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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2018 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is e w news live from berlin israel marks seventy years of independence after memorial day for israel's fallen now comes seventy hours of festivities last me until saturday night in jerusalem prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcomed real seeds of peace from some of israel's arab neighbors also coming up snap elections cold in turkey a year announced that a schedule will go why the turkish president america want is he still is moving to secure his place in congress from french president to man on the coins in berlin with some ideas for big changes to the european union among them
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a european monetary fund to help bail out member states in trouble but will germany be on board. also coming up in sports frankfurt secured their spot in the german cup final after seeing all that chalk up we'll have all the action from the clash coming up. and for almost six decades cuba has been castro country fidel took power in the one nine hundred fifty nine revolution and handed down on to his brother raul ten years ago now this man began the us can and is taking the helm but will he leave cuba down a different path for. i'm sumi so let's go on that good to have you with us israel is celebrating seventy years of independence according to the hebrew calendar that anniversary began at sundown on wednesday to honor the moment the founding father david ben-gurion announced the state of israel into existence the following year saw the jewish
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state at better off with its arab neighbors but prime minister benjamin netanyahu told crowds in jerusalem that real seeds of peace were beginning to sprout in the reach him. in a blaze of fire the menorah the symbol of the state of israel comes to life. with a colorful ceremony the country marked it independence day. seventy years since the jewish state was founded in the middle east israelis celebrated the country's economic and cultural accomplishments. the event also marked israel's memorial day a fleet of drones in the night sky formed the star of david over jerusalem to honor those who died for the country. prime minister benjamin netanyahu that an honorary torch to remember those killed in his speech he issued
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a warning to the world that israel would defend itself against any would be aggressors. going. to date we are not deterred from a struggle against those who strive to annihilate us because we know how to defend ourselves with our own forces which is the essence of independence we are asked to terminate as ever we are as strong as ever. even if she wanted to be just weeks ago saudi arabia signaled a softening of its fully anti israel stance netanyahu also emphasize israel's hand is quote outstretched in peace to all our neighbors who want peace. while germany is a key ally of israel let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow to talk more about the ties between the two countries hi thomas good morning tell us
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more about israel and germany's relationship and what sets it apart. well essentially sumi what sets it apart it's the history of the whole of course is something that is embedded in germany's political culture it is something that has been stressed by politicians not only now but also in on other occasions as well in fact angela merkel the german chancellor said that israel's right to exist was part of germany's reason of state so that just explains how important and even some would say how unique the relationship in the relationship is between germany and israel if you look for example at the current coalition agreement there's a chapter on israel stating precisely this importance if you look at germany's foreign minister high costs he said in his first speech as foreign minister that he had entered politics because of auschwitz and then afterwards announced a visit to israel so it is certainly a very important and as i say some would describe it as
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a unique relationship between germany and israel so mr klee an important friendship relationship as you said thomas but how would you describe ties now probably good but with potential there have been some issues sumi that have strained ties between germany and israel for example israel's settlement policy is something that concerned german politicians or the former foreign minister of germany statement gabriele also had generated some problems when he visited some organizations that are critical of these really government but in general their relationship is is good in fact germany and israel have had government consultations are something that germany only has with a handful of countries about again there are certainly some issues that have strained relationship between both countries the thomason both countries have expressed concern about growing anti-semitism in germany the attack on tuesday evening on a young man wearing a cap on berlin berlin seems to have shown this let's take a look at what happened. the victim recorded the incident with his smartphone that
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didn't stop his attacker. the attacker repeatedly shouted. which means do and with his victims a twenty one year old israeli just twenty four year old german moroccan friend with ability and the attacker was led away by his companion there were no further attacks. the two victims spoke with d.w. and explained that they are not even jewish that the yarmulke was a bit of a game an experiment to find out how dangerous it would be to walk around berlin as a jew the result of. i could not sleep at all last night. my body in various places. and i must say i just feel less safe. the incident took place in berlin's trendy middle class prince lower back district not
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a high crime neighborhood it's an area where residents rarely encounter violent altercation . always think it takes place in the city's outskirts of the districts you think are violent anyway but this year i don't get to hear this. come on you. have to do something about this from the very standard schools training centers and have more reports from people who experience this kind of thing. jewish community has been growing in recent years many have been moving here from russia but also many young israelis. livable and less as the place where the whole of course originated but it seems to have become risky again. in public. that recently experienced increasing anti-semitic incidents seen here they include physical threats and injuries so we have to say that the security situation for
