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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 10, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from both of them it looks like another head is about to roll of the world's biggest carmaker. may be heading for the exits as the company says it is considering further evolve in its leadership structure we'll see if we can decipher the management speak also on the program accusations fly over suspected poison gas attack in syria president assad's regime invites international chemical weapons experts to inspect the site to be a match attack while russia says it has found no evidence that either side even
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happened to. facebook while smug zuck a book will appear before u.s. lawmakers later to face questioning over revelations of opposable data of eighty seven million users was improperly accessed and used during the twenty sixteen u.s. election. the poison daughter of a former russian spy has left hospital in britain a new script power has been taken to a secure location. i'm still going to welcome to the program. the chief executive of the world's biggest carmaker could be on his way out. he's considering changes at the top and that could mean a new chief executive to replace mature smaller reports suggest that his successor will be the current head of the v.w. brand dece the group board is shuttle to meet on friday it's the most important
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job in the german car industry but he has miller took over the helm of fox dog back in twenty fifteen his mission dragging the company as if the diesel got a crisis and by some measures at least he succeeded last year v.w. sold more cars than ever before is this kind is it first in considering the journey so far which has felt like a roller coaster at times it's not a given that we can say today that the company is in very good shape. is. for some. has been praised for managing to communicate effectively with both trade unions and politicians and for restructuring the company but it's up to the man who could succeed him to announce the most think their cost reductions have. brown chief is not a favorite with the unions thus he appears to be popular with the board of directors meeting on friday potentially to decide on
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a replacement for miller. more on that story in business in a few minutes now germany's chancellor angela merkel has gathered her cabinet for a two dave retreats to hammer out the details about government's program over the coming months the meeting is happening to them as a bird castle just north of berlin some of the most pressing issues include drafting the new budget reform and germany's refugee policy and the minimizing the damage to the country's car industry in the wake of the diesel emissions cheating scandal. now the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons says it will send inspectors to syria to investigate the site of a suspected poison gas attack opposition activists say gas was used to kill dozens of people there damascus at the weekend they played the syrian government which denies any involvement united states has warned of a possible military response to the attack. on me to ignore the poor is a member of the german parliament committee on foreign affairs he speaks for the
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green party on this issue welcome to day doubly so russia and america have tabled competing u.n. resolutions calling for inquiries into the use of chemical weapons in syria will any sort of inquiry do any good i hope so you know this is not a first time that there is a state of denial on the side of the alliance around us up and it would help to have a an independent inquiry there and having experts telling us what exactly happened there but it's quite obvious that there are not a lot of airplanes around there that syria russia and iran are the forces around moscow as having the power to do such a thing and nobody else. tell us what good it will do if the inquiry finds chemical weapons were used to wouldn't use people will still be dead the fighting will continue what good will have been done. there is one thing which could be it could
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make a difference and this is. we're talking about the usage of mass destruction wouldn't be the first time that these happened in syria but maybe we can have a clarity we never had before so it would be good to have great organisation of the c.w. in syria these days the united states and france have been talking about military interventions if he's demonstrated that chemical weapons were used would you back military action i think that they shouldn't be in punitive for for such a horrible usage of. weapons of mass destruction nope no place on earth but the question is how. they gonna react and what kind of military options they have so i wouldn't give them a blank check but i would just wait and. see what the inquiry results going to be what sort of military options would you buy. it depends of their results you know
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it's obvious that a usage of chemical weapons happened several times in syria and it never had been someone accountable for that so this is why that happening again and again and again i think it's enough i wouldn't talk about military options but our body inquiry and we need more evidences for for that what happened except that you can you keep saying that and you keep repeating that this would not be the first time that chemical weapons have been used the chemical weapons have been used in the past the world has continued to talk about it in the past in the world has done nothing in the past you have an influential voice within the german parliament and yet you have not yet set out clearly what you would wish to happen if chemical weapons were used this is now your challenge to do that let me give you two examples of things we could do immediately the first one is. talking about the
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russians it is it would be helpful to wait for a european position but it's not that easy in these days so it should be good to act as germans and the german policy and politics may policymakers and politics just cancel that gas pipeline of knowledge into which would harm russia which is one of the most important supporters of assad in syria the second thing we could do is talking to america to our american friends and calling them for for just keeping the nuclear deal with iran that would give was a lot of space to talk about harsh sanctions against iran and for a highly aggressive policy driving in the whole region thank you for joining us no report from the job performance committee on foreign affairs thank you thank you for having me. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world u.s. president donald trump has called an f.b.i. raid on the office of his personal more disgraceful the f.b.i. searched the offices of attorney michael cohen saying it was acting on a referral by special counsel robert muller who is conducting an investigation into
