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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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online refused to share his thoughts under oath until the real world trumped his virtual one tonight facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg goes to washington can he convince lawmakers that facebook is a friend not a threat to democracy everywhere i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry i really want to close my page you're going to you're going to be your facebook absolutely i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here if we will rein in the misuse of social media and none of us are going to have any privacy anymore but it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as
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well i think that there is you know a genuine that you know a genuine risk that this data has being accessed by quite a few people and it can be stored in various parts of the world including russia and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and he speaks as well as developers and data privacy and thank you paul not respecting my privacy and suckered by all the houses around here is an awful lot from houston all right first on privacy. also coming up on the day another alleged chemical weapons attack in syria and they know they're all too familiar battle begins who is telling the truth. it is about barrick chemical weapons attack that anti syria and anti russia policies by speculating about chemical weapons be it the evidence that's chemical weapons to be used that is very very clear. if.
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we begin the day on a day that mark zuckerberg has tried time and time again to avoid today facebook c.e.o. began testimony before a u.s. senate committee lawmakers want to know how the social media giant was so easily used against millions of users and perhaps even against u.s. democracy now it comes as facebook begins notifying the eighty seven million users whose data was improperly harvested by cambridge analytical we know that facebook knew that user data had been taken and at first did nothing we know that data was used to micro target voters ahead of the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election what has not been proven this is sufficient that manipulated data swung the election in favor of the current occupant of the white house a rigged election and american democracy no longer tamper proof could it have been made possible by the company whose boss today traded in his t.
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shirt for a suit and tie and a tailor made apology for everyone thank you for having me here today and i'm ready to take your questions when you discover the cambridge analytic that had brought it leo taint all of this information why did you inform those eighty seven million. we learned in two thousand and fifteen that cambridge analytic had bought data from an app developer on facebook that people had shared it with we did take action we took down the app and we demanded that both the app developer and cambridge analytic a delete and stop using any data that they had but you didn't notify them and. do you think that you have an ethical obligation to notify eighty seven million facebook users senator when we heard back from
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cambridge and a lot of code that they had told us that they weren't using the data to delete it we considered it a closed case and retrospect that was clearly a mistake we should have taken their word for it and we've updated our policies and how we're going to operate the company to make sure that we don't make that mistake again this is not what is facebook doing to prevent whoring actors from interfering in us elections thank you senator this is one of my top parties and twenty eighteen i was to get this right i one of my greatest regrets in running the company is that we were slow in identifying the russian information operations in two thousand and sixteen and we expected them to do a number of more traditional cyber attacks which we did identify and notify the campaigns that they were trying to hack into them but we were slow at identifying the type of new information operations do you believe the european regulations should be applied here in the us. senator i think everyone in the world deserves
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good privacy protection. all right a washington correspondent joins us from capitol hill outside the senate building where zuckerberg is giving testimony michel it's good to see you we know that mark zuckerberg did not want to testify himself it was only after unprecedented public outrage and a tanking facebook share price that he agreed to come to washington how credible do you think he is in the eyes of lawmakers. that's a good question and also one that it's hard to answer i mean zuckerberg is here for a three day apology tour if you will basically saying me i quit for a fall the transgressions and the data privacy lack that facebook has committed and he was here on monday already meeting with with lawmakers to basically apologize and get on the good side of lawmakers again but it is hard to say how how credible
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he still is i mean he faced some tough questions in the in the hearings today but also i got the sense that lawmakers are still giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying well if you make up you make good on your own you're about to prove this then we will not have to regulate. but they also said that if facebook doesn't basically get this right then they will be forced to regulate facebook and other social media companies you know the topic of regulation came up fairly quickly in the first hour as a matter of fact to be he was even asked should the european union's model for regulation and protecting private data if that should be a role model for the united states i mean what reasons can zuckerberg give these congress members to prevent them from regulating social media. well basically i mean his track record or facebook's track record on data privacy
