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this is deja vu news live from berlin turkey condemned as a jail yet more journalists a cork convicts reporters from a leading opposition newspaper on terror charges amnesty international says turkey must stop using the failed coup twenty sixteen as an excuse to restrict free speech also coming up. buddies at the white house but not so friendly in congress french
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president mccall criticizes his host policies including those on climate change. and nature reclaims the land contaminated by europe's worst ever nuclear disaster three decades after the chernobyl disaster goes into the contamination zone our reporter that is a glimpse of some brand new inhabitants. thomas thanks so much for being with us amnesty international says that turkey must stop using its ongoing state of emergency as an excuse for silencing critics now the report comes a day after and istanbul court jailed journalists of the leading opposition newspaper from her yet not accused of supporting the movement the government says was behind the fellow who in twenty sixteen the country has been under a state of emergency since then. family friends and supporters of the
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defendants gathered in front of the court in celebrity outside assemble waiting for the ruling at the end of the nine months to hurry at trial the journalists were charged with helping terrorist organizations. three of them were acquitted but the court sentenced fourteen defendants to prison terms ranging from three to eight years among them as the prominent investigative reporter of maciek who got seven and a half years critics condemned the convictions. what we saw today was not justice. this is the stifling of journalism and the right to information is at the hand of the justice system and the root commit this from. those convicted will remain free while an appeal is pending but barred from leaving turkey. so can critical journalists do their job in turkey did abuse istanbul
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correspondent joins me now in the studio for good morning julia hi good morning you know early one has been arresting journalists for a long time now since the fails to but this sentence escalates the war on the media doesn't it what does it mean for press freedom and freedom in general well first of all drew here it is not just any newspaper and it's the oldest news they've found it in the one nine hundred twenty s. following a long tradition of secularist reporting and it is and was one of the few newspapers to still dare to criticize the government so among all the other media cases and trials against journalists it's safe to say this is the most high profile trial so far and of course it sends a devastating message to all other journalists in the country you could be next so what's your every move what's your every article and the journalists themselves jim carrey a newspaper have said from the very beginning this is a politically motivated trial designed to intimidate all critical voices in turkey
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and what they are saying is it's not individual people standing trial there it's journalism as such in turkey and i think that's the message it's not just domestic journalism is it i mean we have here a institution for secular turkey we also have a german journalist on trial as well another german journalist yes after a day in his you that was the famous case was released this year her name is michelle little and she was. put on trial faces similar charges like the jury a journalist supporting terrorist organizations she was released. ending trial in december but she has to stay in turkey report to the authorities and today her trial is going to continue we don't expect any verdict but she of course hopes that she will be allowed to leave the country because she really wants to go back to germany so that's this case that is going to continue today and that has of course
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strained relations between germany and turkey so it's an important trial to watch from here from germs are nothing as well and these are arrests and the sentence come as turkey faces elections are coming up yeah two months indeed how does that all fit in well as you know independent reporting is essential for democracy for any election for citizens to be able to inform themselves and to form an opinion. unfortunately and that's the criticism here critical voices have been sidelined in the media opposition candidates for example complain that they don't get enough time to get their message across and of course the dominating voice is the voice of the government and ministers a.k.p. representatives the governing party reporters without borders for example say pluralism in turkey is dying and clearer lism is an essential element of and it is this is the briefly if you could what were people in turkey saying about all of this how do they feel about the government's crackdown well if they are supporters
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of the government they don't see any problem they say what is it that you're saying we have a free media landscape we hear everything that we know but they are opponents they complain of course and many don't follow the mainstream media anymore they they go on twitter they go on facebook to try to find some other reports or they follow international channels you leon thanks very much for bring us up to date on these developments now for some of the other stories making the news today. conservationists in western africa say they've discovered. zs in western africa than expected. they remain in danger of intensive study found a significant drop in the population and loss the years of the current rate eighty percent of girls in the region will be gone by the end of the century. the philippines has closed its most famous holiday island boracay to tourists for six months clean up every commercialisation and over development of taking a toll on the ones pristine island security forces have been deployed to enforce
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the shutdown but businesses rely on terrorism say the closure puts their livelihoods at risk. u.s. investigators have been searching for more than forty years for the so-called golden state killer and now they've arrested next police officer on suspicion of being the man behind more than fifty rapes and twelve homicides out l. fornia police detained a suspect outside his home in citrus heights that's a suburb of sacramento. present problems thank came was for praising him on twitter the rapper pose that a series of pro trump tweets sparking an online backlash but his wife reality star kim carr dashin took to social media platform herself to say he did not agree with all of us. this is did i mean of still to come on the show thirty two years after the charitable nuclear disaster we have a special report on how nature is reclaiming the exclusion zone. and by munich
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took an early lead against defending champion league title holders but things went south from there we'll tell you about the first of that too late match up against powerhouse address. mark is here now and there's been a major shape with a shake up a door again again brian as could be expected after the change of the c.e.o. of course a continued slump for germany's biggest lender doj a bank reported nearly a eighty percent slide in the first quarter profits to one hundred twenty million euros it also plans deep cuts to its biggest unit of the corporate and investment banking division leading to job losses the bank holds painful but unavoidable it did not mention how many positions would be axed at the restructure will affect the business mostly in the united states and asia as the concentrates its attention on european and multinational clients. and facebook's flush with money after
