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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 12, 2018 8:00pm-9:01pm CEST

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i am. this is news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump promises a decision on syria fairly soon fears of a confrontation with russia syria's main ally have been running hot since trump said on wednesday that missiles will be coming. also on the program the number of executives carried out last year the number of executions excuse me carried out last year around the world fell compared to the year before according to amnesty international we will be looking at what it means for africa and israel marks its
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holocaust remembrance day at the biggest nazi death camp the nation's president led the annual march for the living of this year there was tension in the air. plus all change the world's top car maker volkswagen chief executive is making way for an inside insider terabit deeds it's part of a top management restructuring plan in the wake of the diesel cheating scandal. and how the cosmetics industry is targeting a brand new customer base in india gentlemen get ready for your make up. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program u.s. president donald trump has said decisions will be. made fairly soon about how to
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respond to be suspected poison gas attack in syria fears of a confrontation between the west and russia syria's main ally have been running high since trump said on wednesday that missiles will be coming here's what he said just a short while ago there were looking very very seriously very closely at that whole situation and. we'll see what happens folks here see what happens it's too bad. the world puts us in a position like that but you know as i said this morning we've done a great job with isis we have just absolutely decimated isis but now we have to make some further decision so they'll be made fairly soon thank you all very much. meantime russia's military has said that the syrian government has taken complete control of the eastern ghouta the last rebel stronghold near the capital that includes the town of duma the site of the suspected poison gas attack at the weekend people are being evacuated from the town. convoys of buses and making
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their way out to the duma carrying out of the town rebels and their families and with them their hopes of victory against the syrian government this is what's left of eastern after years blockaded and bombarded by syrian government forces people here too scared to enter the buildings. come up with one of the look around all the apartment entrances are blocked because of the mines inside i can't get in everywhere i see why are some things that trouble me. as smoke rises over duma russia says the area is now under the control of the syrian government. but it is russian military police who are patrolling the streets in line with a surrender deal struck with the rebels at the weekend. mosco has broadcast pictures said to show resident celebrating and says the situation here is normalizing. a lot of.
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thought for several international powers these images of saturday's suspected poison gas attack in june give no hint of normalcy. the u.s. britain and france are considering military action in syria in response to the alleged attack syria's allies russia and iran have threatened to retaliate if they do so with turkey israel and other regional powers also involved the u.n. has warned this conflict could spiral out of control. as u.s. warships make their way to the region there are mounting questions about where this crisis will lead. and earlier german chancellor angela merkel said that germany would not take part in any missile strikes on syria take a less good chance would look to germany with a notice of hate and even more civil military action but i want to stress again
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that no decision has been made on this but we acknowledge and support that everything has to be done to signal that this use of chemical weapons is unacceptable and. let's get more reaction now from europe we are joined from berlin by political correspondent simon young and standing by in brussels is our brussels bureau chief max hoffman welcome to both of you and simon i'd like to begin with you because we just heard chancellor angela merkel speak there she seemed to be implicitly backing military action but not wanting to get involved where does germany fit in here. you know i think germany wants to be positioned as a firm member of the western alliance that's why chancellor merkel has telephoned with the french president and with other countries and saying that it wants to be in contact over this issue but it comes as no surprise that germany won't be getting militarily involved i don't think anyone was expecting that and i don't think that it will. negatively affect other countries ability to take
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military action if that's what it comes to but the chancellor also said it was difficult to do nothing and that's why they're backing pressure from the o.p.c. e w the international chemical weapons inspector it and in the un to put the pressure on syria at this time and as that pressure mounts i mean european countries definitely watching this very closely french president emmanuel knock on in fact has been talking about the gas attack and talked of having proof max over to you now walk us through what exactly he said here and whether or not it might be more likely that military action could be taken there now. well he did say that at least chlorine was used and that it was used by the regime of bashar al assad so of course this strengthens the case for military action by the french because craw had said earlier that the red line for him was the use of chemical weapons in syria by
