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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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this is deja vu news live from facebook c.e.o. gets a public growing on capitol hill over his company's mass misuse of private data we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry our second burger apologizes but will his testimony be enough to deflect criticism facebook is not protecting its users and is exploiting its market dominance also on the show. the united nations
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divided the security council fails to agree on a coordinated response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria the u.s. says damascus and russia are to blame. and germany's new cabinet members stand shoulder to shoulder or do that there's discord in the ranks as chancellor merkel's ministers gather to reset their priorities and. i'm brian thomas a warm welcome to the show he had a facebook one of the world's most powerful companies has been answering questions before hearing of u.s. senators mark zuckerberg was called to the senate after revelations that millions of people had their private data misused by the political can fall a consulting firm cambridge analytic facebook is now under fire for its lack of privacy protections. it was the social network versus the u.s.
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congress facebook's mark zuckerberg one of the world's youngest c.e.o.'s testifying before one of america's oldest senates almost half of the u.s. senate took part in a hearing that lasted more than five hours zuckerberg who was not sworn in under oath began his first ever congressional appearance with an apology we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here but that wasn't enough for some senators who want to see facebook take stronger steps to protect user data and privacy actually possibly under new government regulations your user agreement shock's as of facebook you sure are you are you willing to give me more control over my data as someone who uses facebook i believe that you should have complete control over your data if we're not communicating this clearly then that's a big thing that we should work on because i think the principles that you're
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articulating are the ones that we believe in and try to codified in the product that we build critics say zuckerberg and his team are not taking transparency privacy and security seriously enough whether it's alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election united nations criticism of inciting violence against me in mars where hinge or muslim minority or the cambridge analytic a scandal which revealed that eighty seven million facebook users had their data in appropriately obtained by a political consultancy tied to the trump presidential campaign at several points in the hearing zuckerberg appeared unaware of some of the inner workings of the platform he built and launched in two thousand and four as a nineteen year old harvard student how long do you keep the users debt if they if they choose to delete their account alone to keep their data i don't know the answer to that off the top my head. if share price is any measure zuckerberg
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performed well before the u.s. senate facebook stock had its best day in two years zuckerberg is in for another round of questioning this time by the house of representatives ask questions in a room ok but how well did he perform politically to talk about that i'm joined by alexander fanta he covers data protection a big tech for the german website net's politics work thanks for coming in. you know after after looking at this testimony what would you say what's in store for facebook and its users i think is the first sign that we are seeing that facebook is going to face a lot more public scrutiny of people waking up to the fact that their data is being used and then also used in ways they were not consenting to so ok the consensus is right now the board does not have much to fear from the american congress when you say that's correct i think that might be true. remains to be seen but what we're going to see is we're going to see it up more action in europe because europe already now has an act of the very new very strong new protections all. the battle
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before may on when this all comes into force and how to how to actually enforce it ok i'd like to pick up on that it is a completely different picture beginning next month here in europe what is facebook looking at in terms of e.u. regulations beginning next month well for one thing the new law and many of the new measures that come into force say they can't be using data in the way they did it before so i think we're going to look at more scrutiny possibly more fines for facebook they just can't go on like that it will ok so next month it has been ireland up to now that that's been the adjudicator for facebook because that's where the company's base but starting next month national parliaments can issue fines or can engage in the regulatory process is that right i mean it's national data protection authorities who are in charge. but what remains to be seen is. how do will use new their new powers. european level of protection agencies will use
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the new powers we still in the process of finding out how does needle is actually being put into force ok now the penalties could be up to four percent of earnings in europe is that correct it can be up to four percent of. global he said it means for facebook it could be based on last year's revenue of two hundred sixty million euros ok i look forward to talking about how the unfolds next month let's look about at some of the testimony last night one very telling moment during that. would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night. you know. i think that maybe with this is all about. your right to privacy the limits of your right to privacy and how much you give away in modern
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america in the name of connecting people around the world. ok this is a very important issue isn't privacy is at the core of the discussion about facebook but also at the core is facebook's essential monopoly position and the two are intertwined aren't i. denied this last night but what we. did to this the matter is facebook and google together have almost monopolized the global market in digital advertising they control as of last year up to four fifths of that so i think we need to look more closely how do using got power ok now you have written a wishlist about this power about the questions you'd like to see mark zuckerberg face were he to appear before german legislators can you give us an inside and some of your top questions the main question is and i think he's going to answer that but the main question for me is is their business model even compatible with full
