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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 11, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CEST

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with your photographer starting may third column t w. this is deja vu news live from bergland u.s. president donald trump fires off a warning to russia over syria he tweets get ready russia missiles will be coming trump has vowed to strike syrian military targets after an alleged poison gas attack last week and. also coming up facebook boss mark zuckerberg faces day
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two of a grilling over his company's misuse of private data he tells the committee of the house of representatives that facebook has not seen any activity by russia or china to collect data. i'm sorry kelly thank you for joining us u.s. president donald trump has blasted off a warning to russia over syria he has threatened to military action after an alleged poison gas attack last week and earlier he tweeted russia vows to shoot down missiles fired at syria get ready russia because they will be coming you shouldn't be partners with a gas killing animal who kills his people and enjoys it. now reports suggest that pro-government forces in syria are clearing equipment and troops from main airports and military bases ahead of a possible u.s. attack rival proposals by the u.s.
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and russia to investigate the alleged poison gas attack have hit a dead end as accusations fly over what actually happened. these images have shocked the world the young survivors of an alleged chemical weapons attack in duma eastern ghouta on saturday. what happened here is sent tension between russia and the west soaring to new heights. as so often during the syrian war the united nations security council is where division and then tag unism have played out on the one side the u.s. and its allies on the other russia supporting syrian president bashar al assad h. side vetoed the others resolutions and each blame the other for the deadlock. the u.s. delegation is again trying to mislead the international community. it's known taken a further step toward confrontation. russia is already on the ground in duma
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this amateur video purportedly shows russian police investigating the the site of the attack moscow says and the regime ready to allow probe which shouldn't assign blame the u.s. says that's a cover up. history will record that on this day russia chose protecting a monster over the lives of the syrian people while the u.s. and its allies say russia's position is a smokescreen they want an independent inquiry to begin soon while they still evidence of what happened on the way canned like this gas canister said to have been discovered two days ago. and while diplomats argue over how best to respond the alleged attack has already shifted syria's battle lines hiya displaced people from duma arrive in syria's rebel held north resistance collapsed in eastern guta
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after the attack the refugees are reminded of the brutal intensity of this war which the international community has so far remained powerless to stop. and we have the view from the u.s. and russia our washington bureau chief alexander phenomena standing by and in moscow correspondent yury of a shadow welcome to you both and alexander i'd like to begin with you how credible is this threat by president trump could we indeed see a u.s. strike against russia in syria. i don't think that we are going to see an u.s. strike against russian forces in syria what presence trump was talking about on twitter a possible strike against syria forces in syria and that could indeed happen and you know if that doesn't happen that the president could lose his credibility and look for week after threatening such an attack so we don't
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know yet what is going to happen but what we do know is that he has been talking to his senior military advisers according to you as secretary of defense met this the president was provided will all possible options all options are on the table at the same time the pentagon is still and says seeing what really happens in syria so we have to wait and see what action is going to be taken by the u.s. however we have to add that so we can it's you that whatever happens the russians on the ground in syria are going to be warned because the u.s. military wants to avoid and the confrontation with the russian forces that could lead to a force scale escalation in syria and in the meantime russia for its part i mean they are continuing to move right yuri because we've just had news and from russia
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that apparently the military police they're going to and head juma on thursday this is the area of this alleged chemical attack the implications of that could be huge right. are yes absolutely sarah potential american attack and doom at the alleged chemical weapons factory could lead to a disaster alexander said that already therefore russia is taking too strong warnings russian foreign ministry spokes spokeswoman that he is one hundred percent for example that small to missiles should be aimed at the terrorists of our rather than out of the legitimate government of syria so the answer of your question question is yes indeed the implications could be huge if the americans actually attack juma that's why the calculational at least with the hope for the russians could be exactly that they sent russian soldiers to do muscle that the americans do not bomb there. and in the meantime we've also had another tweet from u.s.