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the regime of bashar al assad so you can think all right this is basically a go but it doesn't appear to be a go yet although the president said on tuesday that he would decide within days it seemed a little more mellow on thursday saying they would take the decision when it was useful and also efficient what exactly that means is anyone's guess but we can guess that it's probably also due to the complications in the background because of course we're talking about an alliance here with the u.s. and with the u.k. there needs to be coordination and with the mixed signals coming out of washington it's absolutely possible but that this coordination especially with the states is pretty complicated at the moment and given that complication and in the search for coordination and what about the other european military having weight the u.k. because british prime minister theresa may is talking with her cabinet today right . she is she is she called the back from the easter break and in principle it seems
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that the prime minister of the u.k. is willing to follow the u.s. lead here as soon as we know what they actually want to do but the problem and the little twist here is that the opposition at least parts of the opposition are calling for parliament to approve this they don't have to do that it's not the law but it's sort of a convention and if you look at the history of the u.k. following the u.s. in two wars in two thousand and three for example in iraq that didn't go too well that this this might complicate matters or even slow them down absolutely indeed simon merkel for her part doesn't want to get directly involved as you mentioned earlier but you know she did indicate that if the u.n. security council took action beyond diplomacy that germany would be supportive what sort of support is she referring tail. yeah it's slightly on clear what the chancellor meant boy by that phrase actions beyond diplomacy she does seem to have
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left the door open for germany to take some kind of further actions that could be supporting the work of the b c w or it could be providing logistical or other support to allies in military action but i think the key thing is germany's emphasis on solidarity and unity with the other international partners in europe and at the u.n. simon young in berlin max health man in brussels thank you. let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world the international chemical weapons watchdog the i p c w has confirmed that former russian spy sergei scrapple and his daughter yulia were poisoned with a nerve agent in the english city of solsbury however the organization stopped short of naming the substance nor did it say where it was produced. in algeria federals funerals have been held for many of the two hundred fifty seven people killed when a plane crashed shortly after takeoff on wednesday most of the victims were
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soldiers and their family members the accident is the worst aviation disaster in algeria's history authorities have declared three days of mourning at least twelve people have been killed after taliban militants stormed a government compound in central afghanistan the gunmen overran a district headquarters in gaza a province triggering an hour's long gun battle that left several government officials and dozens of militants dead afghan security forces eventually drove the insurgents. you're watching t.v. news still to come on the program israel has been marking its holocaust remembrance day at the biggest nazi death camp the nation's president led the annual march of the living but this year there was tension in the air we'll tell you why. meantime volkswagen has a new c.e.o. this is really a huge change at the top and javier are vegas has the story thanks very much there
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indeed this is news that have reached the d.w. business desk just a few minutes ago the rumors have been confirmed in a major management shakeup how about d.c.'s will become folks lardons new c.e.o. the company board has agreed to appoint the former brad manager as new head as of right now replaces. what was said to remain in the company though at least until the twenty twenty. of course a big story especially for the auto industry let's cross over to the city of five spoke where the company has its headquarters our correspondent stephen beardsley is standing by and has been following the board meeting for us thank you for joining us stephen now we do know that a habit d.s. is not a new name to folks varney has been in the company for a few years what can you tell us about folks narcs new c.e.o. the word around d.c. of course is that he's a numbers man that he's a cost cutter and that comes with implications of course for unions especially here
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in germany who would fear job losses for any more strict cuttings from volkswagen disc aim from b.m.w. almost three years ago as you said hadiya and he came two months before the diesel scandal hit folks wagon and at the time that here rived it was said that he had his eyes on the top position that he now it's been confirmed will take over but that of course he came at the wrong time his star fell a little bit especially as he got into a little bit of heat with the unions for his cost cutting tendencies. we've heard that since then of course he's been very close to some of the families that are the biggest stakeholders and movers behind volkswagen and that he's sort of ascended back to the top we don't know exactly what his stamp will be on volkswagen but we look forward to hearing more about it hopefully tomorrow now let's take a look at the bigger picture here stephen because we know that fox martin has been doing pretty well actually undermine the now former c.e.o.
