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this is you know we news live from berlin access granted international weapons inspectors enter the science of an alleged chemical weapons attack in syria after days of waiting and diplomatic wrangling syrian state media says international experts are now in dubai but accusations are right that key evidence may have been removed and the site tampered with also coming up rallying cry of french president in modern michael makes the case for a democratic europe in an emotionally charged address to the european parliament
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urges europeans to reject populism and defend democracy. plus seize known as astro alex krycek and some are a couple first to call him germany's ambassador to space on our astronaut alexander garrett is preparing his next big step as commander of the international space station and the buyer in munich have already celebrated one trophy this season but can they make it to all event there remain with the german cup within reach they face a semi final standstill at leverkusen tonight. way of iraq thanks for the company everyone. after days of delay and a global power struggle syrian state media now says international weapons inspectors have entered the town of duo that's the site of the alleged chemical weapons attack the inspectors have been in damascus since saturday but until now
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they were denied entry to the site the delay this prompted the u.s. to accuse syria anas al our russia of attempting to cover up evidence of the alleged attack. the destroy the town of demers where syria's ill fated revolutionaries up now after seven years of fighting and with the last of the rebels gone damascus is trying to win back its people meeting their most basic needs first. when the rebels left we found in the depo stuff that could satisfy dumas residents for a year they were not offering as anything but only hunger and starvation and. the media made it here before u.n. chemical weapons inspectors only on tuesday ten days after the alleged poison gas attack were they allowed to get near the site where dozens were reportedly killed a day earlier an emergency meeting of the international watchdog at the hague was
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cool to demand an explanation for the delay but ended with frustrations and hostilities running high this was also our opportunity for us and for allies to set up a case in the organization that is designed to uphold the chemical weapons convention to make very very clear that the russians have blocked diplomatic channels for us. russia accuses the u.k. of faking these pictures of the alleged attacks which show victims apparently suffering and struggling for breath. and. missiles. but britain says that is textbook russian fake news. well as relations between russia and the west hit rock bottom chancellor angela merkel has spoken by phone with russia's vladimir putin the two leaders agreed that only a political process could end the conflict in syria but merkel made it clear that
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a telephone conversation alone would not be enough to get relations back on track. but i had a phone call with russian president vladimir putin you know i think we'll meet sometime soon but we didn't set a date today. i think that the number of issues that we have from ukraine and gas supplies to the big issue of syria require us to meet face to face in the foreseeable future. it was the last chance to arm grammatical they're speaking what should the european union look like in the future and a landmark speech french president today pitched his vision for the e.u. speaking to lawmakers in the european parliament in strasbourg he made an impassioned case against the rise of populism in europe urging europeans to defend their democracy mccann said the e.u.
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was failing to address the fears and concerns of its citizens and that change is long overdue you don't think there is doubt in a number of european countries and month after month these doubts seeing others call our foundations into question the fundamental there seems to be a sort of european civil war national selfishness and egotism taking precedence over what unites us to secure the max hoffman has been following present my current speech in strasburg for us max is this present a con to the rescue. well they used to be like that layla at least a year ago when he got elected and many felt that he rescued friends from the right wing populist of money in lieu pen but those days at least on the european level are gone and that's because he has much more resistance here at the european parliament in strasbourg than he has at home because at home he has a majority and here he does not and one of the well let's say leading
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parliamentarians here basically said off the record that call had met reality european reality so what he's trying to do is still you know advertise for his vision of reform for example in the euro zone but support isn't well as thorough as he might wish it to be so are we it does that mean that we're witnessing a political confrontation happening within the e.u. about what the future of the bloc should look like max we've seen that confrontation going on well probably for years now it's usually not about the euro zone but more about what to do about migration between the east in the west we saw we've seen this rift emerge ever since the migration crisis in two thousand and fifteen now the most interesting part here is do we have a rift between germany and france because without the german french engine all those big project that mccrone was talking about here in strasburg will be
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difficult to fulfill so far michael and that are trying to show their unity but if you look at the policies for example for the eurozone reform they're not on the same page now it we're going to talk in a minute a little bit more about the franco a german that relationship but first i want to ask you what these classic fault lines i'm merging as you've just referenced especially now with the reelection of prime minister orbán in hungary challenging the e.u. consensus what is the willingness of member states to take on democratically elected populace. it seems like the willing this is everywhere except of course in the countries that have right wing or populist governments and there are quite a lot of them nowadays the question really is and i call touched upon touchdown on this year how do you tackle it try to copy the tactics of the populous try to imitate them be harder than the hard liners in the populist parties for example against immigrants but mccall once
