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is it good malaria must die so millions can live. this is the w.'s line from president emanuel mccraw address a joint session of the u.s. congress speaking of the shared history especially for us french relations because of macro calls for international call for action to protect the product and urge the united states not to abandon the iran nuclear to bring you full analysis from washington also on the program. new fears of rising anti semitism in germany and the age of the nations jewish community around it warns jews to avoid. each additional skullcap imagine german cities reports live from isola darcey of ma here
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in berlin they are fighting anti semitism. also coming up reporters without borders publishes its latest index of press freedom and we look at the case of. daphne. letter because of our investigation into corruption and we'll talk to a blogger who had to flee his country because his back was under threat because of his right. welcome to the program french president emanuel mccraw is on a three day state visit to the united states he's just been addressing a joint session of congress is the first of french leaders to speak to lawmakers on capitol hill for more than a decade he praised the close ties between the u.s. and france great back hundreds of years calling it a very special relationship least of all stress the two countries share democratic valinor economic and cultural likes congress but he also had strong words of
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warning he said international allies need to know france and the u.s. must work together even more closely to confront global threats and they weigh the danger of creating new walls. so let us take a listen to some of what president macro had to say. we can choose isolationism withdrawal and mention only them this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember to all fears but cool things the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dollars but inflame the fruits of all citizens we have to keep all eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us. let's go to washington and join our correspondent
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planets welcome so what stood out for you most well as you said it's pretty rare sight even to see it french president addressing the united states congress but across has been here as part of a three day visit and really on a charm offensive to try and get donald trump to see eye to eye on some of the issues that are most important to france and to europe some of the things that stood out in his speech really reflected those priorities things like environmental concerns we heard him talk about the u.s. decision to withdraw from the paris climate accord things like trade policy obviously they'll be seeking a permanent exemption from steel and aluminum tariffs that were announced in march and of course most important of all the biggest reason that we've seen across on displaying such a cozy relationship with over the past few days is because of the iran nuclear deal and we heard him talk about this issue in this speech saying that he did not want to abandon the deal without having something more substantial in its place in the speech was very warmly received lots of standing ovations i mean i only saw one
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instance where it was one half of congress sitting down and one standing up that was on a climate change what does that tell us if anything. he did receive a three minute standing ovation before he even began his speech so i think a lot of the points that he made resonated very well with the democrats in particular there are things that run counter to what the united states president has made clear to be his policies and so for them it was refreshing to hear a foreign leader come and speak to them and to request things like valuing the environment and maintaining a planet for future generations to enjoy so i think it was a speech that was that was well received the big question really though is going to be whether mccrone can be well received by trump himself and actually make any impact on his decision making in the coming weeks germany's chancellor angela merkel is. friday she will also doubtless weigh in on the subject of
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iran. likely to play. she's going to be coming to washington with much less of the pomp and circumstance than we've seen around the macall visit but for both germany and france they are run deal really is a top priority they're there to try and convince donald trump not to scupper the deal they say that this is we heard macross say in this speech that this was something that france and the united states had signed and they cannot just simply get rid of it he said france will not leave it because we signed it so trump has called this twenty fifteen agreement that was signed under the obama administration one of the worst deals ever made he's upset about things like the fact that ballistic missile testing and iran's military behavior in the region are covered under the deal and so what we've seen mccollum do is propose a supplementary deal that could address some of donald trump's concerns in the hopes that that would buy some more time for the iran nuclear deal but of course it's all going to come down to trump's decision in early may as to whether or not
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he is going to extend sanctions relief to iran and its leverage is what he didn't tell you so much. let us go to brussels germany has pledged extra billion dollars in aid for syrian refugees fold both inside the war torn country and neighboring lands that will do that shortly we'll go to brussels now and so we welcome max only two references that i noted to a you not speech well a climate change of protection one on data protection yeah but if you look into the policies that a man whom i call defended there in front of the u.s. congress it was all european we just talked about some of those issues with clear the iran deal basically a european deal multilateral is a european concept climate change zeke specifically made reference to the paris agreement where the europeans were also instrumental in hashing out that deal so in
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spite of the fact that he seemed very close to the u.s. president in the last days you know the hugs and the kisses which he by the way made fun in front of the u.s. congress if you look at the policy substance he basically rejected everything that the u.s. president is doing at the moment sue to all those european partners who might have been worried when they saw all the hugging in the kissing thinking that trump might have pulled michael over might want him really to reject everything that the european stand for they now have reassurance he actually came there to defend what the european union is trying to do business and your thoughts on that how do you think this is going to go down at home in france this was a speech delivered in english and ended in french president macro has been criticized for that in the past. he has been criticized especially of course by right wing populist marine le pen i don't think we will have to wait long for her to criticize that it is very and very unusual sight to see a french president speaking english in front of the u.s.
