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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 25, 2018 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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considerably better performance from by an. example moving on to me they seem hungry for success at the moment and of course when you've been knocked out in the semifinals and last year in the quarter final you definitely want to reach the final again that's obvious so we're expecting a revved up and hungry but i mean team. high says. it looks set to be a big nights of football and for your pint has quite possibly the biggest obstacle to winning a second trouble with bae and before he calls it a day at the end of the season. is no. day. you know the banks. and so watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines. g.w.
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true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on the program. and with us our innovations magazine for. us from every week and always looking to the future on d w dot com science and research. is diesel gate finally catching up with bullshit. manages this week frank evidence. tells v.w. the sports car maker is now fighting back in the coal. days the diesel not dead yet in a surprise announcement just. and supply
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a bosch claims to found the secret to making these rules super clean. also growing up fast what's up raises its minimum use rates in europe why is that a big deal you can ask your children i'll ask our tech it. does deserve your business welcome to the show caution has moved to block an investigation into diesel gate police raided the offices of several executives last week seizing documents now the german comic has objected to the confiscation a court must now decide whether state prosecutors are allowed to browse the files for it from an aging evidence reason for the raid was possible involvement in the pan company's v.w. emissions porsche's yanis u.v.'s used the same cheating software to start around environmental regulations. beijing motor show d w's thomas not felt caught up with porsche c.e.o. all of a blue and i asked him if he was worried over lasting damage these are great
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scandal to do to the porsche brand is what bloom had to say. of course it's bad for your image when the press is full of stories like that and ultimately it's our job to clarify matters i stress here again that bullshit doesn't develop diesel engines and doesn't produce diesel engines and we're going to work through the sequence of events to prove what we knew and when. one view a vision from a through another. that diesel gade saga took another surprise turn today when supply of bosch surprised investors by claiming it's so the diesel emissions problem the automotive suppliers as its new technology allows engines to meet and even come way on the future emissions limits and could save the diesel from extinction altogether bosch claims the breakthrough uses innovations in the fuel injection system combining smart temperature management with artificial intelligence says the technology is not new but the combination is production could
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begin immediately jumped from itself is under investigation for supplying car makers with cheap devices though it insists they didn't know what the components were being used for. now i have bosch singlehandedly developed the magic bullet to protect the diesel engine from extinction i want to discuss that with greg garcia from the organization and trunk and transport and environment joins us from brussels and our financial correspondent conrad burns who's in and frank but first you greg how do you see this announcement by bosch who themselves have been implicated in the diesel gate scandal. well boss claims to have found the holy grail to clean diesel which is a technology which will work however the car is driven no extra cost with no loss of efficiency but i think customers will be skeptical because we've had many past claims that diesel least now clean which you've proved to be simple greenwash. the
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reality is that how effective this technology is will depend on how it is actually fits each of the vehicles and that is not all she's responsibility that lies with the automakers themselves so it remains to be seen how good this technology really will be. calmer over do you how do investors view this whole story whether shares of the car makers have not been ignited by this story today you know the diesel cheating at folks who are brought about a whole cartel of wrongdoing in the industry including bosch and including the state officials who failed to effectively control the diesel emissions this has destroyed a lot of confidence among investors i talked to a car analyst today here at the exchange who wouldn't believe the news at first we had to look at the press release twice i think it needs a lot of time for investors to believe in good news and diesel again. greg is
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if this technology is via war would put a brake on the development of e-cards. no it won't because diesel is still a fossil fuel and practically we can't produce enough renewable diesel to power all of our calls so we're still going to need a transition over the next twenty years to electro mobility powered by renewable electricity and that's a practical solution to deliver the de carbonized station of transport which we need but while that transition is going on we still need our cars burning oil to be clean so if this technology delivers half of what it's promising then it's a step forward. come on how interested are comic is going to be given the biggest problem of the existing diesel cars and everyone seems to be focused on.
