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hundredth birthday karl marx twenty one special and the documentary marks and his years g.w. . this is. from berlin tonight a french president reminds us of what america is to the world and he warns not to forget them in addressing a joint session of the u.s. congress. spoke about climate change and the iran nuclear deal and he urged the united states not to close the doors of the world we'll bring you full analysis from washington also coming up a world
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a ever more hostile toward journalists that's the finding of reporters without borders latest index of freedom tonight we look at europe and africa and one where reporting can be deadly and one where it can be a huge help. it's good to have you with us so we begin with breaking news from turkey a turkish court has sentenced several employees of the opposition newspaper to prison on terror related charges down defense lawyers had called for the journalists to be acquitted the controversial case has raised a warm bells over the state of press freedom in turkey. is one of the country's few newspapers to have. been deeply critical of president richard tell you carol what
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all defendants were charged with supporting organizations that turkey views as terror groups the kurdistan workers party and the ultra left revolutionary people's liberation party front that of course via their coverage now and we're going to move on now to our other top story and that is macro and in the united states french president emmanuel micron has addressed a joint session of congress he urged american lawmakers to reject fear in isolationism and instead to launch a new era of twenty first century leadership backroad addressed syria free trade and the paris climate change agreement all topics where he and truong disagree and he urged the united states not to abandon the iran nuclear deal. and his rendezvous with u.s. lawmakers and a call look to share their love heaping praise on france's special bond with
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america but his message seemed to wrecked it to an audience of one u.s. president donald trump on iran and warned against abandoning the twenty fifty nuclear deal but still took a hard line. for iran our objective is clear iran shall never up of this any nuclear weapons. accomplish back on track america first agenda urging the u.s. to engage rather than retreat from world affairs. but cool things a door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word. it will not dollars but inflame the fruits of our citizens. in the car also pushed back on trump's threat to tear up international trade deals warning of commercial war between allies at the end of the day it will destroy jobs increase prices and the middle class
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will have to pay for it and he tried to sway trump a father of five to reconsider the paris climate accord i believe in building a better future for our children which requires offering them a planets that and still have bit of all in twenty five years. the current tide things up with the call of duty for france and the us to confront global threats shoulder to shoulder i want to cherish is at stake what we love is in danger we have no choice but to prevail and together we showed prevail. and invitation to shape the twenty first century to gather one macro may have a tough time getting trump to accept. and we want to go now to
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capitol hill in washington d.c. our d.c. bureau chief alexander phenomena standing by good evening to you alexander you were in that chamber today during mr backgrounds speech talk to me a little bit about how the speech was received. i thought that it was quiet impressive to watch the french president and the house chamber receiving a standing ovation on both sides of the aisle and i talked to democratic lawmakers and some of them told me that they felt that that was very powerful speech something that they would like to hear from their president they also told me that they think it was very important that in this to micro remind the lawmakers of the values the united states and europe share and it was quite impressive to see mostly democratic lawmakers members of the democratic party lining up after
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this speech to staying. put the address but they also talked to republicans here and one congressman from new york told me that he thinks it was quite interesting and good to listen to mr mcauliffe reviews but said that this speech has not changed he's positions on the climate. agreement for example or on the deal. a lot of the message from called today was the antithesis to drums america first message and he really he gave this rally or this pep talk to the u.s. congress to remember america's multilateral leadership role in the world how do you think any of this is going to happen while in the white house.