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the company had record profits and especially here in germany analysts and the press have been consistently saying that this move came as a big surprise so why such a big change and why now. it's a fascinating question and i think that's the question that everyone wants answered hopefully tomorrow when we do have the official introduction of the changes. as you said miller has been seen as downing of as having done a very good job by all objective measures like in stock is back up record sales record profits its position in china is solid its position in the u.s. has improved and it's in many ways back to where it was almost its reputation we will see but consumers haven't lost their taste for volkswagen's they're still buying and mueller has also led ford on electrification efforts which is a big deal for volkswagen's investing heavily in knots and of course he under
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mueller the biggest fears of what volkswagen could face through the diesel scandal never came to fruition forty to sixty billion euros in penalties was what was expected when this first broke and it was only twenty five so far of course it's not over so why now one one of them the word here is most often is that this was wanted by both sides there was a push for a change the idea that diesel scandals behind volkswagen is part of it but also that miller himself was ready to go this is a very difficult job for him he didn't necessarily want to leave porsches what everyone will tell you he was happy there at the top a c.e.o. and this has been a very stressful two and a half years you can imagine being the face of volkswagen at its lowest moment so what we're hearing is that this was a mutual agreement it is not necessarily a bad thing a firing but it was time to try to move on from diesel gate and speaking of moving on from diesel gate you just mentioned it's not really over yet there is still legal action not only in the united states but especially here in europe where we haven't seen any real consequences yet so can the company just close that chapter
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and leave behind just like that. yeah i think of course not and i think anyone would tell you that i mean obviously as you know from a legal perspective you do have ongoing cases you look at the u.k. which is mounting an enormous class action lawsuit in the u.s. there's still issues in europe as you said there's still massive questions and then there of course the the effects the second tier effects including this new outlook on diesel as a synonym for dirty instead of clean that's a big ripple effect as well of diesel gates so and then of course maybe the biggest issue here involved spoke and from what we've talked to what we've heard from people in the streets here is that of course there's the big cultural question within volkswagen as the culture the corporate culture really changed from a time when someone could deceive consumers about how much emissions their car was what was releasing and expect to get away with it how did that even happen in the first place that was one of mueller's biggest tasks was to change the corporate culture within volkswagen but that is a major undertaking for
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a firm as big as this and with as many employees but i think when you talk to employees here there's still this desire to know how will this not happen again how can we be convinced that this is not going to be the case in the future and it's going to be a big task and a big question to answer we'll see some official announcements tomorrow stephen beardsley following the story for us thank you very much. now as you just heard electric cars are the future not only for fights but also for the industry in general china for example is forced into technology with government subsidies and regulations but what about other countries and other regions we'll take a look at nigeria now electric cars are not very common there yet even hybrid technologies are rather rare but those who drive hybrid vehicles are advocating for them as hard as they can out of passion for technology and love for the environment . who. who lives in lagos is familiar with this was. allowed gridlock of rush hour in nigeria's commercial capital.
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every day he's breaking his job so it suggests is that he used to f. and escalate legally. well there is a solution to this problem and its name was silent. for a start button of a hybrid car. like the one that belongs to a thirty five year old entrepreneur. who called drones and build an electric energy it's one of just a handful in nigeria basically from the battery or the engine and. the currents and they seem to be stored inside a battery so it is more my batteries i'm well charged to hold alongside the passengers. a devil is still convinced.
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he's even become a mechanic of sorts. i started basically by. with my love for invites us and. renewable energy basically which was where i moved on to a hybrid vehicle and use then maintenance. over twelve million hybrid vehicles have been sold worldwide but only a few of those have made their way to make us this small community has created a dedicated what's a group on the topic is one of its administrators for fossil courts would use us nationwide is not fall is not four hundred feet tall for strolling cells and give ourselves an exchange information visit can we have a bite to six members. apart from fix. he also helps without us like those twenty two. it's difficult to fix and so.
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they had. to get. a computer engineer has a surprise in store he just bought a twenty sixteen hybrid that he's happy to. hand over there is still more expensive he hopes that some day soon all the calls and his sister is rolled will be hybrids or even trick. the human rights group amnesty international says that the number of reported judicial executions around the world fell during two thousand and seventeen but the group warns that the turn number of people put to death by the state is not known some countries treat executions of just six of a state secret china for example many others carry out executions in full view of
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the public. in iran responsible for carrying out smaller than half of the world's known executions last year that's according to amnesty international's latest figures in dozens of those cases that meant public execution in iran drug trafficking and blasphemy are among those crimes punishable by death. at least five people were executed in iran for acts committed when they were still under eighteen . just four countries responsible for eighty four percent of all recorded executions last year iran saudi arabia iraq and pakistan but the country suspected of being the world's leading executioner is china. it's thought to have put thousands to death last year more than the rest of the world put together the because data on the death penalty there is a state secrets exactly how many is
