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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm CEST

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin the boss of facebook will be grilled for a second day this time in the house of representatives mockingbird apologized for face book failures many times over the u.s. senate and said he takes responsibility for the mistakes that it tells are particularly concerned about how the person did eighty seven million users was acquired by
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a political consulting firm and how facebook plans to protect users privacy. i am. one of a warm welcome to you i'm on the touchy man rick me i have called not from all social media desk has been following the story on facebook very closely the boss of facebook mark zuckerberg is about to answer more questions on his second day of testimony before u.s. lawmakers in fact if we can go to live pictures he is already inside the chamber and he is set to speak shortly now this comes after revelations as millions of people had their facebook data misused by the political consulting firm cambridge analytic opening remarks are now being made let's take a listen to what is being said. to larger questions about the fundamental relationship tech companies have with their. users' instant valving cambridge
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analytic and the compromise personal information of approximately eighty seven million american users are mostly american users is deeply disturbing to this committee the american people are concerned about how facebook protects and profits from its users data in short this facebook keep its end of the agreement with its users how should we as policymakers about you wait and respond to these events this congress need to clarify whether or not consumers own or have any real power over their online data of edge providers grown to the point that they need federal supervision you and your co-founder started a company in your dorm room that's grown to want be one of the biggest and most successful businesses in the entire world through innovation and quintessentially american entrepreneurial spirit facebook and the tech companies that have flourished in silicon valley joined a legacy of great american companies who build our nation drove our economy forward and created jobs and opportunity and you did it all without having to ask
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permission from the federal government and with very little regulatory involvement the company you created disrupted entire industries and has become an integral part of our daily lives your success story is an american success story embodying our shared values of freedom of speech freedom of association and freedom of enterprise facebook also provides jobs for thousands of americans including my own congressional district with data centers in prineville many of our constituents feel a genuine sense of pride and gratitude for what you created and your rightly considered one of the areas greatest entrepreneurs. this unparalleled achievement is why we look to you with a special sense of obligation and hope for deep introspection while facebook has certainly grown i worry it may not have matured i think it's time to ask whether facebook may have moved too fast and broken too many things there are critical unanswered questions surrounding facebook's business model and the entire digital
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ecosystem regarding online privacy and consumer protection. what exactly is facebook social platform a data company a advertising company a media company a common carrier in the information age all the above or something else users trust facebook with a great deal of information their name hometown e-mail phone number photos private messages and much much more but in many instances users are not purposefully providing pace facebook with data but collects this information while users simply browse other websites shop online or use a third party app people are willing to share quite a bit about their lives online based on the belief they can easily navigate and control privacy settings and trust that their personal information is in good hands if a company fails to keep its promises about how personal data are being used that breach of trust must have consequences today we hope to shed light on facebook's policies and practices surrounding third party access to and use of user data we also hope
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you can help clear up the considerable confusion that exists about how people's face big data are use outside of the platform we hope you can help congress but more importantly the american people better understand how facebook user information has been accessed by third parties from cambridge analytic and cube you to the obama for america presidential campaign and we ask that you share any suggestion jew have for ways policy makers can help reassure our constituents the data they believe is only shared with friends or certain groups remains private to those circles as policymakers we want to be sure that consumers are adequately informed about how their online activities and information are used these issues apply not just to facebook but equally to the other internet based companies that collect information about users online. so mr berger your expertise in this field is without rival so thank you for joining us today to help us learn more about
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these vital matters and to answer questions that i yield now the gentleman from new jersey the ranking member of the energy and commerce committee my friend mr plonked for five minutes for purposes of an opening statement thank you mr chairman and i also want to thank you mr zuckerberg for being here today facebook has become untenable to our lives we don't just share pictures of our families we use it to connect for school to organize events and to watch baseball games facebook has enabled everyday people to spur national political movements most of us in congress use facebook to reach our constituents in ways that were unimaginable ten years ago and this is certainly a good thing it also means that many of us can't give it up easily many businesses have their only web presence on facebook and for professions like journalism people's jobs depend on posting on the site and this really comes with a price for all the good it brings facebook can be a weapon for those like russia and cambridge analytical that seek to harm us and
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hack our democracy facebook made it too easy for a single person in this instance alexander kogan to get extensive personal information about eighty seven million people he sold this data cambridge analytical who used it to try to sway the two thousand and sixteen president presidential election for the trump campaign and facebook made itself a powerful tool for things like voter suppression in part by opening its platform to app developers with little or no oversight but it gets worse the fact is no one knows how many people have access to the cambridge analytical data and no one knows how many other cambridge analytical is are still out there shutting down access to data to third parties isn't enough in my opinion facebook and many other companies are doing the same thing they're using people's personal information to do highly targeted product and political advert. and facebook is just the latest in a never ending string of companies that vacuum up our data but fail to keep it safe
