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this is the w.'s like from above then france's president types the very special relationship between the us i'm his country addressing a joint session off the u.s. congress emanuel mccraw spoke about climate change on the iran nuclear deal and urged the united states not to close the door so the world moving in full analysis from washington from brussels also on the program. new fears of rising at the summit system in germany as the leader of the country's jewish community warns jews to avoid wearing the traditional skull cap in major german cities solidarity much
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is happening in then. life. life in prison for the danish inventor who murdered the journalist came fast as she went to interview peter madsen on his home to build a submarine where he killed her and a part. of us reporters without borders publish its latest index of press freedom ring look at the case of multiuse journalist. murdered because of how depressing taken into government corruption you'll hear from a journalist in the gambia where freedom of expression on the press is beginning to return. and phil gramm welcome to the program emanuel has used the day for a state visit to the united states to address a joint session of. the first the french president to do so for move in ten years
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he praised the close ties between the united states and france going back hundreds of years and stressed the two countries shared democratic values economic and cultural legs but he also had strong words of warning saying that international allies including france and the u.s. must work together even more closely great to confront current global threats. and to be wary of the danger of creating new wars here's some of what he had to say we can choose isolationism withdrawal and nationalism this is an option it can be tempting to us as a temporary remembering to all fields but closing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dollars but inflame the fears of our citizens we have to keep our eyes wide open to the new
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risks right in front of us more or less from the abuse of brussels bureau chief master hoffman and washington bureau chief alexandra from the nominee who's on capitol hill welcome both let's start with you alexandra you were in the chamber joining the speech i was it received. well i thought it was quite impressive to watch a president call answering the house chamber and getting standing ovation on both sides of the aisle and i talk to a democratic congressman and they told me that stay think about it it was a very powerful speech something that they would like to hear from their president and it was impressive to see predominantly democratic lawmakers lining up after the speech to thank president mccraw for his address but i also talked to republicans
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and one congressman from new york told me that he things said it was very interesting to listen to this to microphones be used but that the address doesn't change he's positions on many issues for example on the run you clora deal what was the biggest takeaway for you while president mccrone talked about many important issues from the european perspective as i said he talked about the iran deal about trade issues but i think that the most powerful message was his very passion made a plea for the united states to stay involved a he was very clear saying that there are things that this is a very critical right moment for the transatlantic relationship and that it's now more important than ever for the united states and europe to work together and to
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strengthen their cooperation we are. in brussels he was the president obviously as president of france but his message was very european. very european he touched down on a couple of subjects that are really in the core interests of the european union and xander mentioned some of them the iran deal is one of the major achievements of european diplomacy for example then when he defended multilateralism of course we know that trump is about to decide whether he will extend the exception for tariffs on european goods next week or not so that was a clear message there and of course the passionate speech the passionate spart part about climate change where he even made fun of donald trump in a little way using his slogan make america great again and change that to make our planet great again so that was sort of a surprise in a way because when you watched their behavior in the last days where there was a lot of how being and a lot of kissing and everything you could really expect something so
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unapologetically european with really some attacks on the policies that donald trump stands for and so how do you think his speech will be received by his european. i think they might have been a little worried in the beginning when they saw those pictures i just mentioned in the past days will you really stay in line is he trying to build a new alliance against his european partners but i really think that his speech here soon goes well worries because it was so your opinion the only part that is a little in doubt here is what he said about the yuron deal everybody here in brussels wants donald trump wants the u.s. to stick with your original version of the iran deal because they say it's the best thing we have now money not calling washington hinted that he was ready for a new comprehensive around deal does that mean he wants to replace the current deal if you listen very closely you probably doesn't mean that because he's talking about