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a matter of speculation. but not counting china twenty seven thousand so the total number of executions worldwide fall by four percent from the previous year. i'm misty international says that reaffirms the global trend towards abolition of the death penalty last year a further two countries guinea and mongolia joined the one hundred four who have now abolished capital punishment for a second year in a row the us did not feature among the top five global execution is slipping from position seven to eight this is due in part to ongoing legal challenges of the use of lethal injection but as litigation in several states progresses that could see executions resume. and for more i'm joined now by stephen colbert who is amnesty international's deputy regional director for west and central africa thank you so much for being with us and stephen we'd like to ask you because your report found
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good news overall and especially in sub-saharan africa we heard that gambia has abolished the death penalty altogether and other countries are taking steps toward this that's fueling the trend. so you know we since really good news over the last year we've had abolition free we've had a treaty signed in gambia. to oppose the. constitution of the us so that once it's also abolished the death penalty and we've had judicial rulings for example the supreme court in kenya ruling that the military death is unconstitutional and violates the right tonight so this momentum i think is the first thing you need more and more country see that the world is turning away from the death penalty they will find himself in the right side of history those so executed or are in there and smaller and increasingly small minority and it's a positive way to show respect for human rights the exact reasons when you can
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countries move towards a book about a. country like gambia and also the paso use the opportunity of a change of regime removing all the chips. to show that they are on a different path that they're using as a symbol to show break with the past and break with a few question but there's the opposite trend that we have to talk about as well because if we vote for example at south sudan and somalia there's still a lot of work to be done. explain to us what's going on in those countries and how you're trying to combat it. sure yes in africa though there were two countries south sudan and somalia rescued last year. somalia there was twenty four incident that was for just the start of this year was to other countries sudan in botswana also executed so there is still a small pocket of countries in africa that are resisting this this broader trend
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towards our politian we of course will continue to push. to stop those of course countries of botswana i'm slightly different but the other countries are our countries are finding something complex or find themselves in in difficult repressive states and you know often in these countries and others. it's called for and often a response to a conflict of terrorism or organized crime and i think our message is always been in these contexts exactly when you can get the biggest miscarriage of justice is when the justice is most weak it's most lately when innocent people are killed and it's actually not an effective way to to to reduce crime to tackle terrorism and there are many other things that are not and use as a diversion in your experience how big of all though does public opinion play in a state's decision to abolish capital punishment i mean what can people on the grassroots level tail. huge to think political opinion come to an important role
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and i should just painful role sometimes in favorable issues but also it can. press across sometimes in calling for the return of the in some countries or were resisting a change and i think we understand that because when there's often a rise in crime or the horrific crimes in the media is a natural human response to cool cool cool harsh punishments and vengeance and we see that and with. what we have to do there's a constant battle in raising discussions and work with different groups to. discuss how and how there are better ways of also crime and other ways to protect the population and the reason is is that they and of course there are really big important groups that you've got to be a for example with with groups in immigrants who were campaigning against many years who face threats it's what you know actually you know again today sometimes that there were no now there is a pope in the country but thank you so much stephen coburn amnesty international's
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deputy regional director for west africa and central africa for joining us to talk a little bit more about your report on the death penalty especially the trends in your region we appreciate. israelis had been marking their holocaust remembrance day when they remember the six million jews murdered by the nazi official across europe president why even have been was among thousands of people who took part in the annual march of the living at auschwitz in poland the site of one of the most notorious death camps recent poll aside islay sent about the holocaust has cost controversy so there was some tension in the air. a march in memory of the victims of nazi terror at the fronts the presidents of poland and israel more than ten thousand people including youth groups from around the world have come to auschwitz the route leads to the death camp birkenau earlier the young people visited the camp to familiarize themselves with the horrible details of what took place. at home it's very sad to stand here knowing that
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my great grandmother stood and right here as well as my great grandfather an indescribable feeling. survivor's accompanied the groups and recount their traumatic experiences edward most burgs mother and brother in law were killed here yeah they do have to remember what happened. in the war people for the dispute between poland and israel over the so-called holocaust law is causing uncertainty penalties could be imposed on anyone who blames the polish people or state for nazi war crimes israel fears polish accomplices may no longer be identified as a result. i would like to say once again with all my might that it was never the intention of polish politicians to create such a rule which would block bearing witness to the holocaust. the polish
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constitutional court is currently reviewing the law the meeting of the two heads of state at this site of nazi terror could point towards an amicable resolution of the conflict. more news than a few minutes you're watching day w. i'm sorry kelly he said. just one experiencing the joy of. just once having the chance just like a child. for most children in kabul this is just a tree. growing up in afghanistan names taking on a sponsor going home early. like providing food treats family stolen child. in forty five minutes long t w.