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russia's alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election. north korea's leader kim jong un has made his first official mention of possible talks with the united states according to state media kimbra portably met with top party officials and discussed the prospect of dialogue u.s. president donald trump has agreed to meet him as soon as next month no date or venue has yet been set for. the international criminal court's chief prosecutor has asked a court judges to rule whether she can open an investigation into the mass exodus of the injured people for me and my prosecutor too bad sue argues there is evidence that the rangers were intentionally deported from iraq into neighboring bangladesh in the uk it's not something that the i.c.c. bangladesh is. so we're police officers have been injured in a second day of clashes with activists as french authorities tear down the protest
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camp and not for a damn day long in west of the friends the camp was set up nearly a decade ago to block the construction of a new airport the government has since abandoned those plans. now one of the world's richest and most influential men will be will be questioned in the united states senate today a facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is to appear before lawmakers on capitol hill has been on damage control after it was revealed that the data of millions of facebook users was improperly shared the news is left to users around the world wondering whether they should close their accounts the w.'s play richardson reports. in washington d.c. spring is in the air well almost but with facebook making all the wrong headlines what better season for some. digital cleaning many americans have said they'll delete their accounts could this be a turning point for facebook. mark zuckerberg is testifying before congress for the first time to answer questions about a major data privacy scandal he's hoping to convince both facebook users and the
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company's investors that he's taking the problem seriously but just how worried are people are you a facebook user. are you concerned about some of the allegations of data privacy breach and definitely i really want to close my page you're going to you're going to delete your facebook absolutely because privacy is just not there you know. why not. a person. instagram took over. you know instagram zone by facebook yeah but then i very different thing everybody knows they use it. adds including ones meant to get you to vote in a certain way information collected from eighty seven million users was improperly harvested by a company called cambridge analytic it says its research helped donald trump win the twenty sixteen elections his campaign denies it. dr barrett has apologized for
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the oversight and promised a new privacy features before his hearings but it seems unlikely lawmakers will take any serious action. i went to ask an expert if the changes facebook has promised are enough to win back public trust. so facebook said they're going to make it easier to find your privacy controls to see what information they have on you is that enough i think privacy concerns are just one of the issues here facebook has been dealing with so many different issues there are discriminatory ads online there's been a lection manipulation there's been security issues so i think while they're making some changes they're going to need to do a lot more in order to regain the trust of both the users and regulators around the world. a long list of fixes for facebook as its. your script left hospital in britain has been taken to a safe location she and her father a former russian spy were poisoned with
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a nerve agent in britain last month the russian embassy has said that it wants us to write it is not know what she wants to do but one point it was feared he would die in this hospital now after a steady improvements in her health doctors have deemed her well enough to leave. we have now discharged from hospital i also want to take this opportunity to wish you well this is not the end of her treatment. five weeks ago and have for the sergei were exposed to a nerve agent identified by the u.k. as savior to or novacek they were found slumped unconscious on a park bench in the center of the sleepy english city doctors said they were able to keep the script alive until their bodies healed naturally they say said condition is also improving although he's recovering more slowly. we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course. it appears so scrip our with the
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targets of the attack the former russian spy was convicted of passing information to the u.k. in two thousand and six he was later free from jail as part of a swap deal. the attack on british soil has caused a massive diplomatic scandal the u.k. blames russia but moscow denies any involvement and accuses the british of inventing stories today foreign minister sergey lavrov said the west wasn't interested in hearing the truth russian embassy in london wants access to the script in a tweet it warns it would consider any secret resettlement without family contacts and abduction. british police a currently centering their investigation on the script. the scene of the highest concentration of novacek now they have a witness whose story they once thought they'd never hear and sports monday night's abundance league or match leipzig locked horns with leverkusen and a battle for fourth place in the fourth champions league slot alive six. five and
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home the first goal is seventeen minutes they have hooves of leverkusen a keeper band ledo had no chance because one responded just before the break guy how that level of the school there who's in school did two more after the restart putting the game beyond doubt for the final school and not victory moves they've been to falls in the table on track for the coveted champions league berth. and tonight's shot is the quarterfinals barcelona are in it's a list capital to face roma catalan club hold a four one advantage from the first leg but coach and esther of valverde isn't resting on his laurels he said it would be a mistake to think they were safe but rather will have to pull off a massive upset to deny barcelona and their superstars a place in the semifinals. it's time to remind of our top stories at this hour german car john volkswagen says it is considering replacing its chief executive
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with the ts well the last part of a management shake up the v.w. board is due to meet on friday. but says it will have more on not about story area of the business update in just a loan to talk back with more world news of the top of the i'm so good that. every journey begins with the first step and every language the first word emerged in the. eco is in germany to learn german why not learn to spell simple online on your mobile and free stuff for d w e learning course nikos speak german made easy.


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