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this is the tell the news coming to you live from berlin toronto police questioning the suspect in monday's deadly gun attack ten people were killed after a twenty five year old man drew brees vehicle into pedestrians on a busy street the motive is not clear but the kaji says they have found no links to terrorist groups so far also coming out helping the victims of war torn syria as the conflict enters its eighth year an international fundraising drive kicks off in brussels today but can it make any difference. and present donald trump whosis
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past ever state visit of french president in london mccrone feels french people in washington will be expecting the two leaders of wrong to vote. hello and welcome i wanted to achieve. a man who plowed a van into pedestrians in toronto canada is due to appear in court later on tuesday ten people were killed in a busy street in the city center at least sixteen others were injured the suspect fled the scene but was arrested a short while later after a standoff with police to run to police are earning praise for their restraint and professionalism in not firing a shot. stood next to a battered rental van and appearing to point a weapon and the suspects in the terrans have attack place closed in on him within
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half an hour of the incident this tense exchange was captured by a possible by. the officer was praised for his bravery and for not shooting when others might have pulled the trigger now police will be able to question the suspect named as twenty five year old alec massey an authority say his act was deliberate but his motive unclear they sought to play down terrorism links on the basis of all of the lobel information at the present time there would appear to be no national security connection to this particular incident but the attack happened just after lunchtime in toronto with many people out enjoying some afternoon sun police said the van was used to plow along a two kilometer stretch of sidewalk with no calf or who or watch was targeted it.
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just went on the sidewalk you just started dating everybody man here every single person on the sidewalk anybody in israel you would hit the bus stop everything i shouted there's a lady in there that i saw i just stopped and i looked annoyed when after to general this is crumbling up one by one one by one within hours of the attack a vigil was held near the scene people here are struggling to make sense of the seemingly sense unless. they have happened it's happening in tron a very safe and peaceful place and that's why i was struck but yet again a vehicle has been weaponized in the crudest and most indiscriminate way selling panic on a city street to run tell you the latest to be added to a tragic list. the me let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the was convicted war criminal. is back in court today for an
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appeal hearing against his multiple convictions for genocide and other atrocities the former bosnian serb leader has insisted his forces acted in self defense he's asking that his forty year prison term be overturned by the u.n. war crimes tribunals. and the baby then guessing game is on royal watchers are placing their bets on what the duchess of cambridge and her husband prince william we named their new baby boy all of her and james on leading the bookmakers favorites the new prince is fifth in the line to the throne. to the conflict in syria now on its in its eighth to stick in a heavy toll on the people of the country and although it's difficult to get exact numbers the london based syrian observatory for human rights estimates more than half a million civilians rebels and government soldiers have been killed since the start
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of the conflict around nineteen thousand of those killed were children as is often the case in war zones it's the youngest who pay the highest price more than eleven million syrians have been forced to flee their homes just over six million internally displaced within syria and five and a half million have sought refuge in other countries the finding ways to help these people is the task of a donor conference that's just opened in brussels the european union and the united nations are co-hosting the event they are hoping to improve on last year's pledge of five and a half billion euros tensions have escalated after a suspected chemical weapons attack in duma earlier this month western states blamed damascus and responded with air strikes syria denies the attack took place and claims the incident was staged the e.u. estimates some thirteen million people are in desperate need of aid. yes says a recent director for the middle east. is a decision doing
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a conference in brussels i asked him what is expected of the meeting ah well the conference today we have mainly representatives of the syrian civil society discussing their perspective what the situation is inside syria but also in the neighboring countries where millions of syrians have found refuge to morrow it's up to the political leaders so five countries looking on how the international community will continue being generous in order to support those millions of syrians who are suffering from more perspective very clearly the seventy years of war in syria is a war on children today over eight million syrian children are suffering have
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a lack of access to health the lack of access to nutritious food even drinking water is a problem for them they have talked about political leaders that the aims of this conference is to give momentum to peace efforts the u.n. sponsored peace efforts on syria how hopeful are you that this something will come of this. well i asked quite often this question then my answer to that is twofold if i look how political leaders inside syria how political leaders with influence over the fighting forces forces are behaving and nowadays i am not very hopeful however when i talk to syrian children who have suffered tremendously. when i talk to them i'm extremely hopeful and therefore from a unicef perspective once again a strong belief to the fighting forces that any one given through one's put
