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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 18, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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this is you know we lose live from berlin police investigating the lives anti semitic attack in the german capital of us after a video surfaced of an attacker lashing out at two men wearing jewish style skull caps the pair wanted to show a jewish israeli friend it was safe to wear the keep in berlin also coming up a top secret meeting us president don't tell confirms via twitter i mean between the cia director mike bomb pale and thin jonah in north korea what does this mean for peace on the korean peninsula.
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thank you very much for your company everyone. here in berlin police are investigating a suspected anti semitic attack while this after a man assaulted two friends wearing jewish style skull caps for the first time one of the victims told w. news the pair wanted to show an israeli friend it was safe to wear the keeper and berlin but the attack on tuesday evening has raised concerns for the safety of jews in the german capital. the victim recorded the incident but this smart phone call that didn't stop his attacker. no you know the attacker repeatedly shouted jehudi which means jew and with his victims a twenty one year old israeli just twenty four year old german friend but the belt
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in the end the attacker was led away by his companion there were no for their tax of the victims. as a senator alicia. force it's disappointing there were so many people around but only one woman reacted and said something at. the incident took place in berlin trendy middle class plans lower back district not a high crime neighborhood it's an area where residents rarely encounter weiland all to cations. monday and you always think it takes place in the city's outskirts or the districts that are said to be violent anyway this is here i don't get it yes. come on you've been. able to do something about this from the very start and in schools training centers on. and i mean there are reports from people who experienced this kind of thing. jewish community has been growing in recent years many have be moving here from russia but also many young israelis see berlin this
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affordable livable and less as the place where the holocaust originated but it seems to have become risky again to where you are in public. view. we've recently experienced increasing anti semitic incidents and a scene here they include physical threats and injuring a couple is that we have to say that the security situation for people who are clearly identifiable as music has worsened came from. firstly that. the victim sustained minor injuries the attacker been identified and police are investigating. well earlier i spoke with germany's new commish credibly. i think it's very discreet for the way this person related to the person who is the regarded as
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a jew. and i think that it would be very appropriate for this guy to be arrested and prosecuted with the full force of the law having not only been abusive but also being physical and attacking this person so i am very disturbed by what has happened this is a hate crime that we're witnessing here mr crump we're able to talk to the victims or find out more what happened here i haven't personally not talked because i also saw the video which i found talking as well. and i hope that now police and prosecution do their work and. put these people. to courts and that the state is reacting so mystically put this into context for us for international viewers especially how common is are these acts in germany today. unfortunately we have. to see an increase of these this
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kind of cases crime statistics on the whole is is the stable has so far which means that one thousand five hundred. submitted to techs are registered by by police every year but these cases that are. under. stress they are not not. real crimes yet are increasing very much but of course the video. showed clearly a crime attack mr ambassador do you feel germany is doing enough should it be doing more well first of all i think it's done a very important step by pointing my good friend physics line to be the federal commission to combat anti semitism i know philip sees a very professional highly professional and very serious person in relation to this particular subject and i think he's got a very important track record in this regard and i and i think there there is
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clearly a problem i think it's a problem that the moans a range of responses in different areas in terms of enforcement in terms of education in terms of zero tolerance in terms of these type of let's ask mr klein how do you plan to tackle this problem the prevention is of course the key and there i think we have to start with education we have to enable schools to deal with a problem. we'll enough we need to teacher training how do you do that i mean how do you concretely do that is that just teaching people that i mean i don't think this is wrong to do. that how do you do it well first of all i think it's the directors of the schools they have to create a climate where an anti-semitic attack is possible is being seen as a problem for the whole school community and not only for the jewish. american everybody's problem everybody's fault not that's a first step mr klein thank you so very much for some vaster thank you very much
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thank you. israel is celebrating seventy years of independence today the country's anniversary began with observance of the annual memorial day a somber occasion that brought the country to a standstill. at eleven o'clock israelis cost for two minutes to remember fallen soldiers victims of terrorism and other israelis killed in hostile acts more than twenty four thousand israelis have been killed since the establishment of the state seven decades ago. i want to tell you now what some of the other stories making news around the world . international weapons inspectors say a united nations security team came under fire on the site of an alleged poison gas attack in syria a security team that was trying to pave the way for the inspectors to enter the town of duma weapons and instance to gator's want to establish whether the attack