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and this incident demonstrates yet again that our laws are not working making matters worse republicans here in congress continue to block or even repealed a few privacy protections we have in this era of nonstop data breaches last year republicans eliminated existing privacy and data security protections at the f.c.c. and their justification that those protections were not needed because the federal trade commission has everything under control well this latest disaster shows just how wrong the republicans are the f.t.c. used every tool republicans appear willing to give it and those tools weren't enough and that's why facebook acted like so many other companies it reacted only when it got bad press we all know the cycle by now our data stolen the company looks the other way eventually reporters find out publish a negative story and the company apologizes and congress then holds a hearing and then nothing happens by not doing its job this republican controlled congress has become complicit in this nonstop cycle of privacy by press release and
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the cycle must stop because the current system is broken so i was happy to hear that mr zuckerberg conceded that his industry needs to be regulated and i agree we need comprehensive privacy and data security legislation we need baseline protections that stretch from internet service providers to data brokers to app developers and to anyone else who makes a living or our data we need to figure out how to make sure these companies act responsibly even before the press finds out but while securing our privacy is necessary it's not sufficient we need to take steps immediately to secure our democracy we can't let what happened in two thousand and sixteen happen again and to do that we need to learn how facebook was caught so flatfooted in two thousand and sixteen how was it so blind to what the russians and others were doing on his systems red flags were everywhere why didn't anyone see them or way they ignored so today's hearing is a good. our we also need to hold additional hearings where we hold accountable executives from other tech companies internet service providers data brokers and
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anyone else that collects our information and congresswoman schakowsky for the illinois and i introduced a bill last year that would require companies to implement baseline data security standards and i plan to work with my colleagues to draft additional legislation but i have to say mr chairman it's time for this committee and this congress to pass comprehensive legislation to prevent incidents like this in the future my great fear is that we have this hearing today there's a lot of press attention and mr zuckerberg you know appreciate your being here once again but if all we do is happy hearing and then nothing happens then that's not accomplishing anything and i you know i know i sound very critical of the republicans and their leadership on this on these privacy issues but i've just seen it i've just seen it over and over again that we have the hearings and nothing happens so scuse me for being so pessimistic mr chairman but that's where i am i yield back i think i thank the gentleman for his opening comments. that we now
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conclude with member opening statements the chair would like to my members that pursuant to the committee rules all members opening statements will be made part of the record today we have mr mark zuckerberg chairman and c.e.o. of facebook incorporated here to testify before the full energy and commerce committee mr zuckerberg will have the opportunity to give a five minute opening statement followed by a round of questioning from our members so thank you for taking the time to be here and you are now recognized for five minutes thank you chairman walden ranking member polonium members of the committee we face a number of important issues around privacy security and democracy and you will rightly have some hard questions for me to answer before i talk about the steps we're taking to address them i want to talk for a minute about how we got there facebook is an idealistic and optimistic company. for most of our existence we focused on all the good connecting people can bring
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and this facebook has grown people everywhere have gotten a powerful new tool for staying connected to the people they care about most are making their voices heard and for building community and businesses just recently we've seen the me too movement and the march for our lives organized at least part on facebook after hurricane harvey people came together and raised more than twenty million dollars for relief and there are more than seventy million small businesses around the world that use our tools to grow and create jobs but it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well and that goes for fake news foreign interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility and that was a big mistake it was my mistake and i'm sorry i started
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facebook i run it at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens here so now we have to go through every part of our relationship with people to make sure that we're taking a broad enough view of our responsibility it's not enough to just connect people we have to make sure that those connections are positive it's not enough to just give people a voice we need to make sure that that voice isn't used to harm other people or spread misinformation and it's not enough to just give people control of their information we need to make sure that the developers they share it with protect their information to across the board we have a responsibility to not just give people tools but to make sure that those tools are used for good it's going to take some time to work through all the changes we need to make but i'm committed to getting this right and that includes the basic responsibility of protecting people's information which we failed to do with cambridge and a lot of. so here are a few key things that we're doing to address this situation and make sure that this doesn't happen again first we're getting to the bottom of exactly what cambridge
