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tv   Reporter - Zainab Alkhudairi is an exceptional woman.  Deutsche Welle  April 23, 2018 6:02am-6:16am CEST

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officials to call off the. european stock job performance or. live concerts every weekend. of europe in concert. with the. design of the year has had to fight for her independence both as a professor and as a writer. we hope to accompany her as she teaches at the king soured university.
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we are in riyadh the capital of saudi arabia one of the most conservative countries in the world. we take a look at zain umps daily life. restrictions on women are still on the present. even at the hair salon the cameramen has to stay outside only women are allowed to film here. and yet showing footage of care is forbidden. still saudi arabia has started to change. the idea of the table my name is doctors in a year today i'm signing my novel it's about two generations shaha a mother and her daughter haya. just cry. problem saudi women face and it's about
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the relationship between men and women that see at the end. that is enough first novel hajar criticise a spoiled mess within our society and between different generations but only between the lines. that if i really like what you face and the way you write it's charming but this has that did you also take the other book it's new. as a catholic in that. i think men and women men go here at the book fair in riyadh a place where conservative and modern world views. how much has saudi arabia changed. i see an absence for books at several steps so. i guess. i did want. mrs a
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cover that's really hello betty why don't you use your complete from name. i hate it and i will soon it's time to know that they address anything i say no i didn't want to talk on camera about not publishing under her family name it's because not everyone in her family supports her push for change i. suspect that what do women today have in common with those fifty years ago when i'm not with that in this book i describe how a mother felt fifty years ago and how her daughter feels now they share the same burdens. that the daughter has to suffer just as her mother did before her nothing has changed but even at the cell phone and if you know at the end i ask whether a person can change and improve their feelings. and whether time can change how we feel. that if and and if we. an hour to change over the course of fifty years with
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all the challenges they face how will that influence saudi women. and their lives and that's got to be on them but it did it influence them at that yes it did but only if they're willing to leave their cage and the past if a woman is strong enough she can do it. that's just also cost you less this woman is already ahead of the curve. she writes novels too about isolation and suicide she has decided to come here we don't headscarf. and last year i couldn't take off my. my skull and it was like a test told me i want to just see how i'm doing. and so i found out that with little hearts you have the freedom either to it or not so i could fully
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know. the parade and break out of the cage that doesn't happen overnight. at first glance rio it seems like a modern city but that's a façade riyadh is very conservative women are still not allowed to drive you live out your life on social media and your smart film the country wants to become more open but they are still limits regarding what can be discussed on camera. yes. it's a nonissue up but. i don't talk about politics but i understand it well and i read a lot we can talk about change and i accept every change that benefits we had in our regardless of how radical or crazy it is you see society wants you to marry to be like the rest of us but i don't want anything from society and that's why i am who i am today i mean my kingdom in my house with my life in my travels my daughter to set a tube into your care. to say no doesn't need to do much at home she has
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a maid from the philippines the minimum here for the middle class she's divorced and lives here with her daughter who doesn't want to be felt. zaineb says the reams joins her for breakfast. but the topic of conversation isn't given its commitment to have these changes continue. that they will continue . and i don't want them to be only temporary. and they're going. to be one thing and women are already advisers in the shura council maybe later they can become junior ministers a lot going backward isn't an option women would block that there'd be resistance change will be fast and already now there are a lot of laws benefiting women it'll get better. to have said here. when you that are going in and out of the sun i wanted to send the laws are indeed
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changing right now. they're changing in favor of women one of them are regarding child custody and divorce for example what would have been other arabic countries these things remain huge problems but not for us anymore and that. how would you react if the changes that have been made were to be on done. and among the iraqis have a better fit in with the man marking the place in a year we have no experience with changes like these and why so it's difficult to say what would happen. maybe women would think about emigrating. others would use social media to raise awareness and build pressure those would probably be the most immediate reaction it's what. you have other than that probably not much. we don't take to the streets and protest here but what about the mafia.
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couldn't actually i don't think saudi arabia has a problem with laws we have a problem with social pressure with the role models imposed upon women which starts doing childhood already and affects how girls see themselves. and so far women have seen themselves as having less value than men why don't you know that the man is seen as the provider in the family and. yes as the boss. i think. we need a new psychological structure for our society. women between euphoria and insecurity zaineb doesn't wear a headscarf but in the kingdom she says it's a social rule. zain of wants to escape these restrictions but she doesn't question everything.
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saying a price five times a day because she has faith. she finds distraction from the restrictions that surround her at the hair salon. the camera man has to wait by the door only women are allowed in. the store. it's a modern cell no but everything is behind closed doors and from women only.
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saying of decided she didn't want to have her hair caught on camera i know that would be indecent instead she decides on a mini cure that's. how you know from best. that you have no wife for a woman protect her here in public ah i just you know. been to not look at the thought my daughter can decide she was raised a muslim but i let her decide why not and now and then and according to islam we should wear a headscarf you know what i think that it's about decency. that if she wants to wear a headscarf that's good but it's also not a big sin if she doesn't do it. ok that event if you have filming other customers isn't permitted even though they cover their hair in public they're
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someone requests are becoming more dealing they're asking for new cuts and more colleges feel. seen as fall for. her independence as a writer a mother and as a professor she's on the way to king celt university a university for women and men saina teaches only women. here yet then we would finish them out of. the restrictions that exist in society not apply university to show you that i had a lot going on but i think much to much as soon as society becomes more liberal there will also be more freedom at the university. just what you want to have a political job but. of course. i would serve my country and i could serve women as well. and then end up with an admission every woman should know her strengths. regardless of the field she works
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in. over the next few hours saina will feature students medical management. she had hoped to be able to show us. but again the spite having octane official permission we are forbidden to fill. change in saudi arabia is a slow process every day there are more barriers to be broken down. but. did you know it cost fifty cents to feed one hundred child for one full day. the day before the. t.v. oh. come through the door with
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