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a period of time after two thousand and twenty five and that might mean what he really is talking about here is a follow up deal but he wants to give donald trump out an option to say yes i was under phenomenon in washington a big. president my whole speech was that the united states should not own the world but engage how likely is that under a white house well i don't think turned out to mark wrong speech is going to impress the president as you know he is not a fan of multilateralism his approach to foreign policy in spite of a transaction now a well we have to say that both leaders seem to have a personal connection bad it doesn't mean that presidents my crawl was able to change president mind on any of the issues so important for the europeans at least right now we don't have any indication that that could be the case let's yes of all
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of the french president in his own. i believe in building a better future for all children which require offerings then a planet that is still had little in twenty five years i max also the president got a standing ovation for his comments there on the environment but the u.s. and france sound really on the same page i think. they're not i mean nobody could disagree with we want to have a beautiful planet and twenty twenty five that would be a very strange thing to say but of course they disagree on the means how to get there and the europeans to curbing global warming to you know to saving basically the planet was hailed as the most important climate agreement at the time and now the americans have said that they want to get out of it so that's
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a huge problem and one who called by the way following up to what we just heard said he believes that the america will get back into that agreement but the fact that he had to stress in front of congress how important was to follow science to honor scientific findings scientific results and that's just not a given in the united states shows you how far apart they are that's often in brussels thank you and hundred phenomena in washington thank you as well. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world at least fifteen people have been killed in indonesia after an oil well exploded in the country's problems flames from the explosion reached something like seventy meters high and destroyed several homes the victims were collecting oil or hole when the blast happened sources say the well may well have been drilled illegally. in india itself high profile self-proclaimed guru has been sentenced to life in
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prison this after the courts in job for found. guilty of raping a sixteen year old follower in twenty thirty he's also on trial and another right case in the states of which are at. more than a thousand of brazil's editions people have set up shop in the uk in the capital brasilia. to protect their rights and. the week long term strategy should have taken place on us used to. find a way to is here now with your business started battled luxury carmaker porsche fighting back that's right can you believe the smokes running diesel that still isn't going away has moved to block an investigation into diesel gates police searched the offices of several executives last week sees in documents well now the german sports car maker has all jacked it to the confiscation a court must decide whether state prosecutors are allowed to browse the files for
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incriminating evidence the reason for the raid was porsche's possible involvement in the emissions scandal that's engulfed its parent company folks flock. claims it was unaware that cayenne s.u.v. used the same cheating software to skirt around environmental regulations. and that is the great saga took another surprise turn today copout supply of bosch claiming that it's solved the emissions problem its new technology apparently allows engines to meet and even beat future diesel emissions limits of saying the breakthrough uses innovations in the fuel injection system combining smart temperature management with artificial intelligence the technology isn't new but the combination is says production could begin immediately the german firm itself is under investigation for supplying com makers with cheap devices that would
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insists it didn't know what the components were being used for. now what better way to use the biggest car market in the world than with the biggest kasha in the world the beijing motor show has kicked off in the chinese capital beijing consumers drove more than twenty nine million new vehicles out of showrooms last year chinese drivers love that s.u.v.s which made up around forty percent of new sales and electric car sales are booming jumping by over fifty percent last year to seven hundred eighty thousand vehicles now that is just a fraction of new registrations but still makes china the world leader in the segment and sales are in for an extra boost next year with beijing's plans to tackle small with an electric car quota german manufacturers of course want a piece of that pie although having been slow in the e-card development the new head of arden has even made the china business unit
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a freestanding unit within the company. hamburg d.s. is exactly where he wants to be leading vokes wagon and just like his predecessor his sights are set on china. this is where big bucks are made with brand new s.u.v.s or with a new levy to limousine have a decent chance to pick up the pace according to his vision the company will develop and build new models faster and cheaper. that's why good just because we're doing well now doesn't mean it will be the case in the coming years of course it's good when the brand is strong and you have the technology but product decisions like anticipating trends that's our main job and that is always exciting and full of risks. and. starting in twenty nineteen almost every brand will be introducing new e-cards to