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analytical did and telling everyone who may have been affected what we know now is that cambridge done a lot of improperly obtained some information about millions of facebook members by buying it from an app developer that people had shared it with this information it was generally information that people share publicly on their profile pages like their name and profile picture and the list of pages that they follow when we first contacted cambridge analytic and they told us that they had deleted the data and about a month ago we heard a new report that suggested that this was not true so now we're working with governments in the u.s. the u.k. and around the world to do a full audit of what they've done and to make sure that they get rid of any data that they still have second to make sure that no other app developers are out there misusing data we're now investigating every single app that had access to a large amount of people's information on facebook in the past and if we find someone that improperly used data we're going to ban them from our platform and
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tell everyone affected third to prevent this from ever happening again or making sure developers can access as much information going forward the good news here is that we made some big changes to our platform in twenty fourteen that would prevent this specific instance with cambridge analytical from happening again today but there's more to do and you can find more of the details of the other steps we're taking in the written statement i provided my top priority will around the world on every day people use our services to stay connected with the people that matter to them most i believe deeply in what we're doing and i know that when we address these challenges we'll look back and view helping people connect and giving more people a voice as a positive force in the world. i realize the issues we're talking about today aren't just issues for facebook in our community there are challenges for all of us as americans thank you for having me here today and i'm ready to take your
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questions. or i'll start out we go into the question in phase we go back and forth as we always do remember it's four minutes today so we can get to everyone this is october you've described facebook as a company that connects people and as a company that's idealistic and optimistic i have a few questions about what other types of companies facebook may be facebook has created its own video series starring tom brady that ran for six episodes and has over fifty million views it's twice the number of the viewers that watch the oscars last month also facebook's obtained exclusive broadcasting rights for twenty five major league baseball games this season is facebook a media company thank you mr chairman i consider us to be a technology company because the primary thing that we do is to have engineers who write code and build products and services for other people there are certainly other things that we do too we do pay to help produce content we build
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enterprise software although i don't consider us an enterprise software company we build planes to help connect people and i don't consider ourselves to be an aerospace company. but overall when people ask us a poor media company what would i hear is do we have a responsibility for the content that people share on facebook and i believe the answer to that question is yes all right let me ask the next with you can send money to friends on facebook messenger using a debit card or a pay pal account to quote split meals pay rent and more clothes quote people can also send money then mo or their bank at facebook a financial institution. mr chairman i do not consider ourselves to be a financial institution although you're right that we do provide tools for people to send money so you've mentioned several times you started facebook in your dorm room two thousand and four fifteen years two billion users and several unfortunately breaches of address later facebook's today is facebook today the same
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kind of company you started with a harvard dot edu email address well mr chairman i think we've evolved quite a bit as a company. when i started it i certainly didn't think that we would be the ones building this broad of a community around the world i thought someone would do it i didn't think was going to be us so we've definitely grown and you've recently said that you and facebook have not done a good job of explaining what facebook does and so back in two thousand and twelve and twenty thirteen when a lot of this scraping a user and friend data was happening did it ever cross your mind that you should be communicating more clearly with users about how facebook is monetizing their data i understand that facebook does not sell user data per se in the traditional sense but it's also just as true that facebook's user data is probably the most valuable thing about facebook in fact it may be the only truly valuable thing about facebook
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why wasn't explaining what facebook does with the users data higher priority for you as a co-founder and now as c.e.o. mr chairman you're right that we don't sell any data and i would say that we do try to explain what we do is time goes on it's a it's a broad system you know every day about one hundred billion times a day people come to one of our products whether it's facebook or messenger or instagram or whatsapp to put in a piece of content whether it's a photo that they want to share or a message they want to send someone and every time. there's a control right there about who you want to share it with you want to share it publicly to broadcast it out to everyone do you want to share with your friends a specific group of people do want to message it to just one one person or a couple of people that's the most important thing that we do and i think that in the product that's quite clear i do think that we can do a better job of explaining how advertising works there is a common misperception as you say that is just reported often keeps on being
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reported that for some reason we sell data i can't be clear on this topic we don't sell data that's not how advertising works and i do think we could probably be doing a clearer job explaining that given the misperceptions that are out there given the situation are can you manage the issues that are before you or does congress need to intercede i'm going to leave because i'm out i'm over my time that and i want to flag an issue the vietnam veterans america's braised too will get back with your staff on that about some fake pages that are up but i want to stay on schedule so that all yield to mr plonk for four minutes. thank you i know you talked about how positive and optimistic you are and i guess i'm sorry because i'm not i don't have much faith in corporate america and i certainly don't have much faith in their g.o.p. allies here in congress. i really look at everything in turkey that this
