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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CEST

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that will turn your home to something special. upgrade yourself with d. w.'s interior design channel on you tube. you're watching the news live from berlin the us britain and france strike syria the joint strike targeted allegedly chemical weapons facilities overnight syrian state television has released of these images purportedly showing the destruction washington says it's a response to the suspected points in gas attack by president assad's forces last week. these are not the actions of a man. they are crimes of
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a monster instead you have a president trump denouncing assad and now praising the u.s. military what he calls a perfectly executed attack tweeting mission accomplished. and residents take to the streets of damascus in a show of defiance as syria's president says the strikes will only increase his resolve to quote crush terrorism in every inch of the country. at a cost and welcome to the program a u.n. security council meeting called by russia is now underway moscow is seeking a vote to condemn the united states and its allies for carrying out military strikes on syria russia is demanding that no. further strikes will be launched by
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the u.s. ambassador nikki haley told the meeting that the allies are quote locked and loaded to strike syria again if further chemical weapons attacks take place so u.n. security general antonio terrace has called for calm and they are all members to show restraint in these dangerous circumstances and to avoid any could escalate smetters and worsening the suffering of the syrian people as i did yesterday i stressed the need to avoid the situation from spiraling out of control for more on the story we go to our d.w. bureau chief and washington alexandra phenomena and to russia for analyst constantine from agra joins us and he's been following the story alexandra we'll start with you the u.n. security council meeting is underway as we just saw and the u.s. representative to the organization nikki haley just reiterated the warning her boss u.s. president don trump made earlier what does she have to say nikki haley sends
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a very strong message to the u.n. security council to syria and of course to the russians as well she said that the u.s. strikes were carefully planned to avoid to minimize civilian casualties that they were justified proportionate and the gypsum it and that the u.s. is confidence that it has crippled the syrian chemical weapons program and he she also said that she talked to president strums and he told her that the u.s. is below the blocked in case that the syrian regime will use chemical weapons again constantine will come to you now moscow requested this meeting following the airstrikes what are the russians hoping to get out of this meeting. well the russians are hoping to continue to press the lying
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that the united states and their allies have basically ruined international order that they're acting illegally and that it's actually then walks of blame for the escalation of the situation in syria that is going to be the light now that the strikes happened and i think that this is in analysts a game of captain mound of course in which the west says you are to blame and then russia says you are to blame for attacking. i think that will continue russia stonewall in the u.s. and in between any kind of western attempt to condemn assad or to move the situation in different direction and and set that today the kremlin feels emboldened than that because actually the the the scope of the airstrikes in view of the kremlin and the foreign ministry moscow was much smaller
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than expected soon now the president can claim that the west is only if. right. and that it's essentially. international law but it's russia actually prevented him much more sizable a much more massive onslaught by the western forces alexander going to come back to you yes president trump did not get approval from congress but what kind of support does he have with as party and the country for this type of move. reactions we have seen so far appear to break down along party lines indeed with many republicans supporting the president's action we had a tweet from senator mccain saying that he applaud the president's decision to take military action against syria but he also said that now it's time that the
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president would come to congress and explain his strategy on syria and that broader strategy is needed and there are of course many democrats who say that this isn't was illegal because the president should have sought congress's permission. will come back to you now russia of course as you stated was making these other accusations back at the united states but how could they respond now to these airstrikes what do you expect them to do briefly if you can. i don't think there will be any military response first say now because i do think that what russia is afraid of is actually making some kind of technical blunder which will lead to an escalation but i think what would happen is first of all russia will continue to criticize the united states in the u.n. it hill must of well the most at the biggest supported could muster up inside the
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international body as well as try to encourage criticism of trump and may and michael all. through its propaganda machine and i think thirdly the state duma. how to draw all which was. replying osing russia's own sanctions on america after the united states as imposed sanctions on russian individuals and companies and i think i suspect well they could do they could that a couple of points a couple of draft better graphs a couple of. draft actions to the civil war which would at least symbolically punish the united states for what they did in the united states and as well as britain and france for what they did in syria i think that this is our eisenstein con agra thank you for and say we're just running out of time thank you for joining us also we would like to thank alexandra phenomena our d.w.
