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tricks that will turn your whole special. yourself with g w's interior design channel on you tube. this is. from berlin chemical weapons inspectors begin their work in syria has collected samples and dumont for an independent probe two weeks after a suspected gas attack in the city also coming up. a concession or a time buying ploy north korea stopped all nuclear and long range missile.
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a leader kim jong un has not suggested his country will give up its existing nuclear arsenal. and demanding change to protect india's children the central government approves the death penalty for child rape that this follows several recent attacks that have led to days of nationwide outrage. and welcome to the program a team of independent inspectors from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons has been gathering samples at the site of a suspected chemical attack in syria the group isn't do much to determine what chemicals if any were used in an attack just two weeks ago that killed dozens of people the samples will be sent to. the netherlands for testing the united states
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france and the united kingdom have launched airstrikes on syrian government targets after that alleged attack but the assad regime and russia deny using poisonous gas on the syrian people and say reports of such an attack have been fabricated. now amid the deep division between nations on how to end the conflict in syria the fifteen security council members and the u.n. secretary general antonio terrace have met to hold informal talks in sweden the un special envoy for syria is expected to join them on sunday. that's a relaxed atmosphere in this remote parts of southern sweden one many of the diplomats here hope will set a new tone for talks on the syrian conflict the u.n. security council and secretary general a meeting here for informal talks outside of new york for the first time you need to put lots of scenes. but let's be clear we are still a long way to go to bring together the members of the suitable terrorist describe
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the meetings farmhouse location as highly symbolic it was the summer residence of. the u.n. secretary general from one nine hundred fifty three to his death in one nine hundred sixty one when his plane crashed in africa under mysterious circumstances he still thought of as one of the un's most successful mediators in international crises in the face of today's pressing conflicts particularly in syria it's here that the un is now looking for solutions but with the security council deeply divided real action looks almost impossible if you look at situations like syria we're not having that much success we're still deadlocked and so retreats like this are very important for us to get away from new york sometimes and discuss these things in a way that we can really try and find a solution the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. has frequently clashed with her russian counterpart during previous talks and in the traditional family photo the two kept that distance from each other a reflection of the political gulf between russia and the u.s.
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. north korean leader kim jong un may have made a significant reversal in policy after spending years building up his country's weapons program kim has now declared the hermit kingdom will stop nuclear and intercontinental missile tests south korea and china along with the united states have welcomed pyongyang announcement while the e.u.'s foreign affairs chief federica margaret any help the move as a positive step but neighboring japan remains cautious saying it will keep up the pressure for complete nuclear disarmament. north korea's missile tests kept the world in suspense throughout last year until in november its leader kim jong un declared his nuclear force complete now state television has made it official no more nuclear or missile testing. young and will
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instead focus on building up its economy and securing peace with its southern neighbor. south korea has welcomed the move as meaningful progress president is due to meet kim in less than a week's time for a rare summit aimed at resolving the deadlock between the two koreas. in the south capital seoul people have reacted with skepticism. here. unless the regime changes i don't believe we can build normal diplomatic relations our safety can't be guaranteed either on that one day he put our. bid to one it looked as if the north would denuclearize after the last two summits but now we're back to square one we shouldn't blindly believe them without thorough verification . economists in the. us president donald trump is also set to meet the north korean leader in the near future having previously derided kim as little rocket man
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trump reacted positively on twitter. this is very good news for north korea and the world big progress look forward to our summit but japan's defense minister was not optimistic stressing what was omitted from the announcement includes just a statement makes no reference to the north abandoning you can short and medium range ballistic missiles in the book you did it says. the prospects are not encouraging ten years ago the north blew up a cooling tower in a symbolic show of abandoning its nuclear ambitions clearly they did not and there . to india now following several gruesome rape cases the country's cabinet has called for the death penalty for the rape of children under the age of twelve it will require the approval of parliament before becoming law but in the meantime suspects can be prosecuted under the order protesters in the capital delhi have
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been demanding not only justice for victims but change as our correspondent sonia found the car and i found out. now the rallying cry for people at this spot a site in new delhi responding to a spate of brutal rape places across india in recent weeks some of the victims have been as young as eight months or. the mortgage alone if i had a daughter i shudder to think. that even babies are being raped it's so scary also although at the center of the protest starting monday but delhi's commission of women she's been on hunger strike you for the past eight days and says she wants stop until the government takes tougher measures to tackle the crisis she's demanding greater police presence on the capital streets and the death penalty it's a sentiment shared by many at the protest. they don't want the we need the death penalty and once we have it it will definitely deter future. they'll think twice