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committee does or most of what this committee does in terms of the right to know in other words they always fear that people you know the go on facebook they don't necessarily know what's happening what's going on with their data and so to the extent that we could pass legislation which i think we need and you said that we probably should have some legislation i want that legislation to give people the right to know to empower them to. to you know provide more transparency i guess is the best way to both so i'm looking at everything through that sort of lens so just let me issues three quick questions i'm going to guess could answer yes or no because the time yes or no is facebook limiting the amount or type of data facebook itself collects or uses congressman yes we limit a lot of the data that we collect and use this see i don't see that in the announcements you made like you've made all these announcements away as heat is about the changes you're going to make and i don't really see how that how those announcements or
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changes limit the amount or type of data that facebook collects or uses in an effective way but let me go to the second one again this is my concern that users currently may not know or take affirmative action to protect their own privacy yes or no is facebook changing any user default settings to be more privacy protected congress and yes in response to. these issues we've changed a lot of the way that our platform works so that way developers can't get access to as much information as see again i don't see that in the changes you say you propose i don't really see any way that these users default settings you're changing these user default settings in a way that it's going to be more privacy protection protected but let me go to the third one yes or no will you commit to changing all the user default settings to minimize to the greatest extent possible the collection in user and use of users
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data you make that commitment. congressman if we try to collect and give people the ability i'd like to answer yes or no if you could will you make the commitment to change all the user to changing all the user default settings to minimize to the greatest extent possible the collection and use of users' data that's i don't think that's hard for you to say yes to unless i'm missing something congressman this is a complex issue that i think is deserves more than a one word and well again that's just supporting to me because i think you should make that commitment and maybe what we could do is follow up with you on this possible that's ok we can do that follow yes all right now you said yesterday that each of us owns the cotton that we put on facebook and that facebook gives some control the consumers over their content but we know about the problems with cambridge analytical i know you change your rules in two thousand and fourteen and
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again this week but you still allow third parties to have access to personal data how can consumers have control over their data when facebook doesn't have control over the data itself that's my concern last question congressman what we allowed we allowed our developer platform is for people to choose to sign into other apps and bring their data with them that's something that a lot of people want to be able to do the reason why we built the developer platform in the first place was because we thought it would be great if more experiences that people had could be more social so if you could have a calendar that showed your friends birthdays if you could have an address book that had pictures of your friends on it if you could have a map that showed your friends addresses on it in order to do that you need to go to sign in to an app bring some of your data and some your friends data and that's what we've built now since then we've recognized that that can be used for abuse too so we've limited it so now people can only bring their data when they go to an app but that's something that a lot of people do on
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a daily basis is signed into ops and websites with their with facebook and that's something i still are going to. after me i know i sort of should there's not enough people are empowered enough to really make those decisions in a positive chair now recognizes a former chairman of the committee mr barton of texas for four minutes well thank you and thank you mr zucker burke for being here people need to know that you are voluntarily you're not here because you've been subpoenaed so we appreciate that. sitting behind you have the gentleman you speak ounce for the committee mr jim barnett and if he's affiliated with facebook you've got a good one if he's not he's just got a great seat i don't know. what it is. i'm going to read you a question that i was asked i got this through facebook. and i've got dozens like us so my first question. please and mr zucker barr why is facebook censoring conservative bloggers such as diamond in silk facebook call them
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on say to the community that is ludicrous they hold conservative views that isn't on site what's your response to congressman in that specific case our team made an enforcement error. and we have already gotten in touch with them to reverse it well facebook does tremendous good when when i met you in my office eight years ago you don't remember that but i've got a picture of you when you had curly hair and. facebook had five hundred million users now it's got over two billion that's a success story. in anybody's book it's such an integral part of certainly young americans lives that you need to work with congress and the community to ensure that it is a neutral safe into the largest extent possible private black hole do you agree
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with. congressman i do agree that we should work to give people the fullest free expression that is possible that's what i talk about giving people a voice that's what i care about ok. let's talk about children children can get a facebook account of their own i believe starting at age thirteen is that not correct congressman that's correct ok is there any reason that we couldn't have just a no data sharing policy period until you're eighteen just if you're a shot a child with your own facebook account until you reach the age of eighteen you know it's you know you can't share anything it's their data their picture it doesn't it doesn't go anywhere nobody gets to scrape it nobody gets to access it it's absolutely totally private. for children what's wrong with that
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congressman we have a number of measures in place to protect minors pacifically we make it so that adults can't contact minors who they are nerdy friends with we make it so that certain content may be inappropriate for minors we don't show the reality that we see is that teens often do want to share their opinions publicly and that's a service that. we let them opt in to do that yes we do. you know that unless they specifically allow it in going allowed that's my point congressman every time that someone chooses to share something on facebook or you go to the app right there it says who do you want to share with you. when you sign up for a facebook account it starts off sharing with just your friends if you want to share publicly you have to specifically go and change that setting to be sharing publicly everything that i'm bad out of town i'd i actually use facebook.
