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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 13, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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the dawn of islam as an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. this is from russia accuses britain of staging the poison gas attack in syria russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says last weekend's attack was faked orders from london a team of international chemical weapons inspectors has arrived in syria and will begin their investigation tomorrow also on the program. russia. truthful slimeball that's president trump talking about this man his former f.b.i.
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director james comey is the last published next week and he's less than complimentary about the president will bring you a preview. welcome to the program russia says it has proof that last weekend's poison gas attack in syria was staged following orders from britain the russian defense ministry says london told the white house rescue group in syria to fake the gas attack in the town of duma britain says the accusation is a blatant lie inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons it used to begin their investigation on saturday. which is almost a week since their cries show the world suffocated syrian children gasping for air . among the hundreds of victims of a suspected poison gas attack allegedly carried out by their government backed by
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russia. now comes the explosive claim from moscow that the attack was the work of britain. to make sure never spitters you know she's going to be honest i mean it's a day the russian military authorities released more evidence that proves a great britain was involved in the organization of these provocative act in eastern guta states or forces for your particular there that's apartheid meeting of the united nations the faceoff continued with recriminations flying back and forth the u.s. envoy scolded her russian counterpart and i'm in awe the silly of how you say what you say with a straight face i really really. she told the syrian delegation that the u.s. was still considering a military response meanwhile britain's envoy rubbish the russian claims as she
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left the meeting. this is great task it's a blatant lie it's some of the worst piece of fake news we've seen from the russian propaganda machine. chemical weapons inspectors have arrived in damascus in search of answers about the looming threat to bring through an end to a global conflict hasn't stopped families flocking to the city parks. and i thought that only crazy trump has lost his mind and if the syrian people do not get scared under the leadership of president bashar al assad and now here i am me. we are not afraid because when it's needed we carry our weapons and fight with . syria's government has turned up the heat in bold in by a russian ally it issued a warning that it will defend itself against any military strikes.
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let's get more from alex lute in moscow he's a russia correspondent for britain's daily telegraph newspaper welcome to date up there as moscow offered any proof to back this claim. well they made a large presentation today at the defense ministry claiming of course the u.k. staged the whole chemical attack in duma they said that they had this proof from sources on the ground they later sent journalists a video in which two men claim to have been present on april seventh in do my at the hospital and they said the people there were actually suffering from smoke inhalation from a fire when. unknown people came in started pouring water and a chemical attack and there in the video none of this looks very convincing it looks like russia is again muddying the waters around this incident in an attempt to direct flights claim from its ally bashar assad on the west. sergey
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lavrov is talking about campaign of russophobia does they have any international back and say or is he alone in this. well of course russia can sometimes count china support in the u.n. security council different states like cuba and venezuela syria of course iran so of course the there are countries out there willing to support these plans but really this is this is a line that russia has been pushing in response to almost any international crisis in the past few years we've seen the same thing said about the poisoning case in great britain the former russian spy being poisoned there russia's at the exact same thing it's an anti russian campaign they've also suggested that that chemical attack was staged and really western diplomats are growing more and more angry with this kind of rhetoric and there's more calls to unify against that because the western world is waiting for you i think states and britain and france to make up
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their minds about what they're going to do militarily what is russia saying about vatanen day what preparations are they making. well lattimer putin had a phone call today to emanuel mccrone the french president in which he warns mccrone against any sort of dangerous actions as he put it in syria apparently the firms of possible airstrikes he said that that could lead to unpredictable consequences there is the threat of escalation as russian politicians have been calling in recent days for russia to try and shoot down any western missile that might be sent into syria there's been rumors that the british base in cyprus could even be targeted as part of retaliation but one one small cause for hope is that we know the confliction line between russian and u.s. military's is still being used according to both sides they're talking about that
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to try and avoid any sort of loss of life or violent concentration confrontation between these former cold war foes it could escalate out of control very quickly and also playing up on wesson fails a domestic politics playing up the likelihood of a possible refugee influx they face happens. that's right sergei lavrov in his remarks today said that cautioned against syria becoming a rift what he called the repeat of iraq or libya friends of the american invasion of iraq saying that turmoil in syria would lead to an influx of refugees into europe which he said europe doesn't need right now that's of that of course as friends of the european audience somewhat meanwhile his remarks the claims by the defense ministry that the u.k. in fact staged this chemical attack somehow that all is being covered very heavily on russian state television tonight. on the gloom in moscow for britain's daily
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telegraph a newspaper thank you so much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world but all sources in gaza say israeli troops have shot and killed at least one person during a protest on the border with israel but many more were injured the third consecutive friday of large scale protests against the gaza blockade clashes with israeli forces have claimed dozens of palestinian lives. of course in russia has blocked the messaging app telegram after its developers are refused to share encryption case with the russian security services who say they need the information to monitor potential terrorists absent russian developers as providing the government with access to messages would violate privacy laws. now u.s. president donald trump has described his former f.b.i. director james comey as an untruthful slimeball of the details emerged of a note from a no holds barred barred memoir due for release next week president trump fired mr
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curry last week he was said to be unhappy at his handling of the f.b.i. investigation into allegations of russian interference in the twenty sixteen u.s. elections and his new book mr curry scathing of the president's own professional and personal level describing him as a man who twists facts to serve his purpose on all trumps response has been characteristically blunt and delivered of course in the form of a tweet it is james komi it is a proven leaker and liar virtually everyone in washington thought he would be fired for the terrible job he did until he was in fact fired he leaked classified information for which he should be prosecuted like the congress under oath he is a weak and a truthful slimeball who was asked time has proven a terrible director of the f.b.i. and it continues as you can imagine in similar vein.
