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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is the news live from berlin the facebook c.e.o. gets up public growing on capitol hill over his company's mass misuse of data. didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry mark zuckerberg apologizes but will his testimony be enough to deflect criticism facebook is not doing enough to protect its users and is exploiting its market dominance also on the show. the
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united nations divided the security council fails to agree on a coordinated response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria the u.s. says the masters and russia are to blame. and germany's new cabinet members standing shoulder to shoulder but today there's discord in the ranks as chancellor backhoes ministers gather to resume their priority comes. last remembering germany's public enemy number one really does was a student protest leader in the one nine hundred sixty s. and one opposed for west germany most famous political figures it has been fifteen years since an assassination attempt on his life. brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show the head of facebook one of the world's most powerful. but he's has been answering questions before a hearing of u.s.
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senators mark zuckerberg was cold to that hearing after revelations that millions of facebook users had their private data used by the political consulting firm cambridge analytical facebook is now under fire for its lack of privacy protections it was the social network versus the u.s. congress facebook's mark zuckerberg one of the world's youngest c.e.o.'s testifying before one of america's oldest senates almost half of the u.s. senate took part in a hearing that lasted more than five hours zuckerberg who was not sworn in under oath began his first ever congressional appearance with an apology we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry. i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here but that wasn't enough for some senators who want to see facebook take stronger steps to protect user data and
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privacy possibly under new government regulations your user agreement shock's as of facebook you sure are you are you willing to give me more control over my data as someone who uses facebook i believe that you should have complete control over your data if we're not communicating this clearly then that's a big thing that we should work on because i think the principles that you're articulating are the ones that we believe in and try to codified in the product that we build critics say zuckerberg and his team are not taking transparency privacy and security seriously enough whether it's alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election united nations criticism of inciting violence against me and mars were hinge or muslim minority or the cambridge analytic a scandal which revealed that eighty seven million facebook users had their data in appropriately obtained by a political consultancy tied to the trump presidential campaign at several points in the hearing zuckerberg appeared unaware of some of the inner workings of the
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platform he built and launched in two thousand and four as a nineteen year old harvard student how long do you keep a users debt if they if they choose to delete their account along to keep their data i don't know the answer to that off the top my head. if share price is any measure zuckerberg performed well before the u.s. senate facebook stock had its best day in two years zuckerberg is in for another round of questioning this time by the house of representatives ask questions in a room ok but how well did he perform politically to talk about that i'm joined by alexander fanta he covers data protection a big tech for the german website net's politic word thanks for coming in. you know after after looking at this testimony what would you say what's in store for facebook and its users i think this is the first sign that we're seeing that facebook is going to face a lot more public scrutiny of people waking up to the fact that their data is being used and then also used in ways they were not consenting to so yeah ok the
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consensus is right now that does not have much to fear from the american congress would you say that's correct i think that might be true. remains to be seen but what we're going to see is we're going to see a lot more action in europe because europe already now has an act of the very new very strong new data protection law and the battle before may on when to sell comes into force and how to how to actually enforce it ok i'd like to pick up on that it is a completely different picture beginning next month here in europe what is facebook looking at in terms of e.u. regulations beginning next month well for one thing the new law and many of the new measures that come into force say they can't be using data in the way they did it before so i think we're going to look at more scrutiny possibly more fines for facebook they just can't go on like that it will ok so next month it has been ireland up to now that that's been the adjudicator for facebook because that's
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where the company's base but starting next month national parliaments can issue fines or can engage in the regulatory process is that right i mean it's national data protection authorities who are in charge. but what remains to be seen is. how do will use new day new. european level of data protection agencies will use the new pas we have in the process finding out how does need allies actually being put into force ok now the penalties could be up to four percent of earnings in europe is that correct it can be up to four percent of. global he said it means for facebook it could be based on last year's revenue up two hundred sixty million euros ok look forward to talking about how this on folds next month let's look about at some of the testimony last night one very telling moment during that. would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last
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night. no. i think that maybe with this is all about. your right to privacy the limits of your right to privacy and how much you give away in modern america in the name of quote connecting people around the world. ok this is a very important issue isn't privacy is it the couper of the discussion about facebook but also at the core is facebook's essential monopoly position and the two are intertwined aren't they. denied this last night but what we. did to the matter is facebook and google together have almost monopolized the global market in digital advertising they control as of last year up to four fifths of that so i think we need to look more closely how do using that power ok now you have written a wishlist about this power about the questions you'd like to see mark zuckerberg
