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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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saturday nights. warned not to do it in berlin and now we know why a young man wearing a jewish skullcap attacked in broad daylight tonight outrage in the german capital over a crime whose taboo appears to be wearing off and a lesson you don't have to be jewish to be the target of an anti-semite i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day. i was in the way with a friend of mine to that bus station and really wearing a kippah that we got as a gift. to be one of them got really aggressive and he ran to me with his belt. from the gate. for you know you know i want
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to have an evidence for the police and for the german people just me and him for the war how turbot it is. as to need to go through the burning streets. from the fifty's. there was only one woman here who stood up and say something about it and was getting and i think i should. also coming up tonight mike pompei you know and his secret cia trip to north korea is the kim trump summit once thought improbable about to become a reality. but we haven't talked. and it's going very well that was you what. we begin the day with what appears to be a brazen anti-semitic attack that took place right here in the heart of the german capital in a gentrified berlin neighborhood two young men walking down the street wearing
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jewish kip was a site that has become less uncommon and is reportedly becoming riskier by the day it happened yesterday and what you are about to see is the video of the attack that was taken by one of the two men who say that they were targeted because they chose to wear a jewish symbol you'll hear one of the attackers and yelling the word jew in arabic and whether or not the men targeted were actually jewish appears to have played no role in the minds of their attackers. in that is this notion that these. are. not being. given. this then you would in any student
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in what that meant not. to make them a clock on. those are disturbing images from not far from d.w. news right here in the heart of berlin what today israel's ambassador to germany jeremy issacharoff told a d.-w. news that he is very disturbed by the video but he added that he is not pessimistic about the future of germany especially as a new home to many jews. a very disturbing incident here in berlin an anti-semitic incident a boy wearing a kippah toxin called a jew. what does that make with you do you react to such incident as i said i think it's regrettable i think it was a disgraceful act i saw it i saw the video and i actually tweeted that i think this person should be arrested and punished with the full force of the law this is not
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just a hate crime in terms of how he are dressed the person he attacked as a jew. it was also a violent one and i think that this this sort of thing there should be zero tolerance not so long ago there was a ninety semitic incident in feinberg's restaurant in berlin and within a space of a few minutes a very somebody had begun to talk about the palestinian issue so that within five or ten years you'll all be back in the gas chambers and i could not believe that i would have ever hear this again but hearing it on the streets of berlin you know as a buster of israel i was i was stunned and so for me my i think there should be more incredible zero tolerance regarding these acts that needs to be strong enforcement needs to be a sense that this is not going to be tolerated and i think that it will require
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a whole range of different steps not only in full swing but also in education on many different levels one of the most important acts that has actually happened in recognition of the problem is the fact that they've appointed now a federal commission of mr felix klein to combat the seventy's and do you have the impression that these incidents that have been more these incident in the recent polls and that's something the climate in germany house change it's very difficult for me to judge i've only been here said. months or so but since i've been here i've seen that incident i talked about in the gold restaurant this instant this morning. frankly the f.t. came into power in the last elections and in the autumn there were also demonstrations of which israeli flags were burned or berlin so. there are things happening here which i am concerned about. they take up my time and my
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concern but i would like to emphasize that i have been very impressed by the very strong condemnations coming from the highest levels of the german government against these these acts and these for these phenomena. and i'm encouraged by that again i'm also encouraged by fact that we have such a vibrant and strong relationship problem many other issues as well if israeli people ask you is it safe to live in germany is it safe for me to wear a kippa to show myself as a jew in germany or would you want i would answer that i've been living in berlin now for seven months and i feel very safe. not only do i feel safe but actually walk on the street in the middle of. living in the code here a lot of hebrew being spoken so i don't think anyone is waiting to ask me whether they should come out i think the israelis are voting with their feet a lot of people are coming to berlin another german cities it's become