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w's program guide on. the highlights the week the holy month. dot com highlights movement fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of work here's what's come out. on. top on t.w. though they do use the female superhero on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart talks smart strange a legend isn't by no means missed out on brain creasing lean dangerous time suffer a double major trauma. the dangerous battle for images. five women. five exceptional stories from. a satire i want to look at it come to morrow morning it may be nothing more easy
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one calling. your photographer you dramatic pictures from the front lines capturing street full moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to the stories of people who ended up killing. women in war photographers starting may third column d. w. . this is c w news live from berlin i'm sara kelly our top story is the chief executive of volkswagen. taking place making way for an insider harridans east it's all part of top management restructuring plan in the wake of the diesel cheating scandal. and u.s. president donald trump has promised a decision on syria fairly soon fears of a confrontation with russia syria's main ally i've been running high since trump
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said on wednesday that missiles will be coming. and staying with the syria conflict president among france has said that he has proof that the syrian government carried out the chlorine gas attack last week and did not say whether france was planning military action against assad's government but he has spoken with president trump several times about the most effective response carrier based french jets would likely play a central role in any strike against syria coordinated by nato allies the u.s. britain and france. for the french president emmanuel mccaw he could just be a question of when mccaw insists he has proof the acid regime used chemical weapons against its own citizens in the town of duma and he says france wants to remove syria's chemical weapons capabilities of course known as off france will not allow an escalation or anything that could damage the stability of the region but we
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cannot let regimes do anything they want especially not crimes against international law. on the streets of paris opinion is divided on whether france should take part in any strike on syria. what the syrian dictator is inflicting on his people is frightening as far as france is concerned an intervention is legitimate. it is not the russian should say clearly to assad now you must stop and you should get out and then we would avoid a conflict but if we strike the russians will be obliged to respond that. there will never be strikes. because france and europe are scared of russia. the russians provide us with gas in the provision orders britain's royal air force would also likely join a strike on syria all the indications are that the syrian regime was responsible and we will be working with our places stylize on how we can ensure that those who
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are responsible are held to account how we can prevent. the humanitarian catastrophe that comes from the use of chemical weapons in the future the continued use of chemical weapons cannot challenge the r.a.f. today put on display in a museum a tornado fighter bomber which recently flew missions against isis in the middle east but the tornado squadrons have not been grounded and others in the fleet remain in combat ready. well let's get more now we're joined from new york by sally abate a she is a journalist with a website story full of news agency that helps track verify and conceptualize content on social media welcome and thanks so much for joining us and you know we've just heard moments ago emanuel mccrone saying that he's got proof that syria was behind the weekend's chemical attack syria has of course denied it how has your organization independently verify the videos and the images out of eastern good that would reject assad's denial. well what we can say is what we can
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independently see from this footage so what that shows us is that people were killed by exposure to chemicals. that is very clear it's more difficult for us to say who carried out this attack but we can say a lot about what happened we can say the number of people at least who were killed we can geo locate at least one of the locations where an attack took place and then there's also footage from media activists on the ground of different orange or yellow canisters which other open source analysts say tally with the canisters that had regime has previously used in chemical attacks that's a lot of information it doesn't confirm crew is responsible but what we've seen is really a very deadly attack and that is different from recent claims in the last three or four months of chemical attacks in duma east and we were just looking at some of
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those those those yellow orange chemistry as they you were describing there can you tell us how this footage from the aftermath of the attack was different from other recent claims of chemical weapons use in syria i mean why is that distinction important and what did you see in the previous ones. well we've seen claims of chlorine gas attacks and good to and in the last three months we haven't seen it's more the symptoms of a korean attack are difficult to verify here we have people foaming at the mouth and you know dead in this way that you know looks like they were killed in place and this is really very dramatic but what we've seen previously is people being treated at hospitals with gas masks there's a guy with oxygen masks i mean there's just limited information that we can draw from the scale of this attack is is really quite remarkable and what have you been hearing intercept that you have sources also in the country of course what are you hearing from independent voices on the ground there in eastern go to what what do
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they have to say to you. the people who have been reporting from east east of moscow have been there there for you know many years this is their home most of them now have left tens of thousands of people have evacuated to the north some of the direct. you know tens of thousands more displaced to camps outside of this suburb of damascus it is extremely sad for them to leave this place and you know they have we we have a relationship with them in that you know we they reliably post footage that's how that's part of how we confirm and corroborate what we know is that these people are known to us they appear in the footage we recognize them they post regularly and we also have monitored think these accounts for for a long time so we are aware of when when images or videos have appeared already. you know for the people there this this this battle in particular is is over it's