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face were he to appear before german legislators can you give us an insight in some of your top questions the main question is and i think he's going to answer but the main question for me is is their business model even compatible with full privacy for the uses and that means not just privacy in what i share my facebook feed from privacy that i have from facebook using my data for advertisers and their purposes ok it's all about the business model isn't it i mean this point that's where the discussion is going alexander thanks so much for coming in and always on the phone to covering data protection a big tech for the german website that's baltic dot org thank you thank you now we have time for some of the other stories making the news at this hour france and saudi arabia are reported to have signed business deals worth some eighteen billion dollars the reformist saudi crown prince mohammed bin sultan on has ended his first for the france by beating president monochrome across says france agrees with saudi
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arabia that arabian expansion in the region should be curbed. me in march court has refused to drop a case against two reuters journalists arrested in december the pair of been investigating a massacre of ten were injured men last year charged with violating the state's secret act. seventy m. our soldiers have been sentenced to jail for their part in the kill. well series of resolutions in the u.n. security council ended forging an international response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria have failed to pass the council voted on a set of rival resolutions designed to allow chemical weapons inspectors to investigate the site of the attack at duma in syria russia and the u.s. both russia posed each other's motions resolutions were are there vetoed or did not receive enough support at least sixty people reportedly killed in that attack on
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saturday. and with me now in the studios journalist in syria analysts. always welcome thanks for being with us for its part russia has said that there is no evidence linking the government to this alleged chemical attack and it wants to see and an investigation on the ground doesn't have a point where russia has actually denied everything it had done in syria whether it was the cutting off the floorboard to thought of bombings of cities like aleppo and the suburbs of damascus or the previous chemical attacks that we have witnessed in the past this is not the first who thought remember it was the scene in two thousand and thirteen of a massive gassing attack that killed hundreds of sin this is video is. just stages of the uprising against us and that has been and this chemical attack is a year old know it one year that almost to the exact day the hunchy whom chemical weapons that massacre ok that was the attack one year ago the the responsibility
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there is still open that investigation though it has not been wrapped up in conclusively demonstrated either way but the two thousand and thirteen for example do not in nations and the west at the accused do we get so i mean i mean you can sit in the mosque if you could it isn't of the mosque is no you can't cross he will tell you if you can smell the chlorine being hit on the i mean it's not really rocket science to determine that there's actually admitted there was again. we usually they denied that there was a chemical of the techno the say yes that is chemical or that but you know we don't think this is a chemical weapons attack that we don't look at it in the initial stages of the of the denial you know they have they have changed it deny it has not admitted anything in this conflict ok listen let's look at the failure of the security council to come up with an agreement yesterday does that mean that we will see in your opinion military action by the u.s. . i mean regardless with that there is one or not that depends on the scale you
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have seen one one one a year ago there was a stuff that is against us that there was a very mild heart attack that did not hurt his elite forces base if there is another attack now would it be also just window dressing just for trump the good good or for domestic political reasons in the united states. and i doubt that will be that he did so did you see the risk though should the u.s. military respond that that would provoke some type of russian retaliation that would dangerously escalate to stop like we have seen a couple of months ago scores of russian medicine that is killed by the united states could by american military attack against the russian made messages this is not provoke a russian response because i think putin does not want to start would free in syria because there are these states he likes us that he supports us ideologues and politically but i don't think he's going to start world war three for us ok we have that window over the next three days where we're waiting to see what's going to
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happen regarding the united states ali thanks very much kelli boys journalist and syria analyst with us this morning thank you this is news still to come in the show we'll tell you about a shock in the champions league as roma stuns barcelona and their star forward leo messi. is looking to begin a new chapter in its history hona that's right bright and it seems to be doing so without. according to reports he'll have to make way for habit and missed a decent county to the brand manager insiders say as part of a logic management restructuring in the wake of the days old a scandal. it's the most important job in the german car industry as miller took
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over the helm of fox back in twenty fifteen his mission dragging the company actually to the diesel de crisis by some measures at least he succeeded last year of the w. sold more cars than ever before is this kind his lips first in blue coat considering the journey so far which has felt like a roller coaster at times it's not a given that we can say today the company is in very good shape. for. miller has been praised for managing to communicate effectively with both trade unions and politicians and for restructuring the company but it's up to the man who could succeed him to announce the most severe cost reductions him d.c. w.'s brown chief is not a favorite with the unions but he appears to be popular with the board of directors they'll meet on friday potentially to decide on a replacement for miller. let's get some perspective on this now with.