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privacy for the uses and that means not just privacy in what i share my facebook feed and privacy that i have from facebook using my data for advertisers and their purposes ok it's all about the business model isn't it audience point that's where the discussion is going alexander thanks so much for coming in i was on the phone to covering data protection a big tech for the german website that's baltic dot org thank you you thank. well when it comes to the market reaction what do you know so false so good for facebook initially at least the company's shares have survived congress's grilling all the. during mark zuckerberg testimony on choose a facebook shares let more than percent to one hundred sixty five dollars per share is the biggest hike in almost two years all the same they're worth an eleven percent less than they were before the tape which analyst ticket scandal broke last month that's partly due to fears the social networking company may be subject to
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tougher regulations in the future. so let's go over to all financial correspondent daniel koch tracking reaction for us at the frankfurt stock exchange daniel i think it's fair to say this is a little curious why are we seeing this job. here investors here for frankfurt stock exchange and also on walters' we're prepared for a ball situation a possible jump but also a possible landslide off the facebook shares i was washing it marked with a suit and tie this serious business man many of his statements seem to work seem to be though a little bit memorized but he knew that his personal appearance would have a long lasting impact also on the share price i needed it he was able to assure the senate to insure the investors that facebook is taking all of this very seriously and as a result yes we have seen the shares of facebook then jumping also g p morgan maintained its price target at two hundred forty two dollars while maintaining an overweight
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rating that's right seventy departure from his usual gray hoodie and showing that facebook's reputation is all on the line but the company controls so much of the global ad market as well to those companies all that risk reputational damage as well. well for the moment facebook is saying that all of this didn't have a big impact yet where will be it will be getting by the end of the month and user numbers on how many minutes the average user will still on facebook that's very important for advertisers but yes this all of this could have a very long lasting impact on the effort china's money markets because we have to face is still google facebook twitter they're all going to make also in the future of their money with our data and since now soccer burke has announced that all of those apps will be revealed and may be updated yes this could mean that at the end they could make less money with it. following the story for us from the frankfurt
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stock exchange to talk to. the folks who are going to be driving into a new period of its corporate history without c.e.o. mathias muller according to reports he will have to step aside to help it dice mr dice is a company veteran he's currently the brand manager insiders say is part of a larger restructuring in the wake of the diesel gate scandal. it's the most important job in the german car industry but he has miller took over the helm of folks back in twenty fifteen his mission dragging the company actually to diesel gate prices and by some measures at least he succeeded last year v.w. sold more cars than ever before this is the kind who serves first in blue coat considering the journey so far which has felt like a roller coaster at times it's not a given that we can say today the company is in very good shape.
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for. miller has been praised for managing to communication fecht of lee with both trade unions and politicians and for restructuring the company but it's up to the man who could succeed him to announce the most fear cost reductions have d.c. brown chief is not a favorite with the unions but he appears to be popular with the board of directors they'll meet on friday potentially to decide on a replacement for miller. says get some perspective on this now with christine stadler out work business school in the u.k. he's a professor of strategic management dr start low why the restructure the seem to be doing all right considering they were in the midst of a considerable scandal. surely it was somewhat surprising no mind to pick a she is to day as you mention in the report wants to have a clean start to show did to these little kids can least we'll bring somebody new
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and secondly there has been a few incidences where mr moon looks maybe not quite quite the shining is. your board was hoping you folks solving this discussion around he's high salary he seemed to be quite sins tkinter about there were probably not quite so comfortable about it i mean you say a clean start is it really a clean start it seems to me that just bumped each person off i mean is this really a big change and actual restructuring. i think it is very much about you know decisions you send to the outside you don't necessary have to change everyone internally be going fact those who were around for a long while time have probably got the best handle on the company now mr d's came from b.m.w. so did company can be pretty confident that he was not involved in the details can we know that mr miller might you know be slightly challenge by
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more recent discussion to poor trolls who were somewhat involved in the d.c. gate scandal so in that sense these presents a fresh face which the company hopes hopes to have some rather strange statements that come from the group and push the parent company saying mr miller quote signaled a fundamental willingness to accept the changes is he being ousted. this very hard to say we know that from the very beginning he always made it clear that he wants to serve only one term and we do know and it didn't like the challenges that he was facing for example around his he celery and it's quite feasible that he says well you know if possible i'm absolutely fine to leave friend to have somebody else to start afresh frankly speaking as an outsider it's impossible to say and even from inside you hear these two very different interpretations one saying did