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a different path he says we should be very open and positive about the european union about solidarity for example in the migration crisis be unapologetic about that because the european union stands for a liberal democracy and for its values and he feels like that's the way he won the election in france basically what he's trying to do is give the rest of the european union a dose of the medicine that he invented himself now max before i let you go on thursday president michel heads to brawl and to meet with chancellor angela merkel what's the status of the franco german relationships that that is meant to drive reform in europe. they seemed like the dream team just only a couple of months ago. and the possible situation you know both shook hands even hugged and showed their unity and that was important because in the past of the past years the german french relationship wasn't that good but if you look at what's at stake we're talking about you know
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a reform of the euro zone we're not talking about reinventing the european union if you compare that with the challenges that for example for me to all the french president back then and he will call the german chancellor back then had this is much smaller and given that they're having a whole lot of trouble agreeing on something just to give you an example. call always said he wanted a european finance minister for the eurozone at least and he wanted to own budget for the euro zone and the german government is having an awfully hard time to endorse that actually is probably not going to happen well european union is always about compromise but we don't see that compromise emerging yet maybe it will on thursday right max hofmann reporting from strasburg thank you very much. and here in germany the chairman of the foreign affairs committee and an ally of chancellor angela merkel has reiterated the urgency for france and germany to work together on european unity. to underline that we are determined to achieve results on the
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range of issues that we see that there is a window of opportunity but this window is going to close the year because next year we will have european elections so we will have to come to results and that in our times of out to globalization. and unraveling of liberal older everywhere partly within europe but it is really of a news story cool importance that france and germany come together and try to turn things to the better. the chairman of the german parliamentary foreign affairs committee speaking to the daily news there are i want to bring you up to speed now with some of the other stories making news around the world. the european union says it wants to launch formal membership talks with macedonia and albania it's part of
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a push to revive enthusiasm for the block which is facing the departure of britain next year concerns over russian influence in eastern europe have added renewed urgency to expansion efforts. demonstrators have clashed with police in the armenian capital a juror of on for the fifth day they don't want former president search circassian to be elected prime minister which members of parliament are expected to do today the protesters say he has been in power for too long and that recent constitutional changes give him too much power as prime minister. eight men are set to go on trial in india for the brutal rape and murder of an eight year old girl on now the supreme court has ordered protection for the victim's family and their lawyer who says she has been threatened for taking up the case a string of brutal rape cases have left india reeling with anger spilling onto the streets. japanese prime minister shinzo is due to arrive in
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florida shortly for talks with u.s. president donald trump hoping to find common ground on how to deal with north korea's nuclear challenge tokyo fears trump might make too many concessions and his planned meeting with the north korean leader kim jong un next month. you're watching every news we solve a lot more to tell you about including the bonus league a chance by going to munich are aiming to take another step towards winning the trouble when they face leverkusen in the german cup semifinals tonight we take a look at the big match. and a team of astronauts including german alexander dearest are preparing a new mission to the international space station we'll hear about some of the experiments they're planning to carry out while they're in space. all right but first i'm going to hand you over to ben faisal in for the business news that is quite positive for a change if we get the trade wars for get the real wars as well global growth is on
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track for now at least the findings of the international monetary fund's world economic outlook the forecasts for both twenty eighteen and twenty nine thousand remain unchanged at three point nine percent that would be the fastest pace since two thousand and eleven the u.s. economy the biggest in the world is likely to benefit from president or trumps tax cuts though provided economic boost through twenty twenty growth this year of two point nine percent from two point three percent to twenty seventeen but the tax cuts they could long term now the eurozone is expected to benefit from continued low rates the i.m.f. forecasting growth of two point four percent to twenty eighteen which could slow somewhat next year well for more on this let's bring in our correspondent in washington custom phenomena who's standing by cost in the numbers solid what about the i.m.f. is it just as solid is it just as confident about growth. yes
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and no the short term outlook is very positive but it's the long term perspective that is causing concern for the international monetary fund in fact the chief economist of the i.m.f. morris in his presentation to the press today was a little bit gloomy even saying and i quote things are good but won't last and what that means is right now and next year economic growth will continue to be very strong but it will probably wear down a little bit after two thousand and nineteen and the problem is that this downturn that is expected could be accelerated or even be stronger if you know some problems intensify such as geopolitical tension or even trade was one of what about the globe's top economy because the u.s.
