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we were first starting may third on g.w. . this is the wus coming to you live for us president donald trump fires off a serious warning to the tram that over syria the u.s. can get tweets get ready russia mr holmes will be coming to congress vote to strike fear in military targets often and poison gas attack over the weekend also coming up the death toll climbs to two hundred fifty seven in
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a minute your plane crashing down to riyadh jets goes down just after takeoff in a military base outside the capital. and facebook boss mark zuckerberg faces a rigorous grilling from u.s. southern to companies misuse of private data but really his testimony be enough to convince users to do a better job of protecting their privacy. u.s. president donald trump is blasted off a strong warning to russia over syria the u.s. leader is threatening military action after an alleged chemical weapons attack on saturday he has treated russia vows to shoot down missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing an animal who kills its people and enjoys it rather proposals by both
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the u.s. and russia to launch an international investigation into the alleged attack have floundered as accusations fly over what actually happened in syria. these images have shocked the world. be young survivors of an alleged chemical weapons attack in eastern guta on south die. what happened here sent tension between russia and the west soaring to new heights. as so often during the syrian war the united nations security council is where division and antagonism have played out on the one side the u.s. and its allies. on the other russia supporting syrian president bashar al assad it side vetoed the others resolutions and each blame the other for the deadlock the good. news of the u.s. delegation is again trying to mislead the international community it's known taking
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a further step toward confrontation. russia is already on the ground in duma this amateur video purportedly shows russian place investigating near the site of the attack moscow says and the regime are ready to allow probe which shouldn't assign blame the u.s. says that's a cover up. history will record that on this day russia chose protecting a monster over the lives of the syrian people while the u.s. and its allies say russia's position is a smokescreen they want an independent inquiry to begin soon while they still evidence of what happened on the way canned like this gas canister said to have been discovered two days ago. and while diplomats argue over how best to respond the alleged attack has already shifted syria's battle lines heah displaced people from duma arrive in syria's rebel held north resistance collapsed in eastern guta
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after the attack the refugees are reminded of the brutal intensity of this war which the international community has so far remained powerless to stop. and if we don't get the very latest from our washington bureau chief on xander phenomenon alexander president trump has been active on twitter again with a very strongly worded tweet threatening russia with a missile attack what more can you tell us. president trump has warned russia that the u.s. as is going to use military force in syria against russia's l.-i syria and this is highly unusual for specially for this president because champion so has repeated he said that he's not going to telegraph he moves and he has repeated the criticize other leaders for doing it saying that america's enemies could use it's
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to their advantage and now he's warning russia giving away tactical surprise even talking about the kind of missile was the past now i may use some march missiles missiles guided by satellite so now the russians know. but also tweeted that quote our relationship or gratia is worse now than it's ever been and that includes the cold war that's the his quotation how accurate is trumps assessment. well what it's true is that i would say the relationship between the u.s. and russia has worsened rapidly in the last month in the last weeks do you ask government has repeatedly imposed new sanctions on russia russian officials and all the garlics and also the president himself was very critical of putin but we have
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to see the other part of this sweet were the president is talking that it doesn't have to stay this way that the u.s. is ready to help russia's economy so there we see again this transactional president and some republican lawmakers here are assuming that the president might be negotiating by these tweets now the u.s. and western allies like france and you care to be preparing for military action how much does president trump need these are his european counterparts for this attack briefly if you can alex. well he doesn't need them but it is according to military officials here a very wise move to form a coalition a coalition also against critical voices in his government and also against critical lawmakers on capitol hill to convince them that that's the right thing to
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do. alexander phenomenon washington bureau chief thank you turning out to and share where the defense ministry has confirmed that at least two hundred fifty seven people have been killed in a military plane crash the jet went down outside a military base just near the capital of the aircraft was packed with soldiers and their families heading to a military base in the country's southwest it's one of the most deadly plane crashes of four time. in the fields outside algiers what looked like a brushfire but which turned out to be something much worse. a military transport aircraft burning uncontrollably it crashed just after takeoff the plane's cargo dozens of soldiers and their families now many of them are dead. first responders hastily dragged their bodies out of the wreckage and lined them up and meet rows the crash is grim told all too apparent. the plane was
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a russian made early you should seventy six it's used by several countries armies to transport soldiers to remote locations the aircraft had just taken off from to farrakhan airport the home base for the planes it was headed for the country south towards the moroccan border but it barely made it off the ground hundreds of first responders soon rushed to the scene trying to rescue anyone they could from the wreckage the government has already ordered an investigation this isn't the algerian air force's first crash but it's the country's worst ever making the search for answers urgent indeed. joining me now is a journalist a set of measures launching the situation from the tunisian capital a tunis welcome to you said no the defense ministry has confirmed the death toll in of a bus two hundred fifty seven people and what that many soldiers on board the strong wall plane that was headed you know it was mainly so this is where work is just