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and you know i know if you take the time you can go to your privacy and click on that you go to your settings and click on that you can pretty well set up your facebook account to to be almost totally private but you have to really work at it and my time's expired hopefully we can do some questions in writing as a follow up i salute literally journo recognizes the gentleman from illinois mr rush for four minutes for questions thank you mr chairman mrs know him are welcome and the nineteen sixties women. through me. and no one please listen let me challenge in the u.s. and on ization into hutchison planing and something call coing till home which wasn't cholera intelligent only i'm willing trench and sharing
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information amounts zimmerman's in this new political and social sin then human religious. feeling he says. and i personally was a mink him oh until home. you are only missing. you're methanol and in my opinion in some of the you and truncating facing lines in the american homeless oh my looming thing and the clothes suit on happen in my new home still in vain. then the number the nation oh no right to privacy lessons of the moment what is in your has been clean placements methodology and the new method not a new. american political oh yeah yeah in the home.
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this is an important question because i think people often ask what the differences between surveillance and what we do what i think that the difference is extremely clear which is that on facebook you have control over your information the content that you share you put there you can take it down at any time the information that we collect you can choose to have us not collect you could delete any of it and of course you can leave facebook if you want i know of no surveillance organization that gives people the option to. delete the data that they have or even know what they're collecting this is a whom are you sure mean a minute and then things man has grown so many so say is in his you know alone when the company that you started in your known norm room as your news one. american success story not much influence comes well
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enormous so minu own when you have a own to act and to point it into concern or. placement my fault saying unions. why is the onus on the new isn't in to why this ng and so hearing settings congressman. as i said every time that a person chooses to share something on facebook they're proactively going to the service and choosing that they want to share a photo write a message to someone every time there is a piece of control right there not buried in setting somewhere but right there when they're when they're posting about who they want to share it with muslim or own him a few more seconds and moments alone in seventeen home home a hit on. point and then things mostly oh no howling and learn.
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to systematically and soon i mean time as a man who's a simmering racial whom and in this in the pull him in the play this isn't just one example where things move has allowed the ring still claims raised to impart meaning clear home one of the things move done and one you know into ensuring that you on your own time in an emergency mage and on the components of your own plan form compile you will hear a lot such as the sumo ranks and nineteen inch knee. congressman since we learned about that we removed the option for advertisers to exclude ethnic groups from targeting one and you know that the gentleman's time has expired we need to go now to the gentleman from michigan mr upton for four minutes the thing is shannon welcome to the committee
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a number of times in the last day or two you've indicated that in fact you're now open to some type of regulation and we know of course that year the dominant social media platform without any true competitor in all frankness and you have hundreds if not thousands of folks the that are would be required to help navigate any type of regulatory environment some would argue that more regulatory environment might ultimately stifle new platforms. and innovators some might describe is desperately needed competition i.e. regulatory complexity helps protect those folks like you it could create a harmful barrier to entry for some startups particularly ones that might want to compete with you so should we policymakers up here be more focused on the needs of startups over large incumbents and what kind of policy regulation regulatory
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environment would you want instead of managing maybe a fortune five hundred company if you were launching a startup to take on the big guy congressman thank you and let me say a couple things on this first your point about competition the average american uses about eight different apps to communicate and stay connected to people so there is a lot of competition that we feel every day and that that's that's an important force that we that we definitely feel in running the company second on your point about regulation. the internet is growing in importance around the world in people's lives and i think that it is inevitable that there will need to be some regulation so my position is not that there should be no regulation but i also think that you have to be careful about what regulation you put in place for a lot of the reasons that you're saying i think a lot of times regulation by definition puts in place rules that
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a company that is larger that has resources like ours can easily comply with but that might be more difficult for a smaller startup to comply with so i'm not these are all things that need to be thought through very carefully when no one thinking through what rules we want to put in place and to follow up question with did mr burton as silk and. diamond and i don't know whether you know about this particular case i have a former state rep who's running for state senate he's the former michigan lottery commissioner so he's a. fairly good political prominence he is in that he announced for state senate just in the last week and he had what i thought was a rather positive announcement is read to you personally what it was i'm proud to announce my candidacy for state senate lansing needs conservative west michigan values in his or next state senator i will work to strengthen our economy limited government lower auto insurance rates alex the budget stops insurers cities pay
