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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2018 12:02am-12:31am CEST

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tonight former f.b.i. director james comey and his new tell all book what we know so far komi is convinced that donald trump should never have become u.s. president and komi is also convinced that he did nothing wrong by possibly denying his country its first chance to say congratulations madam president i'm bringing off in berlin this is the day. i really like to come in i hope what people will see in the book is what i think president obama saw someone trying to make decisions without regard to politics and i was excited to read a book by somebody who i think is fundamentally honest person all of this was a five hundred year flood i pray no f.b.i. director ever has to deal with this again because it was just
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a series of no win decisions. a pretty far left person i know not everyone on the far left like james comey base twenty six seem to even hold pillory clinton at least reads those parts of the book because i think she will walk away saying you know what i still think the guy's in india but you know he's kind of out on a studio. also coming up scientists in the u.k. and the u.s. say. that eats plastic a biological birth that comes not a second too soon. we have been sleepwalking through convenience into a culture where we want what we want when we want it and we're not really thinking about the impact and the consequences. oh we begin the day with the latest tell all book about the trump white house a higher loyalty by james komi went on sale today it is not written by
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a journalist with unprecedented access to the president the title is not similar to michael waltz fire in fury but it is already drawing plenty of both not only from president from a james komi was f.b.i. director one year ago when he writes that he had no idea that the newly elected president would shoot him down at the pinnacle of his career as top law enforcement officer of the united states but that is exactly what happened in may of twenty seventeen just a few days later the man who would replace call me appointed robert muller as special counsel to lead the russia investigation the fallout from that fateful decision continues to this very day one of the main reasons komi writes that he is convinced that donald trump is not morally fit to sit in the oval office more on comments about the president and hillary clinton and others in just a moment our washington bureau chief went downtown washington d.c. today to find out what people are saying about
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a higher loyalty. that he's talking a lot and getting a lot of press the same point people to hear what he has to say going to be interesting and okami has a lot of. he has a battle to pick since trump basically kicked him in the matter in the way it was so i can understand his anger and frustration so much the same with what's in the book i strongly disagree with everything that comey did that i believe that he is whacking creek tragedy. a walking greek tragedy well i'm glad my next guest is not one of those tiresome harker george no he's program director of the aspen institute germany here in berlin he was also an advisor to the u.s. state department during the obama years it's good to have you back on the show tyson good to be here compare a higher loyalty to fire in fury well the first comparison that you can make is the number of books that were ordered so fire and fury had about one hundred seventy
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five thousand preordered books and this has a round eight hundred thousand preordered books so clearly the impact that the publishers are predicting is going to be much larger as you mentioned at the outset you know we're talking about a former official and honestly a witness a star witness in a live investigation so not only is he a newsmaker in that sense but he's also a commentator on the things that have previously happened this is a kind of role that is unprecedented john dean for example the star witness in the nixon watergate. case would not go public with a book tour with a book with interviews while the watergate investigation was to life so this is a very unique precedent michael wolff in fire and fury he described the white house in ways that made many people think ok trump is not fit to be president but james komi he's not beating around the bush with that assessment is right i mean we have the same kind of frank assessment we have already it's not just called me as
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a former official we have a name sitting officials leaking to the press almost daily basically re of a reaffirming this kind of character profile of the president that has been presented for the past year thirteen fourteen months. i want you to take a look at part of an interview that komi gave to the news and here we see george stephanopoulos in an exchange about khomeini's decision to reopen the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails just days before the election in two thousand and sixteen take a look. your critics say this is a clear clear clear double standard you revealed information about hillary clinton you concealed information about donald trump that elected donald trump take a step back and stare at the two cases and the posture they were in the hillary clinton e-mail case was public and the counterintelligence investigations trying to figure out whether a small group of people not donald trump we were not investigating donald trump whether this small group of americans was coordinating anything with the russians