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people who were clearly identifiable as jews has worsened. that the german government appointed its first commissioner to combat anti-semitism just a few days ago and. we have to prepare the schools equip the teachers with learning materials maybe also with additional training in order to respond to these things and to make people aware of what's happening. adam has sustained some minor injuries but nothing is known about his attacker police investigating. bill. thomas you know police say more than a thousand anti-semitic crimes were reported last year alone what are authorities doing about this trend. all about this is specific case that we just saw there obviously authorities reacted with outrage saying that jewish life has to be
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protected in in germany and regarding coalmines and regarding the fact that there are more of these incidents obviously the most important element the most important action carried out by the german government is the appointment of the commission are we just interviewed their own or non. peace that he was appointed specifically because of those comments regarding those extra cases of undue semitism in germany that's a specific measure taken by the government on the specific measure that they want to carry out in order to to tackle these instances due to these political correspondent tom aspera reporting for us thomas thank you well one of the victims told the pair wanted to show an israeli friend it was safe to wear the kipa chancellor angela merkel has condemned the incident didn't come even in and we must fight and he semitism resolutely and decisively. it is of course
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a terrible thing that's happened and we will take action. you're watching news still to come as israel marks the seventieth anniversary of its founding we look at a contentious issue that divides israelis settlements in the occupied west bank. but first let's take a look at some other news making headlines around the world u.s. president donald trump says he is prepared to walk out of planned talks with the north korean leader kim jong un if they are not quote fruitful after discussing the planned sit down with the japanese prime minister president trump said maximum pressure must be maintained on north korea until the nation denuclearize its. the united nations security team has turned back from their fact finding mission in duma syria after assailants opened fire the team were surveying the area had eventually by international weapons inspectors inspectors have yet to search the area for evidence of a suspected chemical weapons attack earlier this month britain's prime minister
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theresa may suffered a heavy defeat in the upper house of parliament over breaks it was legislation she opposes lawmakers passed an amendment that forces ministers to look into maintaining a form of customs union with the e.u. government ministers have six months into exploiting such an option. cinema tickets go on sale today in saudi arabia for the first time since public film screenings were banned in the one nine hundred eighty s. the move is part of crown prince mohammed bin some months reform agenda there was a private screening on wednesday of the hollywood blockbuster black panther to herald the return of the big screen. to turkey now where the country's president has called snap elections for june twenty fourth bringing the vote forward by a year and a half announcing the decision president everyone said the move was prompted by economic challenges and the war in syria he says it's important that turkey switch more quickly to the new more powerful executive presidency agreed under last year's referendum critics fear that the new system will only expand expand the ones
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authoritarian rule and further restrict dissenting voices. let's go right to do dorian jones he is standing by in istanbul hi dorian this vote is set to come eighteen months before it was supposed to why are we seeing this move for american one. well you have two hundred stand is that up until now the president had ruled out early elections categorically what changed his mind is the economy now the economy is growing at stella seven percent it's seen or heard once main electoral assett butter loss earlier this month the turkish lira fell dramatically and that's amid concerns of an international investors but the economy's overheating because of the billions of euros being poured into the economy by the government this is seem to have moved on realising that this economic growth was unsustainable through till next year on top of that you seem to be taking advantage of last month's military victory in syria against kurdish militants that is
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expected to give him a bump among star nationalists voters but this move is also seen against his political newcomer of the party now this party is seen as posing an electoral threat coming from the center right now especially with his charismatic leader. because his poll has been called so early there is doubts whether the party is eligible to stand because any new party has to be formed six months before an election there is a dispute over that and this will be decided by turkey electoral board which critics point out is dominated by government appointees during their concerns there that this will effectively consolidate power entirely under everyone. well that certainly is the fear but this election isn't going to be that easy for the first time the president's a.k. party will potentially face a threat on the right and on the left they've never had to fight that before that makes the electoral map potentially more difficult on top of that while the turkish
