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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 19, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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and i think about something that can be trained for the first step and from the palestinian perspective i mean they might also argue that they have been provoked recently after u.s. president donald trump. you know came up with this formal recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel saying that he's going to move the embassy there where does that leave israel and the prospects for peace. i think that that's like many things president trump do this note really very significant and that's not something that changes to every very large over whether students or israelis it's really you seem boley just true i don't think it has very big significance. and that was the israeli historian and journalist tom segev talking with me a short while ago from jerusalem meantime in other news in germany an attack on tuesday evening has raised concerns for the safety of jews in the capital city
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berlin two young men say that they were beaten up for wearing a traditional head covering for jewish men in a twist it turns out that the pair aren't jewish but were they kept to show a friend that it wasn't dangerous german chancellor angela merkel has condemned the alleged incident and promised to take action. the victim recorded the incident with his smartphone but that didn't stop his attacker. the attacker repeatedly shouted. which means do and of his victims a twenty one year old israeli and his twenty four year old german moroccan friend. and the attacker was led away by his companion for the attacks. the two victims spoke with d.w. and explained that they are not even jewish that the yarmulke was a bit of a game an experiment to find out how dangerous it would be to walk around berlin as
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a jew the result a shotgun and let's not. i could not sleep at all last night. my body in various places. and i must say i just feel less safe. the incident took place a trendy middle class prince lower back to sleep not a high crime neighborhood it's an area where residents rarely encounter violent altercation. i think it takes place in the city's outskirts of the districts you think are violent anyway but this year i don't get. this. come on you. have to do something about this from the very standard schools training centers and have more reports from people who experience this kind of thing. jewish community has been growing in recent years many have been moving here from russia but also
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many young israelis. livable and less as the place for the whole course originated but it seems to have become risky again. in public. we've recently experienced increasing anti-semitic incidents seen here they include physical threats and injuries so we have to say that the security situation for people who were clearly identifiable as jews has worsened. firstly that the german government appointed its first commissioner to combat anti-semitism just a few days ago and. we have to prepare the schools equip the teachers with learning materials and maybe also with additional training in order to respond to these things and to make people aware of what's happening. i did sustain some minor injuries but nothing is known about his attacker police starting
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. and for more let's bring in our political correspondent thomas sparrow who is following developments from berne lens of thomas have we learned anything new about the alleged perpetrators here we just saw in that video what are you hearing from police police are still investigating the issue regarding specially the perpetrator of the perpetrators because according to one of the press statements they were attacked by three people so they're actually looking for for three people something particularly important sarra is that the investigation is being carried out by department when the german criminal police would actually deals with politically motivated crimes which is from the right wing seen from the left wing scene or also involving a foreigner so that is one issue that has to be taken into consideration because there are questions of obviously regarding this case not only about the perpetrators but also the complete authenticity of the video on the events that
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surrounded that video have not been independently verified and as we wait for that verification that we have to mention that it is an important conversation to have because this is not an isolated alleged incident here there are in fact more than a thousand i understand anti-semitic crimes reported last year alone in germany thomas' anti-semitism growing in the country. well what you say is correct this is not an isolated case there are concerns that i'm semitism is growing in in the country and that's obviously one of the reasons why for example the german government and now in study would have its first commissioner against the semitism which we saw in our report there if you will look at where all these cases have been happening who is behind. these do say that most of those cases come from the far right scene although there are also cases regarding the far left scene and
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there's also concerns about cases within the muslim community so there is certainly a wide range of concerns regarding onto semitism in germany and terms what is being done in an attempt to counter the trend or first and foremost this commission as we've just mentioned but there are also calls here in germany for a bigger database for example when it comes to two crimes trying to semitic crimes there's also calls for more support regarding groups that deal with these kind of of issues so those are certainly elements that authorities are probably tackling as well as we just mentioned trying to understand where these anti-semitic crimes are where these anti semitic tendencies come from whether it is from the far right scene or the far left scene or whether it is also present among muslim communities thomas sparrow in berlin thank you let's get a quick check now some other stories making news around the world turkish president resolute there one has announced plans to hold early elections on june twenty
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fourth the early polls will hasten turkey's switch from a parliamentary system to a presidential one that will strengthen anyone's power the announcement came just before turkey's parliament voted to extend the country state of emergency which grants the government sweeping powers police in armenia's capital have arrested dozens of opposition demonstrators protesting the former president. his election as prime minister protesters claim that the move was an attempt to consolidate his power it is the seventh consecutive day of protest in the city of. queen elizabeth says that it is her wish for a commonwealth leaders to appoint her son as the group's next head she wants prince charles to quote carry on important work her father. she welcomes fifty three nations to them polish leaders will discuss issues