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the business school in the u.k. he's a professor of strategic management dr start low why the restructure the japanese seem to be doing all right considering they were in the midst of a considerable scandal. absolutely it was somewhat surprising no mind to pick a sion is that day as you mention in the report wants to have a clean start to showed it to diesel a case can least we'll bring somebody new who is second lead there have been a few incidences where mr moon looks maybe not quite quite as shining is the supervisory board was hoping of like solving this discussion around his high salary he seemed to be quite since kin to about two and they were probably not quite so comfortable about it i mean you say it came stops is it really a clean start it seems to me that they've just bumped each person up or rank i mean is this really a big change and actual restructuring. i think is very much about you know to
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sickness you send to the outside you don't necessarily have to change everyone internally be going fact those who were around for a long while time have probably got the best handle on the company now mr dees came from b.m.w. so did company can be pretty confident that he was not involved in the business can and we know that mr miller might you know be slightly challenge by more recent discussion to poor holes that were somewhat involved in the gate scandal so in that sense the sprit sense of fresh face which the company hopes hopes to have some or all the strange statements that come from the group and push the parent company saying mr murdoch quote signaled fundamental willingness to accept the changes is he being ousted. this very hard to say we know that from the very beginning he always made it clear that he wants to serve only one
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term and we do know him to you personally didn't like the challenges that he was facing for example around his he celery and it's quite feasible that he says well you know. i'm absolutely fine to leave and to have somebody else to start afresh frankly speaking as an outsider it's impossible to say and even from inside you hear these two very different interpretations one saying it was more for sort of he was asked to push i think is always a bit too strong to say did you really want to leave now anyway so. or i will twenty twenty anyway was the end of that terms of still a couple of years early dr custom stadler or a business school in the u.k. thank you. thank you now a merger of the two americana telecoms companies t. mobile us and sprint could be back on the table according to reports the two
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competitors have reentered talks for the third time in four years talks have previously failed over questions of power sources say talks have yet to get very far but the sept price is sought after the news of those talks broke no comment yet from both of those companies that. i was able to pry and now it seems that the german chancellor has been whisking a cabinet the way our country retreat that i know that's right for the cabinet germany's top ministers are hammering out the details of her government's agenda for the coming months on that retreat among the most pressing issues are drafting a new budget and reforming germany's migration policy the chancellor also wants to forge some teen spirit among a very divided kaput. they have been politically marriage for a month but there hasn't been much of a honeymoon in germany's new coalition rarely a day has gone by without cabinet members making controversial statements about
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issues like the role of his not mean germany security or refugees and much of the controversy has come from these two men interior minister holds a whole for health minister yes. now merkel and her cabinet have an ideal opportunity to smooth things out there today retreat this rock castle maze a bag not far from berlin it has been described as the german equivalent of competence a bit in the u.s. or checkers in the u.k. there the government also hopes to further develop its work schedule. and stock up germany is a strong partner in the world it has a strong economy people look at us with envy because we're doing well but nevertheless many citizens have fears here and we want to deal with them. up. a particular focus will be on finance minister our left shoulder his new draft budget which he aims to present at the end of the month the e.u.