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president is a political giant in turkish politics enjoying stream strong support among his supporters equally he's very divisive and the country is split down the middle over whether they support or oppose him and all the recent opinion polls have suggested that earth one is. short of the fifty percent plus one vote he needs to win in the election and observers point out if a formidable opponent does emerge as a challenger he could be in trouble a lot of people are talking about the leader of this new e.p. party auction or as that person she needs one hundred thousand signatures to make her eligible to stand in the election she's doing that now so it could be much closer than we expect dorian just briefly if you can how much have turkey second ana troubles really played a role in the decision to hold these elections always certainly seen as key it is the main asset third one priority is her fifteen years of electoral success a strong economy is what is delivered in the election this time even though it is growing there are signs of
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a lot of pain in the country unemployment is still double digit as is inflation these could be potential problems for one going forward but it has to be clear earth one is still the front runner along with his ruling party. during jones reporting for us from istanbul during thank you for that update. you're watching d.w. news still to come frankfurt for a again shocker in the german cup we have all thrills from the semifinal battle on wednesday night. but first french president a man on the call is in berlin today as close relations are between him and chancellor merkel again had going to fight a little bit about money yes as all couples do and it's because mccrone dreams of giving the euro zone its own budget and finance minister but from berlin all his nine nine they don't want to foot the bill for the country's debts german voters repeatedly make that very very clear and i do america is unlikely to be wooed by a friend amount of oil mark wrong to open her purse. a red carpet for europe
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french president manuel mccomb is pushing for big changes soon he thinks there is strength and more unity and wants more competencies in defense of law and asylum now the phone didn't drift form is a third indispensable front before the end of this term of office we need to define a roadmap for progress on the banking union and the establishment of a budgetary capacity promoting stability and convergence in the euro zone business but i don't know. if you see. the vision more money and responsibility for europe and manuel mcconnell says it's the only way to make the e.u. stronger as well as more efficient and united not everyone is applauding though germany in particular is skeptical conservatives there say the plan sound like they carry a hefty price tag there is concern germany will be given
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a big bill but have little influence on where the cash is spent but time is running out european elections are set for next year by then member states should have a road map for the union's future. we're going to talk about the road map and the european superstate that everybody is afraid of with meeting he's the chief economist of baron back bank and joins us now from our parliamentary studios in and. that does the eurozone really need its own bonds it wants. no i don't think that it really needs its own significant budget it already has in the european stability mechanism a major anti-crisis fund or so the european union has significant fiscal capacities to help weaken member states over time to have a little extra anti cyclical buffer would be nice but it's not really essential for
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the future of the euro the eurozone finance minister could distribute lots of cash and asked for return favors like reforms of labor market them health sectors and stuff like but wouldn't that be useful to harmonize things in europe it would be quite useful to reward countries that are pursuing serious reforms that idea is very good the problem from a berlin perspective is who is the judge of how the money is spent and to benefits from that and the german perspective is very much that this truth not the sody entrusted to save the european commission but that the national parliament of germany needs to have a veto over serious amounts of money when it comes to them. germany and france other the two most important players in europe no no doubts about god nothing will ever be good done against the will of one of them but does that mean
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that germany always have to support everything france wants. no germany does not have to support everything from swan's but france has brought up some good ideas some ideas which as seen from berlin need a lot of refining we are now at the very very opening stage of the serious discussions i think the result will be a lot of noise first and in the end some result that goes to say a little less than halfway to words what micro wants but some result that in the end would strengthen the euro though without encouraging for instance a fiscal irresponsibility how strong is his position at home right now how difficult is his fight with the unions what his fight with the unions is difficult so far he is doing it rather well and of course the general desire in berlin and elsewhere in europe is to hope in this confrontation at home as much as possible for the future of europe it's actually much more important whether france doesn't reform itself and become a more dynamic economy than whether the e.u.
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commission or some other body or the german parliament maintain a significant say over say future european funds margret also demand a road map for europe from all member governments what should be on germany's road map. the first item on the road map should be the completion of the banking union where germany is ready to take on more risks over time for instance with a common deposit insurance but only if member states have reduced risks in their banking system before hand so i think a roadmap to words banking union is something which we can actually get perhaps even by the june e.u. summit beyond that we will only get rather lofty ideas instead of concrete steps for the time being after all we now have another good year to discuss these issues before roughly in may two thousand and nineteen key decisions need to be taken.