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issues is not that stellar they have been investigations before by the f.t.c. and by the trade commission and also a lot of consumer advocates have to have cost that facebook needs to prove its standards but the track road isn't so great so basically what facebook and her books have said is that they will do better this time they will really improve their act and they will be able to make make these rules and stop these transgressions whether that resonates and with lawmakers and ultimately prevents facebook from being regulated is to be seen and we know some of the congress members on the on the senate committee they said that they hadn't seen this much interest in a tech topic since the one nine hundred ninety s. and we can expect that there will be plenty of political theater for the world to view today and tomorrow but but what about the day after that i mean will zuckerberg testimony will it make a difference. that's a good question this is really of course the big media frenzy big media issue
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because facebook is such a global energy so this is an issue that is that is interesting all around the world but again the question is will this will this change anything will this lead to to facebook changing its stance on privacy and sharing its its users data with with third parties and how effective will this be if there is no no government oversight over over facebook and other internet companies. so it remains to be seen . if this will change anything and i think it's fair to say that that change was not imminent it has been of course before congress the honest ad that actually what's what do some of those things that would regulate political ads an issue ads . in the same way that it regulates t.v. and radio ads but that has been stalled in congress so far so unless there's a big bombshell coming up it seems unlikely that that regulation it's afoot right now do you think that mark zuckerberg realizes that he has
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a main character in you know what we've got is this nexus of russia the us president corporate control over personal data and even the ability to alter reality seemingly without anyone noticing it do you think he realizes exactly where he is. that's an ex that's an excellent question and of course it's hard to get into the mind on that issue but i think if he if he didn't realize it until now he has got an inkling off that in the hearings on this day because he was of course asked what what facebook whether facebook was cooperating with them or probe and he said yes facebook was cooperating with them all approach but he couldn't really give any details on that and he just said that facebook employees were were interviewed by by muller's team so in that sense it seems likely that facebook has learned that they are a big part of this whole investigation our correspondent michelle can go on capitol
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hill in washington for us tonight michelle thank you very much. well facebook have started notifying its users whether their personal data was shared with that data mining company cambridge analytics says eighty seven million people were affected worldwide most of them in the u.s. that's a lot of people that are a little. cold as it is here from our social media desk i haven't received a notification from facebook but i was looking just before we went on the air all of a sudden all of these people start saying oh my god i got a notification or i was told that friends had played this game in a good notified so why have why have some been notified others have it it's just rolling out slower than we thought and i don't know why facebook hasn't told anybody why some users have gotten these notifications others haven't if you have not gotten a notification neither of us have there is a simple way if your impatience to find out if your data was in fact shared with cambridge analytic here's what you can do logon to facebook click on that question
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mark there to pull up the help center then the top bar just search for cambridge analytic up go ahead and click on the first a link that appears and will take you here to a page called how to tell if my information was shared with cambridge analytic and the answer is you can see it at the bottom of my information was not shared with the data mining company because as it says neither i nor my friends used it's digital life app apparently i'm safe but as you said eighty seven million people are not they were affected but this is how you can know for sure and what about things but users who have just discovered that their data was harvested working they do well there's not a whole lot that they can do a lot of people are not very happy about this they're finding out finally whether their personal data eighty seven million doesn't sound very personal but if their data was shared with cambridge analytical many people are not happy i spoke with a few users or just found out today and here's what they told me this is from a us facebook user name is erica she said she's been considering deleting her facebook account now or mine is made up she said i don't care how limited the
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information was it was used to undermine our democratic process and i'll have no part in that another angry user here. her name is deseret she says she's also planning on leaving facebook she said i'm disgusted i did not sign on to that fraudulent app a friend did and now i have to live with knowing i inadvertently help that sorry excuse of a person become president of course there were four into allegations that data gathered by cambridge analytic using this app was used by donald trump's campaigns a lot of angry people out there just like this you know lots of anger this is a positive move from facebook isn't it i mean the company is trying to be transparent it's a step forward i think i mean it's one step you have to ask though how transparent is facebook really being here we're not hearing anything about the other companies that we know did similar things to take data from users on facebook we're not hearing about that of course is only coming a few years after facebook already knew about the ok we're going to look at those again for me i think another facebook user is
