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odd to. me. the law. this is you know when you use live from berlin a changing of the girl in her that now you bomb swears in its new president meet with the us canel they hand-picked the same successor to rahul castro diaz canel vows to continue the country's revolution more than sixty years on from the communist uprising also coming up israel turns seventy as the nation celebrates its
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founding their prime minister calls on israelis to make sacrifices to ensure the country's future safety and french presence in many of my current brings his charm offensive to berlin in search of your four but chance on clerical gives his crazy proposals a lukewarm reception. at the moment the body . lay iraq thanks so much for your company everyone. cuba has a new president and his name isn't castrato for the first time since the communist revolution more than a half century ago the country's leader does not heal from the castro family made well the us has been sworn in as the country's new president replacing britain castrato lawmakers have decided to elect yes can only could rule for a maximum of two five year terms this canal climb to the ranks of the communist
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party for decades he has now said his mandate is to give continuity to the cuban revolution. castrato will still remain the leader of the communist party for now but cuba's do have expectations from their new president. a region change it is not the era of fiedel and ralph castro may be coming to an end but the cuba they built remains launch of the unchanged cubans expect the new president to continue his predecessor's legacy of slowly modernizing the communist country. that will mean more of it still the same for me honestly as long as things keep improving and then all is well i'll tell you. make al diaz can now will now be the first leader of communist cuba who was not a member of the revolutionary generation he is expected to carry on reforms introduced by now ex president raul castro such as allowing citizens to run small
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businesses and reducing restrictions on foreign travel cuba's new generation is optimistic that would like to travel i'd like to travel and see the world. while many cubans dream of change the social programs of the castros communist party remain popular dance canal a party loyalist is a cautious choice for a cautious country in cuba the revolution will not be jeopardized. well a journey now is dr park amar swami she is a cuba specialist at reading university in the u.k. a very good afternoon this isn't exactly a transfer of power more like musical chairs. i know it's a little bit more than that there's many things that you can say about me in the ass kind of that make him quite different from what's come before all. those are good things and bad things i think the biggest thing to say about him is that he's
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somebody as you said in your report that rose up through the ranks of the communist party and most importantly he did so outside of and that so his experience of cuba is very different one he has he's in touch very much with life in the provinces and it's often a mistake to generalize about people based only on a vision from havana right now that's a very very valid point that you make there he promised to defend the social star revolution in that speech that he just gave a short while ago but also acknowledges that economic reform is necessary do you believe that cubans can expect change in society with this change in leadership. cubans can expect as much changes as possible cubans have been experiencing change predominantly and probably most radically since the one nine hundred ninety s. when the collapse of communism in the rest of the world meant that they were very much on their own and they had to bring in market reforms very very quickly and open up to a more market driven idea of socialism so they used to change i think probably the
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most problematic change has been the expectation that was raised by obama coming to power and the relaxing of diplomatic relations under his government and that door has been very firmly shut by the successor president trump so in many ways it's very frustrating the last couple of years have been very frustrating for cubans in terms of what they can expect aren't well let's talk a little bit more about that flesh out for us because that's a very good point because under all castro there was this push to open cuba up to the rest of the world even the united states but what kind of obstacles can the new president president of the u.s. can now face considering you know this trumpet ministration this new this. u.s. administration now in washington that is more isolationist. well the odds of that is very simple and let's not forget and let's not forget that actually under the obama government the u.s.