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children at the center of your negotiations and then that is a future that is a bright future for syria right a good cover for unicef's a recent director for the middle east thank you very much for talking to from brussels thank you. the french president on a micro is in washington for talks with president donald trump this is the first time president trump is hosting hosting a foreign leader as an official state visit and he's pulled out the stops for a lavish welcome both leaders have shaken up the political systems in their countries and withdrawal has become trying to close this contact in europe but tough topics on the agenda put that relationship to the test. so what are the key issues up for discussion cruel and other european leaders urging trump to stay in the two thousand and fifteen iran nuclear agreement which trump has scored one. iran has threatened to restart its nuclear program should trump. there's also the
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pressing issue of trade not trying to announce hefty tout of imported steel and aluminum an exemption for europe is set to expire next week macross says the levees could spark a trade war the war in syria is another divisive issue not trump as hinted at pulling out u.s. troops out of the country but mccall says washington is a key ally in fighting terrorism the need to underscore is fun and clear richardson is in washington she asked a friend residence there what they want from his meeting with have a listen. washington d.c. turns to kinds of red white and blue when the president of france comes to town donald trump is hosting his first state visit pulling out all the stops for his french counterpart. their relationship has been called everything from a bromance to a marriage of convenience but no matter which way you look at it french president emanuel micron and u.s. president donald trump seem like an unlikely pair one is
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a young globalist the other a seventy one year old with nationalist instincts so how did the to form such a close personal relationship. some experts say it comes down to their common backgrounds in business and as outsiders so it's paradoxical that they get along so well given how different they are on the surface but at the same time they. self-made political men you know that come from outside the establishment that were elected when nobody expected that and you know they really shared this experience but how did the french feel about having a president who has been called the trump whisperer. these d.c. locals want to see them work to get there. i think it's a presenter as for him for the u.s. and for everybody to get something out of the really really feel have to bend over a little bit president trump knows that france is going to be you. know we've the u.s. and europe in general and i think prism. what else did they expect to see from
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trump during the two leaders rendezvous in d.c. . probably to. get my current award is well it's not easy to to have those so we'll see if we get fireworks or if we get another cherry blossom. we'll have to wait and see whether his charm offensive can reap rewards. so talk about this visit to have with me a friendship welcome look let's analyze some of the issues at stake that first afford lot of pomp and political pageantry on this state visit explains macross special relationship with the president donald trump. on your microphone try basically to take the empty seats of the special relationship between europe and country in the u.s. donald trump and the reason may not good starts state visits for the notrump in the
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u.k. is on hold germany was not the favorite leader you're a leader for the trumps so when you're at home try to take this empty space and to reverse the privilege contact mr obama had resigned america to what paris ok so you're saying he's filling in a vacuum with the special relationship is concerned despite all this choreography that the a scene and all of these kind of atmospherics and good atmospherics and boom what they have a serious issues which divides the two leaders how do you see that shaping up that's their one billion dollar question indeed they are very clear the opposite views on you. like global warming or trades or iran and it's up to my trying to and also reproduced you show donald trump there is no american interest to be part of the game and not to step aside and how does success what do you think you blitz take say a lot of the issues in iran which donald trump would like to scrap the deal
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described. evah how do you see how effectively mccombe in getting him to change his mind and that the staff is not very optimistic on this issue to say we are here to deliver messages we don't broker a deal or new agreements but maybe they have been some confidence building measures with the strikes in syria through out you show them from the cain do something together on the global stage and so maybe they will. try to arguments to argue we can do it together but not from sade's to resist voters will tear down these agreements so it's quite a difficult issue and what about trade is that also as difficult an issue because the deadline is the first of may on create out of sun europe in steel and aluminum do you think mccall will be able to get donald trump to give vevo as that you would like on these metals maybe that's the question is at what cost donald from.
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european countries raise the military expenses and a lot of scholars say say the links and so the european can maybe put more money into military to please do not trump but some say are both they don't want or you pronounce you only money in the military but buying u.s. equipment so that's maybe the cost of an agreement on trade in washington that mcroy is described as a trump with spit out let's see what comes out of this meeting look i'm to thank you very much feel analysis. he was in need of news still to come bungle this she gone would make us still working at their own peril five yards off the deadly collapse of the drawn out glass on garment factory many workers in bangladesh says they've been abandoned this and more coming up shortly. and don't forget you can always get didn't use it on the go just download the app from google all from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world
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