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and nato are also on the agenda with two high profile guests at mays a bag nato secretary general shelton back and e.u. commission president. and the cabinet has also been discussing issues like how to reduce unemployment all foster digital development the new government has so far achieved little but the expectations are certainly high. and joining us now from where those cabinet talks are about to kick off outside berlin and sunny brandenburg interviews chief political editor michelle occur for good morning michelle there's been some real questions about whether this coalition can put some fundamental differences behind it especially over migration and get down to work also looking like. well it's looking like a bit of both because even this new cabinet that's been office for less than a month has been meeting here has been chairing the glass of wine which is sorely
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needed after tobin and couple of weeks we hear from different parts of the c.s.u. party that's the party you call sister party in the very conservative and first starts to the debate saying that germany should not really be influenced too much by this of course after the new interior minister stated time and time again that islam is not part of germany with the german chancellor saying yes that it is now this doesn't just signify a larger debate here in the country but also how much infighting there still is how much profile seeking and that's something the german chancellor will be keen to get beyond here about although i very much doubt that that will fundamentally be the case there are still questions about whether whether the everyone in law at this hour you know what about the voters what issue do voters want to see the german government moving quickly. well they care very much about bread and butter issues
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including child care the security of jobs in germany but germany of course has been seeing quite a lot of growth it sees that a very low unemployment right now there's a lot of concerns though about the future here in germany now this is something that we've seen through those sound bites that we got here it needs a back and then the question is how this one hundred seventy seven page coalition agreement will actually be filtered down into an actual budget that's where the social democrats really have a say at the same time we have an ordinary cabinet meeting that's concerned more about international issues extending those missions in somalia and off the coast off the coast of somalia and in mali by the german bundeswehr so there is a lot of issues here that need to be discussed and this will certainly stretch beyond music back ok will be looking forward to hearing more about what mr berg produces throughout the day from the show or cover thanks very much michel.
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well football now two european clubs of book their tickets to the semifinals the champion leagues one of them is a huge surprise jonathan's year from the d. of blue sports desk jonathan crane one it was a look like well big shock as you mention roma now hands up with written them off after the first for one down from the first leg against the mighty barcelona but they did manage to turn it around crucially that away goal it would turn out made the difference now they got off to a perfect start in rome on the night to edge inject gave him the lead after just six minutes now he was brilliant by donnelly de rossi that gave romo hope and then those hopes were further increased in the second half the rossi scored with a penalty now that meant that roma just needed one more goal and they got it with eight minutes to go the defender costa's man of the us rising highest so three know on the night that away you go effectively counting double the massive shock brian on messi incurred the two thousand and fifteen when his going out into the european
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semi final european cup semi final since one thousand nine hundred eighty four not occasional made it through to the final while that's a big big promotion for them isn't it now what about the two english premier league teams playing each other in the quarter finals who investor yes liverpool did now coincidentally they were the team last year in that nine hundred eighty four final like they had a three goal lead three nil from the first leg but they didn't throw it away even though city go to a fly there we go gabrielle haziest after just two minutes but then it all went wrong for manchester city pep guardiola the coach was sent to the stands after complaining about it disallowed goal there is absolutely furious and it got a whole lot worse for city in the second half ten minutes into the second off that man most equalising on the night such an incredible goal scoring st he's in at the moment that was effect the night of the season in all competitions amazing amazing run it meant city they needed four goals to go through. but liverpool got the next safe ameena that they and in fact take five one win for the report on i sits in
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that you know is that brand of invested very heavily so in this competition but liverpool five time when is the champions league the european cup coming through pedigree prevailing i have a pet on this occasion now let's get some reaction from the crop understandably very very happy pep guardiola still a bit about that disallowed goal it's. over the next two games really think we deserve an extra scored five goals against man city we conceded one that's absolutely not these numbers are usually not possible and the boys did it so i'm happy i didn't insult him they just say you specialty. is gold the bull campbell minute you see it a full minute came the bus yes full moon the. formulation of the site and go to all times with the team is a little bit different you know. two very different takes there let's look ahead
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towards tonight by munich just as league champions they play tonight for shot yet they do they have a two hundred volunteers from the severe but they have the spanish to do they've gone out to spanish opposition in the last fourth season so hopefully they will be able to tell their rounds. hopefully for them because. you know they've won the. league this season they beat south of the weekend to wrap up that title but in the wake of that one brian. the coach was very very stringent he didn't want the club celebrating too much the celebrations really put on ice and i think that's an indication that by really want to win the champions league this season it's the competition everyone wants to win on the not taking it for granted the knocked out manchester united in the last round that offer a two one victory at old trafford so i repeat school in munich tonight would mean
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the time the score is tied on aggregate then we would have extra time attention and we know how good bye munich. because they won the last two home games that the only answer ina six nil and of course the last time they won this competition it was in terms of the coach both you know that still own for the trouble ok we'll see what what happens johnston train thanks very much for that. this is d.w. news still to come on the show how a spoof press conference landed in azerbaijan a dissident in jail with the former soviet republic set to elect its strongman president again will meet with an exile activist here in italy. but don't forget you can always get interviews on the go and download our app from google play or from the apple store that is racks us the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications of breaking news you can also use that out to send us photos and videos.