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actually took place and what chemicals may have been used. turkish president rich of tyrant juan has announced plans to hold early elections on june twenty fourth the early polls will hasten turkey's switch from a parliamentary system to a presidential one that will strengthen once power announcement came just before turkey's president parliament excuse me voted to extend the country's state of emergency which grants the government sweeping powers. lawmakers in cuba have picked communist party loyalists well the us kind l. as the sole candidate to replace outgoing president raul castro the fifty seven year old has cost rose handpicked successor poised to become the first person from outside the castro family to leave cuba and nearly six decades official election
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results are expected on thursday. u.s. president donald trump has confirmed that cia director and incoming security of state secretary of state mike pompei are travel to north korea and met leader kim jong il on its way to that this secret trip went very smoothly and the u.s. leader is currently at his mar-a lago resort in florida hosting another key stakeholder in the north korean nuclear arms race japanese prime minister shinzo. after welcoming shinzo abyei and his wife donald trump wasted no time in addressing one of the main issues on their agenda north korea the u.s. president revealing a breakthrough in relations between washington and pyongyang. we were also a story talking to north korea directly we have had direct talks at very high levels really high levels with north korea. and i really believe there's
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a lot of goodwill a lot of good things are happening we'll see what happens as i always say we'll see what the response has now confirmed that cia director and secretary of state nominee mike plan peo met with north korean leader kim jong un last week. a stunning turnaround just three months ago trump and kim were engaged in a war of words sparked by p.r. yang's nuclear program and long range missile launches but the new year marked a new direction for the isolated country there was a thaw in relations with south korea with the north participating in the winter olympics and a joint korean talks move to end hostilities as well as talks of denuclearization. in early march jim offered to hold talks with washington to the shock of many observers trump except it. pompei a secret trip to pyongyang is further evidence that those talks could go ahead five
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different locations are reportedly under discussion with trump adding that he's expecting to meet kim in late may early june. all right interesting development there let's bring in our correspondent carson phenomena who is in washington the person that would make it the highest level contact between the u.s. and north korea that secret meeting. yes absolutely it's very significant as we know it's the first time that the leader of north korea and someone so high up in the u.s. administration meets in eighteen years trump himself three toads. pump a or and both korean leader kim established a very good relationship and. that is indeed has been received quite positively here in the united states one point of criticism or maybe more astonishment that was mentioned by some pompei you didn't manage to get
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a more concrete sign of goodwill from the north koreans for instance the release of one of three american citizens currently held in north korea but still this is a significant development and it seems that both sides are very serious about putting together a meeting of kim and president trump right well the carson as you would refer there with the person slated to become the secretary of state mr pompey pompei laying the groundwork can we now assume that a meeting between trump and kim jong un will happen. there's a very good possibility that this will happen indeed both sides really seem to be interested in that. when of course it would be a major propaganda coup because he could claim that he is now seen as someone who speaks. to the leader of the most powerful nation in the world that
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north korea is a major player on the world stage and also going to trump seems to be interested in this and if only because it has never done before donald trump of course ran as someone who said i would do things differently i'm an unconventional president and he wants to do things differently other presidents obama bush clinton could have mapped the respective leaders of north korea before but it was always had by the american said this was the ultimate reward at the end of a process. but not anymore all right well to that point because that was supposed to be the reward and he's already giving it up before anything has been promised i mean the u.s. is expected to demand that abandon its nuclear program if they don't do that will this push for diplomacy fail. that is a possibility as well and actually i'm quite skeptical of biology. at that this
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could end in a major success meaning the denuclearization of the korean peninsula because the americans want north korea to give up the nuclear arms but why should came do that because those nuclear bombs are his insurance policy for the survival of his regime he says all of the north koreans say they are ready for denuclearization but what they mean is only after all american troops have left the korean peninsula that of course is not acceptable for the americans so we might see a kind of compromise north korea keeps its nuclear spots gives up its program for long range intercontinental missile sites but even that is a long shot. cost and phenomena reporting from washington thank you very much. and you're watching the news we still have a lot more to tell you about including coming up with ben in business will surely resist french plans for a more integrated european union he'll talk to you politician you can face her to get the inside story from germany's ruling party. that's coming up right after this
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