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a little bit too little too late here we know that some lawmakers even in today's hearings they asked about the u.s. possibly following the european union which is considered to be the gold standard now to protect in private data a major reason is those new privacy laws that are taking effect here next month so what's going to change so this is the general data protection regulation g d p r for short it was approved two gears ago it's now taking effect on may twenty fifth it's a very long regulation but we have some of the highlights here for you of what that regulation could do here in europe and just take a look this is the g.d.p. our it would require companies to get users consent before collecting data that means you have to opt in instead of opting out afterwards users can request a free copy of their personal data and get a response from companies within one month that's pretty cool then we'll have the right to be forgotten so i means the right to erase personal information and there will be big fines for data breaches and privacy violations up to four percent of
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a company's annual revenue so sweeping changes they're taking effect in the e.u. on may twenty fifth zero in the. huge very important announcement as always thank you very much. well still to come on the day she's out of the hospital and off the grid forever the earliest cripple is recovering at a secret location the u. but the u.k. says that she and her father a former russian spy were targeted by moscow in a poison attack now there are rumors that the script all is may soon be script all new more that's coming up on the day. a total which on that is how u.s. president donald trump has described an f.b.i. raid of the offices of his personal attorney michael cohen agents arrived at cohen's manhattan offices with a search warrant that was issued by these special counsel in the russian investigation robert mohler they confiscated e-mails and documents related to
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several topics including a payment to the porn actress stormy day truck blasted the f.b.i. for breaking in as he said to cohen's office and he even mused about firing special counsel moller well that's the first time that he has broached that sensitive topic in public. president trump was blindsided by news of the raid on his long time attorney's office trump condemned the action to be talking with military chiefs cooled on monday to discuss syria. and today the president has taken to twitter describing the raid is a total witch hunt and complaining that attorney client privilege is dead trump attorney michael cohen came under scrutiny after he admitted to making a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment to an adult film actress just days before the twenty sixteen presidential election stormy daniels alleges she had a sexual relationship with donald trump in two thousand and six she says cohen paid
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her to keep silent trump has denied the allegations the raid followed a referral from special counsel robert muller he's heading a separate investigation into of suspected russian meddling in the u.s. election it's not clear whether the raid is directly linked to malice proof but that didn't stop trump on monday from railing against the inquiry an attack on our country since the attack or what we all stand for. why don't i just fire moment well i think it's a disgrace what's going on and we'll see what happens but i think it's really a sad situation lawmakers on capitol hill a warning the president to allow the investigation to go ahead without political interference and the latest f.b.i. raid suggests that for donald trump they could be more legal trouble ahead.
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about out. disturbing images white ones we have seen before the aftermath of a suspected chemical weapons attack in syria these come from your damascus and have the world demanding answers they are stoking fears of a new escalation in the conflict it's thought that as many as sixty people were killed hundreds more injured a team of international experts is on its way to investigate whether or not poison gas was used it would not be the first time. well the russian backed syrian government has denied involvement but the united states is not buying it washington is warning of a possible military response to the attacks it put a draft resolution to the u.n. security council condemning the continuing use of chemical weapons in syria that resolution was vetoed by russia earlier i spoke to former u.s. ambassador to nato robert hunter and i asked him how big
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a blow that will be to the peace process. the russians don't want to see blame assessed in the. united states and most other countries believe that yes there was a chemical attack and let's let's move forward and figure out how it happened and who did it now is this a blow to peace process no question anything that does not attempt to look at exactly what's going on and to try to move things forward has to be open but there's something even more in my judgment i don't think there's been a serious peace process that anybody could expect to be effective and better we're hearing that a rival russian bid for a chemical weapons inquiry was also rejected by the u.n. security council could this war of words that we're seeing between the u.s. and russia could that quickly translate into conflict on the ground in syria.