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and of course don't forget our web site with plenty of sports there as well b.w. dot com we're back after a short. long latest from the new york international auto show plagiarised it was there for this test of strength among the giant car makers are going to take a look under the hood at the auto show and check out the big winners. driving in sixty minutes. they make
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a commitment. they find solutions. and stronger. africa on the moon. the stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move stories of the ultra motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands t w multimedia series for. d w dot com africa on the most. the dangerous battle for images. five women. five exceptional stories. the cetera i want to look at it from until tomorrow when it may be nothing more dizzying one calling more photography and dramatic
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pictures from the front lines capturing street full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life here to tell the stories of people who ended up killing. women or photographers starting may third on g.w. . welcome back the state of the news live from berlin i'm brian thomas and these are our top stories mark zuckerberg apologizes to u.s. senators over a data mining scandal the facebook c.e.o. will face another day of testimony in front of house members later today. and rival resolutions on sending a fact finding mission to investigate an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria failed to pass in the u.n. security council washington says it is considering military action.
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well there's little suspense over who will win today's snap elections in azerbaijan the nation's strongman president ilham aliyev is expected to cruise to an easy victory opposition parties have accused authorities of preparing to rig the vote and are boycotting the polls as a big dog is an oil rich state on the caspian sea it was once part of the soviet union. has ruled this country since two thousand and three he succeeded his father who was in power for nearly three decades. while these are have been brought forward on short notice and opposition parties say this was done to block any efforts to mount a serious challenge to the aliyev family dynasty now it's extremely hard for the opposition to even get out its message in azerbaijan dissenting voices are absent from the media critical journalists risk arrest jail time you caught up with one opposition figure here in berlin. it's now hard for this
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activist living in exile even millie knows all too well the soft handful thora tarion ism the dissident journalist from as a budge on has paid a high price for refusing to talk to the government line he's no longer welcome in his home country bluntly online news channel made on t.v. is the. being fact checked information about azerbaijan about politics and people needed people need independent media. this spoof video of a donkey holding a press conference led to milly being thrown in prison in two thousand and eleven it was meant to poke fun at the sky high price the government paid for two german donkeys but the authorities were not amused and merely served sixteen months behind bars. have made on t.v. millie's news team along with
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a network of reporters on the ground work to fact check the government's message and investigate dodgy practices. a few takes until they get their message right. media in azerbaijan is tightly state controlled but from here they can produce stories that don't pass through government census. nearly eighty percent of people in azerbaijan have access to the internet making social media a very important platform for activists videos like the ones being produced here in berlin will be broadcast to hundreds of thousands via facebook offering an alternative war it's about of the state sponsored maybe a. million his colleagues say they have retained the targeted even here in berlin he says they've received death threats. we don't enjoy this suffering but if we don't take this risk we personally i would children in our society will never have a chance to become free. merely knows that he alone can change the future of as
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a vision but he's determined to give it his best shot. we're turning now to a man who's waging a fight for survival and respect in the downtrodden corner of the united states life is tough in west virginia few jobs rampant substance abuse opportunities always somewhere else once years ago people here are going to just feel top of the world in the boxing ring we met some of which are hopefuls in their homes and on the big night. zero in the ring he's known as the coal miner gerald plumb knows how to dig deep. a day ahead of his next match he's having into his arm a powerful symbol of his fighting spirit. being a father to be a fight you know i'm raising four children all like all my single father i mean
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sometimes the battle gets tough you know as a man fighting for his rights. to life thing in a fight my whole life. with the tattoo finished he and his daughter head home. maybe you know. west virginia is one of the poorest states in the u.s. unemployment is high drug problems abound. prosperity has deserted this area many coal mines have fallen silent. gerald is happy just to have a roof over his head he works for one of the remaining mines for which he thanks u.s. president trump. i feel he kept the cold months back up. we're