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economy is gaining traction do. we say that the president's doing a better job than some say. well once again that depends on whether you look at the short term perspective although long term perspective the tax cuts that are going to trump the republican dominated congress implemented last year have definitely given the u.s. economy a boost for now but the i.m.f. also warns that those effects probably where i'll just buy a two thousand and nineteen and then we have the problem as mr over the chief economist of the i.m.f. says the u.s. is currently going through a phase all financial expansion in a time of already full employment so there is the danger of inflation and then there's the question of debts due to the tax cuts plus increased spending do you as that's my it's one hundred percent of g.d.p.
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within the next ten years that's another concern and then again the question if there will be a food law and trade with china. a lot of people got their eye on that debt clock and then there is that trade let's go back to that because what are the growth expectations for china i know growth numbers are out today and they look quite solid but what about looking forward. you know they look quite solid growth for china and china will probably decelerate from six point nine percent this year to six point six percent that's ok that's no reason for concern because it's in line with china's attempts to cool down its economy into focus on long term sustainable growth the question is what happens if there is a full blown trayful so far the i.m.f. says there is not a big problem there's still a chance that this issue can be resolved especially if the existing multilateral
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instruments are used and not sidelined or even destroyed but of course if there is such a trade for china but not only china and the us it will affect a number of economies all over the world in africa and asia in europe you name it so that is a very big concern phenomena thank you very much for the analysis moscow backpack is a said to be honing their skills london and washington warning today that a global cyber attack could soon hit key computer networks russia dismisses the alert as groundless. the hacking accusations against russia came in a grand joint statement the british and u.s. cyber agency said russia could be laying the foundation for future offensive cyber attacks they wound backed by moscow been targeting government and private computer networks. u.s. authorities say the hackers have been aiming to compromise key hardware like
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greeters and phials that would give them control of data flows allowing them to steal data and carry out cyber warfare kremlin spokesman dmitri pascoe spoke to journalists in a conference call and denied the charges. we don't know what these accusations of russian cyber espionage are based on these accusations are voice so easily and no one bothers to find any reasoning whatsoever. so we treat such allegations accordingly. the allegations of russian cyber meddling are not new. last year hackers in russia believed to have targeted companies that had connections with ukraine the attacks caused billions of dollars in damage and earlier this year germany blamed russia for a hack of government computer networks in belin. the joint announcement by washington and london comes at a time of increasing tensions in britain the poisoning of an ex russian spy and his
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daughter and recent gas attacks on civilians in syria have put relations with moscow at an all time low. and finally reports this hour of a breakthrough with paid talks between germany's public sector unions and employers any agreement would still need approval by the trade union betty it's been calling for a six percent pay rise for two point three million workers line with robust economic growth the federal government and eunice a pallet he's had projected the demand to put pressure on employers been called for a nationwide strike so you are in the month power lies in airports and public facilities in many states. can be exciting stuff that's a sport i think about the reason why people are watching because it has a bearing munich tonight in a german cup semifinal match is the next step on byron's path to a treble season ending sroufe face they have going to take a chance need to keep their focus against labor cause and without looking at to
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next week's even bigger champions league match the one with real madrid. with the bundesliga title sealed in april seventh by an a doing a lot more than just staying alive. they rested players in saturday's league game with much and got back but still triumph five one now they have laid accused in their sights with triple talk sweeping the club we are full. attention is from your pov because we are relaxed so we we are very focused you know goals we have many many players and me. every game so we have equal to that. sort of a dull is still injured but jerome bulleting is expected to return against the late the kids inside who have won the last two bundesliga matches for warm they both have the ray of attacking talent and could trouble by a given it's a one leg semifinal and they are its own. leverkusen forward line is so stacked
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that stephan kiesling hardly gets a game these days but he told the w. he is desperate to face by and before he's expected retirement in may. sure it's a semifinal against biron of all teams but we've beaten them in the german cup in the past and only lost on penalties to them a few seasons ago in the cup you write your own history and we have the tools to me go our own bit of history. but that is exactly what by and coach you pinter's wants he's also retiring and a way of allay the queues will keep him and buy on on course for a second treble in five years. all a bit of controversy in the monday night bundesliga clash with the players already heading to the dressing room for half time the referee brought them back to the pitch because a video if we had a word of mine said penalty for this late handball well after the half time whistle
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all the players return to the pitch and pablo de blas is handed mine's a one nil we later a goal were keeping era from alexander shlomo gave the losses another free one my ceiling eight crucial to nil victory and new hope of surviving relegation. what a game you're face space agency astronaut alexander cares to has held his final news conference today ahead of his next trip to the international space station in june well this time he will take over as commander of the station the first german to do so he says he aims to be an ice boss to his crew made up of a u.s. astronaut and a russian cosmonaut and a rather unusual robot. this was the view of earth from space that greeted alexander guest on his last mission four years ago. now he's looking forward to his second trip to the international space station.