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down government debt be a pro-life pro second amendment lawmaker and. it was rejected big and the response from you all was it was in the pool because it doesn't follow our advertising policies we don't allow ads that contain shocking disrespectful or sensational content including as the depict violence or threats of violence i'm not sure where the threat was based on what he tried to post. i'm not sure either i'm not familiar with that specific case it's quite possible that we made a mistake and we'll follow up afterwards. ok overall you know i mean we have by the end of this year we'll have about twenty thousand people at the company who work on security and content review related issues but there's a lot of content flowing through the systems in a lot of reports and unfortunately we don't always get these things right when people reported to us thank you when it's time to expire jeremy nies is
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a gentle lady from california this issue for four minutes thank you mr chairman good morning mr zappa sanker berg first. i believe that. our democratic institutions are undergoing a stress test in our country. and i believe that american companies always something to america. i think the damage done to our democracy relative to facebook and its platform being weaponized. are incalculable. enabling the cynical manipulation of american citizens for the purpose of influencing an election is deeply offensive and it's very dangerous putting our private information on offer without concern for possible misuses i think is simply irresponsible i invited my constituents going into the weekend to
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participate in this hearing today by submitting with they want to ask you and so my questions are there is and mr chairman i'd like you know animas consent to place all of their questions in the record that objection so these are a series of just yes no questions do you think you have a moral responsibility to run a platform that protects our democracy. yes or no yes i have users of facebook who are caught up in the cambridge analytical debacle they notified yes we are starting to notify people this week we started under i believe . well facebook offered to all of its users a blanket opt in to share their privacy data with any third party users congresswoman yes that's how our platform works you have to opt in to sign in to any hour before you use it well let me just add that it is
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a minefield in order to do that and you have to make it transparent clear in pedestrian language just once this is what we will do with your data do you want this to happen or not so i think that this is being blurred i think you know what i mean by it are you aware of other third party information mishandling that have not been disclosed congresswoman you know although we are currently going through the process of investigating every you're not sure that had access to a large amount of data what does that mean it means that we're going to look into every app that had a large amount of access to data in the past before we walked on the platform i.e. you're not aware because there are tens of thousands of us who will find i only have four minutes and want with no data included in the data sold to the malicious third parties your personal data yes it was are you willing to
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change your business model in the interests of protecting individual privacy congresswoman we your have made and are continuing to make changes to reduce the amount you know are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy. congresswoman i'm not sure what that means well i'll follow up with you on it one phase learned the cambridge analytical research project was absolutely for tiger targeted psychographic political campaign work congresswoman it might be useful to clarify what actually happened here do well know i don't have time for a long answer that when did facebook learn that and when you learned it did you contact your c.e.o. immediately and if not why not. congressman yes we learned in two thousand and fifteen that a cambridge university researcher so said with the academic institution that delta
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that people chose to know what happened with them but i'm asking you some answer how question right when when we learned about that we on johnny fifteen you learned about it yes and you spoke to their c.e.o. immediately we shut down the app did you speak to those you know immediately we got in touch with them and we asked them to today we demanded that they delete any of the data that they had and their chief data officer told us that they had the journalese time is expired and you're now recognize gentleman from illinois mr shimkus for four minutes and you mr chairman thank you for being here mr berger two things first on one thing facebook you streamlined our congressional baseball game last year we got the managers here and i was told that because of that we raise an additional hundred thousand dollars for d.c. literacy and feeding kids and stuff so that's the other thing is i usually put my
4:43 pm
stuff up on the t.v. i don't want to do it very much because my dad and he'd be mad if he went international like you are and. he's not facebook for a long time he's a d.a. has been good for connecting with kids and grandkids i just got my i'm mother involved on an i pad. and. she can't handle a keyboard and so and i did this last week. in this world activity i still think there is a positive benefit for my parents to being gays on this platform. but there's issues as being raised today and. i'm going to go into a couple of those. facebook made developed access to user and friend and a back in your main update was in twenty fourteen. so the question is what triggered that update congressman this is a important question to clarify so in two thousand and seven we launched the
