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this is. from the today grilling mark zuckerberg begins before a senate committee. begins by apologizing for the abuses of people's personal information he promises an audit of all apps to bend those who do not follow the rules small that big enough also coming up another head looks ready to roll the world's biggest all the maker volkswagen boss months may be headed for the exits as the company says it is considering further involving its leadership structure will
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decide for that management speak for and the poison daughter of a former russian spy has left the hospital in britain you'll get scruple has been taken to a secure secret location. it's good to have you with us facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is testifying before u.s. senators in an eagerly awaited hearing senators are focusing on an admission by facebook at the data of up to eighty seven million users was improperly shared with a company that was seeking to put donald trump in the white house zuckerberg began by reading out a prepared statement in which he apologized and took personal responsibility for the huge data breach. so coburg has apologized to the public before but this is the first time that he has gone before congress but it's clear now that we didn't do
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enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here all right we want to go now to capitol hill in washington where our correspondent michelle kosinski is standing by good evening to you so is this the grilling that everyone expected it to be well yes and no yes in the sense that sort of got some pretty tough questions from the senators the ones that are asking whether and how the second book would be able to share and want to share his personal information with the public in this hearing
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sort of brooke the client to share a public information about his personal life. to the committee but he also got some senators who said repeatedly that they were willing basically to give him the benefit of the doubt and that they were ready to. see if facebook cleans up as act and basically remedies the situation and they were ready to wait with possible regulation to see if facebook actually cleans up its act so as it was but it kind of a mixed bag of so far this this really and you know we've got this big media culpa from zuckerberg has he offered anything more than a big apology. you know you're right this was basically and still is a big apology tour here in washington by the facebook c.e.o. but so far he has been pretty well pretty reluctant to share any concrete steps i mean he has said repeatedly and before you also before the hearing already
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that facebook what look at all that's all the apps on its platform and to check though as and to ban those that basically. harm user content personal content and it would inform users but yes yes it really devolves to anything new and any concrete measures to remedy the situation beyond the fact you already laid out before and when it comes to facebook facing more regulation you know there was interesting verbal exchange between zuckerberg and republican senator lindsey graham let's take a listen if i buy forward and it doesn't work well and i don't like it i can buy. it on the set with facebook was the equivalent product then i can go sign up for. well there's a second category there was going to talk about hers and some categories i'm talking about is there real competition you face coast guard companies face
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a lot of competition that they make a defective car it gets out in the world people stop buying their car they have another one is in an alternative to facebook in the private sector yes senator the average american uses eight different apps ok communicate with their friends and stand touch with people ok ranging from tech which he hopes to email to your service you provide what we do provide a number of different there's a clipper saying this which you do it overlaps with a port you don't think you have a monopoly. it certainly doesn't feel like that to me ok. well there you have zuckerberg trying to play down the power of his social media some people would say empire i mean is this how he is trying to avoid stricter rules and regulations from the federal government. i think this could be a part of his strategy there i mean he said repeatedly that facebook is an idealistic company that has the goal of connecting people locally and globally and
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that basically it's all it's all and idealistic place and not a big business or business company that intends to the heart of people or make billions in profit so basically yeah he's trying to play down the the import and the influence facebook has as a global leader and in the on the internet and tries to portray it as an idealistic company that tries to connect people and just do good. is something that was said in the last couple of minutes in these hearings zuckerberg said that facebook is working with the special counsel robert muller in his probe into russian interference of the u.s. presidential election back in twenty sixteen do we know more about this cooperation . not really this was really an interesting part of the of the testimony today by psycho burke he basically said only that that facebook employees
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had been interviewed by by miller's team but he said he couldn't divulge any more information as it was confidential and he also said he couldn't really recall if facebook or the employees were subpoenaed by miller's team but it but it is certainly interesting. that we know now that facebook is part of this investigation and that facebook employees have indeed been interviewed by miller's team. all right our correspondent michelle contigo from the u.s. senate here in washington michelle thank you very much. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a u.s. president double truong has described the f.b.i. raid on the office of his personal lawyer as discourse for the f.b.i. searched the offices of attorney michael cohen saying it was acting on a referral by special counsel robert muller bawler is conducting that investigation