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a destination of choice for in israel this new atmosphere you know about lateral relationships let's face it we've had a problematic past but the problematic past is becoming a very promising future and that's the. another major goal that i have in ensuring that that only increases and gets enhanced in the coming years mr ambassador thank you so much. and that was israel's ambassador to germany speaking with very own rupert vader vold earlier today well this anti's semitic attack here in germany comes as israel celebrates seventy years of independence we want to take a look tonight at some of the key events which led to the founding of the state of israel we begin with this man theodore hertz now he is considered the father of modern day zionism the movement that called for the reestablishment of a jewish nation under hared so zionism became
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a political organisation and eight hundred ninety seven and promoted jewish immigration to palestine now in one nine hundred seventeen the british foreign secretary author balfour penned a declaration of support for the creation of a jewish home in the middle east and that came during the first world war which would end in the defeat of the album an empire in one thousand twenty two the league of nations granted the british a mandate over palestine and trans jordan now from one thousand nine hundred thirty three when the nazis came to power in germany more and more jews from europe fled to palestine in the aftermath of the holocaust many survivors followed them on of every twenty ninth one thousand forty seven the united nations proposed the partition of palestine into separate jewish and palestinian state in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight david ben-gurion declared israel's
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independence to the joy of many jews around the world a joy that was not shared by many palestinians for them the day became known as the the day of the catastrophe when hundreds of thousands of palestinians were displaced to make room for new israelis one event in history experienced by people in two very different ways our correspondent tanya kramer picks up the story from there. for me she lost it seems like it was yesterday and david ben-gurion proclaimed the state of israel in tel aviv. it was just fourteen at the time his parents had fled nazi germany and come to palestine in the early one nine hundred thirty s. for him it was a moment to stay there was of the club ration at the television museum at the time . of the boulevard in tel aviv and
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everybody listened to the liberation and then we were all members of the youth movement of. we broke out into the streets than singing and dancing and singing all all night long. celebrations broke out after the radio broadcast the was another fourteen year old was also listening to ben-gurion stickler ration palestinian sophie macaca she lived with her family in jerusalem where her father ran a photography studio their reaction was very different. my father was upset and they were just clean air hearing the news to know what's going to happen and if it took very short time that they'd just. threatening the people feeling the people so we had to leave not because we couldn't stay in our home. the
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violence quickly escalated after the declaration of independence a military alliance of arab countries started a war against a new state of israel. the year of nine hundred forty eight war three year of war really. what i remember very lively is the bombardments from be aware of the egyptians who would love you. there was also have the fighting in to goose a limb and so fierce how many had to leave their home and state with predators but soon they all had to flee to be jollier near bethlehem this stuff is still is today when mother was very upset and there was no. it's something difficult is facing us we didn't expect what happened because we were living save for the no problems at all. when we were to bethlehem it's good
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that we had people to accept us a village went to camps there was a part of a gun there that if you're really just two weeks you'll be back but the family was never able to return home they became refugees like hundreds of thousands of other palestinians in the west bank gaza and other arab countries some though state in israel. in one thousand nine hundred forty nine an armistice formally ended the war israel had gained additional territory including west jerusalem. it started to build a nation a melting pot of nationalities cultures and languages many jewish refugees expelled from arab countries moved to the new state and so did the survivors of the holocaust this was only three years after the holocaust my parents were on the. cloud or the time on the one hand on the other hand there was this qualitative
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thing that here we were out of it we are safe we are now in our own state and there was. a euphoria a feeling of. we have made it we've made it and we have a state of our. for so few macaca it wasn't a new beginning but in and she and her family had to put their past lives behind them and just a longing for a palestinian state of their own. here in the studio now by norm your she's an analyst for international affairs and the middle east at the curb or felt things it's good to have you. so israel celebrating seventy years of independence the israeli palestinian conflict was it created also use of them two years ago it was probably even created before because the fact that there are two competing national movements one being jews zionist one being there palestinian started way