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well i don't think that speech is going to impress president no he's not a fan of multilateral he is not a fan of international organizations the united nations for example he's approached the foreign policy. action though we have to say that those leaders have sort of personal connection that this seemed to get along pretty well with each other but we don't have any indications that president crawlers speech or he's negotiation conversation with the president. have had and the president. of the world or the way how he sees his own presidency. that's an interesting point a lot of. speculation. to washington this week early in the week to lay the groundwork for talks this coming friday which will take place also with the german chancellor and we know that trump and miracle are not best friends so the
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hope has been that mr. his magic to maybe get. to. you know common ground with the europeans are we going to see that happen on friday . well the simple answer is we don't know yet and it's true that the europeans the french president and the german chancellor are trying very hard to convince president. to pull out of the current or deal with iran and to grant the europeans permanent exemptions of the terrorists. and steel but we simply don't know whether there will be successful diplomats i talked to told me that they would not like to predict and they think that they think that we are going to see decisions on this topic very shortly
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before the upcoming deadlines are always on the phenomena on capitol hill tonight alexandra thank you very much we want to go back now to that breaking news story a turkish court has sentenced several journalists with the newspaper to prison terms on terrorism charges dorian jones is standing by in stamboul with the latest story and what more can you tell us about this. yes nine journalists have been given the wide ranging jail sentences up to nearly eight years in jail in total over sixty five years in jail sentences handed out by judges all in connection with supporting terrorism now this was the lowest charge that journalists have been facing the sixteen reporters and senior directors of the newspaper but it's one that's most easily proven given the bar is very low on the turkey's terror laws now these journalists and column is are some of the country's
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most prominent writers many of them are veterans who've been writing for many decades and turmeric newspaper is the last mainstream newspaper that remains critical and independent from the government and this this conviction will be a hammer blow to those who are still voicing support for free journalism but it has to be said it does have paid off all those convicted have been released pending appeal and placed under judicial control and you know this happens at the same time that the turkish parliament has extended the state of emergency in turkey and we know that allows the crackdown on the media to continue reporters without borders today saying that turkey is one of the worst places for journalists in the world to be in this decision today it was expected wasn't it. well you know yes it has to be said of that all of what you've said is very true here i mean i attended a couple of the days of the hearings and to be honest that the case itself was virtually thirty's how many can come it is described it in fact one of the
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prosecutors chief witnesses dictating he said none of the people to one of the defendants were guilty of any of the crimes but then went on to accuse them of committing all the crimes that they one charge with pumping the prosecutor put his hands in his face but despite this and despite the apparent obvious lack of evidence they've convictions went through and this is the criticism since the failed coup in twenty sixty the introducing of state of emergency we have seen literally thousands of these cases of people being convicted on very little if not any evidence of toll that has made the worse jail is in the world and it slipped further down the rankings of press freedom it's a dark day for just journalism and free the free media in turkey that sure story joe johns reporting tonight from used them for you thank you very much. as you were saying in a national press watchdog reporters without borders has released its latest world
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press freedom index and it paints a picture of a world in which attacks on the media have become more commonplace even in european democracies journalist work has become more difficult or even deadly one example is the case of a maltese journalist who had exposed government corruption and he was then killed. on october sixteenth two thousand and seventeen the maltese journalist. was killed by a car bomb the reporter had worked tirelessly to expose corruption in the island nation including allegations against prime minister josef most scots family it's still not known who ordered her killing the press watchdog reporters without borders says journalists and threatened by politicians businesses and the justice system this country dropped eight hundred places to rank sixty five in the press freedom and x. reporters without borders evaluates the level of freedom available to the press and
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hundred ninety countries worldwide this year the organization says the biggest setback has been in europe journalists and poland the czech republic slovakia hungary and serbia are increasingly facing hostility. topping the freedom and norway sweden and the netherlands. germany rose one place to rank fifteenth. many countries rank far lower than even multi in terms of press freedom in bangladesh new terror laws give police the power to jail journalists just for conducting research bangladesh ranks hundred forty six from the global index. b. the west african nation the gambia has made the most progress when your job as dictatorship ended in two thousand and sixteen the country rose twenty one
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places to rank hundred twenty two in the press freedom and the media has been flourishing in a more open environment where criticism is no longer forbidden. two thousand people have taken to the streets of the. against. the. recent assault. the alleged. abuse. jewish community warned jews to avoid. reduce the risk of. biggest music the echo is no more the award of the award ceremony were suspended indefinitely today in
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a scandal over an album containing. lyrics two weeks ago the. one the best hip hop album in which they compared themselves to prisoners they've since apologized but the decision. with many. more. global insights.


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