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the market drivers in china are already using an electric vehicle produced by the soul brand soul is built and developed by a v.w. joint venture in central china the industry is in agreement that china is leading the way any mobility china's policy is very much committed to electric vehicle. all the government rules and regulations are towards strengthening electric cars electric car production beyond electro mobility the central government wants to be a trailblazer in autonomous striving to that's why folks wagon has just opened its new future center in beijing their vision is a car that's a lot like a smartphone on wheels with our future center we combine vehicle design user experience as i am but also future mobility concepts to really understand chinese customers as customers here in asia and we actually see differences in the oven
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mobility developing here. the daily traffic in beijing shows just how important new traffic concepts are for most of the day millions of cars here are stuck in traffic jams. and if you haven't had your fill of business then i'll be back later on with these mall now it's like oh. thank you i mean. to me and i was tens of thousands of people have taken to the country streets to protest against the governing the republican party's refusal to transfer after its leader stepped down as prime minister protesters kept listening to be drums in the capital the. lots of people raise their hands in the have to signal the demonstration he's calling for opposition lawmakers to take over the top in the impoverished of former soviet republic. d.w. corresponding to only show it has been in amongst the crowds on the streets of the country's capital a welcome. where about you out of what the mood is like. well
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i'm just on a street off of republic square which is right behind me and that's where many of the protests have been taking place there's just been an opposition rally on the square and people are kind of moving to go home now and just now on that square behind me on the stage pushing on the main opposition leader spoke he he people were chanting it was very much a mood of triumph people were chanting victory they were chanting calling me call which is the name of the opposition leader and the mood all day has actually been triumphant this morning people met on the square and they then marched through the city they were cheering they were wearing flags they were singing songs they were raising their hand and clapping so it's very much a mood of celebration even though it's it's certainly unclear what the political
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future for armenia will hold so this is going on because the prime minister who was the president this is a job he resigned because of poor of these sorts of protests so what. they want to happen next. yes absolutely their main of the opposition main demand in the people's main demand on the streets has been said shutdowns resignation that happened earlier this week and now the mood is very much shifted they want his party the republican party to leave as well and after all the acting prime minister here in armenia at the moment is. john and he is also a member of the republican party. excuse me and they have been demanding people here have been demanding for him to resign just now a russian yohn the opposition leader on the stage said that he should go and people
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were cheering and the opposition has also set out clear demands they want what they say is a candidate of the people to take charge of an interim government who will then which would then arrange free and fair election now they emphasize that an interim government should be led by a candidate of the people a candidate from the streets because they say that if the interim government as it stands leads those elections or arranges those elections there could be a vote rigging. a russian president vladimir putin hans become involved in this so speaking to. president tell us what. i'm what russia's role in this is. well the kremlin called on armenia to resolve this conflict through negotiation resolve it peacefully and certainly moscow is watching what's happening on the streets of the
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arab on everything happening in armenia closely i mean it's a very important partner for russia and they have this fear of what they call call their color revolutions sort of like what happened on might on square in ukraine which they. very much the as a westerner led up rising and the opposition here in armenia has repeatedly. said that there is no conspiracy they say from the west that this is your only armenian revolution so even the opposition here is looking kind of to russia to to reassure russia it seems from those statements russia will be an important partner for any armenian government going forward but i spoke to a political analysts here a little analyst here on the streets of the arab on earlier today and he told me really this isn't about geopolitics this isn't about whether armenia wants to move towards russia or towards the west this is really about what armenians want for their own country people are very dissatisfied there's a corruption and they just they just want to change they want to see new faces in
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politics they want to get rid of the old ones so i think it's really more about the fate of our media and less about. geopolitics here. peaceful very noisy revolution and you know don thank you. danish invite to peter madsen has been sentenced to life in prison for the torture and murder of a swedish justice can file she was last seen of boarding madson self build submarine last august to interview him he says he will appeal against his conviction the murder is one of the most mysterious and macabre cases denmark has ever seen. the accused peter max an engineer and inventor is well known and popular in denmark for his eccentric projects his own rockets and submarines. the victim respected freelance journalist kim how