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congress but it's typical typical micro here and. the thing is though with the french at the moment they're really concerned by other things than what mccraw talked about like i said earlier he talked about the european perspective not necessarily the french perspective of course he talked about the longstanding french u.s. friendship which goes back more than two hundred years so very historic all but when it came to the actual policies he didn't talk about the strikes in france that people are worried about about his labor reforms everything he's doing on a national level he didn't reference that at all he referenced classic european union policies classic european union standpoints that's offered in brussels thank you so much here in berlin the leader of germany's jewish community has warned jews to avoid it when the keep or yarmulke each additional skullcap in the major german cities in order to reduce the risk of attack last week two young men when. it was
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sold at a syrian migrant shouted anti semitic minox solidarity. is now under way in a moment we'll go live to the event he's not political correspondent first. asked members . of the jewish community if they are afraid to weigh the skullcap it public. but it's not strict enough danger for other people it's only one small. nothing more and it's so ingrained porton jewish tradition that. they have keep up a moment i once got to take off my kippah when i was at an event on the way home nothing really happened but i took it off then. i personally do not want to wear a kip on the street of the bush there is no reason in the world to say to people to not wear their their. accessories for their religion i think it's
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a great shame because we're in the poorest across who can do or want to do most of the where they're here christians going to where they're christ's everybody can do whatever he wants to do and in the twenty first century it's a huge huge mistake for this incident recently it's just really worrying i would also think that it's not harmless strictly in the most horrible thing about it is that it took place in broad daylight and that apparently there were all kinds of people around who did not intervene. often are you scared. not me personally but yes the climate scares me. well as a solidarity march attacking the place and the moment where's the key. political correspondent thomas starr is that welcome thomas what is the atmosphere like that . well we've been here for about an hour now and the place behind me
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in front of the jewish community center has been slowly filling up in fact the event has just started a couple of hours skullcaps to whoever wants to use them the key message that will be presented here the key message that we've also heard from some of the participants is that these kinds of incidents these kinds of anti semitic incidents cannot be accepted and cannot become a part of german society then chancellor angela merkel has a new form of anti semitism is emerging in germany what did she mean. well most of the anti-semitic incidents that are reported to have some sort of far right motive there are other incidents although in a far lesser quantity that are also up scribed to the to the far left scene but what authorities are talking about now including what you mentioned by anglo michael is that there's also a new form of anti-semitism that has come with some migrants that have come to the
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country and these different types of anti semitism these different types of modern on these images if you will definitely challenges for the authorities that have to deal not only with the incidents themselves but also with preventing them in the future and so what is being done in germany to combat this resurgence. well one of the key elements is that the german government announced its first commission against anti semitism he's going to deal with some of these incidents as well try and coordinate what the action plan will be from the federal government and coordinate also as well a different federal state but there are more elements that are being at least planned all that organizations have called for whether it is having a better database of those incidents or major support of organizations that deal with these kinds of issues are also working on prevention whether it is for example in schools or in neighborhoods those are all elements that both from
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a federal perspective and from a state perspective authorities want to deal with from a star thank you. for the german music industry is to scrap its best known music award the aca after a scandal involving the warden of a prize to an album containing anti semitic lyrics of the award ceremony two weeks ago a colleague and a father he banged working from the hip hop prize for an album which included a song in which they had themselves to auschwitz prisons of sense of policy i was because musician unleashed a storm protest many germans and to go back to that awards a new prize is planned. as are some of the other stories making news around the world a copenhagen court has sentenced peter madsen to life in prison for the murder of swedish journalist came from mass and was found guilty of killing and dismembering her of what he self built submarine after she went there to interview him. he's fifteen people have been killed in indonesia after an oil well exploded in the
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country's akshaye province flames from the explosion reached seventy meters high destroyed several homes they victims were collecting oil from the bore hole when the blast occurred authorities say at the well been training drills illegally. in india a high profile self-proclaimed guru has been sentenced to life in prison this after the job poor court found us around guilty of raping a sixteen year old follower in twenty thirty is also on trial in a separate case in the state of gujarat. business news into how offices here with his engines started but yes car problems for porsche and that's unfortunate has moved to block an investigation into diesel gates police raided the offices of several executives last week seizing documents now the german sports car makers objected to the confiscations court must now decide whether state