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we had just started the investigation didn't know whether we had anything so would have been really unfair to those people to talk about it and would jeopardize the investigation wouldn't it feel like to be james komi in the last ten days of the campaign after you sent a letter it sucked i walked around vaguely sick to my stomach feeling beaten down felt like i was totally alone that everybody hated me and that there wasn't a way out because it really was the right thing to do. that's what he thinks with a lot of what was me thrown in there i mean it sounds like that komi wants to have it both ways year he did the right thing even though it may have shut down hillary clinton and he was the victim of a u.s. president who he clearly thinks does not deserve to be in the oval office is that clear cut there's i think two areas of consensus on both those who support trump and those who supported hillary clinton one is that james comey has a boy scout syndrome that he always you know what he pursues his highest duty what
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he perceives to be the case is what he pursues at all costs and the second is that he has had perhaps errors in judgment and that's something that the two sides in the political. arena agree on. the question is of course you know and this has been raised in his area of interviews that he's given so far is you know the clinton investigation was also closed after the summer he hadn't had that public that press conference so reopening it was inserting a new element into that investigation so there are still. at least on its face commonsense and consistency is what the justification to let congress and the public know ten days before the election and not let them know about the rest of the times and what does this tell us about washington politics too i mean we've got the former head of the saying i was thinking about the political ramifications when i made that decision about the e-mail investigation but if i had to do over again i would do the very same thing you know if you read the excerpts of the book that have been released thus far the picture that comes out is is
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a little troublesome in the sense that it indicates that he expected hillary clinton to win and what he was trying to do to preserve the integrity of the institution the f.b.i. is distance himself from that by saying we didn't hand maiden that victory but that's a political decision itself is an. hour before we run out of time michael cohen the personal attorney to the president are you his mercy mystery third client we know now is the fox news host a show on hannity right fox news so far as not commented on this why is this a big deal they actually just within the past hour have commented they have said that they stand by sean hannity is even more egregious in some ways what i mean this is consistent with fox's behavior and you know they've had a number of scandals in the past four years standing by also bill o'reilly before you know then letting him go but the truth is is that you know he came out of it initially and said that he wasn't that michael cohen wasn't his lawyer and then
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twenty four hours later was saying he was protected by attorney client privilege so clearly again we have an inconsistency yeah i mean it's also about full disclosure so you know when we interview people you know we tell people where these people are coming from and we introduce you we tell you that you read the state department during the obama administration it's about being completely honest with your viewers and i guess that's something that sean hannity advise against it something they still have to work on it's going to hurt their credibility tyson barker as always thank you for your insights worth a lot appreciate it thank you. but tonight international chemical weapons inspectors have entered the syrian town of duma to visit the site of that alleged poison gas attack that is what syrian media are reporting now the inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons arrived after more than a week of delays but one day earlier than russia had wanted these
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specters are on the ground some will say too late to do any good or to make a difference of the attack last week led the u.s. the u.k. and france to launch missile strikes last weekend against three targets in syria today french president in my new mccraw and said that the strikes were ordered quote for the honor of the international community. to destroy each town and to mary's west syria's ill fated revolutionaries out now after seven years of fighting and with the last of the rebels gone damascus is trying to win back its people meeting their most basic needs first. when the rebels left we found in the depo stuff that could satisfy dumas residents for a year they were not offering as anything but only hunger and starvation and. the media made it here before u.n. chemical weapons inspectors only on tuesday ten days after the alleged poison gas
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attack but they allowed to get near the site but dozens were reportedly killed at an emergency meeting of the international watchdog at the hague was cool to demand an explanation for the delay but ended with frustrations and hostilities running high this was also our opportunity for allies to set a case in the organization that is designed to uphold the chemical weapons and to make very very clear that the russians have blocked diplomatic channels for us. russia accuses the u.k. of faking these pictures of the alleged attack which show you victims apparently suffering and struggling for breath i. will explain. but britain says that is textbook russian fake news. textbook russian fake news
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let's go through that i'm joined now here at the big table by political advisor alexander mr roy has written ten books about russia and he's received germany's highest civilian award the bonus fed courts mr rudd's good to have you on the show thank you for inviting me it is it's a difficult situation tonight we've got syrian state media saying the chemical weapons inspectors have that. actually been granted access to the site there in dubai where that alleged chemical weapons attack occurred the u.s. state department says that's not the case. how do we get to the truth i don't know i really don't know because i have just know when i went through all this information and russian and the syrian sources are saying that the inspectors are in duma. the french and american a saying they haven't heard about this so we're in the middle of an information war but wouldn't be easy for the syrians and the french to allow journalists to go when
