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this is. cuba has a new president is it a change in name only cuba's whereas in its new president. the hand-picked successor to raul castro president the. board continuity today to continue the revolution led by fidel castro more than sixty years ago also coming up israel turns seventy the nation celebrates its founding the prime minister calls on israelis to make sacrifices to ensure the country's future safety. plus it has
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been the biggest change to the world of football in decades. video review system has another controversial week we'll hear what referee making of it all. off it's good to have you with us tonight cuba has a new president and his name is not castro president. was sworn in today and he promised to uphold the legacy of the country's revolution which was first led by fidel castro six decades ago the is the hand-picked successor to outgoing leader raul castro and critics are warning that any change beyond the name of the president looks tonight very unlikely. handing over the presidency but not
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complete power after almost sixty years of rule by the castro brothers cuba has a new leader mikhail diaz can now promised outgoing president raul castro and the national assembly that he would carry on the socialist revolution. but i assume the responsibility for which i have been elected with the conviction that all the cuban revolutionaries from whichever position we hold will be faithful to the legacy of the commander in chief castro ruz historic leader of our revolution and also to the values and teachings of general round castro ruz the outgoing president will remain head of the communist party for another three years consolidating his own power but the eighty six year old told the party faithful he sees diaz canal as his eventually successor three years once his tenure
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presidential term is over and the three years remaining until the congress he will become the first secretary of the communist party. watching the presidential handover at their home in havana these cubans believe the fifty seven year old diaz can now is what the country needs. he was a good choice he's young and innovative with a different perspective. but on the streets of cuba not everyone is convinced much will change it's all the same to me whoever is good for the country and the people miguel diaz cannell is a party loyalist a cautious choice for a cautious country and that appears to be exactly what the old guard wants. well joining me tonight from havana cuba is freelance journalist jose who's on nieves jose welcome to the show i want to ask you what are people in havana what
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are they saying this hour about the new president hello thank you for your call well if you said our country's whole people need to survive on a daily basis and they have not come here about i thought i think this is something that is happening really far from the things we need all the off the record been from fifty feet not a guy that bumps you some people don't think you have it paid on who get elected of presidents that's why i think they can gauge men could be that their work to define what people are feeling today here in atlanta before i if you take into account that the other and he said i'm from the communist party and i won't give in on the control of it off the until ten to twenty one because they think on their staff that they did not hold the culture change coming up very passionately. what you are saying there sounds to us to be very frank and very on is still you are a journalist in cuba how free are you to report about what is happening in your
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country right now especially when we're talking about politics. well i'm free to write on the internet because there's no role at all for internet control but i don't have access to public media we shot the only one media allowed here so for my kids my fellows queue up leave enough rope or those who have internet access here to give out they can read what we are publishing but if people lots of people don't have access to internet they another freak about the. phenomenon from it's different when a political perspective ok that is interesting so the news that you are reporting to us tonight is not the news that the people in cuba will be hearing tonight what about the power of your new president mr nez how much power does he really have since raul castro is still the party leader. well
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not how much power there are the political process already defined by how little and his whole pottery stronger realizing allusion on one can fifty nine million vs going to have to follow that for me because i make what i make a program of the common fight here besides he had said by frankly that i said vice president a lot of the old if the revolution i'm coming down so that i meet a lot of it and also a cab and drove all the old guard. commandant in the parliament so he will not be in the free to decide what he's going to happen and the conflict by the years freelance journalist jose holds on the events speaking to us is a night from havana cuba with an interesting take on the country's new president jose thank you very much. well here in germany one of the suspects in an alleged anti-semitic attack in berlin has turned
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himself into police they say that he's a nineteen year old asylum seeker who arrived in germany from syria in twenty fifty and the entire incident was recorded by one of the victims on video that you're seeing right here he and his friend were wearing jewish style skull caps when they were attacked by a man with a belt they later told the news that they were wearing the kippah is for the first time to show a friend in israel that it is safe to do so here in berlin. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the king of swaziland has changed the name of his country to the kingdom of eats what tina the name means a place of the swazi the announcement coincides with celebrations to mark fifty years of independence from britain the king most want see the third has ruled the country by decree since one thousand nine hundred eighty six. french president