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yes and it's got to be costly for the car makers to work with this new diesel technology that bosch claims to have found here of course it's really difficult to say at the moment whether this does not come to say greg just indicated that we are in a time of transition it's likely that diesel and as a other combustion engines are here to stay for a while and you know yesterday it was reported that here in germany the emissions of carbon dioxide have increased again carbon dioxide is the gas that's mostly responsible for climate change so we might need these all so if the car makers really find. you know also enough potential potential in their groups to promote diesel again then of course they listen very closely to what bush porsche had to say to say so in the engine not quite dead yes greg also in brussels and
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comma in frankfurt thank you very much. when twitter posted its first quarterly profit ever few months ago many wonder if the results were just a flash in the pan but the micro-blogging sites latest quarterly earnings show otherwise the san francisco firm has posted a sixty one million dollar profit that's a process spectators and shows the core of the housing driven business is in good shape to find regulators turning a more skeptical lot towards social media companies fucked with the shares plunged anyway business in the us isn't running as hard as it was and management is tight lipped about full costs. and we stand the tech sector messaging service what's up is raising its minimum user rage in europe from thirteen years to sixteen itself the company owned by facebook comply with new european data privacy rules users will have to confirm their over sixteen years of age when they agree to new
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terms of service and products and policies that's bad news for many parents too as well as a popular way for parents to keep tabs on their offspring. now let's get more on base without check out of the and still no what's up says it wants to comply with new european legislation what do these new rules demobbed well the new g.d.p. are the general data protection regulation which is due to be introduced next month here in the e.u. basically wants to give consumers more control of the information that services and social media services like whatsapp are gathering over them it gives them the right to know what happens information's been gathered and also requests those companies delete that information if they're a little bit uncomfortable with it and in the case of what's app and other social networks it also raises the minimum age to consent to use these type of services to sixteen and what we're seeing right now is basically what's app kind of getting a little bit ahead of the game and making sure they comply with those regulations how it's just what's applying to force these regulations well that is really kind
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of the big question i mean right now they're just. adding another addition to their terms and services and i mean everybody skips through those at the beginning when they start up a new app sort of a new device you just kind of glance through it i mean it takes i think apple's ones for a new cell phone takes thirty six hours if you read it all straight through as ever at all these no one actually pays attention to it so right now there isn't a lot of enforcement that's going to be involved but at least what's app can claim that they're trying to be conform conform with the new regulations so it's rather a cosmetic step but what does that mean on a larger scale well we are seeing services at least when it comes from like the facebook community so facebook what's app instagram we're seeing them to have the developing a more of a sense of billet he towards europeans sensibilities when it comes to data protection i mean mark zuckerberg is and been in quite hot water over facebook's use of consumer data especially you know with the cambridge analytical scandal that's been going on and he said he actually welcomes the new e.u.
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regulations and would like to see those expanded out throughout all of facebook's subsidiary companies on a world scale maybe not specifically in terms of every individual regulation but he said he agrees with them in spirit and wants to adapt them in a more global fashion why do you think that he's he's now sort of adept rob a straight european discovered the ruins european regulation warning everybody knows facebook and companies like this aren't offering their services for free well they are but basically they are selling a product and you and me and everybody who uses those services are that product they sell our data to other companies right and you know i think there was kind of a cowboy attitude when it came to that in the initial years their initial ten fifteen years of corporate life and now with all the scandals we've seen cropping up in the last years with the russian trolls election manipulation cambridge analytical they're starting to realize that getting those type of headlines is very very bad for business in the long term so i think they're kind of pushing back
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against that and saying look these new regulations are the most stringent that have ever existed and it's in our company's best interest. at least seem like they're embracing them on a worldwide scale very briefly do you think that will impact on the future growth of. you know i don't want to make any predictions there at least we have to really see how this is going to be adopted moving forward i mean anything's possible cause as usual until that thank you very much for this analysis. and that's it for me and the business team in our berlin daniel wintle we'll have an update for you in the next hour in the meantime to check out twitter facebook. before you go here is a real time check on the how global markets are performing right now thank you very much for watching.
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enjoy the conflict zone confronting the powerful. no secret of the west is going with russia on a whole range of issues but the feeling here in moscow is decidedly mutual fargus this week is russia's deputy foreign minister sergei riyadh cup one of the shows is a whole miscarry slide in the east west relations always the worst because.
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global inequalities. like this inequality. well. known to the media. joining the discussion and how few. things you. a music. show it's a once again you sat still. couldn't simply sat by. her late people had put big dreams on the big screen. play. the magazine on the dummy. and you accidentally shot some.
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stunning time to tell. how he would get out. with a little courage i was serious. i. shift this week on g.w. . it's no secret that the west is angry with russia on a whole range of issues but the feeling here in moscow is decidedly mutual my guest this week is russia's deputy foreign minister sergei riyadh cuffe what are the chances of halting this current slide in east west relations or is there worse to come.
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