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meeting there from baron back by thank you very much for this analysis you're welcome. really needs allies if you can show support from the likes of anglo-american at home he'd have a muscle is a job in pushing through key economic reforms which continue to draw fire from the french unions there were more war costs on wednesday by rail workers only one and three high speed trains was running bring misery for travelers more strikes are planned for today and what is adding to be the biggest test of micron's presidency today. outside the station train driver chevy envious jr and his colleagues a feeling defiant in a normal working day he brings thousands of people into paris and the suburbs. now his train is it a standstill in the got along. the
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railway as. we do comes the answer. the. french rail unions a well organized and workers are ready to push back with everything they've got to protect their jobs. since it don't go in cars rail workers are more than ready to fight it out. we're not interested in sitting round and talking about securing our coffee break. i'm proud of being a train worker want to help one says ensure that. rail workers in france have built up in title months over decades drivers like family m. can retire five years early and enjoy free rail travel across the country. but the national rail network is heavily in debt and president emanuel macron wants to roll back some of those privileges macross already made some reforms but says he's ready
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to push through more for him shaking up the railways is a political battle he has to win. the suffering because of the strike they're working days or longer and some companies could even go bust because of it we need to sort this out i want to make it quite clear we will push through the reforms because we have to have change. many say strikes like that are a thing of the past. when strikers find themselves in a minority that can make them more radical but public opinion quickly turns against them then they can't maintain the strike and have to give up that could give macron the opportunity to push through his reforms without unions agreeing. with what the fed your. put it from. something the rail workers are determined to prevent from happening. we have to stand firm together otherwise the
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changes will go through. the end in no hurry to get back in the driver's seat he believes the track that will determine his future is only now being laid. china's top diplomat says nepal is a natural area for cooperation between his country and india one year was on a visit to his landlocked neighbor which has been asked about chinese plans for new roads and rail lines but so far india has been cool to beijing's offers of improved trade links. mount everest could be the world's biggest trade barrier for years nepal has enjoyed it's splendid isolation thanks to the himalayas. but china has an ambitious plan to get its goods to market around the world faster as well as improve ties with india and nepal doesn't want to stand in its way.
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to show its geographic advantage and be a link between china and india could be the bridge linking two big neighboring countries and benefit from developments. direct links from china to india through mountainous nepal are a key part of beijing's belt and road initiative and would mean being able to avoid even less hospitable to rein elsewhere india and china also have disputes over the borders they do share. well nepal hopes that it can be a middleman and bring its two giant neighbors together and speak to some initiatives who contribute to the development of physical and insists in hunting. integrating the enemies and groups. and investment and people who listens for now in china's charm offensive seems to be working at least on nepal but for beijing the real interest lies on the other side of the mountains. and that's it
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for me for the moment. football action i believe that's right ahead the stage for the german cup final has been set by nick were awaiting the winner of shock and frankfurt and the result was unexpected a shock a left devastated after frankfurt secured their spot in the final for a second straight year. homesite shoko full spirit set one match away from entering the german cup final coach dominico to disco has made shelton a league heavyweight this season here in frankfurt city coco batch buyers next coach in braced shaka misfired their first good look with daniel caligiuri regretting his wide shot. later in the first half frankfurt goalkeeper lucas predict he prevented the chance for the royal blues to take the lead from the corner after the break shoko were looking to take their leave yet cut off by her
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dickey's great luck. frankfurt at the corner with a chance. to kill you over each back heeled a miracle to give the eagles a one elite in the seventy fifth minute a red card for the team and radke a shocker and extra man on the pitch choker took advantage unlevel to school or will they thought they did but frankel decided to do was call for the handball. the replay confirmed the call was correct. i want to play in the final i want to win the final we wanted that last year the consolation is the same again a top opponent will see what happens in a few weeks now we have four games still in the bundesliga we also want to do well and that's a. shot that is mourning as frankfurt is looking forward to the final against byron munich in berlin one may nineteenth. you're watching good of you news still to come
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seventy five years after the start of the warsaw ghetto uprising the voices of the survivors our reporter went to the polish capital need to people the nazis wanted to wipe out. much more news coming up on in the next thirty minutes. good. good good good. good. good. the international space station is gaining any work you plan to. my name is simon simon is now treated with artificial intelligence for now the robot is still finding his feet in zero gravity soon he'll be supporting his human colleagues up in space to. have a safe trip simon. has already to do. sixty minutes later . the dangerous battle for images five women.