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she had been researching a feature article on mattson. on the tenth of august last year madsen invited val for an interview aboard his submarine the nautilus she boarded the sub around seven o'clock in the evening and set off on a cruise around copenhagen harbor with him. when she didn't return home that night point friend reported her missing. the next day peter madsen was picked up at sea by rescue services after his submarine had sunk. a headless and limitless torso washed up on the shore ten days later it was identified as kim by. police divers eventually found the rest of the journalists remains which had been weighed down with metal pipes. after he was arrested and charged with kim violence murder. and gave several conflicting
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accounts of how her life ended aboard the nautilus. he eventually admitted to dismembering her body but has denied killing her. instead matson has always insisted that what happened out at sea that night was a tragic accident. the champions league semi finals have started a problem for the us for what it is to make a make sense out of it welcome. big much kicks off shortly by a us israel madrid walk away expect just a few minutes time this is one of these big european affairs between two teams who between themselves actually won it eighteen times of course the european cup so it's going to be a very exciting clash no duty news and i think it's best if we take a look at that let's do exactly what. know you're playing kiss guided bar into the treble in twenty thirteen and this season he wants to do it again. but in order to
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win an unprecedented second treble he needs to beat bogey side rail madrid a team they haven't defeated in the last five encounters but this is still confident of reaching the final the mine and the atmosphere here in the team is phenomenal. but an atmosphere like that is also the only way you can be successful that's why i'm optimistic you can have these two games all of the mistakes. they'll need to stop christiane eldo though he single handedly carried madrid into the semifinal last season hitting five passed by an over the two legs this time around ray are expecting a considerably better performance from by and. muslims in general moving on to me they seem hungry for success at the moment and of course when you've been knocked out in the semifinals and last year in the quarter final you definitely want to
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reach the final again that's obvious so we're expecting a revved up and hungry by i mean team months of these of vacant houses. it looks to be a big night of football for you pine because quite possibly the biggest obstacle to winning a second trouble with bae and before he calls it a day at the end of the season. so public tell us about bottom unix motivation going into the match the nice well first and foremost they actually want to win their sixth european cup of my mot's was a little bit off just before that report is between them they've won seventeen out of course is the team who are looking for the travel because of let's not forget they have their league and they will be wonderfully champions of course european also they've won the cup in germany so funny enough the last time to travel was under the same culture that's your pint it's back in two thousand and thirteen so you know they're hungry for this and of course they have a very very tough clash against one of twelve times as the european cup of course
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and the fact that they haven't done so well at home. you know this season is particular something that byron munich could make the most of perhaps. and what they really need to use pick up a good result in munich against ramage rate under one notable absence from the team and that is of course david so he'll be missing but with players like. byron are always a very very tough team tell us about the dreads versions of well i'll try to be impartial because of course i am around madrid found out like i said around the season this year has been a little bit erratic particularly in. the european on the european stage there are always a very very tough team to face and you know they're chasing their thirteenth european cup there and they won but the current champions they won last season of course and they'll be particularly dangerous when they're playing in madrid because it's a very tough stadium to play. against of course in front of their home crowd it's
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like a coliseum with players like kris jenner no go and then you know people like you. were seen. two of the big names i would as well internets clash that is of course karim benzema and they're both missing from the starting lineup they may come on later in the match so it's going to be a very very very tight game i would say and it's going to be a hard one to predict this season more so yet i'm going to ask you to predict well i'll tell you what my prediction is considering that they faced each other last time in last year's competition around one hundred one i think bar in munich are incredibly hungry face year they really want to travel and i think they may win tonight in munich it will be interesting is to see how they get on next week of course in madrid depending of course on that result in munich tonight so if you get it wrong it's a day you might get it like next year right next week that's a fairly obvious thank you notes from. the other champions league seven final hosts
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liverpool defeated to roma five two on tuesday night the reds got off to a flying start as mohamed salah continued his remarkable thing he struck for two goals in the first half out of three votes make it five new. found that finally found the fighting spirit of school to two in the last ten minutes those two away goals could prove valuable in the first leg next week in rio. this is the w.'s life from god and still to come germany's top music prize is scrapped following a storm of controversy among each other in the recording of his return to their prizes in protest after it was awarded to iraq which has been criticised for containing anti semitic there. on press freedom around the world will take a look at the face of multi journalist monitoring fascinating government corruption a move you'll hear from a writer in the gambia where freedom of expression is gradually it's.
