping to spoil any idea of a miracle comeback. when the demands that he really have a chance here i mean why not it's football one of the most unpredictable sports on the planet and i think we often get what happened last season's champions league in the last six sixteen men. lost to p.s.g. for one in the first leg and then they had that miracle of backs that they caught and according to valentine's massacre in the second leg when they where the ended up winning six to one so this is the stuff that dreams are made of and why can't manchester city dream but pep is right you know as the report showed that they need to. the perfect game that means to have to create be clinical and not concede the last point is going to be very tricky against liverpool how do you not concede
4:53 pm
against liverpool especially when most is returning from injury how important to see going to be for liverpool crucial i mean seventeen goals for liverpool in the last fifteen games and if liverpool score one goal and that mean city will need five so here's of course a dilemma to find themselves in they probably will score but can you keep liverpool i don't see that happening and it's not just because of more salazar but also know that club is the only coach with a winning record against have so out of the thirteen meetings that date back to the buddhist seven wins high flosses one draw not bad for for a club there but it would be the other match i do want to ask you about that barcelona struggling to face rome and they won the first leg four one is it a formality because you did mention that garcia was the one that pulled off that valentine. only this time of course you know the other one. as much as i believe in comeback sumi i this is a done and dusted. already done and dusted well that's not
4:54 pm
a very good prospect for a row of but it will look like barcelona will pull that out there early mottaki from dint of you sports thanks for bringing us that. reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you here on new german carjacking folks wagon says it is considering replacing its c.e.o. much smaller as part of a management shakeup the new board is due to meet on friday for consultations. accusations have been flying over suspected poison gas attack in syria president assad's regime has invited international chemical weapons experts to inspect the alleged site of the attack russia says it has found no evidence that it actually happened. u.s. president donald trump has reacted with fury to a raid on the office of his personal lawyer by the f.b.i. has called it a witch hunt designed to undermine his presidency. and a facebook boss mark zuckerberg is due to appear before u.s. lawmakers on capitol hill today he say says
4:55 pm
a grilling over revelations that eighty seven million users personal data was improperly accessed during the u.s. election in two thousand and sixteen. don't forget you can always get t.v. news on the go download or out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for you breaking news and you can also use the to send us your photos and your videos. thank you for watching do you feel gail will be here with an update on your headlines in just a few minutes. come
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my. kind. all we can be the generation that ends it good malaria must start so millions can live. the state of the news live from berlin it looks like i'm not the head is about to
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roll germany's biggest carmaker volkswagen boss mathias who rolled out may be heading for the exits the company says it is considering that further involving its leadership structure we'll see if we can decipher that management speak also on the program. accusations fly over suspected poison gas attack in syria.


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