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five exceptional stories. one calling more photography dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing faithful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to other stories of people who ended up killing. women more photographers starting may third on g.w. . there is more on the way to survive where it's like hide your identity to. be able to stay. in the food fight for this fight against terror bangladesh what is the true face of the country a look like freedom independence a separation of state and church that used to be important. for decades political infighting here has hindered progress and islamist extremists are going for its
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democracy and the rule of law on shaky ground for the good of brown love there should be. great britain you. cannot function. bangladesh the dawn of islam is a an exclusive d.w. report starting april twenty first. welcome back you're watching news our top story the french president about all michael is due to visit german chancellor angela merkel in berlin today it's a bit of breathing new life into his vision for e.u. reforms but he's likely to meet with german resistance to any changes that could come with a hefty price tag. now israel's commemorating the seventieth anniversary of its founding but even as a nation unites to mark this milestone there are sharp divisions in israeli society disagreement is perhaps deepest over the issue of settlements in the occupied west
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bank for the israeli right they are among the country's major achievements for the left they are a blight on israel's international reputation did if you travel to the west bank for a look at this divisive issue. could ash lies deep in the occupied west bank sixty families live in this illegal israeli now the settlement of she. on cuts of moved to seven years ago with his family it's situation in the middle of an area saturated with palestinian dreams of statehood seventy years ago there's nothing here this mountain was empty it's a real symbol for israel. and these great friends right here that you know showed the leaf shows that we're back here we're coming home we're our home. for work come home every year for growing. cuts of conviction made him come here he calls this land judea and samarium as it was known in the bible and claims it is
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jewish land according to international law though the settlements here in the occupied territories are illegal as said to be one of the main obstacles to a two state solution. in the center of tel aviv dern out of is taking part in a demonstration against the israeli government's occupation policy leftist organizations called for the protest. they're also protesting the use of snipers and recent demonstrations at the gaza border at the beginning of april. there is a lot of fear. out of interludes are you hearing from. from their lives enough to say they think that it's done no harm is there and are going. to delete it. i think this is. on the other side of the street a few members of the ultra right movement trying to disturb the protest. in the past few years israel has seen a significant move to the political right dude and says it's not cool to be on the
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left anymore but she'd like to keep the public debate alive on issues regarding peace with the palestinians and the two state solution the message we stand on these demonstrations is that we must have peace we need to fight for this peace this situation that does not serve us doesn't post the students activities on social media and internet platforms and i hope it will have some influence on other israelis. young israelis like i don't cut off i'm not particularly interested in a two state solution he's convinced that the settlements serve the security of israel. military school you learn that if you're sitting on the mountain you're protecting the valley. the mountain area of tel aviv is the valley everybody knows if you sit here you're protecting the citizens of al if you don't you're not protecting and he settlement is being built not far from here officially
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sanctioned by the government for settlers who were forced to leave their outpost two different realities two point seven seventy years after the founding of the state of israel the visions for the future could hardly be more disparate. and joining us from israel is the historian author former israeli soldier and former politician michael. good morning to you thanks for joining us on our program today how large is support would you say for settlement building among israelis well there are. moments which have been built lately i said in the last couple of years very few and most of them are being built in what you call the big settlement blocks which are going to remain anyway in israel's hands and the palestinians if they want to make peace will be compensated by other tracts
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of territory so i don't agree exactly with what they. will be for before my appearance. scream. i believe that. unfortunately we don't have a partner peace i don't belong to the rightly course i belong to the labor party. but i believe even if the labor party was in power we wouldn't have had the possibility of making peace with the palestinians who just very strangely are pressing all the time new conditions like for instance. they still don't want into the framework. if i can jump in there for a second the palestinians themselves say that the settlement building is part of what is an obstacle to. solution of peace. the settlement building. are going to be still because as