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bureau chief in washington thank you both now earlier president trump said the joint strike say they were in response to last week's allegedly gas attack in the syrian town of duma which left dozens of civilians dead the sounds began hitting targets in around the cities of damascus and homs within minutes of his announcement. the cells launched would syria from the u.s. navy ship part of a wave of strikes by the u.s. backed by french and british forces as. they were aiming to bomb targets related to syria's chemical weapons program in the capital damascus and in the western city of homs. syria state t.v. broadcast footage of the building it said was a research center hit by a mistrial the joint military action came a week after a gas attack on civilians which was though it was being carried out by the forces
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of syrian president bashar assad. we are prepared to sustain this response until the syrian regime stops to choose of prohibited chemical agents i also have a message tonight for the two governments most responsible for supporting equipping and financing the criminal assad regime to iran and to russia i ask what kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men women and children. this is the largest display of joint force by western nations against the assad regime and were significantly bigger than u.s. strikes on syria a year ago. said the best visit is objective this operation and targeted objectives belonging to the cleanser stein chemical program
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of syria plus the main research center of this program and to import and production science has been struck. through these time gets we have hit the capacity of syria to develop and to produce chemical weapons. hope or deport you desire machine siri get at don't. despite the strikes britain's prime minister made it renewed calls for diplomacy. there is a wider question of the future political solution for syria and that is a matter that we will continue to pursue in diplomatic channels and diplomatic and political channels with our international partners and allies after the strikes some assad supporters hold noisy demonstrations of defiance in damascus meanwhile syria rebels fighting the assad regime just in the western strikes were a fast as long as assad stayed in power. meanwhile
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a team of international chemical weapons inspectors have as arrived in the syrian capital damascus to begin its probe into the allegedly do my gas attack of prompted saturday's airstrikes the team from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons arrived just hours after the u.s. france and britain targeted syrian facilities the alleged gas attack a week ago is thought to have killed at least forty civilians. to discuss this further we're joined by for a freelance journalist in beirut what will the inspectors from the o.p.c. w. be doing in syria exactly. well there would be going to dora and there they would be meeting the people who've been affected according to the syrian american medical society which is a group of medics and white helmets which is an anti that are active this group of five hundred people were affected and more than forty were killed so some of them
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should be there if least we've tried to connect with sam's ourselves and have found only one person who gave a testimony but that's not affected so first they would be essentially collecting urine and blood samples of these people then they would be going into the basement where this attack took place which is that he was seen in trying to get more samples from there and these samples with essentially help them establish if the chemical attack took place a lot but the second discovery that is needed for the obviously the who does not have a mind if war is to pin the blame as to who stockpiles where these chemicals were used to work from if indeed a chemical attack did let's how this alleged chemical attack took place about a week ago will they be able to carry out their work successfully with so much time that's gone by. well it would be difficult for them to obtain samples of chlorine which disappears faster than any other now be agent if saturn has been in use then according to get nickel experts it would still be there it stands up with least
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amount in an infected person as a body of course there are a these fears that russia will now forces have already been on the side and they've admitted so much in need of it cleaned up but if you talk to the chemical explosion they'd see that you can never really clean up enough and some sort of traces would still be there perhaps on the windows or some remnants of that no average and at least they should be able to find ok and we've been talking about these western strikes on syria that took place before the chemical weapons watch truck has been able to carry out their inspection what's the significance of this. well it is pretty significant because we now are the world war three and some experts were saying a sample even averted in better sense has in many ways been prepared because the strikes by the three countries were precise and the russian as it's has not been hit russia still says they'll do something but it doesn't look like they take a big action so in that sense that there is gone but the significance is would it
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have been better had to united states france and the british waited for the discovery of a pine means of the orcas e.-w. we have to remember that at least in the last two cases and on the last two cases do all the many chemical attacks cases room was found out by the o p c w and all those cases o.p.c. double digit pin the blame on the region was in two thousand and thirteen and the other attack was in two thousand and seventeen and so the significance of century isn't going to trigger such high and the fear is essentially a face of between russia and the united states would have been better for these three countries to which then their point of view is it will proceed. much longer i would have taken months before they found out and in any case they were free of the the russians would have perhaps cleaned up the side and they won't find anything so the skeptics that see you should have waited for the b.c.w.s. findings but the russians a bigger part of the americans were in that they would have taken much longer for
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the orcas e.-w. to give its findings and in any case the man it is such that they would have been able to get the blame so they were right in there in conducting in their decision of conducting the strikes not actual virus freelance journalist and beirut thank you and a statement defending her country's role in the military operation british prime minister treason may call the strikes both right and legal she also had sharp words for russia saying it was moscow's refusal to hold syria accountable that made the strikes necessary. and on each occasion when we have seen every sign of chemical weapons being used any attempt to hold the purpose it has to account has been blocked by russia at the un security council with six such vetoes since the start of two thousand and seventeen just this week the russians vetoed a draft resolution that would have established an independent investigation into
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this latest attack even making the grotesque and absurd claim that it was staged by person.


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