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too late sally a baby journalist with the website story full but thank you so much for joining us from new york to talk a little bit more about the. mark zuckerberg has been praised for his performance during his marathon ten hour testimony in the u.s. congress this week but the facebook c.e.o. also excelled in deftly sidestepping some questions joining us now to pin down the answers is carl nason from day to be a social media desk who has been following all of this quite closely all of this week so you've actually been doing the fact checking here what did you find that were kind of looking into some of these more of base of statements there were many times when mark zuckerberg wasn't completely forthright as specially when it comes to how facebook tracks its users those who are even logged out of facebook and even people that don't have a facebook account at all and we have one example here from his testimony take
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a watch take a listen. there's been reports that facebook can track the users internet browsing activity even after that user has logged off of the facebook platform can you confirm whether or not this is true. senator i want to make sure i get this accurate through probably better to have my team follow up we don't know and i know that the people who use cookies on the internet and you can probably correlate activity between. between sessions. ok so not the best answer there let's see if we can kind of fact check that a little bit to do so we can actually go to his own website that this is from facebook's help center and it has some of the answers that mark zuckerberg didn't quite give it says right there if you're logged out or you don't have a facebook account and you visit a website with the like button or another social plug and we receive information about the web page or visiting the date and time and other browser related
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information and we record this info to help us improve our products sarah facebook also uses a piece of code it's called pixel to track users. and also non-users across the internet this looks at the browsing habits even their online purchases so honestly this is all information i think mark zuckerberg knows but just didn't really want to say in front of congress and it wasn't the only thing that didn't quite line up with reality right he was also asked whether or not facebook tracks our phone calls here's that question have you ever collected the content of phone calls or messages through any facebook application or service. senator i don't believe we've ever collected content of phone calls we have an app called messenger and we do on the android operating system allow people to use that app as their client for both facebook messages and texts. yeah ok so maybe you can only really have
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answering the question fair enough facebook probably isn't recording the content of our phone calls but we know that it was recently caught collecting user phone call data even recording as a mess text messages from those who use android phones and this is just one user who experienced that his facebook data was downloaded he took a look at it his entire call history with his partner's mother was there within his facebook data other learned others learned that facebook had been tracking their call history going back for years so those are just a couple of times when he didn't quite tell the truth in front of congress and honestly that was kind of the lawmakers job they were there to get and to tell the entire story behind what facebook is doing they didn't quite hold on to it last and from our social media desk thank you. and now it's time to head back to harvey our gas who is standing by with more business news and a word of caution from the international monetary fund thank you very much sarah
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indeed the word of caution is on china which is consolidating its global power with the construction of a sixty eight projects in many different countries the initiative is called one belt one road and it's a flex of policy of president xi jinping but i.m.f. chief christine legarde has warned the projects could also pose a danger for weaker economies because in the end someone has to pay for them. it's a multi-billion dollar project building roads and railways from asia to africa in europe and to connect china to the world but there is mounting worry the belton road initiative could bind other states to china in negative ways to chinese financing for infrastructure construction many countries could leave them owing the world's number two economy too much money. to build hundred initiative can provide much needed infrastructure funds into public countries. but this ventures can also lead to problematic increase in that potentially limited other spending
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as that service is the rice and rice and creating balances of pavement challenges at the ballot in road conference in beijing the guard said it was important to focus on projects that were both really needed and sustainable to avoid spending strain on governments her remarks come nearly a month after a think tank the center for global development released a list of countries hosting belton road projects that were at high risk of debt distress pakistan top that list which also includes mongolia djibouti in kyrgyzstan among others. to india now a country that has see a male grooming revolution higher wages a vibrant social media culture and bollywood have led to the rise of the indian metro sexual and that means potential cash for the beauty industry estimates put male grooming revenues at over two and a half billion dollars with constant growth our correspondent sonia phony card took
8:43 pm
a look at this beautiful phenomenon. and elaborate beauty regimen to kick start the day twenty two sways by this mosque so my book fresh skin looks very much to dr byard percent of. the event manager from kashmir spends around ten thousand rupees that's a hundred and twenty five euros every month on pickups b.-o. and skincare products it's key to professional success he says. but a meeting will stick with a client of course i have to be sure with my parents it leaves an impression on them if you're proper everything you're trying to do i mean your confidence level is from just the birth. thanks to consumers like golf india's may grooming market has exploded in recent years rising disposable income stability fellas and growing fashion away this have from to giants like danny and the fia to jump on the train.