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a before the big blocks of settlement are already agreed between the parts of the world and out of that desert going to be either no more building or the settlements built there will going to be evacuated when whenever our other our partners are ready to talk to us or problem is the come not sure the palestinians really want to make today. your other respondants why don't they want to recognize the state of israel did you ever ask this question why the palestinians don't want in the framework of peace we are ready to recognize them. as israel why what about in the framework of peace a two state solution do you envisage any scenario where that really would be possible. i'm afraid the two state solution won't work
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look try to look at it from the palestinian point of view the solution means that they will create a small state even if they take all the territory of the of the west bank it's a tiny tiny state in a center which between israel and jordan with no outlet to the sea. we. don't have an army because it's going to be by all agreements it's going to be there militarized we know contributed to. the places where they can leave to build new settlements or new cities i believe for myself that the only solution is for the regime between the west bank and jordan go through a cycle to introduce alright we have to leave it there mr baza heart thank you so much for joining us on our program this morning and sharing your insights with us
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thank you. you're watching news still to come the cuban government is picking a new leader and it looks like this man here will get the job of president so after decades of rule by fidel castro and his brother raul what's next for the caribbean country we'll be speaking to a journalist who has closely observed cuba. but first as israel celebrates its founding as we were saying we look at another significant anniversary of the greatest act of jewish resistance against the nazis that began seventy five years ago today now this image here captures those events of the holocaust the warsaw ghetto uprising of one thousand nine hundred forty three after hitler's conquest of poland nearly four hundred thousand jewish inhabitants of warsaw were crammed into a walled in neighborhood of the capital starting in july one thousand nine hundred two with the nazis started clearing the ghetto and sending its inhabitants to concentration camps it was news of the spread people began to form resistance
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groups on april nineteenth one thousand nine hundred forty three when german police and asked us men enter the ghetto to begin the final deportations they came under attack the nazis moved in with tanks and flame throwers to crush this resistance systematically they destroyed the ghetto block by block nearly a month later after fierce fighting the uprising was suppressed. in all of this some thirteen thousand jews were killed over fifty thousand survivors were deported to concentration camps however several hundred children were smuggled out of the ghetto and they did survive our reporter frank hoffman met two of them in warsaw. the auditorium of the museum of the history of polish jews more than four hundred students have come to listen to christina blood meets go she's one of the last living survivors of the warsaw ghetto. she delivers a warning about anti semitism old and new today in the seventy fifth anniversary of
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the start of the warsaw ghetto uprising the issue weighs heavy on her heart that i believe that group if a large group of people like you leave here and talk about what you have heard and i don't think anti semitism stands a chance it is in your hands all the best and thank you. christine of would need skill was eleven at the start of the uprising a year earlier two of her brothers had been deported teacher blink a concentration camp by the nazis. but her family built a secret hideout for her. the uprising lasted four weeks using flame throwers and smoke bombs the german slowly regain control of the ghetto . would need skills survived in her makeshift hideout with three other people. so they were saved by members of the polish resistance when your show we were led
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out through the sewers and then they put us in sacks water. why saxe the go to be sure you don't you wish we didn't look like people anymore we were skeletons. we could barely move after spending nine months underground with no light and no contact with the outside world. is this contact to for the for me. the uprising was the largest single revolt by jews during world war two. it's a miracle that christina britney has survived. this monument reminds us of the famous protests through and bridge said once connect the two parts of the war so that after the uprising seventy five years ago almost all of the inhabitants were killed transported to german concentration camps here in poland. but several hundred children survived the warsaw ghetto rescued by members of the
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polish resistance their stories are finally being retold and commemorated in more saw. that's me your highness abolished a push tells us her parents got her smuggled out of the ghetto when she was four years old she was raised by foster parents but didn't find that out until she was eighteen. my biological father's name was greenspan and my mother's maiden name so bought and how did you find out about your own personal history here. business and . i discovered i had family in israel so after finding out their names i wrote to a newspaper in israel's. and i found out that i had an uncle. the seventy fifth anniversary of the warsaw ghetto uprising is the right time to remind the world of what happened but those who survived never miss an opportunity to talk