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embargo that's been in place since nine hundred sixty two is still in place and that has been reinforced in many ways by donald trump and his government so as much as cubans might want to engineer economic change and social change from within the hands of very much tied by u.s. foreign policy towards cuba and that's i think is the greatest element of frustration it has a generational axis as well so many young cubans predominately in havana because they've had a lot more contact with foreigners through tourism and other things are more frustrated than the rest of the people of relations and more desiring of economic change but as i said the last couple of years have been very turbulent in that respect and a lot of people feel and don't always understand i think even in cuba that it's not a necessarily a cuban problem cuba is doing everything you can you know your reports referred to restrictions being lifted on travel now those restrictions were lifted several years ago however the rest of the world finds it quite difficult to issue visas to cubans for all kinds of reasons and so the cuban government has done as much as
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they can and certainly under an obama huge advances were made those of will be pushed back and again cuba is and is in paralysis because of u.s. policy towards it i've got fifteen seconds left why was he picked. he was picked because he is a young member of the communist party he was picked because he has been trained and primed for this post over several years and he's been primed i don't mean that in any kind of sinister way but he's been trained to understand that the cuban revolution is very complex and to see that as president he needs to respect the design is a separation memories experiences of a whole range of cubans of all kinds of generations all right dr park amar swami reading university in the u.k. thank you very much. now in other news israel is celebrating the seventieth
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anniversary of its founding with events across the country and prime minister benjamin netanyahu began the day by inspecting specked in a guard of honor he praised his country's achievements but also said israelis will need to make sacrifices to ensure their security in the future festivities began at sundown yesterday with a laugh a show in jerusalem. but even as the nation unites to mark this milestone there are sharp divisions in israeli society a disagreement is perhaps deepest over the issue of settlements in the occupied west bank dual use tanya kramer travelled to the west bank to the settlement of pradesh to take a closer look at life there for the israeli raids such outposts are among the country's major achievements for the left they are a blight on israel's international reputation. lies deep in the occupied west bank sixty families live in this illegal israeli outpost near the settlement of she
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. iran cuts have moved to s. codice thousand years ago with his family it situated in the middle of an area where palestinians want to establish their state seventy years ago there's nothing here it's not and was empty it's a real symbol for israel. these grapevines right here it's you know belief shows that we're back where we're coming home we're our home. or more come home every year for growing cutoffs conviction made him come here because this land today and some area as it was known in the bible and claims are just jewish land according to international law though the settlements here in the occupied territories are illegal they're said to be one of the main obstacles to a two state solution. in the center of tel aviv dawn is taking part in a demonstration against the israeli government's occupation policy. leftist organizations
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called for the protest. they're also protesting the use of snipers and recent demonstrations at the gaza border at the beginning of april there is a lot of fear. in london and really they are fearing from the from this vision of tuesday they think that if the now harm is there any word. delete it. i think they're. on the other side of the street a few members of the ultra right movement try to disturb the protest. in the past few years israel has seen a significant move to the political right don calls herself a left leaning activist and says it's not cool to be on the left anymore she like to keep the public debate alive on issues regarding peace with the palestinians and a two state solution the message we found on these demonstrations is that we must have peace we need to fight for this peace this situation that does not serve us.
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don't post the activities on social media and internet platforms in the hope it will have some influence on other israelis. young is very it is like alan cuts off i'm not interested in a two state solution he's convinced that the settlements the security of its friends. military school you learn that if you sitting on the mountain you're protecting the valley this whole area as you did samir is a mountain the whole area of tel aviv is the valley anybody knows if you sit here you're protecting the cities in the valley if you don't sit here you're not protecting a new settlement is being built not far from here officially sanctioned by the government for settlers who were forced to leave the outpost to defend realities two points a few seventy years after the founding of the state of israel the visions for the future could hardly be more different. well here in germany one of the suspects
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in an alleged to anti-semitic attack in berlin has turned himself into police police say the nineteen year old is a syrian entire incident was recorded by one of the victims he and his friend were wearing a jewish style skullcaps when they were attacked by a man with a belt he later told the news they were wearing the keep for the first time to show an israeli friend it was safe to do so and berlin french president said money on my car and german chancellor angela merkel have put on a united front at talks here in berlin but the pair disagree about how to reform the european union mccall is pushing for deeper ties but he's facing resistance from a very cautious america they're hoping to reach a compromise ahead of a e.u. summit in june but for now their plans are a work in progress. it's a conversation the french president's been waiting months to begin. but as he
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arrived it was chancellor merkel's turn to white her choice of venue for today's talks was billions humbled for him a cultural center of national importance that still under construction. with the european union also in need of reconstruction the symbolism was clear in a world full of new challenges metal and michael a keen to build a more robust bloc joining hands to kick start the legendary franker german engine is a first step in that direction. but their success will depend on reaching common positions ahead of a key european summit in june they have a long list of issues to agree upon. it's good not to because we have different points of departs germany and france have differing opinions on some issues so what we need now is open debate and the ability to find compromise on this potty did it mean we want to find common responses to the challenges we're facing today and to the challenges of tomorrow as we prepare all future that's what we've committed
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ourselves to do and what we shall accomplish for the e.u. summit in june we know that means a great deal of work for us have a new civil war the need to do tough. is joining the french journalist reminded merkel about the german writer she'd quoted when michael first visited last year helen has surrender his famous sentence in every beginning lines a certain magic he asked her whether the magic was still alive it's the first time i see kids when i quoted that sentence i wasn't fully aware of how long it can take to form a government so we decided to conserve that magic we put it away for a few months but now it's coming back to giving away it's going to be done. with the franco german conversation on europe's future resuming in what appears to be a friendly atmosphere all eyes are now on a joint meeting of the two countries cabinets in june. are you watching the daily news we still have a lot more to tell you about including our france and germany at last economic
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translation my call on a euro zone budgets and finance minister brown germany's chancellor merkel is so content so. bad we'll have more on that for you coming right up and i say again at the top of the hour. they make a commitment. they find. late and stronger.


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