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you do a live shot from the area and say here they are we've got pictures of them why not do that that would get rid of all of the dealt first of all i think that let's wait and see how this. fits in spector's mission will develop tomorrow will have certainty more and more precise information for a second don't forget there is a war so someone has to take care of and responsibility over the journalists who will accompany the inspectors if you don't think it will serve the journalists that are in the minds of the russians and the syrians at the moment you know of course not them but in the minds of some journalists as well i think it's in the mind of of people who have some kind of responsibility in general but i agree that's not that's minor you know important is that we will see the inspectors work that they deliver results and on the basis of the will at least find more all it was us have to do you trust the results of the inspectors if we don't trust the results of
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these inspectors who should we trust that because of these this is a neutral force i mean of course we can always say that has passed and some of the substances have already disappeared in the air and you cannot follow the traces of the of this attack on the other hand the other victims they are lying in the hospitals if they are any there and they can be interviewed they can be examined and they are also of the lively victims and. tests the testimonies will be made me understand i'm trying to understand how the russians are looking at this because the russians said that when these inspectors with the o.p.c. where they wanted to go to souls bury it they wanted to conduct an investor. there the russians wanted to be a part of it or they wanted to have a joint investigation because they didn't trust these independent investors on british soil now they have these investors on syrian soil and they say let's wait
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and see what they have to say why are these inspectors now all of a sudden trustworthy. you know the russians have said also in the celebrity affair that they will trust you to force if they do the examination say they have trusted no as a swiss institute which has delivered also some and in interesting findings but the russians wanted to be part of the whole matter i want to send their own specialists into these into into the into the centers where these tests have been carried out over the. that say you know. p.c. w. inspectors always say that because they have no other chance only these inspectors because they control it they control syria though of course there's no way that anyone can tell them they have another resolution of what little proposal what to do of course you cannot send only russian inspectors into the concept of the and specters from great britain or france and or america who have conducted this attack
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. so you have to find a neutral force we think that is the best way. to operate and again i'm repeating myself but some results will be known and from that all we can really investigate further into this matter let's say these inspectors say that there was let's say chlorine gas used not he was talking about syria gas if they come out and say that do you think that is russia going to acknowledge that because that will force russia to change its story russia has said before that there was no chemical weapons attack period. that's true that russian at the beginning some military people have said that they have the attack but the foreign ministry has said it was attack but the attack was conducted. by a false flag operation this has been also. a doctor. so there is no that's wrong wrong flick operation in theory has been has been also implemented by by western experts last year when the other tech a step in thought we don't know but they can question you wouldn't believe it but
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if you think about maybe you're you know you know. better than i will have to acknowledge if the international community will say this has happened but on the other hand the question is to you whether the french and the brits and american with a good knowledge of the other side if they're with the if they say that if there is if there will know if there will be more information about the fact that the. gas has been may be used not that they are not exactly at the place where the official army has got in but in places as stated by some russian. agencies where the so-called rebels or terrorists control the place so this is also the haitian of the attack where it happened is also very important before we run out of time let me ask you about german chance i get american she plans to meet with what amir putin in the foreseeable future kid she did she bridge this
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divide hope so but what what what what can she be working she will do a lot because you know why because the russians trust the germans more than the americans and this is important the russians are still thinking that the germans are a bitch the to the to the to the west and america and america is playing generally in. the role in the process yes on the crane so i think if not she nobody can bridge the gaps between both sides and she understands this and i think she will do it there is not the chance and also you see that in germany itself the mood is changing there are a lot of questions being asked why we should spoil our relationship with russia at that expense and this and this is also what steinmeier the president of state at recently so let's see and wait i think that we are now entering a very important stage of deescalation well i hope you're right and when these inspectors when they give their report come back on the show let's talk about the results are right all right alexander or mr roth thank you very much for being on