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about their fate christina would need will keep up her warnings till the end of her days and yet beginning because of the dilemma book a. and we have hans christian yosh with us he's the director of the house of the bonds a conference that's a villa in berlin where nine hundred forty two top nazis and german officials drew up their plans to exterminate the jews of europe mr yosh thank you for joining us on our program this morning this anniversary the worst ghetto uprising anniversaries taking place israel celebrating seventy years of its nationhood they came years apart to tell us about the connection between the two and it's just five years of post which is not a long time in historical terms and i think the. vor forgot to uprising was a very important self-assertion of. of judaism of jewish nationality which also had an important impact on the demands to actually create a jewish state where which would also be a safe place for jews in
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a world which was hostile towards jews which was highly and is a mistake where six hundred six million jews had been killed and poland and the was forget to use the symbol for the willingness to resist and to assert. the jewish nation yet it was an uprising that was crushed actually after a month but why do you think it's become such an important symbol. because it was one of the first uprisings of this case and it also served as an inspiration for further uprisings there were uprising xah and other ghettos and live off and bialystok but there were also the uprisings in two of the extermination comes and some one nine hundred forty three and a blink and some people. well at least some people about fifty to sixty people managed to actually get out of the come survive and tell the story about this comes even though today we do not remember this comes as much as we do. can know but this
8:45 am
is also due to the fact that there are so few will survive as none of those uprisings that you mentioned were as large in terms of scale as the warsaw ghetto uprising why is that. while they were so good to a president in terms of the the the fighters was also not so large it was just six hundred badly or poorly. ghetto inmates trying to rise against well equipped as s. units which was twice the size and still they managed to hold for nearly a months and they managed to create conditions. the rich of the people could escape from the ghetto and i think this is a major act of resistance but there were other acts of resistance in the warsaw ghetto one thing which is often forgotten is the in your bloom by a man who have ignored bloom who started to collect evidence on the life and the
8:46 am
warsaw ghetto knowing that the whole civilization would perish the jewish life in europe would actually perish and this was conserved in milk cans and was only found after the war and actually tells us how life in the walsall got to look like today incredible act of resistance there what do you think the lessons are that we can learn today from the uprising. i think it tells us that resistance is possible even under the most desperate conditions even when things are completely hopeless i mean people were shipped on the regular basis to blink a desk and been ordered to be murdered from war so so. there was actually no pondering there was no possibility of safety they went doomed to be murdered and the ways and under these conditions they still had the strength to resist even though people in the was so good to have to live on three hundred kilo calories a day which is which was the twelfth of what the german got during the war for
8:47 am
example and sort of what the pows got here in the war important certainly to remember the warsaw ghetto uprising a seventy five years ago today that he can thank you hans christian yosh director of the house of the bands a conference for joining us on our program to thank you sumi for. turning now to cuba the caribbean nation has been castro country for more than six decades but that is about to change because the escondido is poised to take over as cuba's new leader when the national assembly meets later today if confirmed you'll be the first person outside of the castro family to take the reigns during the country's communist rule in a moment we'll be asking what changes we can expect the first this report looking back on cuba us history under the castro brothers fidel and then vowed. the first of january nine hundred fifty nine in the middle of the cold war without castro and a group of revolutionary supporters asked cuban president to her new party who
8:48 am
flees to the dominican republic. castro appointed himself head of state and officially declared cuba a socialist republic all industry in business with nationalized and socialist reforms implemented throughout the country to the united states the one that capitalism it was seen as an affront. in one nine hundred sixty one a paramilitary group of fourteen hundred cuban exiles invaded cuba at the bay of pigs the invasion was sponsored and supported by the us within three days though it was defeated. washington responded with a number go against cuba which lasted for more than fifty years. it wasn't until an aging fidel castro transferred power to his brother all that the first signs of political reform became noticeable in. the eyes of the seventh i'm
8:49 am
out of work. all the for taking over from his brother raul castro have been defense minister and chairman of the state council officially number to win the cuban leadership relations with america slowly began to for all of us up here. in a telephone conversation with the u.s. president barack obama. we made decisive progress concerning a few issues that are of interest to both of our countries. in one thousand nine hundred sixty the american embassy in havana was closed. more than fifty years later in two thousand and fifteen it was finally reopened and the stars and stripes symbolically hoisted. then president barack obama became the first american leader to visit cuba since the beginning of the embargo. even british rockers the rolling stones performed in
8:50 am