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before committing a crime because their very lives will be at stake we didn't give that one up when they got the growing outrage and protests across the country seem to have had an effect the indian government on saturday called an emergency cabinet meeting to sign off on an executive order introducing the death penalty for rapes of triggerman under the age of twelve but not everyone is convinced many see deeper societal changes are needed before women and girls can feel truly safe boys given girls are always being told to ignore boys who have wrestling and stalking them but why aren't parents explaining to their boys that they shouldn't her arrest women and instead respect them it's not girls but always who need to be told what to do. for now swati hunger strike has resonated with many angry at what they see as government inaction and a failure to protect the country's women and. now to some the other stories making
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news around the world at least one person has been killed and more than a dozen others injured in clashes between madagascar security forces and thousands of opposition activists have been demonstrating against new election laws ahead of a vote later this year the opposition says the three new laws favor of the ruling party and hinder opponents. to the tens of thousands of hung varian's have taken to the streets of budapest to demonstrate against government influence on the media and the electoral system prime minister viktor orban fidesz party won the country's parliamentary elections earlier this month picking up two thirds of the seats with just how of the vote. saudi state media say security forces have shot down an an identified small drone in the capital riyadh it was hovering in a neighborhood where boyle palaces are located online video showed gunfire sparking
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fears of on rest officials say king solomon was not at his palace in riyadh at the time of the incident. he. fear opinion and mexico have reached a preliminary agreement on a new free trade deal it updates in accord from two decades ago a focus on industrial goods and joint statement european commissioners and the mexican economy minister said they hope to resolve remaining issues soon. the basque separatist group is expected to announce its dissolution next month the group carried out a four decade long armed campaign for the basque regions independence some to accept. it still has supporters here thousands gathered in b. vowed to demand the government move the last edit prisoners to jails closer to their homes the militant group recently asked its victims for forgiveness marking the end of an era for many here. is pretty much considered we hope we can finally
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end the conflict in the basque region that got absolutely no different than it on friday published a statement apologizing to nonpartizan victims who were caught up in the violence more than eight hundred people were killed in attacks the group didn't agree to put down its weapons until two thousand and eleven. journalist who. was an eta crosshairs for years forcing him into police protection he says the apology doesn't go far enough but i think i'm going to build on the do not buy i think it's disgusting that at the only apologize to civilian victims but not to the police or military what if he lives for me and that is that means that the terrorists still don't admit that the struggle was for nothing be annoyed the other day care for you know the spanish government says as apology was long overdue and i luckily. all said and done it was democrats backed by the courts and international opinion that
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defeated. in. a bloody campaign that shock spain for decades appears to be coming to an end it is set to announce its dissolution in may . fans have been paying their respects to d.j. a v.g.a. electronic music superstar was found dead friday in oman crowds in the beaches hometown stockholm attended a spontaneous memorial dance party to pay their respects the twenty eight year old has been credited with helping to bring dance music into the mainstream because death is not yet. every she collaborated with stars like madonna robbie williams and fellow d.j. david guetta as heads include the european number one wake me up and grammy nominated sunshine and levels. he produced hit after hit he won critical acclaim and he played to sellout audiences.
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at beach she had found fame fans and fortune but on friday the music artist whose real name was tim burgling was found dead he was just twenty eight. madonna who hired a vici to produce her last album posted on instagram so sad so tragic goodbye dear sweet tim gone too soon. the ficci had suffered from health problems including pancreatitis caused in part by heavy drinking in twenty thirty in the underwent surgery for a ruptured appendix and a blocked score bladder he spoke candidly about that time in an interview in twenty fifty. three it feels like going from being normal to being like very like. all the worth of so much workload you know i never saw one of our trips to the hospital and back report there was someone to go along at the same time. so.
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it was a real relief like a. long break but one of. the chief quit touring in twenty sixteen but continued to make music just days ago he was nominated for twenty eight billboard music awards. turning to tennis now rafael nadal is one step closer to retaining his monte carlo masters title the world number one softball gary has triggered dimitrov in straight sets fighting hard to take the first set six four second was considerably easier for the spaniard winning six one to advance to sunday's final the dollar the baby came she cory as he seeks to win a record extending eleventh title. don't forget you can always get the news on the go just download our app from google play
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a free aapl store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any new breaking news you can also use the details you after send us photos and videos. they're watching you know it is live from berlin not because of the all of us here at the w thanks for watching . what does a football loving country to reach its goals. will tell you how determined soccer made it to the top. lip special. football made in germany. they make a commitment. they find. and stronger.


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