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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CEST

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business leader of leaders live from baghdad france's president highlights a very special relationship between the united states and trucks addressing a joint session of the u.s. congress emmanuelle mccraw address the climate change and the iran nuclear deal and urged the united states not to close the door on the world will bring you full analysis from washington also the program. you feel surprising anti semitism in germany was neither of the nation's jewish community who choose to avoid wearing the traditional skull cap in major cities we'll go live to
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a solidarity much here in berkeley. i'm still going welcome to the program french president emmanuel mccraw is on a three day state visit to the united states he's just been addressing a joint session of congress is the first of french leaders to speak to lawmakers on capitol hill for more than a decade he praised the close ties between the united states and france going back hundreds of years he also stressed the two countries chad democratic values economic and cultural links but the president also had strong words of warning he said international allies including france and the u.s. must work together even more closely to confront current global threats and be aware of the danger of creating new groups for you and he. must take a listen now to some of what president mccraw had to say. we can choose
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isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remember if you all fears that causing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dollars but inflame the fruits of our citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new risks right in front of us as yet more than forty w.'s washington bureau chief of a central novel who joins us from capitol hill welcome alexander president macro hit many of the big current issues in his speech let's start with iran he said iran shall never possess any nuclear weapons that sounded much more like an american ultimatum than the diplomatic track but the present mccraw has been trying to has
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been taking is in order to preserve the nuclear deal why such strong language. well i would say that exactly this sentence was very important because it has addressed their concerns many in congress have not only presidents trump and so many lawmakers here were very happy with even this sentence however i wouldn't say that talking about the iran deal that president marquardt has to change his language comparable to what he said yesterday he still insisted that it's important to stay in the agreement he set that we cannot walk away get rid of it without having something substantial instead so it was a strong belief for the united states to stay in this agreement and why is staying in this agreement to try to negotiate to work on their new better a deal with
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a much broader approach than our present and the last month or so imposed to try terrorists against pretty much the world when it comes to. deal with some exemptions europe among some present address this directly a warning against commercial war between our lines start line what's at stake for us between the your and the u.s. well it's a very important issue for all the europeans of course for friends and for germany to get to be granted this permanent exemption of the tariffs on imposed on a limb in you and steel and it is a topic on the agenda of micron's visits here and of course it's something that the german chancellor is going to talk about with president trump when he she will fit
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on friday now on syria president calls for a political solution but he also wants the u.s. to stay there militarily what is the outcome he's really looking for. all francis' official goal is a negotiated and to the conflict and. defeat of terrorism there and their concerns and this time across concern is that it would lead to a vacuum that could be used by a terrorist if it's going to pull out of syria i was on the phone norman in washington thank you that's how you get used to calling itself the sun will go to brussels now and so welcome. only two references that i noted to the a you not speech warm climate change protection one data protection. yeah but if
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you look into the policies that are called defended there in front of the u.s. congress it was all european the iran deal basically a european deal multilateral is a european concept climate change specifically made reference to the paris agreement where the europeans were also instrumental in hashing out that deal so in spite of the fact that he seemed very close to the u.s. president in the last days you know the hugs and the kisses which he by the way made fun in front of the u.s. congress if you look at the policy substance he basically rejected everything that the u.s. president is doing at the moment suit to all those european partners who might have been worried when they saw all the hugging in the kissing thinking that might have pulled michael over might want him really to reject everything that the europeans stand for they now have reassurance he actually came there to defend what the european union is trying to do business in your thoughts on how you think this is going to go down. in france this was a speech a list
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a marine le pen i don't think we will have to wait long for her to criticize that it is very in the very unusual sight to see a french president speaking english in front of the u.s. congress but it's typical typical mccrone here and. the thing is though with the french at the moment they're really concerned by other things than what my call talked about like i said earlier he talked about the european perspective not necessarily the french perspective of course he talked about the longstanding french u.s. friendship which goes back more than two hundred years so very historical but when it came to the actual policies he didn't talk about the strikes in france that people are worried about about his labor reforms everything he's doing on a national level he didn't reference that at all he reference classic european union policies classic european union standpoints that's often in brussels thank you so much. germany has pledged an extra billion dollars in aid for