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was more for sort of he was asked to push i think is always a bit too strong to say did he really wanted to leave now anyway so hard larry oh right well twenty twenty anyway was the end of that time to still a couple of years to custom stadler for a business school in the u.k. thank you. united nations security council has failed to agree on a plan to investigate alleged chemical weapons attack in syria the council voted on a set of rival resolutions designed to allow chemical weapons inspectors to probe the site of the attack in duma in syria russia the us opposed each other's motions fortunately resolutions were either vetoed or did not receive enough support at least sixty people were reportedly killed in the attack on saturday. and with me now in the studio is journalist and syria analyst taleb always welcome thanks for
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being with us for its part russia has said that there is no evidence linking the government to this alleged chemical attack and it wants to see and an investigation on the ground does it have a point where russia has actually denied everything it had done in syria where that it was the doctor who are good to talk of bombings of cities like aleppo and the suburbs of damascus or the previous chemical attacks that we have witnessed in the us this is not the first who thought it was the scene in two thousand and thirteen of the massive guessing. that killed hundreds of sin this is video is. just the stages of the project against us and that has been and this chemical attack is a year old know it one year that almost to the exact day of the hunt you who in chemical weapons that massacre ok when they attack one year ago the the responsibility there is still open that investigation though it has not been wrapped up and conclusively demonstrated either way but the two thousand and thirteen for example do not in nations and the west at the accused do we get so i
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mean we can sit in the mosque if you could it isn't of the mosque is no you can't even tell you if you guess made the chlorine being hit on the roof i mean it's not really rocket science to determine that there's actually admitted there was a guess. and usually they denied that there was a chemical is that they know the say yes that is chemical or that but you know we don't think this is a chemical weapon we don't you know who created it in the initial stages of the of the deny you know they have they have changed their deny it has not admitted anything in this conflict ok listen let's look at the failure of the security council to come up with an agreement yesterday does that mean that we will see in your opinion military action by the u.s. . i mean. with that there is one or not that depends on the scale you have seen one one one a year ago there was the stuff that is against us that there was a very minor attack that did not hurt the elite forces base and if there is another
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attack now would it be also just window dressing just for trump to good good or for domestic political reasons in the united states. didn't i doubt that would be that he did ok do you see the risk though should the u.s. military respond that that would then provoke some type of russian retaliation that would dangerously escalate to stop like we have seen a couple of months ago scores of russian moves in that he's killed by the united states could buy american military against because the russian minuteness of these this is not provoking russian the response because i think putin does not want to start would three in syria because i'm at this stage it looks as if he supports assad the likes of politically but i don't think he's going to start the world war three for us ok we have that window over the next three days where we're waiting to see what's going to happen regarding the united states ali thanks very much the only. journalist and syria analyst with us this morning thank you here in germany
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on the mac was taken her top ministers on a working retreat in the countryside outside berlin there hammering out the details of the government's agenda for the coming months now among the most pressing issues are crafting a new budget and reforming germany's migration policy the chancellor also wants to forge some team spirit among her divided cabinet. they had been politically marriage for a month but there hasn't been much of a honeymoon in germany's new coalition rarely a day has gone by without cabinet members making controversial statements about issues like the role of does not mean germany security or refugees i much of the controversy has come from these two main interior minister holds they hope on health minister spawn. now merkel and her cabinet have an ideal opportunity to smooth things out there today retreat this but iraq maze a bag not far from berlin it has been described as the german equivalent of
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competence a bit in the u.s. or checkers in the u.k. there the government also hopes to further develop its work schedule. germany is a strong partner in the world it has a strong economy people look at us with envy because we're doing well but nevertheless many citizens have fears here and we want to deal with them. a particular focus will be on finance minister or left shoulder his new draft budget which he aims to present at the end of the month the e.u. and nato are also on the agenda with two high profile guests at mays a bag nato secretary general shelton back commission president. and the cabinet has also been discussing issues like how to reduce unemployment all foster digital development the new government has so far achieved little but the expectations are certainly high. now for some of the other stories making news
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today i mean mark court has refused to drop or case against two reuters journalists arrested in december the two had been investigating a massacre of up to a dozen range of men last year they've been charged with violating the state's secrets act. seven million more soldiers have been sentenced to jail for their part in the killings. france and saudi arabia are reported to have signed business deals worth some eighteen billion dollars the reform of saudi crown prince mohammed bin zalman as ended his first trip to france by meeting president ma crawl across says france agrees with saudi arabia that arabian expansion in the region should be curbed. well polls of no now open but there's little suspense over who will win today's snap elections in azerbaijan the nation's strongman president ilham aliyev is expected to cruise to victory opposition parties of accuse authorities of preparing to raise the vote and boycott of the polling john is an oil rich state on