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really time for those stories i'm sure of the days for world to do so in just a moment here. it was supposed to be the worst are the dennis rodman's peace mission one for. the best in the newsgroup but it is a song for north korean dictator kim jong un is a great leader. people but first most people use country. dentists and addicted. before. ten year old margie de has got used to an artificial leg she's a refugee from the civil war in syria now she and her family moving intently
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she's also getting help in un for coming invisible. to children of war. portia finding w a. a a global inequality. what does inequality mean in a globally connected well. known to the media. join the discussion and help you. digest global media forum times eighteen. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience
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outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be allat guest at frankfurt airport city. by for. this is the leader's life from day one through top story at this hour french president emmanuel macross addressed the joint session of the us congress he used the speech to stress the historic bonds and shared ideals between outruns on the u.s. and call for international cooperation to protect the planet on the iran nuclear deal he said that iran would never be allowed to develop that's something. the leader of germany's jewish community has awarded the german jews to avoid wearing the traditional skull cap the kippah or yarmulke in major cities in order to reduce the risk of attack last week two young men camps in berlin were assaulted the last
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attack on syrian migrants saturday anti-semitic abuse so d.w. has been asking members and they choose community if they are afraid of wearing their skull caps in public. but it's not strong enough danger for other people it's only one small boat. nothing more and it's so ingrained porton produced tradition that. they have keep up a moment i once got to take off my kippah when i was at an event on the way home nothing really happened but i took it off then. i personally do not want to wear a cap on the street over the years there is no reason in the world to say to people to not wear their their. accessories for their religion i think it's a great shame because we're in the first across who can do or want to do most of the where there he job creations going to where they're christ's everybody can do whatever he wants to do and in the twenty first century it's
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a huge huge mistake these are for this incident recently it's just really worrying i would also think that it's not harmless strictly in the most horrible thing about it is that it took place in broad daylight and that apparently there were all kinds of people around who did not intervene. if you know are you scared. not me personally but yes the climate scares me. study. leaders voters jewish community have called on city residents to show their solidarity you know where march to political correspondent tom spiral is that i started off by asking him about the atmosphere. well we're standing in front of the jewish community center. for a direction march started about an hour ago with different speeches by political and religious leaders and there are still about five or six more speeches left and
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you could say there's a key message that has been stressed see on various occasions is that the instances of anti-semitism in germany cannot be tolerated cannot become part of everyday life in the country and they have to be tackled at the same time however different people here have stressed the importance of acting not only of speaking but also in trying to improve and put in practice measures so that this does not continue so the cases of anti-semitism do not become a common practice in germany. the chancellor angela merkel has said new. anti-semitism is emerging in this country and what does she mean thankful feel most of the cases that i understand it isn't that have been reported in germany have some sort of far right motives there are far fewer of those instances and how far left most people though those have also been reported by what i'm going to call
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refers to are not political is not the only person to refer to this is that some refugees that have come to germany have brought also a different type of of i'm semitism those different forms of anti-semitism independent of where they're coming from opera sized to the issues that politicians here that's what they mention but also politicians in the german parliament are trying to tackle with different measures not only to object to refute the instances that we've been talking about but also to put in practice measures to prevent these things from happening in say schools or different job or neighborhoods thomas aspira thank you so much. now in a separate but related development germany is to scrap its biggest music prize the echo after an album containing anti semitic lyrics was all of two weeks ago gangsta rappers a unfounded band won the best pop category for an album in which they compare themselves to auschwitz prisoners have since apologized but