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manuel micron and german chancellor angela merkel have held talks in berlin over reforming the euro zone is pushing for greater economic integration but merkel is skeptical of some of his proposals they're hoping to reach a compromise ahead of a european union summit which is scheduled in june. u.s. prosecutors will not file criminal charges in the death of pop star prince following a two year investigation minnesota authorities is say there is no evidence that the pills which killed him were prescribed by a doctor prince died in two thousand and sixteen of an accidental opioid over to. poland has marked the seventy fifth anniversary of the warsaw ghetto uprising it was the largest single act of jewish resistance against the nazis during world war two polish and israelis dignitaries paid ohmage to the hundreds of jewish fighters
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who took up arms in one thousand nine hundred eighty three against the occupying german forces and paid with their law suits. through them sick. israel is celebrating the seventieth anniversary of its founding with events across the country prime minister benjamin netanyahu began the day by and spirity in the future festivities began at sundown yesterday with a lavish show in jerusalem. well even as the nation united's to mark this milestone there are sharp divisions in israeli society disagreement is perhaps deepest over the issue of settlements in the occupied west bank and cramer traveled to the west bank to the settlement of desh to take a closer look at how people are living there for the israeli right such outposts are among the country's major achievements and for the political left they are
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a blight on israel's national conscience and scored this nice deep in the occupied west bank sixty families live in this illegal israeli outpost near the settlement of she to alan coutts have moved to s. codice than years ago with his family it's situated in the middle of an area where palestinians want to establish this state ten years ago there's nothing here it's not it was empty it's a real symbol israel. these great friends right here it's you know so at least shows that we're back where we're coming home we are home. or more come home every year for growing cutoffs conviction made him come here because this land today and some area as it was known in the bible and claims it is jewish land according to international law though the settlements here in the occupied territories are illegal they're said to be one of the main obstacles to
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a two state solution. in the center of tel aviv to one that is taking part in a demonstration against the israeli government's occupation policy. leftist organizations called for the protest. they're also protesting the use of snipers and recent demonstrations at the gaza border at the beginning of april there is a lot of fear. about an environment are hearing from the from this little enough to say they think that the now harm is are ergonomic delete it. they think they're. on the other side of the street a few members of the ultra right movement try to disturb the protest. in the past few years israel has seen a significant move to the political right cause has a left leaning activist and says it's not cool to be on the left anymore she like to keep the public debate alive on issues regarding peace with the palestinians and
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a two state solution the message we found on these demonstrations is that we must have peace we need to fight for this peace this situation that does not thorough us . don posted activities on social media and internet platforms in the hope it will have some influence on other israelis. young israelis like alan cuts off i'm not interested in a two state solution he's convinced that the settlements have to security of its fans. over. military school you learn that if you sitting on a mountain you're protecting the valley this whole area today in some areas the mountain the whole area of tel aviv is the valley anybody knows if you sit here you're protecting the cities in the valley if you don't sit here you're not protecting a new settlement is being the not far from here officially sanctioned by the government for settlers who were forced to leave their outpost to defend realities
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two points a few seventy years after the founding of the state of the visions for the future could hardly be different. well ahead of the summer zonker world cup fever has announced that decisions by video referee assistant known as b a r will be shown on stadium big screens at the world cup when all the referees themselves have had their say on the use of this new technology. the video assistant referee system is the biggest change in football in decades but it's fair to say it's had its thieving problems. minds were given a penalty after the half time whistle and monday's bonus they get clashed with a furious freiburg when the rectory was alerted to act and won't the decision was correct but features read the ring chief says technology channel put a stop to all controversies i doubt many to predation so something could be cleared
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for in a way could be not for another and this is not to walk to the will answer to i repeat for those a mistake which in the past the. created the big problem certainly it would be a. faith has been running a training camp this week for referees to get more used to v.a. are ahead of its use in the world cup in june and july video decisions will be shown in the stadium big screens in russia meaning fans will finally understand what is going on. i feel very comfortable. because if i had done so in the seven s. for us it doesn't matter. if each of the pitch so we are very very comfortable we also started in the thick of now we are also using a. few ok so it's not all. so i am very confident that.
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the referees seem happy but many fans are still to be convinced it could be one of the most talked about woke up in history. we're back at the top of the hour for more world news. make your smart t.v. smarter with. what you watch what you want to. up to date. extraordinary. decide what's. funny. w. .


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