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into russia's alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons says it will send inspectors to syria to investigate the site of a suspected poison gas attack opposition activists say that gas was used to kill dozens of people near damascus over the weekend they blamed the syrian government which has denied any involvement. france and saudi arabia are reportedly ready or have reportedly signed a business deals worth eighteen billion dollars the reformist a saudi crown prince mohammed bin salomon has ended his first trip to france by meeting president in mind. that cohen says that france agrees with saudi arabia that iranian expansion in the region should be curbed. german chancellor angela merkel has gathered her cabinet for a two day retreat to hammer out the details of her government's program on the
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agenda are drafting a new budget and reforming germany's refugee policy but the changes there will also be seeking to forge some team spirit after repeated infighting in recent weeks. where the chief executive of the world's biggest automaker volkswagen could be on his way out the company says it's considering changes at the top and that could mean a new chief executive to replace mightiest mola now reports suggest that his successor will be the current head of the v.w. brand here but d.c. the group board is scheduled to meet this coming friday. it's the most important job in the german car industry but he has miller talk over the helm of fox dog back in twenty fifteen his mission dragging the company as if the diesel got a crisis and by some measures at least he succeeded last year v.w. sold more cars than ever before is this kind his first in considering the journey so far which has felt like a roller coaster at times it's not
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a given that we can say today the company is in very good shape. is. for. miller has been praised for managing to communicate effectively with both trade unions and politicians and for restructuring the company but it's up to the man who could succeed him to announce the most severe cost reductions hit. brown chief is not a favorite with the unions plus he appears to be popular with the board of directors they'll meet on friday potentially to decide on a replacement for miller. script all has left the hospital in britain and has been taken to a safe secret location. her father sergei who was an ex russian spy or poisoned with a nerve agent in britain last month the russian embassy says that it wants access to you but it is not known what she wants to do but one point it was fear duty
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a script would die in this hospital now after a steady improvement in her health doctors have deemed her well enough to leave. we have now discharged from salisbury district hospital i also want to take this opportunity to wish her well this is not the end of her treatment the significant milestone five weeks ago and have for the sergei were exposed to a nerve agent identified by the u.k. as savior here novacek they were found slumped unconscious on a park bench in the center of the sleepy english city. doctors said they were able to keep the script alive until their bodies healed naturally they say said condition is also improving although he's recovering more slowly. we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course. it appears said ok script powell was the targets of the attack the former russian spy was convicted of passing information to the u.k. in two thousand and six he was later free from jail as part of
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a swap deal. the attack on british soil has caused a massive diplomatic scandal the u.k. blames russia but must give denies any involvement and accuses the british of inventing stories today foreign minister sergey lavrov said the west wasn't interested in hearing the truth russian embassy in london wants access to the script in a tweet it warns it would consider any secret resettlement without family contacts and abduction british police a currently century bear investigation on the script. the scene of the highest concentration of novacek now they have a witness whose story they once thought they'd never hear. are to the champions league now and a huge upset in rome where powerhouse barcelona were else from the tournament in the quarter finals the club overcame a four one deficit from the first leg match in spain with a three home. tied aggregate score and advanced with their one
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away goal and the other match up at liverpool took care of manchester city they won by a single goal tonight but five one on aggregate by munich by the way play tomorrow night. well sports are an outlet for many around the world including in south sudan a country where millions have been displaced by an ongoing conflict sports facilities have been badly damaged due to the fighting leaving locals nope no court to play or now the united nations is lending a helping hand take a look at the conditions here in mali callus else who done are bleak civil unrest has reduced the region's only sporty complex to rubble helping hands from the united nations are clearing the area and rebuilding for the future the peacekeepers involved with the mission have engineering know how and i hope sport will foster better relationships among the people with the walking he creates in
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the space develop in this to see how the youth the people from the people see the people from. this new to space to interact play sports and actually be strong we try relationships teenagers have already hit the half ready pitch to practice and with the basketball court in progress the locals believe this complex once completed will have positive impacts it did help us on the way down in time of distress management if you count a football and you want to leave the spend my time in happy compared to the nytol if you are playing you happy with that from then you not have been a problem in the united nations is breaking down conflicts through building in an attempt for a lasting peace in south. you're watching the news live from
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berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news hope to see giving . you a preview. of fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world. here's what's coming out . on. the field for you on a mission which i have to see much smaller limited scope smarthome.


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