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a decision on the east a storm of protest many german stars handing back of their awards. well t.w. a kotex of scots rocks for his head with the details so welcome scott let's let's start with the echoes first of all i'm significant they want what's the impact of them being scrapped but they're huge i mean the echoes of the equivalent of the grammys of the brit awards and in the u.k. they're the biggest of music awards the highest honor that you can give a music star a pop star here in germany but there is a big difference and it's important to recognize that the unlike the grammys or the or the brits the echoes are based mainly on album sales the nominees are all the top selling artists in the various categories so it's a little bit like i was compared to honoring mcdonald's for being the best restaurant the world i made it's based on commercial performance not on artistic merit and i think that's important because these artists who've been so criticized . are banks they're credibly successful artists and that's why they were nominated
8:36 pm
it's not necessarily that people thought they were phenomenal rappers but they definitely did sell a lot of albums and so did nobody had to listen so this album i think so to be honest i mean there is a jury that that nominee picks the winners of the nominees of the best sellers but i think a lot of people are very surprised by the standard because they probably didn't listen to the lyrics if you listen to these guys lyrics. you can claim that there are some the lyrics are anti sematic but they are definitely homophobic they're definitely massaging the stick and they're definitely a you know celebrating extreme almost cartoonish violence so anyone who paid any attention to what these guys are actually saying would have had some questions far before the for the sarah mystery sort of goes with it does it does you know sort of go with the territory the nature of hip hop to be outrageous and out that it's like i don't know it's like criticizing classical music for big lyrical yes yeah you can you can definite that out here but you take that take that attitude but of course remember in germany there is a red line when it comes to the summit as
8:37 pm
a man and when you when he cross that and you saw it with these with these guys when they crossed out on the reaction was incredibly swift people started giving back their awards and it's ended now with the. the germ music association saying we've got to get rid of the awards altogether and start over yes so that's that's the reaction we get rid of it. we have a new well that's not cool to. be yet it's going to be very interesting to see what they do because i think the big problem is if you're going to base the award on album sales you're always going to have these problems because there are anti semitic lyrics perhaps that sell well we've had problems before with far right. musicians or some german pop artist who are quite far right they sometimes sell very well they've also what actos i think the only way this is going to work is if they completely change the system so it is artistically base but then of course you get the question of are you going to have political correctness control and anyone who's taboo or two out there just gets ignored so. we've been talking about this
8:38 pm
this is a rising anti semitism in germany berlin has lots of jewish officers working here and what do they think of this you know it's interesting we might call the clue go she went she met three very prominent jewish artists living working berlin and i asked him specifically about that what both what they think is behind this rise in anti-semitism and also really on a personal level if they still feel safe let's hear what they had to say. barry kosky the director of the opera company called. lisita run israeli writer and young photographer benyamin from tel aviv. three artists living here in berlin up till now and they have always felt safe. when not one week before new kristallnacht we're not let's let's not be hysterical about this but we see could be a perfect storm of elements that coud make things very difficult in five or
8:39 pm
ten years listed on just convinced that germany is still on top of the situation she's full of praise for the way germany has faced up to the dark nazi chapter in its history i think that after seventy years. people really start forgetting the result of war. and. this is a memory. i know. to prevent. photography benyamin and i still feel. and as photos he addresses stereotypes with humor he believes rising and semitism should be countered by putting more money into education. give. kids. chairs. different
8:40 pm
cultures mostly live side by side in peace but recently there has been a change in the atmosphere. i feel a little easier than i did last year it's it's a little feeling of uneasiness that has somehow crept into this feeling i don't like it i don't like it and i hope that it's not going to get bigger yeah what he said also later was that he thought there's of course a very old anti semitism in germany but he thought now that's being combined with quite new in some of the anti semitism being brought in from outside particularly from muslim countries and you have to remember of course last two years around a million refugees mainly from muslim countries have come into germany and what he was worried about was this combination of the new and old anti-semitism if jimmy doesn't pay attention to it it doesn't if there's a careful to become quite toxic. i thank you so much for that.
