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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 1:15pm-1:30pm CEST

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subtly have to fight a lot and work colleagues which ends up winning it's a bit tough luck now to see how that turns out here what you need to have good news coming to you live from but instead with us her the humphrey be with you shortly she has a new. claim . they make a commitment. they find. in stronger. africa the lead story of both people making a difference shaping the nation i'm going to come to the continent of africa on the
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most congo stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands i'm squinting w.'s new knowing multimedia serious look on. t.w. dot com click on the most. winning over the markets against all odds facebook shares have their best day in two years as toss testifies before congress over a massive data breach. coming up changing gears a v.w. with a new face at the top reports say c.e.o. material smell is out and help it is in. keeping food fresh without the wrapping though we show you how a plastic for the future is easier than you might think. is your business update
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i've had an unfree in but good to have you with us so far so good for facebook initially at least the company's shares have survived congress' grilling all of its facebook shares let more than four percent one hundred sixty five dollars during mark zuckerberg testimony on choose day that is the biggest toy in almost two years all the same there was the leaven percent less than they were before news broke last month about consulting the cambridge analytic and how it misused the danger millions of facebook users for election targeting purposes in the us talk about is facing a backlash for not doing enough to protect account information shareholders fear tighter regulations in the future so let's go over to all financial correspondent daniel koch tracking reaction for us at the frankfurt stock exchange don you know i think it's fair to say this is a little curious why are we seeing this job. here investors here
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at the frankfurt stock exchange and also on wall street were prepared for a bull situation a possible jump but also a possible landslide off the facebook shares i was watching it marked with a suit and tie this serious businessman many of his statements seem to work seem to be though a little bit memorised but he knew that his personal appearance would have a long lasting impact also on the share price and he did it he was able to assure the senate to ensure the investors that facebook is taking all of this very seriously and as a result yes we have seen the shares of facebook then jumping also g p morgan maintained its price target at two hundred forty two dollars while maintaining an overweight rating that's right set it apart from his usual gray hoodie and sharing that facebook's reputation is on the line and the company controls so much of the global ad market as well to those companies all that risk reputational damage as
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well. well for the moment facebook is saying that all of this didn't have a big impact yet where will be it will be getting by the end of the month and user numbers and how many minutes the average user will still on facebook that's very important for advertisers but yes there's all of this could have a very long lasting impact on the effort chinese markets because we have to face of still google facebook twitter they're all going to make also in the future of their money with our data and since now soccer burke has announced that all of those apps will be revealed maybe updated yes this could mean that at the end they could make less money with it all right daniel coupe following the story for us from the frankfurt stock exchange good to talk to you. it appears the w. is looking to begin a new chapter in its corporate history and it plans on doing so without c.e.o. let's hear reports he'll have to step aside for that mr d.c.
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is currently the brand manager inside the larger management restructuring in the wake of the gates scandal. it's the most important job in the german car industry as miller took over the helm the fox dog back in twenty fifteen his mission dragging the company actually to the diesel gate crisis and by some measures at least he succeeded last year v.w. sold more cars than ever before this is kind his lips pursed in blue coat considering the journey so far which has felt like a roller coaster at times it's not a given that we can say today parts of the company is in very good shape. for some. has been praised for managing to communicate effectively with both trade unions and politicians and for restructuring the company but it's up to the man who could succeed him to announce the most pick their cost reductions have d.c. w.'s brand chief is not a favorite with the unions but he appears to be popular with the board of directors
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don't meet on friday potentially to decide on a replacement for miller. let's get some perspective on this now with. work business school in the u.k. he's a professor of strategic management dr start low why the restructure v.w. seemed to be doing all right considering they were in the midst of a considerable scandal. surely it was somewhat surprising no mind to pick a she missed it day as you mention in the report wants to have a clean start to showed it to these little kids can least we'll bring somebody new who is second lead there has been a few incidences where mr moon looks maybe not quite quite as shining is. board was hoping for example in this discussion around he's high salary he seemed to be quite sins tkinter about you and they were probably not quite so comfortable
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about it i mean you say a clean start is it really a clean start it seems to me that that just bumped each person off i mean is this really a big change or an actual restructuring. i think it is very much about you know to sequence you sent to the outside you don't necessary have to change everyone internally be going fact those who were around for a long while time have probably got the best handle on the company now mr deeds came from b.m.w. so did company can be pretty confident that he was not involved in the details can we know that mr miller might you know be slightly challenge by more recent discussion to poor trolls who were somewhat involved in the d.c. gate scandal so in that sense these presents a fresh face which the company hopes hopes to have some rather strange statements that come from the group and push the parent company saying mr miller quote
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signaled a fundamental willingness to accept the changes is he being ousted. this very hard to say we know that from the very beginning he always made it clear that he wants to serve only one term and we do know him to you personally didn't like the challenges that he was facing for example around his he celery and it's quite feasible that he says well you know if possible i'm absolutely fine to leave and to have somebody else to start the fresh frankly speaking as an outsider it's impossible to say and even from inside you hear these two very different interpretations one saying did was more for sort of he was asked to push i think is always a bit too strong to say did you really want to leave now anyway so hard larry or i will twenty twenty anyway was the end of that tennis is still a couple of years to custom stadler work business school in the u.k.