the country for the first time rock music from the west had previously been banned under fidel castro. many thought the change had finally come to cuba but the feeling wasn't to last. after every new reform row castro seemed increasingly cautious then twenty seventeen he announced he would step down as head of state claiming he didn't want to stand in the way of younger leaders. when the national assembly meets next year on the nineteenth of april my second and last monday it will come to an end. cuba will then have a new president. go up maybe go out. to see. the mantic to be his successor is may get he has come out three years he's been preparing to take over the reins of power. we are very grateful
8:51 am
for what the cuban revolution has afforded us. but this is what we know the grassroots very well we've already been part of youth and student organizations really. he may not be a castro but miguel diaz can now is a loyal follower of the communist party and the old castro will continue in his position as party chairman. we have melissa chan with us now she's been reporting on cuba for the new york times and also with the nonprofit organization the global reporting center melissa good morning thanks for joining us what kind of politician is this man can it well that's the really interesting thing we don't know that much about the as canal and that is partly intentional you've had situations in the past where there were successors to the casters and they. they often spoke too soon and too much so d.s. can know as somebody who's been very very careful in terms of what he said is he
8:52 am
a reform is he a hard liner there are clues to suggest his one or the other so he's walked this very interesting line and it'll be very interesting to see what he does do in the next few years that's a question everyone's asking what can we expect under him are we going to see a continuation of the opening that we saw under custer welch a certain extent one thing to keep in mind israel castro is stepping down from the presidency but he is still retaining some power so you are going to see the continued influence of raul castro with dia's can now again we don't know what he's going to do is he going to try to push for more reforms or is he going to sort of answer to influential hardline faction in cuba having said that to a certain extent he doesn't have much of a choice the economy in cuba is not doing very well it was in recession last year if you believe the numbers now it's no longer in a recession but g.d.p. growth is very very low so he has to do something and he doesn't have the
8:53 am
revolutionary credentials of fidel or raul castro to sit back on a fidel castro could make mistakes and people would always remember him as the guy who led the revolution who you know of course overthrew this corrupt regime but for dia's can now he is opposed to revolution leaders so he's going to have to show something to the cuban people and to the elites and he has a tall task ahead doesn't it's not just the economy is plenty of challenges facing him yes of course there is the northern neighbor the united states u.s. cuba relations were great to two years ago when president obama visited in havana but the situation now is not great and you have the trumpet ministration rolling back some of the obama era normalization policies but you also have a very strange situation with american diplomat. it's that have taken ill i am sure a lot of people have read about it and been very confused the americans are alleging that it was some kind of attack the cubans are denying any responsibility
8:54 am
for it and it has caused a crisis the embassy in the united states the embassy in havana has been sort of downgraded in terms of the number of staff and so these canals going to have to fix this because american tourists are not coming in the same numbers as they were about a year ago and the people in havana really depended on those american tourist dollars what are younger gibbins telling you about how they see the legacy of the castro family well that's a really tough one first of all young cubans that's just one big group of people with a lot of different opinions a one thing that i have heard over the years is that no matter what young cubans think of fidel castro and some people really do not like him others you know do like him and do respect his his position in history they do say that they respect him for standing up to the americans and for having led the revolution no matter what he did in intervening years ritualised most of china
8:55 am
thank you very much for joining us with your analysis this morning. you're watching the news a reminder now of the top stories that we're following for you at this hour israel has kicked off celebrations to mark seventy years since the jewish state was founded in the middle east prime minister benjamin netanyahu has said israel won't spare those who raise a hand against it but also hinted at better relations with some arab countries. french president and mine my college student is a german chancellor angela merkel in berlin today it is a bid to breathe new life into his vision for in your reforms but he's likely to meet with german resistance to any changes that could come with a hefty price tag. and don't forget you can always get your news on the go download our out from google play or from the app store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications. for any breaking news you can also use the data you have to send us your photos and your videos you guys will be back with an update on your headlines in just
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audio player. this is the w. news live from berlin israel marks seventy years of independence after memorial day for israel's fall and now comes seventy hours of festivities lasting till saturday night in jerusalem prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcomes real seeds of peace from some of israel's arab neighbors but also coming up the french president a man on the mall is in for linda some ideas for a big change and to the european union among them a european monetary fund to help bail out member states in trouble that it will draw maybe on board. also came.


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