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prosecutors are allowed to browse the files for incriminating evidence reason for the raid was forces possible involvement in its parent companies v w emissions or says cayenne s.u.v. used the same cheating software to skirt around environmental regulations. at the beijing motor show w.'s thomas not felt caught up with porsche c.e.o. all of a bloomer and i asked him if he was worried over lasting damage these are good scandal could do to the porsche brand is what bloom had to say. of course it's bad for your image when the press is full of stories like that and ultimately it's our job to clarify matters i stress here again that bullshit doesn't develop diesel engines and doesn't produce diesel engines and we're going to work through the sequence of events to prove what we knew and when. done via vision from zero to one . but the diesel gates saga took another surprise turn today when supply of bosch surprised investors on wednesday by claiming it's sold the diesel emissions
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problems of good the german automotive suppliers says its new technology allows diesel engines to meet to meet and even come way under future missions limits and could save diesels from extinction to. the breakthrough uses innovations in the fuel injection system combining smart temperature management with artificial intelligence or says the technology itself is not new but the combination of the technology could go straight into production with automakers according to the company's wash it self is under investigation for supplying devices to car makers that were then used to cheat on emissions though it insists they didn't know what carmakers used its components for. now i have bosch singlehandedly developed the magic bullet to protect the diesel engine from extinction i want to discuss that with greg garcia from the organization and trans ocean transport and environment joins us from brussels and our financial correspond conrad burns who's
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in and frank but first you greg how do you see this announcement by bosch who themselves have been implicated in the diesel gate scandal. well boss claimed to have found the holy grail to clean diesel which is a technology which will work however the car is driven no extra cost with no loss of efficiency but i think customers will be skeptical because we've had many past claims that these are least now clean which you've proved to be simple greenwash. the reality is that how effective this technology is will depend on how which is actually fits each of the vehicles and that is not all she's responsibility that lies with the automakers themselves so it remains to be seen how good this technology really will be. calmer over to you how do investors do this whole story . whether shares of the car makers have not been ignited by this story
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today you know the diesel cheating at folks who are brought about a whole cartel of wrongdoing in the industry including bosch including the state officials who failed to effectively control the diesel emissions this has destroyed a lot of confidence among investors i talked to a car analyst today here at the exchange who wouldn't believe the news at first we had to look at the press release twice i think it needs a lot of time for investors to believe in good news and diesel again. greg is that if this technology is via wall who would put a brake on the development of e-cards. no it won't because these oil is still a fossil fuel and practically we can't produce enough renewable diesel to power all of our calls so we're still going to need a transition over the next twenty years to electro mobility powered by renewable
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electricity and that's a practical solution to deliver the de carbonized station of transport which we need but while that transition is going on we still need our cars burning oil to be clean so if this technology delivers half of what it's promising that it's a step forward. comment how interested are comic is going to be given the biggest problem of the existing diesel cars and everyone seems to be focused on. yes and it's going to be costly for the car makers to work with this new diesel technology that bosch claims to have found here of course it's really difficult to say at the moment whether this does not come to say greg just indicated that we are in a time of transition it's likely that diesel and doesn't other combustion engines are here to stay for a while and you know yesterday it was reported that here in germany the emissions
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of carbon dioxide have increased again carbon dioxide is the gas that's mostly responsible for climate change so we might need these will so if the car makers really find. you know also enough potential potential in their groups to promote these like and then of course they listen very closely to what bush porsche had to say to say so in these low end engine not quite dead yes greg also in brussels and coma in frankfurt thank you very much. when twitter posted its first quarterly profits a few months ago many wondered if the results were just a flash in the pan microblogging science latest quarterly earnings show otherwise the san francisco firm has posted a sixty one million dollar profit that surpassed expectations and shows the core
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advertising driven business is in good shape despite regulators turning a more skeptical eye towards social media companies but twitter shares plunged anyway business in the us isn't running as hot as it was and management is tight lipped about for costs. and that's all your business it's back to still hot thanks so much germany has pledged an extra billion dollars in aid for syrian refugees inside the war to no country and in neighboring lands the pledge came as governments and aid groups began the second and final day of the donor's conference he use foreign policy chief and reka mongering called on russia iran and also holds to the fighting brothers are raising money for aid organizers hope the conference will revive the stored peace process. and the international press watchdog reporters without borders has released its latest world press freedom index it paints a picture of a world in which attacks on the media have become more commonplace even european