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the caspian sea used to be part of the soviet union ilham aliyev has ruled this country since two thousand and three he succeeded his father was in power for about three decades. water pajamas opposition parties say everything is being done to block a serious political challenge to the aliyev family dynasty dissenting voices are absent from the media and critical journalists risk arrest jail time d.w. caught up with one opposition figure here in berlin. perlin it's now home for this activist in exile the dissident journalist from as a bizarre has paid a high price for refusing to talk to the government line even milly's been forced to cut ties with his family and is no longer welcome in his home country largely due to the donor funded news channel he runs online. made on t.v. is giving fact checked information about azerbaijan about politics and
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people needed people need independent media. this spoof video of a donkey holding a press conference led to milly being thrown in prison in two thousand and eleven it was meant to poke fun at the sky high price the government paid for two german donkeys but the authorities were not amused and merely served sixteen months behind bars. have made on t.v. millie's news team along with a network of reporters on the ground work to fact check the government's message and investigate dodgy practices. a few takes until they get their message right. media in azerbaijan is tightly state controlled but from here they can produce stories that don't pass through government census. nearly eighty percent of people and as a vision have access to the internet making social media
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a very important platform for activists videos like the ones being produced here in berlin will be broadcast to hundreds of thousands via facebook offering an alternative voice to that of the state sponsored mania. milly and his colleagues say they have routinely targeted even here in berlin he says they've received death threats. we don't enjoy the suffering but if we don't take this risk we personally all what children in our society will never have a chance to become free. really knows that he alone can change the future it has a vision but he's determined to give it his best shot. some football now and roma produced one of the great champions league comebacks to knock out spanish giants barcelona tyrion side were four one down from the first leg but turned the tie on its head with a three no victory in rome striker instead go got them off to the perfect start again elder aussie penalty double romas lead before cost
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a small us completed the turnaround sending his team through on away goals and liverpool will join roma in the semifinals after defeating manchester city five one on aggregate the reds had a three no advantage heading into the second leg but he says they gave city hope than early goal after just two minutes liverpool's most came to the rescue though scoring his three nights goal of the season after half time roberta over marino then rounded off the victory coach jurgen klopp taking liverpool into the champions league sammy's for the first time since two thousand and eight belles turned to tonight's quarterfinals match up a bonus league champions byron munich hostings a video looking to overcome their spanish to do they've crashed out of the champions league to spanish opponents four years running and with a two one advantage from the first leg by and are in the driver's seat. the tall
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gray addition to the fencing around by and straining grown to keep up prying eyes to see unmistakable sign with a freshly crumpled this league champions are preparing for a crucial match but the return leg of the champions league quarter final against severe looks almost easy enough to buy in some way when in spain still complacency is not an option so i was given in a timid edge to one away win in the champions league is a great result but it is not over yet two one is good but they played an outstanding match in manchester they still are very good and dangerous teams and in football and it's in can happen. they see video produced a surprise result of the last champions the grown by winning at old trafford and subsequently ousting manchester united so sylvia is unfazed by it circumstance despite facing a deficit from the first leg. of their tennis it was always depends on your own confidence the playing level of your rival of course plays
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a role to go up so we suddenly have to fight a lot and work out which end will mean a bit of luck. they don't point to short at all and of course by i'm being by and they love winning even more than just playing these kind of games nobody is saying it out loud just yet but there is no doubt xampp plan is to reach then win the champions league final with the same coach and a big chunk of the squad that won it all in twenty thirty. well don't forget you can always find out more about these and other stories or a website w dot com for now though for me brian thomas and the entire interview you see thanks so much for being with us. move.
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on. to. the senior citizens they're unhurried quantity conscious and they don't hesitate to try out new consumer trends gemini's retired population is growing their pitches in college is too even so old age poverty is a serious issue especially among women. much of these developments mean for the next generations made in germany not on the field.
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night after night sleeps on a t.v. enters into the snowy mountains. night after night the restless freezing refugees. it's illegal but he and others in his village don't care. they are determined to help. border rebels saving refugees in the french alps. in forty five minutes on. earth home to millions of species a home worth saving. google ideas told stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action google audience and series of global three thousand. on t.w. and online. much of it. linked to screw
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