8:36 am
back to full throttle gerald says his helmet and boxing gloves are his path to recognition and respect he trains in every free minute of the day. everything is one minute gentlemen who are here you all make you do your bit growth . since graduating high school the mcgill twins have struggled to find steady work h. twenty they still live with their parents. the father frank wasn't around when they were growing up he spent sixteen years in prison for armed robbery. daniel mcgill has had run ins with the law as well he stole money got caught had to pay it back. but if he beats his brother in the ring he'll pocket five hundred dollars and jump start his boxing career. i wonder if you tell us of every day even me.
8:37 am
if i keep working there without a license in the door. and all of the little girls see copra. to get match ready his brother gives him a proper boxer haircut. it's an intimate moment. the twins are affectionate with one another apart from me talking boxing. which i didn't look to god. hates fight night some two thousand people have come to see the novice boxers battle for many this event is the highlight of the year. check stand ready for the winners. gerald plumb fighting for the money but also for respects to the other fast i. think that based on what his opponent doesn't stand a chance. for you know my hero my now my buddy. now
8:38 am
which of the twins turned to fight or were recorded history i mean we don't know maybe brothers phillips would have a party to out of here we go. and nathan is unrelenting. was he not says brother out in the first round. i. daniel can't get up. and he's having problems with his vision. when that happens. is that he's all right. i guess guile farty the only thing we can do is go far to
8:39 am
take him out. on you listen to where how serious the situation is daniel needs to go to the hospital doctors later diagnose a concussion. this isn't the first serious injury or one of these matches one boxer died in a previous tournaments but promoter christopher mccorkle smith says risk is just part of the sport and that there are always doctors ringside. but they're the best that we can be. and so it's a dangerous sport people do die in boxing people do have good been killed people die in mixed martial arts people died football people running people die and a lot of sports so it's not for everyone. the show must go on. the fan use in the ring for a second fight. but he
8:40 am
quickly finds himself out of power. i know i said is next time. maybe another. charles doesn't survive the next round i. it's a tough blow but life goes on he says. just keep continue all work in the coal mines in making a career for myself and not better my future and my kids like so that's my goal right now oh. gerald's friends are supportive even though he didn't win people hear of learn to stick together through victory and defeat it's not funny
8:41 am
but. it turns. out what's one of the busiest places in the world the city of hong kong or business finance tourism industry twenty four hour metropolis where everything is a commodity and now one of the things for sale is silence the w.'s only reports it has on kong keeps growing stillness is becoming very marketable. it's not a place that people would associate with rest and relaxation. and hong kong the pursuit of quiet can be challenging whether by day oh by night. i feel some visitors may find the crowds a noise intriguing the locals do not always find them and chilly
8:42 am
a ball. if you want to eat something it's better to book a has otherwise you might end up waiting for an hour or so for a table it's so crowded on the weekends that you can't even walk properly. so you feel like shopping areas like this are very full. but you can find some quite a places further out. there are plenty of undisturbed places in hong kong but there are often remotes. some hong kong s. don't mind traveling a long way to put the chaos of the city behind them but even the countryside it's getting more and more crowded say hike is like making wong. that often happens because of the media readers may be astonished to hear of these beautiful places in hong kong but they're not big enough to support a lot of visitors so once a place gets famous law most certainly get overrun by people. and
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perhaps another reason why people turn to the countryside green urban areas are also jam packed. now you may say how come people can just stay at their homes while this may be true for some many have to share a tiny apartment with other family members for them space is limited and they can't relax even at home. is there and undisturbed and accessible flays for hong kong this is citizens to chill out here's an attempt right in one of the city's busiest districts. silence is for sale in this cafe called still house coffee tea or sometimes a piece of cake these are the only items that customers can order in exchange for a moment of peace and quiet. and still house the artist's hopes to space can give people's minds
8:44 am
a break. everyone needs a moment and space to be alone. if you interact with others twenty four seven. at some point you lose sight of what you really want from life. that one has to actually pay for silence fair enough say some customers for them the cafe gives it unique experience not even a share can provide. me with the words i why live in the suburbs where it's already quite tranquil but even so a contra lacks that as much as when i'm here it's a very special place. it seems unreal to be able to watch quietly as people down in the streets rush by.