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finding crew members trying to six members of the police in times incidents not sort of response how are we heading to europe or does the shirt just the city and the west the country are going to. the hub and there are reports of some five as a sara what can you tell us about the rescue operations going out of the site of the of the crash. so the rescue operations are still ongoing there are still forces on the ground close up of you know very nearby our way to facilitate the operations and as you said there are parts of that some of the riders but a lot number of sylmar country. now an investigation has a sense of belief started into this plane crash any initial thoughts as to what could have happened. to crash happened just after takeoff. you have been citing eyewitnesses who said plane was burning before actually crashing it is
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a delusion with this russian logo but generally no clear idea is going to what happened exactly and i think the station will still take a bit of time right and what does it say about the response of the emergency crews there. the rare times of the plane crash happened about the morning it took them some time but as he just said you're right. right this is a scale of course of course very sketchy sarah mesh thank you very much for bringing us up to did with the latest in the plane crash near as she is in algeria . that's now being updated with some of the stories making news around the world a public memorial service is underway in the south africa for the late women data the end to apartheid activist and former wife of nelson mandela passed away last
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week after a long illness she was eighty one. police in indonesia say eighty two people have died after drinking bootleg liquor containing methanol and ninety six percent alcohol seven suspects have been arrested with another two said to be on the run deaths from such consumption are reported frequently this latest one is amongst the highest and recently has. thousands of homes and businesses are without electricity in new zealand's biggest city after a storm cause extensive damage in oakland authorities say the vast majority of these outages have been caused by trees falling onto pollen lines in just about an hour from now the head to facebook one of the was with companies will face another pov the grilling on capitol hill mark zuckerberg has already appeared for a day of questioning from u.s. senators the facebook boss was called to testify after revelations that millions of people have their private data misused by
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a political consulting firm cambridge analytic facebook is under fire for its lack of privacy protections it was the social network versus the u.s. congress facebook's mark zuckerberg one of the world's youngest c.e.o.'s testifying before one of america's oldest senates almost half of the u.s. senate took part in a hearing that lasted more than five hours zuckerberg who was not sworn in under oath began his first ever congressional appearance with an apology we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake and it was my mistake and i'm sorry. i started facebook i run it and i'm responsible for what happens here but that wasn't enough for some senators who want to see facebook take stronger steps to protect user data and privacy possibly under new government regulations your user agreement shock's as of facebook you sure are you are you willing to give me more control over my data as
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someone who uses facebook i believe that you should have complete control over your data if we're not communicating this clearly then that's a big thing that we should work on because i think the principles that you're articulating are the ones that we believe in and try to codified in the product that we build critics say zuckerberg and his team are not taking transparency privacy and security seriously enough whether it's alleged russian interference in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election united nations criticism of inciting violence against me in mars where hinge or muslim minority or the cambridge analytic a scandal which revealed that eighty seven million facebook users had their data in appropriately obtained by a political consultancy tied to the trump presidential campaign at several points in the hearing zuckerberg appeared unaware of some of the inner workings of the platform he built and launched in two thousand and four as a nineteen year old harvard student how long do you keep the users deta if they if
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they choose to delete their account how long do you keep their data i don't know the answer to that off the top my head. if share price is any measure zuckerberg performed well before the u.s. senate facebook stock had its best day in two years zuckerberg is in for another round of questioning this time by the house of representatives ask questions in a room and we've been you live coverage on the on this second day of testimony which is due to start in less than hour from now ok time for some football now andrew luck produce one of the great champions league comebacks to knock out spanish giants barcelona the italian side before one down from the first leg but turn the tie on its head with a three nil victory in rome strike a it in and check oh got them off to the perfect start after just six minutes a downhill dude also a penalty double room was leading the full cost us a mano last completed the turnaround sending his team through on his on away goals . so i as you can possibly imagine celebrations vend long into the night of roman
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tooting for the club's president take a look at that. oh yes i am so that there's a james plunging into the neptunes fountain certainly needing the way when it came to getting the party started the last time we were made it through to the semifinals test of this competition was in the one nine hundred eighty four. coming up this meant the room with this is favored us. the freedom of expression. a value that a ways has to be defended anew. over the work. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot
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