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it's not just the one person project but a huge team project and seeing that makes me feel really a feeling of completion of ok this is going towards this point of the launch and then to the mission and everybody's ready seeing that is this fascinating. on his new mission called horizons gas will be the first german commander of the i.s.a.'s chancellor angela merkel calls him the german ambassador to space. guest uses the nickname astro alex on his last mission he conducted over one hundred scientific experiments and a space walk which is one of the greatest challenges for an astronaut. going out the door is something that is of course a little bit more dangerous but once in a while we have to do this to install new experiments on the outside to keep the space station running and if that happens so force the astronauts don't say no
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because it's a it's of the amazing experience. one of the experiments guest and his colleagues will conduct involves a so-called flying brain a robot with artificial intelligence. and a measure of humor. m r two d two just kidding my name is simon and i will support you. on this parabolic flight the robot is being tested in zero gravity as the first fully automatic robot with artificial intelligence simon is unique the robot will support alexander guest on his space mission by fulfilling routine tasks such as documenting experiments. the first subject of those experiments will be the robot itself. life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you react to it. that turns out to be a useful model for
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a guest as he completes his intensive training. he'll be spending six months in space and gazing out the window whenever he's not carrying out assignments. planned for me. in mind that when you start to mess this planet's when you gaze at earth at first it doesn't really matter where you look you get the feeling that's where we live you feel the humanity that's our home you have this stark realisation that we couldn't exist anywhere else on earth is only. of course if you feel this really strong connection. alexander gets to have just turned forty two when he takes off so he'll have a chance to celebrate his connection in space. oh earlier we spoke to a british astronaut tempi can ask what kind of challenges alexander garst and his crew would expect could expect during their six month mission well of course the
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main challenge is mike gravity which is the reason we're out there but of course astronauts are well trained in how to deal with that of course it's also difficult to get items into space it's expensive and we need to maximize the opportunities that we have for doing scientific research but the space station as it has been up there for twenty years now and we have very used a very active scientific program and so the amount of science that we're doing on a daily basis now is more than we've ever done before. astronaut tim fixed faking their trust a little while ago and there we're going to leave you with some beautiful images before we go nasa has just released this stunning virtual tour of the moon in an eye popping four k. resolution based on data provided by their lunar reconnaissance orbiter spacecraft enjoy and please come back for more news at the top of the hour. on.
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because. the bundesliga highlights. two fantastic goals amid waves of champions league chilcot takes on struggles to homes. and neighborhoods and puzzle focus for tetrick kevin phillips schools sometimes against.
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a wall dividing reachin. lima capitals prove. a city where social divides of stone. home to extreme wealth and extreme poverty. that it was baulked while keeping the drama sensible. three thousand and sixty minutes t w. on freedom and whole. world i come from the region is rich in history started on talent but so poor and if you question opportunity and freedom this makes it specially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising janet now making names for themselves all over the arab. some might get along the way some might follow some will continue. the experience of freedom and sense is like the
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unions. you can visit but your car come back from. mining industry for the one i work for the number. one story dominated the bundesliga this past week a job i know will force me she will come and.


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