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but the opposite of a hectic life doesn't necessarily have to be silenced. music also provides a good a scape on a lazy afternoon. today marks the fiftieth anniversary of the attempted assassination of one of postwar west germany as influential figures rudy desk was a leader in the one nine hundred sixty eight student protests that changed german society and politics he was part of a movement oppressed elders to face up to the country's nazi past or talk to an associate of that in a moment first we have this report. on april eleventh one thousand nine hundred
8:46 am
sixty eight was riding his bike in west berlin when he was attacked by an unskilled labor yourself back and called out you dirty communist pig then fired three shots was severely injured but survived. at the time he was the most prominent spokesman of the west german student movement he knew he was public enemy number one for political conservatives the government and the tabloids not you afraid someone will beat you up. i'm not scared you could happen but friends watch out for me if i don't tend to go around on my own. but of course a crazy guy could just flee palace. was born to a devout lutheran family south of berlin just days before the berlin wall was built he fled to the allied controlled west of the city he felt he was being targeted in communist east germany for advocating democratic socialism and german reunification
8:47 am
settling in west berlin he studied sociology and became politically active against war capitalism and exploitation. it was during a visit to berlin by congolese prime minister and why his chandi in one nine hundred sixty four the dutch go organized his first large scale demonstration thousands took part accusing chambray of complicity in the murder of patrice lumumba the congolese politician an independence leader despite the clear that this event marked the beginning of a cultural revolution in west germany. the student movement opposed to the war in vietnam began to gain traction with the middle class as the west german government responded with force. west german society was divided on the one side was the state where universities cartons and public offices were still occupied by former nazis on the other side where the students who considered themselves part of a wider international protest movement. when not hopeless idiots down in
8:48 am
history as not being able to take their fight into their own hands we can create a world never seen before a world without war and hunger all across the globe. at a demonstration in opposition to the state visit of the shah of iran mohammad reza pahlavi a west german policeman shot dead a young student on as ark who was unarmed. although if ever heard and i am in response due to organized a peaceful sit in but for the first time he considered violence and illegal action as a protest tactic i am. i still think nine hundred sixty eight was the second birth of the republic its right to keyboard. much of what is laid out in the constitution could only become reality through the
8:49 am
actions of the sixty eight generation the activity of. one of the most prominent figures of the student movement and then west germany played a big part in a revocable changing the young federal republic eleven years after the attempt on his life he died from complications of brain damage sustained in the one nine hundred sixty tack. and for more already described his legacy i'm joined by the political scientist he was part of the student movement in germany in one nine hundred sixty eight an associate of really discreet good morning thanks for going on to show german politicians on the right german conservatives say that they're really good generation has pushed germany too far to the left especially in family values and open borders as someone who fought for those changes personally does it seem that the battle that rudy dutschke fought for fifty years ago continues in
8:50 am
a way but there was success stories you know at that time he was active for opening borders not closing borders he came out of the communist g.d.r. and really fought for cultural revolution in education because there was a silencing of the nazi powers and the families and in this society and the sixty eight a movement was against that silencing so to face up to the challenges of today and the past and the today's challengers. especially the vietnam war because we perceived that war as commander when do you think germany has faced up to its nazi past. it was a lot of culture wars since then since the early sixty's since the icon trial
8:51 am