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before with the israelis called. before the establishment of the state of israel so then cain one thousand for the seven the un partition plan which came as a replacement of the british men they which also didn't really deescalate tensions in the region and then of course for eighty eight which for the israelis is an independence day the fulfillment of their national aspirations and also a very strong signal of hope after these very very dark years of the show while but then also on the other hand the past palestinian perspective is completely different for the pilot since it's related to you know having to leave their homes it's related to the ex out there were just displaced and i need to this day the refugee problem the palestinian refugee apartment is still a fake liability to to any effort to make peace between palestinians and
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israelis and peace also goes beyond the palestinian israeli conflict and when israel looks beyond its borders what does it see the media it sees in the news but it also sees some surprising supporters or allies doesn't it i'm thinking of saudi arabia right i mean that is that is sort of the latest talk of town my sense is that this new reparation mom between riyadh and jerusalem is very much interest driven. so we have the goal of trying to curb iran's influence in the region and that is very much where israeli and saudi interests align so very much you know according to the motto the enemy of my enemy is my friend that is that is exactly what it's all about and you know we'll have to see to what extent that new alignment really really hold because you know one arab
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politician once told me and he happened to be saudi that there isn't one word in the d.n.a. of every arab and that is palestine and so i think the question of palestine especially when it comes to the so-called arab street public opinion in the arab countries is still a very pertinent want a very emotional one and still one with which you can mobilize masses and masses to demonstrate you can also mobilize a lot of violence which you have begs the question what are the chances of us ever seeing a reconciliation between the palestinians and the israelis. look. you know my sense is that it takes bold leadership on both sites the blueprint for a peaceful solution is there it has been discussed a thousand times so you know they don't have to reinvent the view of the wheel but they have to take a bold step and they became to do that without the u.s. in a leadership role now though is the u.s.
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in a leadership role no i no no i think it's what it all boils down to is getting rid of those domestic trouble constraints you know the coalition building technical concerns on both sides of course that is wishful thinking but i think at this point in time this is really that the greatest impediment when it comes to progress in the in the peace process right normal or with the curb or foundation for this seventieth anniversary of israeli independence thank you very much good to be here thank you. still to come on the day raids across germany in the biggest operation of its kind exposing the dark underbelly of the global sex trade if we're talking about human trafficking at all about sexual exploitation it's about people brought here and forced into prostitution do it. it is a stunning development it's timing may be raising some eyebrows as well u.s.
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president donald trump has confirmed that over the easter weekend top u.s. intelligence officials met face to face with north korean leader kim jong il and the mission of this meeting to lay the groundwork for direct talks between trump and kim now among those u.s. intelligence officials who met with kim jong own was mike pump a director of the cia know this clandestine come together reportedly took place soon after pump aoe was nominated to be the new u.s. secretary of state trumps tweet today including pompei o's name is seen by some as a move to strengthen pumping nomination a nomination that stands a good chance of being defeated by the u.s. senate when trump is hosting his japanese counterpart this week in florida where the two men have spent a lot of time talking about north korean problems. after welcoming shinzo abbé and his wife donald trump wasted no time in addressing one of the main
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issues on their agenda north korea the us president revealing a breakthrough in relations between washington and pyongyang we will see the story talking to north korea directly we have had direct talks at very high levels really high levels with north korea. and i really believe there's a lot of good will lot of good things are happening to see what happens as i always say we'll see what the response has now confirmed that cia director and secretary of state nominee mike pompei oh met with north korean leader kim jong un last week . a stunning turnaround just three months ago trump and kim were engaged in a war of words sparked by p.r. yang's nuclear program and long range missile launches. but the new year marked a new direction for the isolated country there was a thaw in relations with south korea who allowed the north to participate in the
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winter olympics and during joint korean talks moved to end hostilities as well as talk of denuclearization. in early march kim offers to hold talks with washington to the shock of many observers trump accepts his administration secret trip to pyongyang is further evidence that those talks will really go ahead five different locations are reportedly under discussion with trump adding that he's expecting to meet with kim made in may or early june. although they are the biggest ever police raids here in germany early on wednesday morning more than a thousand federal officers raided brothels offices and homes across the country of those targeted are suspected of bringing women and transsexuals from thailand to germany and forcing them into prostitution. the investigation took over a year but early this morning federal police struck