4:44 pm
platform in order to make it so that people could sun to other apps bring some of their information and some of their friends information of social experience this created a lot of innovative experiences new games companies like zynga there were companies that you're that you're familiar with like netflix and spotify had integrations with this that allowed social experiences in their apps but unfortunately there are also a number of apps that use this for abuse to collect people's data so if i can interrupt is just could you identify to do is possibly social scraping going on you know there was abuse and that's why in twenty fourteen we took the step of fundamentally changing how the platform works so now when you sign into an up you can bring your information and if a friend is also signed into the app then it will then the app can know that your friends so you can have a social experience or not ah but when you sign in to adopt it now no longer brings
4:45 pm
information from other people you know let me go to your announcement of audit who's going to conduct the audit we're talking about are there other cambridge analytics out there yes congressman good question so. we're going to start by doing an investigation internally of every single law had access to a large amount of information before we lock down the platform if we detect any suspicious activity at all we are working with third party auditors i imagine there will have to be a number of them because there are a lot of apps and they will conduct the audit for i think we would hope that you would bring in a third party to help us clarify and have more confidence the last question i have is in yesterday's hearing you talk to a little about facebook tracking in different scenarios including log off users can you please clarify how that works and how this tracking work across different devices yes congressman thank you for giving the opportunity to clarify that so.
4:46 pm
one of the questions is. what information do we track and why about people who are not signed into facebook we track certain information for security reasons and for ads reasons for security it's to make sure that people who are not signed into facebook can't scrape people's public information you can even when you're outside and you can look up the information of people chosen to make public on their page because they want to share with everyone so there's no reason why you should have to be logged in but nonetheless we don't want someone to go to go through and download every single public piece of information even if someone chose to make it public that doesn't mean that it's good to allow someone to aggregate it so even if someone isn't logged in we track certain information like how many pages they're accessing as a security measure the second thing that we do is we provide an ad network that third party websites and apps can run in order to help them make money and those ads similar to what google does and what the rest of the industry does it's not
4:47 pm
limited to people who are just on facebook so for the purposes of that we may also collect information to make it so that those ads are more relevant and work better on those websites there's a control that for that second class of information around ad targeting anyone can turn off has complete control over it for obvious reasons we do not allow people to turn off the measurement that we do around security the gentleman's time has expired we now turn to the gentleman from new york mr angle for four minutes thank you mr chairman mrs arkell you have roots in my district the sixteenth congressional district of new york i know that you attended ardsley high school and grew up in westchester county as you know westchester has a lot to offer and i hope that you might commit to returning to westchester county perhaps to do for a month on this and some other things i hope you would consider that will will be in touch in touch with you but i know that oddly high school is very proud and. you mentioned yesterday. that's
4:48 pm
a book that was deceived by alexander colgan when he sold user information to cambridge on a linux does facebook plan to sue alexander cogon cambridge university cambridge analytic perhaps for unauthorized access to computer networks exceeding access to computer networks to a breach of contract and while warning a why not congressman is something that we're looking into we already took action by banning him from the platform and we're going to be doing a full audit to make sure that he gets rid of all the data that he that he has as well to your point about cambridge university what we found now is that there is a whole program associated with cambridge university or a number of researchers not just alexander kogan although to our current knowledge she's the only one who sold the data to cambridge and a lot of there were a number of other researchers who were building similar apps so we do need to understand whether there is something bad going on at cambridge university overall that will require
4:49 pm
a stronger action from us now you mentioned before in your remarks hate speech we've seen the scale and reach of extremism. in the last decade partially because of the expansion of social platforms whether it's a white supremacist rally in charlottesville that turned violent or to ethnic cleansing in burma that resulted in the second largest refugee crisis in the world are you aware of any foreign or domestic terrorist organizations hate groups criminal networks or other extremist networks it's great facebook user data and if they have it if they do it in the future how would you go about getting it back or deleting it. congressman we are not aware of any specific groups like that. that have been gauged in this we are as i've said conducting a full investigation of any apps that had access to a large amount of data and if we find anything suspicious will tell everyone affected we do not allow hate groups on facebook overall so if there's a group that there are very purpose or
4:50 pm