we saw the majority of germans saw throughout the seventy's and the eighty's and you see it by the memorial to represent the crimes of the nazi germany ok and that debate continued recently we just saw this coalition redefine the german military the big one is there's a relationship with its past saying that everything that happened in the verma the german army back in world war two is not to be used moving forward is that a good idea it's part of the culture war you know to too distant to be distant also as soldiers to that criminal bama because. it did the crimes together with the s.s. ok so this is one of really did successes in a way when you've got to write this you know a turnaround in education because it was very or foreign tain in the fifty's and before colmes and also with respect to what the other political more of our
8:52 am
republic it was constituted by the constitution yes but it has to be accepted and knowledge by society and that took place step by step decade by decade ok now i want to come back to the conservative counter revolution if i can call it that there was a meeting of the c.d.u. some members of the city on saturday the issued call for a return to the traditional family the reintroduction of mandatory military service would this be a necessary correction in your opinion or is this a counterrevolution. neither nor because the small group within the theater you the majority of the city you. still on track reflecting. pluralism in personal relationships including same sex marriages and so forth so we are we're not we're good not going
8:53 am
back to the fifty's ok when you look back to nineteen sixty eight what triggered the cultural revolution what triggered really don't you get to emerge as the figure that he was in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. the fifty's and before and on the other hand the vietnam war you may recall in and of sixty seven early sixty eight the war was even intensified so so for so much that meccano moderate. replaced himself from being minister of defense and we had made a lie and only months later it came to the public so it was a kind of sea change with respect to the war into the vietnam war and its bad legacy and in that situation. the student movement was very active and very
8:54 am
decisive to try to contain this war by the means we had ok.d. germany as you mention has faced up to its nazi past its changed radically nonetheless the german military is involved in military deployments around the world in afghanistan for example was part of the bombing mission in belgrade in one nine hundred ninety nine under a social democrat green government. isn't there a real discrepancy there. to a degree but not decisively because. the vietnam war was even months per month bitter more bitter and more decisive and. krueger and want to have tried is to reduce that kind of intensifying wars with good and bad results as we know ok when you look at germany today what could this country learn today from the student movement of one thousand nine hundred eighty eight be aware of the challenges with respect to freedom with expect to peace with respect
8:55 am
to climate climate catastrophe and the youngsters of our republic for more human rights are for more doing good things against a time a catastrophe so there are chances and potentials today do you see those chances and potentials being translated into political archer read. to a degree in the compact movement in the attack movement in some movements but not at all in the way it should be in if we getting serious with human rights and with peace and with change to higher funky thanks very much for being with us very high of funk a political scientist and also an associate of really dutch go fifty years ago when the student movement here in germany received some new impulses and of course if
8:56 am
the earth assassination attempt on really just as well thanks so much for being with us. let's get you a quick reminder of our top story this hour mark. the senator's over a data mining scandal facebook c.e.o. will face another day of testimony in front of house members later today. i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks for being with us. the be.
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the. last song is from the new york international auto show the ride that was there for this test of strength among the giant car makers the we take a look under the hood n.p.r. shows and check out the big winners the a thirty minute song douglas.
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their food do you have greatness that depend on that from disillusions along. comes filming a much more energy very very effort. i'd personally take the bus to work every day and that for the lot of them. so that someone effect a point you bring the population growth worldwide to a halt it's the one you have to support them ever increasing population and cannot produce except the ball and then food for the populace.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin facebook c.e.o. gets a public growing on capitol hill over his company's mass misuse of death. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry mark zuckerberg apologizes but will his testimony be enough to deflect criticism facebook is not protecting its users and is exploiting its market dominance also on the show.


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