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a raid in the red light world of the sex trade several dozen special forces were involved here in cost in southwestern germany the nationwide operation involved over fifteen hundred officers the alleged offenses human trafficking and sexual exploitation a sign of this encounter i need to watch we're dealing with is a group of perpetrators from the seventeen people who smuggled women and transsexuals from thailand to germany with illegal visas they were then forced to work as prostitutes. that's once prostitutes or knock in. more than sixty apartments and business premises were searched in four different states across germany. police have detained over one hundred people seven arrest warrants were issued and copious boxes of evidence were filled. the hope is in the main suspects are a fifty nine year old time woman and her sixty two year old partner. together they
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created a national network to bring women and transsexuals to germany. became tired and the phone. would just give each foot leaving the couple were arrested in their house they will be held in custody to the trial takes place. on joined here in the studio at the big table by congress he is the director of the berlin based organization together against human trafficking he's also a member of the german parliament with transfer i'm going conservative c.d.u. party mr ali it's good to have you on the show thank you and this was a huge operation wasn't one of the biggest or even the biggest that the police has organized yes and so is that because the authorities have been sleeping at the wheel when it comes to enforcing laws or have the laws changed to make it easier to force actually it's a second even a hope with me is that second because last years some of the laws have changed even the definition in our law to human trafficking and that made it possible for
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research for the police to have some more tools and probably that made it possible what happened tonight new use a better tool as we know that germany is considered paradise when it comes to protecting private data but that has been a hindrance for the police hasn't it it has because it was liberal as you say it was open it was a market as good to organize a brothel as you didn't have to have some controls to expect it if the police wanted for example to eavesdrop on my phone conversation it was very it was impossible wasn't wasn't even possible because it wasn't called an organized crime ok it wasn't in that area of criminality and it was. said to six open statistics a fourteen point six billion euro on the market one year. and we have up to four hundred thousand people working in that business one point two every day
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a going actions in that and now imagine if there's no control what can happen on that market so that is a good sign that the police has used the tools and now open the possibility to see for the open public we've got about thirty seconds here want to ask you there germany is considered a liberal country prostitution is legal for german lawmakers like yourself is that a headache though when it comes time to talk about cleaning up the the dark under belly of sex crime in traffic yes it has but their politics has to go before society because even society has to recognize that there is more than they thought there is and there we have to dig and we have to open that up and they we have to clean it you know away and you feel like that's what's happening it's happening and i'm encouraged through that last night all right. mr really appreciate you taking the time to be on the show today. with the together against human trafficking thank
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you very much. thank you. well the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at or you can write directly to me t.v. and don't forget to use that hash tag the day and don't forget you can always get. our app from google play or from the apple store give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the need to send us photos and videos when you see news happening. every member whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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can. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful twenty years ago the good friday agreement paved the way to decades of bigger conflicts in the island but the results. i've been mixed i guess this week here in dublin is. for my prime minister just how five john is the process not. the first.
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twenty six. zico virus ravages brazil. many of the victims are pregnant women babies are born with brain defects. how do these women become infected. where did this aggressive virus come from. the history of an epidemic in forty five minutes. just wasn't going to serve. just how do i do. bangladesh what does the true face of the country look like. freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important but for decades
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political infighting has hindered progress and islamist extremists are gaining influence just promising the rule of law far on shaky ground if just couldn't get notion of there should be. enough. to anglo desh the dawn of islamism an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. twenty years ago the good friday agreement paved the way for an end to decades of bitter conflict in the island but the results have been mixed my guest this week here in dublin is but for my irish prime minister and one of the co signatures of the agreement. in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight just how fragile is the peace process now and what would it take to get it back on track.


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