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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2018 12:00am-12:03am CEST

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i french president emmanuel mccaughan has given a wrist beach to u.s. lawmakers in congress mccollum praised the special relationship between france and the us i think but he also warned that international allies including france and the u.s. must work together more closely to confront current global threats and be aware of the danger of creating new wars. iranian president hassan rouhani has rejected the u.s. and france has called for a new nuclear deal with tougher restrictions on terror presidents trump and
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mccaughan proposed the idea while holding talks in washington trump has threatened to withdraw from the historic two thousand and fifteen agreement. a court in copenhagen has sentence inventor peter madsen to life for the torture and murder of swedish journalist kim waller aboard his self-made submarine he admitted to dismembering walls body and dumping it at sea but claim to death was an accident nights and says he will appeal his conviction. international donors have pledged some four point four billion dollars in emergency aid for syria and its neighbors with a billion of that pledged by germany that figure however falls well short of what the u.n. says is needed. a french president stood on capitol hill in washington d.c.
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today and told america to look in the mirror with them and to remember what did see in a speech delivered in the lingua franca of today described america first but in a language damo doesn't speak. this is the day. members of congress i have the high privilege and the distinct honor of presenting to you his excellent city emanuel mccrone the president of the french republic. the miracle of the relationship between the united states and friends. we have never lost the special bond deeply rooted not only now history but also you know flesh person only.


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