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now washington post reporter bush has been reading james cohesive book ahead of its publication on the tuesday he joins us now welcome to d.w. does donald trump have much to be what about. well it's sort of comes down to a he said he said in some of these situations and so what you see is probably a little bit more tribalism right so if you are inclined to believe the president you'll probably say call me is lying and if you're inclined to believe call me then you're probably going to side with him our latest polling shows that the general public sides with comi more often than the president so that should be perhaps one cause of alarm for the president he's he's holding on to his base they sort of believe whatever he says but the rest of the country is far more skeptical ok so let's bring the some of the biggest hits from this book well i think one of the big ones one of the questions folks would have had going into the book is whether james
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comey is going to weigh in on whether the president committed a criminal act in particular whether he obstructed justice by firing comin and the answer is no komi does not way and he doesn't clear the president of wrongdoing he does like into a mob boss and he compares him to a criminal but he stops short of saying that the president did anything illegal what he seems to be doing is being very deferential to robert muller who was the special counsel actually conducting the law enforcement investigation why is he going after his former boss in this way. well that's a good question and one perhaps is to protect his own reputation the president was very critical of call me on the way out the door i think another aspect to it if you believe komi to be a man of integrity and i think that many americans do they believe that is partly doing what he sees as a public service which is saying hey i have kind of a unique perspective on this administration and i have a story to tell and people ought to know the way this guy operated and so it's sort
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of a combination of those two things of course there's a commercial element to this as well just call me a certain to an awful lot of books and he is going to be on virtually every t.v. channel in the next week and a half year promoting the book as well what's going to surprise people most about the revelations in this book. well i think that one thing that really will stand out is the way the james comey recounts conversations that he had with individuals who can corroborate or perhaps dispute the contents of those exchanges and i think in the coming days and weeks the public will get more of an opportunity to weigh the credibility of coleman's book for example he recounts very specific conversations with former president obama former attorney general the right to lynch with the current senate minority leader charles schumer and even with the white house chief of staff john kelly the kelly exchange for example is i think one
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of the most interesting nuggets in the book at the time of call misfiring john kelly was the homeland security secretary he was not yet in the white house and according to komi kelly actually threatened to resign in protest as sort of a show of solidarity with comi and komi says that he actually talked kelly out of stepping down and convinced him that good men like him need to be surrounding the president i can imagine kelly will confirm that now that he works for the president directly in the white house but if he doesn't come out and deny it i think that will be very telling the comparison with the mobo this is interesting because the book seems to say that donald trump is all about loyalty and your loyalty is to me not necessarily the constitution or indeed the american people. yeah i mean what call me is describing there is i think a consistent pattern that most political observers can see in this president which is the way he value weights people institutions the media is whether they are favorable to him or not there's really no objective criteria there so remember for
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example that at one time this president used to praise james coleman that was back toward the end of the campaign when coleman's f.b.i. notified congress that it was reopening an investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail usage as secretary of state trump of course was delighted by that development and praised komi for redeeming his prior decision not to recommend an indictment of hillary clinton but once trump got into office he got the impression that call me was going to not the personally loyal to him but was perhaps just going to do the job the way he saw fit and in particular the president was frustrated by called me his refusal to publicly say that the president was not under investigation come quickly fell out of favor with donald trump at that point . bush was very interesting from the washington post thank you for joining d w glad to be with you. football munich have been drawn with hold israel madrid in the champions league semifinals the german side will be at home for the first leg in
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two weeks liverpool have been paired with roma of the time the second leg take place in may but of course the bidding for a travel having already wrapped up the bundesliga the german cup semifinal next week against leverkusen. i said show up today to a hospital for you at the top of the aisle in the meantime course there's always the web site asking w dot com out of the day. story so that people of the world over information provide the opinions they want to stress g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us.


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