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i don't think we're going to see a russian american conflict on the ground but obviously their proxies are already involved the. united states is backing. the so-called opposition and also the kurds whereas the russians who are iranians are backing the outside government but. everybody is holding their breath now to see what president trump will do in the next twenty four forty eight hours in response to this chemical weapons attack he has cast it is it a trip to latin america and in order to say as these what to do what to do i own judgment is that it is time for everybody in the outside world to stop just. and looking at the tactical situation and to try to look at the broader requirements of actually moving us from the battlefield to some hope to preserve
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their lives and stop the killing in syria that hasn't happened yet well ambassador how does that translate though into tangible real actions i mean we've had missile strikes by the u.s. on syria before that happened just a year ago and now we've got u.s. president trump again threatening some type of reaction or response with force so how do you get from they are to what you're talking about where we can actually stop the fighting and actually talk about some type of peaceful end game. well i think the first thing is the americans and the russians need to talk directly with one another job just about what they call confliction i in syria that it is so that russian and american aircraft don't get in trouble with one another but some of some of the basics and it needs to include something that has not going
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to include it so far which is a plan that would over time protect attention protect all the different confessional groups so far most of the peace process is been run by the opponents of president assad who is himself a butcher but does not provide for the chance for his people that which is a minority sect which really runs the country to give them a chance to survive but now you're going to have a real peace process that has to say yes there has to be something for the other once the minority there has to be something for the sunni majority there has to be something for the kurds to be something for every other group but because if you're going to play favors and only favor one side or another the fighting is going to continue after all the yellow eyes. rightly or wrongly that if they give up they're going to get slaughtered so they're going to fight this is
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a proxy war to great extent the saudis are seeing that and it gets complicated you know the united states through the saddam hussein regime in iraq which was a shia minority government a sunni majority country and the saudis were trying to who were there in the fretwork getting rid of assad and tell somebody may not russians that america can step in and say this has to stop there's no chance of peace at all you know ambassador you definitely right there you speak to help complicated in how difficult the situation is in syria that is definitely the truth this evening ambassador robert hunter we appreciate you taking the time to be on the set and i thank you. thank you. she is no longer a poison attack patients you loose cripple was discharged from the hospital in the u.k. today and taken to a secure secret location she and her father the former russian spies sergei script
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all spent weeks in critical condition after being exposed to a nerve agent in the english city of souls bury last month london blames moscow for the poisoning it's plunged relations between the two countries to their lowest point since the end of the cold war but one point it was feared would die in this hospital now after a steady improvements in her health doctors have deemed her well enough to leave. we have now discharged from salisbury district hospital i also want to take this opportunity to wish. this is not the end of her treatment a significant milestone five weeks ago and have for the sergey were exposed to a nerve agent identified by the u.k. as savior here novacek they were found slumped unconscious on a park bench in the center of the sleepy english city. doctors said they were able to keep this cripples alive until their bodies healed naturally they said condition
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is also improving although he's recovering more slowly. we hope that he too will be able to leave hospital in due course. it appears a scrip hour with the targets of the attack the former russian spy was convicted of passing information to the u.k. in two thousand and six he was later free from jail as part of a swap deal. the attack on british soil has caused a massive diplomatic scandal the u.k. blames russia but moscow denies any involvement in accuses the british of inventing stories today foreign minister sergey lavrov said the west wasn't interested in hearing the truth russian embassy in london wants access to the script in a tweet it warns it would consider any secret resettlement without family contacts and abduction british police a currently centering their investigation on the script. the scene of the highest concentration of novacek now they have a witness whose story they once thought they'd never hear. well the day is nearly
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done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write directly to me brit golf t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag the day and join us tomorrow we will have continuing coverage of mark zuckerberg going to washington and answering tough questions about facebook and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow there's another day we'll see it in the. trunk. of the.
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race to race and work with time for sixteen is. in recess. stove and. creates the saying to. reverse course. the sprayer of a different kind removing does to make. your romex next.
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that will make history by a month some to. the german chemical giant to set to buy up the controversial american g.m. company. to sell to make a company dominate the global agricultural sector. but what price. office agreed. to the fight on d w. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and a few newspapers with official information as attorneys i have worked on the strength of many cameras and their problems are almost the same fourteen the social inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and the rush to gun afford to stay silent when
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it comes to the fans of the human scene the microphones who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is jenny paris and i work a d.w.i. . i want to walk into another edition of the show i'm your host meghan lee from dirty walls to probably drinks we have lots of ground to cover here's a look at what's coming up. mr clean how clausen brain creates art on brain resurfaced a. new and improved making the low.


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