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including climate change terrorism and cyber security. you're watching news still to come on the program cuba will soon be castro country no more and this man is likely to be handed the presidency will he take the country in the direction. and we are of course standing by as we mentioned for that press conference between angle america and. that's live in the next half hour but first i care hard out for six here to give us some economic perspective on the matter that's right ceremony is here in berlin today to seek support for his reforms at home and his dream of giving the euro zone its own budget and finance minister for the last only hears from berlin is nine nine eleven unlikely to be wooed by friend mark home to open her purse because german voters have every peter tinley made very very clear they do not want to foot the bill for other countries debts. a red
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carpet for europe french president manuel mccomb is pushing for big changes soon he thinks there is strength and more unity and wants more confidence east and defense law and asylum and i phone didn't drift form is a third indispensable front before the end of this term of office we need to define a roadmap for progress on the banking union and the establishment of a budgetary capacity promoting stability and convergence in the euro zone business but as you know. if you see. the vision more money and responsibility for europe the manuel mcconnell says it's the only way to make the e.u. stronger as well as more efficient and united not everyone is applauding though germany in particular is skeptical conservatives there say the plan sound like they carry a hefty price tag there is concern germany will be given
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a big bill but have little influence on where the cash is spent but time is running out european elections are sent for next year by then member states should have a road map for the union's future. we're going to talk about the road map and the european superstate that everybody is afraid of with meeting he's the chief economist of baron back bank and joins us now from our parliamentary studios in and. that does the eurozone really need its own bonds it wants. no i don't think that it really needs its own significant budget it already has in the european stability mechanism a major anti-crisis fund or so the european union has significant fiscal capacities to help we can member states over time to have a little extra anti cyclical buffer would be nice but it's not really essential for
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the future of the euro the eurozone finance minister could distribute lots of cash and asked for return favors like reforms of labor markets and health sectors and stuff like but wouldn't that be useful to harmonize things in europe it would be quite useful to reward countries that are pursuing serious reforms that idea is very good the problem from a bilin perspective is who is the judge of how the money is spent and to benefits from that and the german perspective is very much that this should not be sold and trusted to say the european commission but that lead the national parliament of germany needs to have a veto over serious amounts of money when it comes to them. germany and france other the two most important players in europe no no dance about nothing will ever be done get done the against the will of one of them because they've been
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the germany always have to support everything france wants no germany does not have to support everything from one spot france has brought up some good ideas some ideas which as seen from berlin need a lot of refining we are now at the very very opening stage of the serious discussions i think the result will be a lot of noise first and in the end some result that goes to say a little less than halfway to words what mark roll wants but some results that in the end would strengthen the euro zone without encouraging for instance a fiscal responsibility. how strong is his position at home right now how difficult is his fight with the unions what is fight with the unions is difficult so far he is doing it rather well and of course the general desire in berlin and elsewhere in europe is to hope in this confrontation at home as much as possible for the future of europe it's actually much more important whether france doesn't reform itself
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and become a more dynamic economy than whether the e.u. commission or some other body or the german parliament maintain a significant say over say future european funds micros are demanding a road map for europe for more member governments what should be on germany's road map the first item on the road map should be the completion of the banking union where germany is ready to take on more risks over time for instance with a common deposit insurance but only if member states have reduced risks in their banking system before hand so i think a roadmap to words banking union is something which we can actually get perhaps even by the june e.u. summit beyond that we will only get rather lofty ideas instead of concrete steps for the time being after all we now have another good year to discuss these issues before roughly in may two thousand and nineteen key decisions need to be taken.
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meeting there barabar by thank you very much for this analysis you're welcome and that's all your business of an update for you in one of the now it's back to say i've been to cuba to be absolutely we've actually been standing by as we mentioned as you have been discussing for this joint press conference between a man you are an anglo-american they have been meeting here in berlin as we mentioned breathing some fresh life into their vision for a new or forms that is the way the wish of emmanuel mccaughan we see them approaching the podium there let's listen in. and gentleman we very happy to be able to welcome you here. at this location which is the home board forum. which is about to be created. accepted my invitation and i am delighted this is a very european project. it is a project. where we would like to present that we are
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a big global world and this is also globalization which we would like to shape but this is what unites france and germany. we are in a building that is named after the. therefore going forward for home and it goes to show that we call for it so closely in the field of culture and science and this not only at the present time but also in the past been for homeboy's as xander for normal. of course something which is closely connected to paris as well of course this was mutually reinforcing and very touching and the one of the home port for which will be ready and getting started at the end of next year will be influenced by this next year we will also celebrate the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of alexander from their boat and once again the way many things that seem to us as
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completely new that there is a world we have in common that it is interconnected and alexander for the vote and then for.


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