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now international donors of pledge something like a four point four billion dollars in emergency aid for syria and its neighbors the total is well short of what the u.n. says it needs speaking at the donor conference in brussels they use foreign policy chief at rick i'm a greenie called on russia iran and turkey to try and use their influence to stop the fighting. bombed out cities and a life without a future after years of war thirteen million syrians are heavily dependent on humanitarian assistance but aid organizations are running quickly out of cash at the donors conference on syria and brussels agencies were hoping to raise additional funds from the international community germany pledged an extra one billion euros. no funds are sorely needed by people who have
8:42 pm
suffered under this war for seven years now we will only join efforts to rebuild the country however once there is a political solution to the conflict our further involvement is based on this condition. but syria is far from finding a political solution according to syrian media the latest footage shows the bombardment of biased strongholds by the syrian government and south and damascus in the year of the conflict observers fear a further escalation. in brussels officials from the european union and the united nations hoped to direct attention to the situation of the civilian population. there was basically a collapse of access compared to last year for people in besieged and hard to reach areas there are still lots of parts of the country where the aid agencies don't
8:43 pm
have the access they need to reach and meet the needs of even very. severely disadvantaged people in the most acute need. about half of all refugees within syria are children aid organizations are calling for the reconstruction of schools and the expansion of the so-called deescalation zones so many out of school they are loosing their future and what we are basically doing is stealing these children's future twice first they. are forced to flee their homes because of war and then we steal their future once again by not providing an education to the donor countries have pledged their support to syria on a humanitarian level and there's at least hope that the conference might have to stood political will to end the military conflict. has posted a healthy financial result so why are investors pulling out their cash their winter i sensed it was good phil just not good enough when twitter posted its first
8:44 pm
quarterly profit a few months ago many wondered if the results were just a flash in the pan but the micro-blogging sites latest quarterly earnings show otherwise san francisco posted a sixty one a million dollar profit surpassing expectations the perky numbers show the core advertising driven business is in good shape despite regulators recent and its scrutiny of social media companies but twitter shares plunged never never but it's it's a business in the u.s. isn't one who's hot as it was and management is tight lipped about for its. investors are eyeing the news feeds as facebook gets ready to publish its quarterly results they'll be watching user numbers closely to see whether the recent delete facebook campaign damage the company facebook has been clearing up the fallout of the cambridge analytical scandal which saw the private data of millions of users leaked online the bad press was hurt facebook stock price despite the company
8:45 pm
saying the scandal did not affect its user numbers investors hope the results will help facebook change the conversation. to european aerospace greats are joining forces ab us and french weapons produce the dust soul want to collaborate on a fighter jets at a press conference at the i l air show in berlin the company said the jets should be in production by twenty forty they'd replace the germans blunders various euro fighters and the jets used by the french force the firms plan to work together on other military devices as well like drones and communications technology. and here in germany the hanover message is in full swing the annual gathering is one of the best places to get a look at the cutting edge technology transforming manufacturing automation is advancing in leaps and bounds these days but according to a recent o.e.c.d.
8:46 pm
report the threat of robots replacing workers is a lot less than was once feared. fears that factories will soon operate without human labor are easing and mike lee has something to do with changing attitudes about robots they were once seen as brutish work courses that would make human workers obsolete now they're acknowledged as skilled in agile collaborators. had dances in artificial intelligence have made machines smarter and easier to operate they don't require programmers today's robots can even respond to simple hand gestures. they're also aware of their surroundings able to pause if there's any interference researchers or even developing a kind of electronic skin that can sense objects without direct contact. given what i was god i know but stone need to stop the sensors can allow them to interact with humans with the kind of physical give and take of
8:47 pm
a dings and approaching media. co bots are a newer class of lightweight robots that work closely with people there are a nice product that have been around about ten years now. danish company universal robots are pioneers in the sector either you wish to get called out it's become and the original idea came from three students who basically wanted to design a robot that could help them make a pizza in the evening and if that is so it was just a crazy idea from students thinking outside the box that ended up becoming an industrial product with. a product projected to see rapid growth the market is expected to increase ten fold over the next five years meanwhile more and more data is being collected uplink and analyzed allowing systems to run more seamlessly many customers are nervous about their personal data disappearing into the cloud so now with the edge computing data can be processed near the source instead of in the cloud. it was the quietest s.e.c.