8:44 pm
which. was number one in miami freedom which. companies use body would superstars to peddle grooming products. some even use unconventional ingredients to grap cusps the industry is what maybe it's and it's attracted niche e-commerce players like the man company which has developed an exclusive men's line. co-founder he. says most of the customers come from small indian towns and cities where there's a massive untapped market. so i think that that's made us a. little less that the one in terms of. obviously being also had access to all these bollywood said cricket and they want to look like them so they want to feel good feel confident. by being online the startup is managed to
8:45 pm
reach these customers with little access to brands. last year it sold off a million products on its website. that they said is beyond or i would say it's like lavender time and album. even in the real world there's lots of opportunity. the company targets silence where men flock for him to get lost in spirits and lots. customers at his steady outlet fork out a minimum of one thousand five hundred rupees about twenty euros for services with the man company problems. they guy can see then mainly i'm seeing doubt that the government are coming to us and explaining that within those the young they're getting their free card on the getting the bigger leading. people are moving to go to be there be a doctor leave. despite all the bugs the grooming industry remains out of reach for most indian men. a majority stupid tradition shops like this
8:46 pm
one to spruce up. football fans are still buzzing over the controversy in one of last night's dramatic champions league match ups at mccambridge sports is here to talk about that the first you know the euro cup will probably kicks off within the next half hour or so tell us a little more about that well lots to go up they and so they were up late kind of in an unusual way they didn't get all their champions league group so they qualify for the road and they're really really taken serious by carrying a one nil lead from the first leg against that goal came courtesy of team of vanna crucially they also stopped going against them in that first leg which means no way go as we so often see in the latter stages of european competition away goals can be huge now they are able to rest on their laurels in this game if they want and they'll know a draw is enough to see them through but as we're about to see from a coach. he wants to go for the throat so let's listen to what he's got so. you're
8:47 pm
going into neutral you don't want to hide we want to play our game just like in st petersburg score a goal and perform with the same bravery as we've always done this year on the road . ok so he's out for blood there but meantime we have to talk about wow what an eventful night it was in the champions league fellas and while it was a hugely eventful night the guy we can see on the wall behind me the g.m. luigi before it was it was quite not for him in one of his last ever champions league games people think so anyway his last season he was sent off but before that to fly and marry a man to get to blaze the tweety with that goes that's a drag event as back into this and again looked like it was only going in one direction it was three three at a time when michael oliver gave away a very judicious penalty and cents off she went to egypt before who is a gold in italian football christiane elder julie dispatched the penalty so it's a night of wild controversy and the ill feeling spilled over after the game as well
8:48 pm
we're going to hear from general b.g. before himself the man at the center of the attention so let's see what he had to say about that decision now. quite sure i could have said anything to the referee and he should have had the sensibility to forgive me. because what he did is to commit a crime against sportsmanship. and that's why i said the words i had to say what he calls for. so a lot of drama in that game but much less drama on another patch when it came to the game with byron munich right well certainly this one was just about as drub as the other one was eventful by munich did but by munich tend to do they managed to get through but this was a new draw people were expecting a big result they didn't get it but they had already done enough in the first leg away and severe thiago alcantara scored a lovely diving header which gave them a two one lead there so no mill turned out to be enough so they are going through
8:49 pm
but i think a lot of our munich fans only will believe that they don't have to be white you better than this if they're going to get through the seventy finals and hopefully get that trouble to the bar and fans crave and a lot of fans are also going to be looking at the drop because that happens tomorrow right in the semifinals which matchups do you think that will be interesting going forward well personally i would absolutely love to see liverpool taken by munich as the european club is a german connection if you oughtn't to see you know a clock back over in germany taken on by munich like he always used to with brits you don't and it be very interesting so i bought a philip this is a year for the on the door go through like liverpool have a good chance of going through no matter who they take on and it be lovely if they could meet romer in the final two and mccambridge from. breaking it all down for us thank you thank you well now the president of the international by avalon union has stepped down temporarily it comes after an investigation was launched into an alleged cover up of doping cases at the now infamous twenty fourteen winter
8:50 pm
olympics in sochi the region anders s. and burke was moved aside after austrian police raided the headquarters of the international biathlon union in salzburg on tuesday evening the world anti-doping agency has said it provided information which prompted those raids. a clip there from three days in a row a movie about a film star nighter and joining us here in the studio is robin merrill from our culture does to tell us a little bit more because you know as the title suggests there it is about romney snyder is it yeah i absolutely i should say for people who don't know romi schneider was a huge mega star here in germany in the fifty's sixty's and seventy's and to
8:51 pm
escape the constant attention she used to go to keep of all which is a sort of seaside resort on the west coast of france to get away from it old to recharge the batteries to dry out as she had a problem with drink during her life. and indeed should say she had a lot of tragedy in her life the worst thing being of course a fourteen year old tragic fourteen year old son tragically died this particular visit was significant because a friend of hers of the photographer robot lebec went with her and he took with him a journalist from stan magazine. and over she was a huge star. it was very vulnerable and she revealed too much of her. to this one could say well for tunis to journalists it also to be her last interview because she tragically again died just a year later. she wasn't just an actress she was an icon three days in cuba
8:52 pm
portrays a fragile magical. who seemed to reveal his soul lost ill maintaining a shroud of mystery the film depicts what would be her last major interview a visit by photographer and a magazine reporter who tries to dig beneath her charms. sounds very smart as i listened and heifers so it was. with you and a friend here but i'm going at least. the best of them high officials. live it's portraits of the star seen here together with schneider captivated the world in one nine hundred eighty one the year before she died aged just forty three the photos were the inspiration for screenwriter director film debaters exhort.