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the day. some of the committee i want to talk to. excuse or join. if i can. i say one word to you. just one let. me just leave. the plastics. how innocent and unsuspecting the world seemed back in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven when the prospect of a plastic future seemed limitless and limitlessly positive dustin hoffman of course as we know he's a little bit older and the world today hopefully is a little bit wiser now add some serendipity to that scientists in britain in the u.s. say that they've accidentally engineered a plastic eating inside the discovery could help tackle one of the biggest problems facing our planet plastic pollution. the
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welders choking on mountains of plastic waste. one of the most popular plastics is p t used to make drinks bottles and synthetic fiber. it takes hundreds of years to degrade naturally. but now scientists have stumbled onto a mutant enzyme that's hungry for p.t. it's produced by bacteria discoveries enzymes amazing something that can eat plastic normally takes four hundred years to create the bacteria are starting to eat this in a matter of days we've done is of the end same from the bacteria. i know we can actually digest p.t. within days much quicker in the environment we such as fast found an enzyme that had naturally evolved to slowly digest plastic and the japanese dumped two
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years ago. scientists called it p. tastes. professor mcgeehan and his team set out to investigate the crystal structure of p. tanks when they tweaked it they realized they accidentally created a fall more powerful new version. we are actually seeing the war capable of doing in terms of the brain the plastic itself. this is a microscopic view of the enzyme eating away at a piece of plastic researches hope it can one day be used on an industrial scale. the discovery is already a major step forward in dealing with the plastic bottles littering the world's land and ocean. fascinating discovery where dr greg one of the engineers who solved the crystal structure of. he's joining us tonight from denver colorado
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dr berger it's good to see you so you're sitting there smiling or have you just help us solve one of these biggest problems and that is plastic pollution. i think the scope of the plastics pollution problem is enormous and while this study is exciting and promising and i think it demonstrates a lot of promise for potentially being able to recycle plastic using it is magic or biological strategy this is one step on a very long road that's going to take a lot of collective effort across the technology spectrum solve what this is in dr beck and are we talking about an incident that we can literally be let's say put into a landfill that's full of plastic bottles will this inside basically eat away these plastics that's a great question so the enzyme was originally discovered in by a group of japanese researchers says the story of course that in twenty sixteen it
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was discovered in the soil outside of a recycling peaty recycling plant so there are bacteria and microbes in the soil already that are that are breaking down our p.t. waste plastic that's out there now and nature what we envision for and in semantic strategy like this that we're working on is instead of you know the current paradigm for recycling p.t. is bringing it to a centralized facility using mechanical recycling to chop it up and then typically that sort of chop to p.t. is then put into carpet or lower value materials such as seat cushions and things like this i can't go back to bottles and so what we want to do now is if we can in the magic strategy to break it down truly to its building blocks those building blocks can be put back into bottles for example so you could bottle to bottle recycling technology enabled by these and signs ok basically in order to enable a circular economy for these materials so dark i can tell me this there are you saying that this landfill in japan they're talking about are you saying that nature
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had already created some type of mutant inzamam that was already eating away at our plastics. absolutely so p.t. for example has been in popular use for about the last forty to fifty years right plastic bottles for example for water so it only emerged about a half a century ago for widespread use and you know these these are essentially food sources for bacteria and other microbes in dirt in landfills in the ocean and water of course there are pollutants and we want to get rid of them as much as possible but bacteria are opportunists and they're going to take advantage of new carbon or new new food sources that are present in their and their environments and what what was discovered was suspected has evolved in zines that typically would probably work on plant materials to break down this manmade polyester p.t. ok and we've got about thirty seconds so let me ask you this though does not replace the efforts of recycling and conservation right i mean those have to
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continue in tandem with this new ins on my correct also lucian's need to be on the table to reduce reuse and recycle plastic waste most certainly so far as one step on a long road all right dr greg joining us tonight from them a colorado we certainly salute what you've done you are making the world a little less plastic and we appreciate that thanks very much dr thanks for having me. all right the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either read the news or you can write directly to t.v. don't forget to use that hash tag the day every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow gives another day we'll see you then have.
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