a large part of what they do is spreading hate we will ban them from the platform overall so if you adjust your. algorithm rhythms to prevent individuals interest in just didn't violence on a ferry has to activities remain connected with other like minded individuals sorry can you repeat that you adjust your algorithms to prevent individuals interested in violence or bad activities and being connected with other like minded individuals. congressman yes that's certainly an important thing that we need to do ok and finally let me say this who many of us are very angry about russian influence in the night in the twenty sixteen presidential elections and russian influence over our presidential elections is facebook have the ability to detect when a foreign entity is attempting to buy a political entity and is that process or automated do you have procedures in place to inform key government players when a foreign entity is attempting to buy
4:51 pm
a political ad or when it might be taking other steps to interfere in an election. congressman yes this is an extremely important area after we were slow to identify the russian from ation operations in two thousand and sixteen this is become a top priority for our company to prevent that from ever happening again especially this year and twenty eighteen which is such an important election year with the u.s. midterms but also major elections in india brazil mexico. pakistan a number of other places so we're doing a number of things. that i'm happy to talk about or follow up with afterwards around deploying new ai tools that can proactively catch fake accounts that russia or others might create to spread misinformation and one thing that all that i'm done here just because i know we're running low on time is since the twenty sixteen election there are been a number of significant elections including the french presidential election the
4:52 pm
german election and last year the us senate alabama a special election and the ai tools that we deployed in those elections were able to proactively take down tens of thousands of fake accounts that may have been trying to do the activity that you're that you're talking about so our tools are getting better. for as long as russia has people who are employed who are trying to perpetrate this kind of interference it will be hard for for us to guarantee that we're going to fully stop everything but it's an arms race and i think that we're making ground and are doing better and better and are confident about how we're going to do on a month's time has expired you. ok you've been watching live coverage of. this to many in the congress in the united states and join in this thing to that with me is nothing from a social media desk behind extensive questioning by lawmakers there of consequence a second day of testimony what are your initial reactions and impressions of what he said i think the initial reaction is you know the questioning is tough but maybe
4:53 pm
not quite as tough as what we saw yesterday in front of the senate. seems very confident i mean he's had a lot of training a lot of preparation for this and he seems to be even getting stronger than he was yesterday very confident in his answers we saw some interesting questions though we saw him ask to facebook had enough competition and he said well there are eight apps that people use daily so maybe there's not as much there is some competition of course he did mention that many of those apps are owned by facebook whatsapp instagram messenger for example he was asked about privacy settings even touching again like yesterday on whether facebook has a political bias many conservatives on this panel worried about if conservatives are being silenced or censored on the platform it was interesting to hear his response if he would offer a blanket opt in for privacy settings whether users should just have to opt in rather than opt out he kind of dodge the question saying look we already do that that's not quite true because facebook tracks users even when they're not on the platform there's there's trackers all over the internet the facebook can follow
4:54 pm
people so there's no real consent for that whether you like it or not facebook is following you so that is not quite true in terms of what zuckerberg said one other thing is it was interesting to see a question about whether or not facebook which changed its business model to maximize the amount of privacy and minimize the amount of data that is collected he luckily ran out of time i think the buzzer sounded right as he was asked but he definitely did not want to answer that question because biz that the business model for facebook is of course gathering information about its use he said it is opening remarks the chair of the energy and commerce committee said that there's no point in. having a hearing of this kind it is going to be no change after this hearing you know one day of testimony yesterday a second one going on right now do you think there will be changes as a result of this testimony i think mark zuckerberg is here because he sees change on the horizon he knows that there will be some regulation it's just inevitable that his company is getting too big social media in general is getting very
4:55 pm
powerful this is a multibillion dollar company bid forty billion dollars in bright and revenues so i think he wants to have his influence he wants to have his voice heard and take part in the regulation process that makes sense for a big company to be there have their say and influence maybe the regulations that they want to see we may not see any regulations directly after these hearings but i think it's on the horizon here because he is one of the lawmakers did say when you have so much of influence in facebook as the c.e.o. of facebook is huge influence it comes with a lot of responsibility so what was the key takeaway in the next thirty seconds if you can tell me in terms of his responsibility it seems like he's trying to at least show that he understands the enormity of facebook in terms of global politics privacy data collection he wants to be there apologize own that and then show that he has a step forward so i think in terms of of what he's showing to the public he's doing the right thing and he's here and he said that he's committed to getting a grant you want to describe facebook as an idealistic and optimistic company and talk about the mission of words there's a lot of banks was
4:56 pm
a lot of questions still remain but we've got a lot of time. we have desk of was giving his comments on a stock a bit stephanie on the couch enough bye bye .
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