8:53 pm
voters just so unfiltered so on are just it's not romish night of the star but romney schneider the person with out make up in all her sadness and all her lust for life. three days include a snapshot of a woman marked by glamour and by tragedy. i should just mention that for people who might be confused the moving pictures there were of the actress playing romish night i'm mary mary a boy emma who looks uncannily like when you sit next to those. you really couldn't tell that in fact now you know she was a really huge star here in europe but she never mattered in hollywood no she didn't i mean she did go to hollywood made a couple of films i don't think she wanted she was she had a problem with stardom and i don't think she really wants to make it in hollywood i think she could but she she didn't. once she married the french actor de long she
8:54 pm
spent a lot more time living in france and it's clear she struggled with fame and fame came to very early in her career because as a teenager she starred as a play d.m. priscilla's before in this film c.c. and two others lives true sure of which were huge here in europe i mean there were some of the most successful movies in the one nine hundred fifty s. in german speaking countries and to a certain extent to a certain extent she spent the rest of a large sort of trying to get away from this role and she did some very good work she worked with also miles here in europe actually she worked luciano viscounty and she worked a lot with the french director claude saute is well interesting so i return to the film the one that was made about her life why was that shot in black and white. i mean i think there's a few films the director of done recently in black and white and i think it's sort of focuses the attention a bit i think in this case it makes a bit more documentary like and of course it's down to those photos which were the
8:55 pm
inspiration for the film but the photos are black and white so they they did it in black and white we'll have a look at a couple more of these amazing photos by all of those so personal they have become iconic photos. at ease without makeup again she could be vulnerable she could be very happy and there are extraordinary photos to this day i should mention finally that this film has got the most nominations for the german film prize at the end of this may this month has got ten nominations including one for best films a hot favorite for the job and so beloved in this country there's no surprise there robin are all from our culture to ask thank you. a quick reminder now the top stories that we're following for you here at g.w. the chief executive of volkswagen much yes miller is deafening aside to make way for our lives and indeed says another insider it's part of
8:56 pm
a top management restructuring plan in the wake of the diesel cheating scandal and u.s. president donald trump has promised a decision on syria fairly soon fears of a confrontation with russia syria's main ally has been running high some strong said on wednesday that missiles will be coming to. europe today i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching. thank you.
8:57 pm
joy. just once having the chance to enjoy the trial. for most children in kabul is just a tree. growing number of germans to be taken on the dole. sponsibility some of them hardly. like providing food for your family stolen childhood. in fifteen minutes on. climate change.
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there's a long way to survive where it's like hydra i don't think. we are scared we are very scared that we have to stay and it will be a good fight for this fight against it or. bangladesh what is the true face of the country look like freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and is less to extremists again more influence democracy and the rule of law far on shaky ground if this continued . blowfish. it pretty. i'm not. trying to lead desh the dawn of islam as of an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first.
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this is the governor's life from the us president donald trump promises a decision on syria fairly soon because of a confrontation with syria's main ally russia has been growing since mr trump said on wednesday that missiles will be coming also on the program the world's largest cock fight that removes its chief executive for a long time inside the mall that is out of a d.c. is it time to be double restructures its management in the wake of the diesel cheating scoundrel. i mean israel my.


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