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thank you. a merger of the to american a telecoms companies t. mobile us and sprint could be back on the table according to reports the two competitors have reentered talks for the third time in four years the talks have previously failed and the questions of power sources say too was haven't gotten very far yet but their share prices soared off the news of the talks broke. american aircraft make a boeing had a very good first quarter it delivered one hundred and eighty four aircraft in the three month period that's a nine percent uptick from the same period last year boeing has pointed to greater demand for its seven three seven short to medium haul aircraft which made up the majority of its sales its european rival air bus with a forty five aircraft in the same period one for every form of boeing's engine issues have also slowed deliveries. now when it comes to the environment
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plastics are a real pain presenting health hazards to humans and animals but getting away from them is hard a recent report from friends of the earth europe in zero waste year found more than a third of all food sold in the european union is wrapped in plastic many in the food industry so they need it to keep food fresh that all other ways. it's hard to lead the world off plastics especially in the food retail industry such packaging pro-tax products during delivery it also helps prolong shelf life so that supposedly less food is thrown away and eaten at least that's the idea but environmental activists have just released a study stating the contrary what this study shows is that between two thousand and four and two thousand and fourteen we've seen a forty to fifty percent increase in plastic packaging and recent a doubling in food waste and what that really costs into course here is down i think is the argument that the food packaging industry use very often which is that we need plastic to avoid food waste in fact the report's authors argue plastic use
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could increase food waste as it encourages consumers to buy more than they need the european commission says around eighty eight million tons of food are wasted annually in the e.u. costing the bloc an estimated one hundred forty three billion euros. zero waste business models and retail like supermarkets where shoppers bring their own reusable food containers have been gaining momentum in recent years along with public awareness of plastics dangers that campaigners say the onus is on industry to develop more sustainable i'll turn it. he was. close to the matter when it melted in the alps and hasn't returned as a call ever of an held chief executive the chairman and retail giant tangle man went missing from a skiing region need the swiss italian border since then an extensive search spent on the way to find him and the lesser employees how his brother custody and made
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the following statement off family was of course prepared for such situation and company business will continue and they call him an order in the fashion please keep everything crossed that we find my brother very soon as the fifth generation has a family to run the business. best wishes to. set you up to date with the latest from the wall to all business for more find us on facebook and follow us on twitter on this i'm back very soon thanks for.
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the guy on the plimsoll he's a bit beethoven. but. today i want to find out what one has to offer in connection with the legendary retriever in the old chum along the river rhine and in a ballroom dating back to the great man's time to move. just feet away from the food. you can see new citizens lose their unhurried
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one is she conscious on the job has a tape to try out new consumer trends jimmy's retirement population is grounded their purchasing power is too even so old age poverty is a serious issue especially among women. most of these developments mean for the next generation x. made germany in sixty minutes. six. coach of the. link to lose from africa the world or links to exceptional stories and discussions among us as easy as i would say to debbie to come snatch six join us on facebook doubling up for guys. climate change. waist length show. isn't it time for. eco africa people and projects that are changing elements are
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meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's explain each other. when it comes environment magazine play. b.w. . with his flowing hair and fierce look this statue might seem familiar to you i'm in western germany.


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