8:48 pm
and the big advantage is that the technological domain is very localized now which allows me to up. why are domain technology know how quickly right at the source. that may be enough to convince the naysayers we may soon see a workplace where humans and machines create products together as a team a harmonious work environment with data gloves and artificial intelligence it's still just the developer's vision but even that underlines the likelihood that humans will remain in control. it's all your business and how do you back over to film after someone you knew thank you breaking news or. detail in court in fact he was just sentenced nine employees of the opposition newspaper to prison on terrorism charges the defense lawyers have called the journalists acquittal they controversial case has raised alarm bells of the state of press freedom into jim
8:49 pm
hood is one of the country's few newspapers who've been deeply critical of president resit time on. this subject of our press freedom the. international press the watchdog reporters without borders has released its latest world press freedom index it paints a picture of a world in which attacks on the media have become more commonplace even in european democracies journalists were has become even more difficult or even deadly in some instances is an example is the case of the multis journalist a deathly kind of wanna gal it's you who's working exposed to government corruption . on october sixteenth two thousand and seventeen the maltese journalist. was killed by a car bomb the reporter had worked tirelessly to expose corruption in the island nation including allegations against prime minister josef most scots family it's
8:50 pm
still not known who ordered her killing the press watchdog reporters without borders says journalists and threatened by politicians businesses and the justice system this country dropped eighteen places to rank sixty five in the press freedom index reporters without borders evaluates the level of freedom available to the press and hundred ninety countries worldwide this year the organization says the biggest setback has been in europe journalists and poland the czech republic slovakia hungary and serbia are increasingly facing hostility. topping the freedom index norway sweden and the netherlands. germany rose one place to rank fifteenth. many countries rank far lower than even. in bangladesh new terror police the
8:51 pm
power to jail journalists conducting research. hundred forty six in the global index. the west african nation has made the most progress. dictatorship ended in two thousand and sixteen the country rose twenty one places to rank hundred twenty two in the press freedom index the media has been flourishing and a more open environment criticism is no longer forbidden. the media situation. as we've just been hearing. have you noticed any change here that's true in the creation of the new media.
8:52 pm
some stations three newspapers and you have. to work radio stations and shut down by the commodity market. gardens or are media sites without you. being without limitations. what have been the biggest problems that. well the problem with this was the lack of press freedom if you wouldn't on this time around the problems we are facing is the laws that have been put in place by the former president that he did live in cities in ninety four mr not course publication and broadcasting those remains in need you are telling for press freedom in this country and cut off if the program or so among the journalists in this country. now and has been announced and some privately run radio broadcasters will be allowed to open soon i'm
8:53 pm
presuming that you see that as a positive development. yes initially petty disputes and two three am mostly. sports programs for now almost all of the air with radio systems have got translated. into local languages some of them out of producing their own new stories so that is also happening and again at the moment now you said that that you'd like to be a media mogul like they founder of c.n.n. that adds to why well because i think it doesn't have the platform to go their own story you have seen you know you have to be c.n.n. and the b.b.c. and even the dutch available i think a group would have been big on platform where africans would tell their own story ok thank you so much for joining us you well.
8:54 pm
let me get just remind you some of breaking news that we've got here at. d d w in turkey a number of journalists that court has sentenced has just sentenced nine employees of the opposition jubilant newspaper to prison on terrorism charges comes from going to door in the jones is in a stumble welcome door or more can you tell us. yes these convictions have just come through a wide range of sentences from two years up to nearly eight years in jail all of those convicted of being convicted of supporting a terrorist organization this is a broad catch all prosecution makes it very easy for the prosecutors to find convictions and this very controversial trial has found guilty some of the country's most respected and well known writers and journalists although really the country's last mainstream independent newspaper this case has drawn widespread
8:55 pm
international attention as well as within turkey is as well it's seen as really the last stand of turkish mainstream media and these convictions will send a shockwave through the country and a final warning to any independent journalist in the country although it has to be said it does appear that all those convicted have been free pending possible appeal including the the newspaper's general director. who had been in jail for over five hundred forty two days he has been released the newspapers from here it is said that convictions have rained down on turkey and. all of those convicted said that no dictator has ever succeeded in silencing a right person daryn jones in istanbul sanction. it's. a story os on top when we get it you can check out our website dot com oh and we'll have more news at the top of the hour. a good docs to
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this is. from berlin tonight a french president reminds us of what america is to the world and he warns not to forget them addressing a joint session of the u.s. congress who. spoke about climate change and the iran nuclear deal any urge the united states not to close the doors of the world will bring you full analysis.


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