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president donald trump let's just bring those that bring that up so our viewers can see it it says the following our relationship with russia is worse now than it has ever been and that includes the cold war there is no reason for this russia needs us to help with their economy something that would be very easy to do and we need all nations to work together stop the arms race so alexandra what does trump want from russia. so apparently president trump was referring in this treaty to an announcement made by lot of any putin a couple of weeks ago he said that that russia has developed a new line of nuclear capable weapons and that is something that the pentagon is of course concerned about that that could lead to a new arms race but generally speaking president trump says that he wants russia to
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change its behavior in syria and in ukraine and then if it happens he would still be interested in improving the u.s. relationship with russia russia for its part they have already outlined how they would respond in the event of a u.s. strike and there are also major regional implications during walk us through that. well just impossible to lebanon mr sick can warrant in case of an attack moscow would shoot down any u.s. missiles fired at syria that means not just of the missiles the fired russian soldiers but any american or western missiles fired over syrian government forces as well even more russia would obviously target to the launch sites of the missiles which means u.s. military bases or aircraft carriers in the persian gulf for example three weeks ago i myself was on the largest u.s. carrier of the world on the u.s.s. theodore roosevelt from beach missiles attack targets in syria and iraq so it may
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well be that from their missiles right now launch to attack president assad's armed forces on the ground the u.s. as to the rules bill which i visited is one of the largest wash in the world with more than the five thousand marines and us that officers on board if the russians attack such an aircraft carrier carrier then americans can face great danger unless the missile defense system prevent of its year of a shadow in moscow and alexander phenomena in washington thank you. but a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world saudi forces have intercepted several ballistic missiles fired by who with the rebels in yemen earlier witnesses reported hearing a number of blasts in the capital riyadh saudis have been posting video on social media showing smoke in the sky there were no reports of casualties or damage. algeria has announced three days of mourning after two hundred fifty seven people died in a military plane crash over the jet went down at
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a military base just outside of the capital algiers aircraft was packed with soldiers and their families heading to a base in the country southwest of exit polls in azerbaijan show the incumbent president ilham aliyev idea comfortably winning a fourth consecutive term with more than eighty percent of the vote opposition parties have accused authorities of rigging the vote and boycotting the polls he has ruled the oil rich country of since taking over from his father back in two thousand and three. facebook boss mark zuckerberg has been answering more questions from u.s. lawmakers about data privacy. testifying following revelations that millions of people have their facebook data misused by the political consulting firm cambridge analytical as he did yesterday zuckerberg began by apologizing to lawmakers over the scandal and during the questioning later on zucker burb told
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a democratic lawmaker that his own personal data was among those affected have a listen we're going to include in the garden sold to the militias who reported. your personal data yes it was are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy. i was home and your have made and are continuing to make changes to reduce the amount you know are you willing to change your business model in the interest of protecting individual privacy congresswoman i'm not sure what that means and earlier i spoke with max hope and the berlin based editor in chief of vises multimedia tech platform motherboard he had this analysis of zuckerberg is response when lawmakers asked him if facebook was a tech company a media company or a financial institution he thinks facebook needs to take responsible for the content that is posted on the platform and that is clearly never done that before
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you have never done that before exactly that's quite a shift and that is exactly the distinction you made before which is quite important because it touches on the topic of regulation if facebook is not just an infrastructure provider not just say a cable company that provides the internet to your home but a media company like your t.v. station then it can be held accountable to what it actually broadcasts and that means quite other regulations than they have faced in the past they have fought this very very strongly in the past they are fighting this in a way you're in germany actually when it comes to so will be interesting to see if ace book will actually follow what dr brooks said yesterday that they are willing to accept some sort of regulation what kind of regulation look like do you think that's a tough question and i think the hearing really showed that the public is not sure about that lawmakers are not sure about that they don't even seem to understand some of the basic concepts of the internet some of them didn't some of them did
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quite well but that we are at a stage where. there is a lot of discomfort with the power that this company that a lot of people used and. not that much is known about what it's about it's in workings. and about how it can be held accountable where it is states where there's a lot of discomfort with that situation and those hearings go to show that the showed the the how much attention was paid to the hearings just show that how the regulation can look well that's a couple of things on the different topics saw terrorism that's actually quite a lot of regulation there already and when it comes to hate speech we're seeing an interesting experiment in germany where we're seeing that just trying to regulate facebook does not mean that it's going to get better it's actually a lot of criticism from all sides of the political spectrum on its degree which i find quite funded so i think that long needs to be adopted. and when it comes to election difference they are doing some some things and they will be doing more
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which the book referred to in the hearings but we as the public need to hold them hold them accountable to if those tools that the providing know will actually work and one of the things that was perhaps shocking for users for people to subserving the situation is that you know the case of the cambridge analytical data breach facebook knew about it they knew about it for a while they didn't inform their users do you think that mark zuckerberg won back some of that trust today and yesterday. as a that's a tough question and i think still an open question if you would ask the financial markets then yes he did. the stock markets have had a positive response for him if you the public responds i don't think he did i'm seeing a lot of people questioning the tracking mechanisms of facebook and actually making use of the tools that facebook is providing no revising their privacy settings so that's what i'm seeing across the social networks and i think people are only
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starting to realize now how much facebook actually knows about them but also how much control facebook does give them to a certain extent of what they share with the network but there will be a lot of more discussion going forward on this i guess that based editor in chief of vises multimedia tech motherboard we appreciate it thanks for having me. you're watching d.w. news we have a whole lot more to combine physical and joins you after a short break. frank food. international gateway to the best connections of air road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to their own world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at
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