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democracies journalists work has become more difficult or even deadly one example is the case of the multi journalist an economy that galatea whose work exposed government corruption. on october sixteenth two thousand and seventeen the maltese journalist. was killed by a car bomb the reporter had worked tirelessly to expose corruption in the island nation including allegations against prime minister josef most scots family it's still not known who ordered her killing the press watchdog reporters without borders says journalists in malta threatened by politicians businesses and the justice system this year saw the country drop eight hundred places to rank sixty five in the press freedom and x. reporters without borders evaluates the level of freedom available to the press and hundred ninety countries worldwide this year the organization says the biggest setback has been in europe journalists and poland the czech republic slovakia
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hungary and serbia are increasingly facing hostility topping the freedom and a norway sweden and the netherlands germany rose one place to rank fifteenth. many countries rank far lower than even multi in terms of press freedom in bangladesh new terror laws give police the power to jail journalists just for conducting research bangladesh ranks hundred forty six in the global index. the west african nation the gambia has made the most progress when ya dramas dictatorship ended in two thousand and sixteen the country rose twenty one places to rank hundred twenty two in the press freedom index the media has been flourishing and a more open environment where criticism is no longer forbidden. the week
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champions league finals kicks off with a bang last night as host of the four defeated rober five two the reds got off to a flying start as mohammad remained in remarkable for the two goals in the first half at liverpool added three more to make it five finally found their fighting spirit and scored two in the last ten minutes of match those two away goals that could prove valuable in the reverse like next week in the. very minute roma faced a three goal deficit against barcelona after the first leg of the course on a round is what both coaches had to say after last night's match it's much better than i could have expected before the game. or in a moment of course i feel the two goals we conceded still. sickly the five to score here is better than the four one score in barcelona those two late goals still give us
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a glimpse of hope or head of the second leg game and on top of that counting on the support of the roma fans the plan. and tonight in germany the two remaining heavyweights in the semifinals do battle the bundesliga by munich an interim coach of the high class play host to a realm of dread champions league title holders by the hoping to end a long string of failure against israel. you know you're playing kiss guided bar into the treble in twenty thirteen and this season he wants to do it again. but in order to win an unprecedented second treble he needs to beat bogey side rail madrid a team they haven't defeated in the last five encounters but this is still confident of reaching the final the on line and the atmosphere here in the team is phenomenal. but an atmosphere like that is also the only way you can be successful and that's why i'm optimistic you can have these two games of optimistic.
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they'll need to stop christiane eldo though he single handedly carried madrid into the semifinal last season hitting five passed by an over the two legs this time around ray are expecting a considerably better performance from by and. marketing definitely going to me they seem hungry for success at the moment and of course when you've been knocked out in the semifinals and last year in the quarter final you definitely want to reach the final again that's obvious so we're expecting a revved up and hungry by munich team from buy on the record highs of. it looks set to be a big nights of football for you pine because quite possibly the biggest obstacle to winning a second trouble with bae and before he calls it a day at the end of the season. as reminder of our top story at this hour french president manual macro has addressed a joint session of the u.s. congress use the occasion to stress historical ties and shadow between from the us . america to help build
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a new order by still multilateralism calls for international corporation to protect the planet they also said that iran will never be allowed to develop. ever get you can always get the w. news on the go just down the road from google play or from the op will still not give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news also music to satisfy those i'm videos. that's a show up today most of the take. what
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exactly. how long has it exists. and mine did. the show is history and. it's worth watching the promise. made in germany. to. enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful. it's no secret that the west is hangry with russia on a whole range of issues but the feeling here in moscow is decidedly new coal fired
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guest this week is russia's deputy foreign minister sergei riyadh cup one of the shows is a cool thing discovering slidin east west relations. there were. six hundred sixteen s t w. how the germans came together in one nation from shanda money to chancellor also from bismarck. the history of the germans has been shaped by great rulers. nice well formed ways to bring my royal college of fashion protect christendom spread to find truth. we took a good bit of the enemy in time. and steered by courageous decisions we must treat.
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the germans first starting may thirteenth on d. w. . there is a substantial gap between what men earn and what women and and the factors contribute to that one is that women often choose professions that involve contact with other people jobs like caring for the elderly or children for example those jobs are justly less well paid.


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