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syrian refugees inside the water own country and in the neighboring lands the pledge came as governments and aid groups began the second and final day of the donor's conference the e.u.'s foreign policy chief federica ma greeny called on russia iran and turkey to use their influence to halt the fighting as well as raising money for aid organizers of the conference will revive syria's stalled peace process. the leader of germany's jewish community has warned jews to avoid wearing the traditional skull cap the. major cities in order to reduce the risk of attack last week two young men who had strokes in the lead were assaulted the attacker a syrian migrant a semitic abuse a solidarity much in the west has begun in berlin in a moment we'll take you live to the event first though we asked members of both ensues community if they are afraid to wear their skull caps in public. but it's not strict enough danger for other people it's only one small. nothing more
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and it's so ingrained porton produced tradition that. they have a moment i once forgot to take off my cap i when i was at an event all the way home nothing really happened but i took it off then. or i personally do not want to wear a cap on the street of a bush there is no reason in the world to say to people to not wear their their. accessories for their religion i think it's a great shame because we're in the poorest across who can do or want to do most of the where there he jab grecians going to where they're christ's everybody can do whatever he wants to do and in the twenty first century it's a huge huge mistake for this incident recently it's just really worrying i would also think that it's not harmless strictly in the most horrible thing about it is that it took place in broad daylight and that apparently there were all kinds
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of people around who did not intervene. if you know are you scared. not me personally but yes the climate scares me. doubly political correspondent thomas sparrow is at the well in the west the solidarity much welcoming almost who is that this march is marching and what do they want to thank you for we're standing in front of the jewish community center. for a direction march started about an hour ago with different speeches by political and religious leaders and there are still about five or six more speeches left and you could say that the key message that has been stress here on various occasions is that the instances of anti-semitism in germany cannot be tolerated cannot become part of everyday life in the country and they have to be tackled at the same time
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however different people here have stressed the importance of acting not only of speaking but also in trying to improve and put in practice measures so that this does not continue so the cases of anti-semitism do not become a common practice in germany. the chancellor angela merkel has said new. anti-semitism is emerging in this country and what does she mean. thank you well phil most of the cases are under semitism that those have also been reported by what i'm going to call refers to are not going to market is not the only person to refer to this is that some refugees that have come to germany have brought also a different type of of anti-semitism those different forms of anti-semitism independent of where they're coming from opera sized to the issues that politicians here that's what they mention but also politicians in the german parliament are trying to tackle with different measures not only to object to refute the incentives that we've been talking about but also to put in practice measures to
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prevent these things from happening in say schools or different job or neighborhoods thomas aspira balance thank you so much. all the while the german music industry is to scrap its. snow music award the echo after a scandal involving the awarding of a prize to an album containing anti semitic lyrics at the award ceremony two weeks ago a colleague and a bag were given the prize for an album which included the song which they compared himself to auschwitz prisoners that since apologize for the decision and least a storm protest many germans hunting back that awards a new prize is planned. the week's champions league seventy finals continue tonight to end the byron munich and ten mel madrid in the other match up but last night live a pole defeated roma five two reds got off to a flying start as muhammad salah remained in remarkable for two goals in the first
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half and the added three to make it to five roma finally found this fighting spirit and scored two in the last ten minutes of the game of those two away goals could prove valuable in the reverse making next week. and so once in germany the two remaining guy who waits in the semifinals do battle they bundles they just buy and munich and interim coach york behind has played host to real madrid champions league title holders the champions league title holders bya hoping to end a long string of failure against russia. you know you're high and kissed guided by into the trouble in twenty thirteen and this season he wants to do it again. but in order to win an unprecedented second treble he needs to beat bogey side rail madrid a team they haven't defeated in the last five encounters but one case is still confident of reaching the final mind and the atmosphere here in the team is
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phenomenal. but an atmosphere like that is also the only way you can be successful that's why i'm optimistic and of these two games. i should be the only to stop christiane eldo though he single handedly carried madrid into the semifinal last season hitting five passed by an over the two legs this time around ray are expecting a considerably better performance from buy and. make models in general moving on to me they seem hungry for success at the moment and of course when you've been knocked out in the semifinals and last year in the quarter final you definitely want to reach the final again that's obvious so we're expecting a revved up and hungry by i mean team months of these are home vacant houses it looks set to be a big nights of football and for your pint has quite possibly the biggest obstacle to winning a second treble with buy in before he calls it
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a day at the end of the season. is no. day. at the banks. and so watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for.


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