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a lucrative first quarter profit went up sixty three percent to five billion dollars on advertising revenue showing little fallout from various data misuse scandals plaguing the social network facebook has been trying hard to appease users investors and regulators in the face of questions over allowing improper collection of private data about chris heard facebook's stock price shares are heading back north again. and china is considering a cut to important duties on passenger cars the duty could be reduced by about half the bloomberg news reported sighting people familiar with the matter the move should be pos of the country's plan to further open the automobile market according to bloomberg china's cabinet wants to reduce the levy on imported cars to between ten and fifteen percent from the current twenty five percent an announcement on the decision could be made as soon as next month of
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a comic is like fox beijing's plans to cut imports terrorism passenger vehicles will have little impact because they manufacture cars for china in china and they adapt to their models to the chinese taste there is a lot of talk about electability and autonomy driving at the beijing motor show but so far it's s.u.v.s that are dominating the market in all shapes and sizes. dimer is presenting its mercedes my bike concept at the beijing motor show it's a cross between an s.u.v. and a luxury limousine a car for the super rich for billionaires when price is no object and extravagance is important there are enough potential customers in china. why don't we introduce their birth state is my bread and we did not expect such a successful it and yes we have gotten four in the recent years especially here in
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china there now based on that success we had hoped for the luxury. skoda evokes wagon brand makes cars for the mass market the czech car maker is joining the s.u.v. trend with three different models the new a skoda was developed in china and is only being built there china is by far the single largest market. here if you have big plans you want to double a business tilted venti that means after having sold last year more than three hundred thousand vehicles. to sell more than six hundred dollars of eagles in twenty twenty more and more tech companies in china are investing in the automobile industry and changing the branch radically for example lincoln co this startup is setting its sights on younger buyers they've planned a sharing model where drivers can share their car with other users short term per app sales people are obsolete and users receive a subscription complete with workshop access link in cobol longs to the powerful
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jelly company they own volvo and are large shareholders at a time where. the hot topics are vehicles which are connected to the internet drive autonomous lee and are electric the chinese will come out with them sooner than others will. actually munch on. fully on line connected electric cars are still only a fraction of the vehicles in china but in the coming years that's all go. to change china's goal is to become the world's top automotive innovator. brian it was a pick to put charm offense not offensive like an offense if yes be taken both sides because first hugs and kisses and that biting speace to the u.s. congress didn't call take away something that all sailors we monitor you know appearances can be deceptive they were brought into the white house but french president on your mccraw went out of his way to point out the differences with this
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president trump when he made a speech to the joint houses of the american congress it criticized from america first agenda saying it was a threat to global asperity and i climate change warned that there could be no planet. at his rendezvous with u.s. lawmakers now called look to share their love heaping praise on france's special bond with america but his message seemed to wrecked it to an audience of one u.s. president donald trump on iran he warned against abandoning the twenty fifty nuclear deal but still took a hard line. for iran our objective is clear iran showed never approved this any nuclear weapons. accomplished back on trans america first agenda urging the u.s. to engage rather than retreat from world affairs. but closing the door to
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the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dolls but inflame the fruits of all citizens. can also push back on trump's threat to tear up international trade deals warning of commercial war between allies at the end of the day it will destroy jobs increase prices and the middle class will have to pay for it. and he tried to sway trump a father of five to reconsider the paris climate accord i believe in building a better future for all children which requires offering them a planets that and still have bootable in twenty five years. kong type things up with the call of duty for france and the us to confront global threats shoulder to shoulder. what which. is
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that peak what we love is in danger we have no choice but to prevail and together we shall prevail. and in detention to shape the twenty first century together one micro may have a tough time getting trump to accept. a washington correspondent claire richardson sent us her assessment of whether the french president's visit was a success french president and men who are micron came to washington d.c. on a charm offensive trying to woo donald trump in to c.n.n. to eye with france on a number of issues like trade climate change and involvement in syria but his most important mission of all have been to convince trump and not to back out of the iran nuclear deal russia china britain and germany agree with france that the landmark agreement is the best way to stop iran from developing a nuclear bomb but trump is called it the worst deal ever made on his trip to d.c.
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mccrone called on the u.s. president not to ditch the deal without getting a better alternative in place first yet at the end of his three day trip he hadn't secured any promises from trump and it's not yet clear how much success he's had in buttering him up ahead of america's visit the german chancellor is coming to washington d.c. on friday when she'll be trying her hand at saving the iran deal. claridge's and they're here in germany the head of germany's jewish communities yosef schuster has welcomed a decision to abolish the country's top music awards that's the echo after an anti semitism controversy involving one of this year's winners two weeks ago the rap duo leg up and farid bang won the best hip hop category for an album in which they made light of auschwitz prisoners with lyrics rife with anti semitic stereotypes they have since apologized but the decision unleashed a storm of protest with many top german stars handing back their awards.
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while the scrapping of the echo music award came on the very same day that thousands of germans rallied in solidarity with the jews that amidst a number of recent anti-semitic incidents across the country germans of various faiths stand jewish skullcaps in a protest figured by an anti-semitic attack here in berlin last week the assault on two young men wearing jews skullcaps in the german capital sparked widespread outrage after of video of that attack went viral the suspect in one thousand year old syrian asylum seeker later turned himself in to police. at one of the rallies twenty five hundred people turned out to show their solidarity against anti-semitism jews and non jews was a key part of the traditional jewish skullcaps in defiance of a recent warning from the central council of jews in germany that jews should avoid wearing it in this country. he often does with us that's hard to get so we hope
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that this demonstration offers a thought provoking impulse that goes far beyond this week. though we hope it makes a difference in the fight against anti-semitism. so i'm german and i think what's happened in the last few weeks here is disgusting so i had to take part in this. this is my copy it's why we have to take a stand against what's going on so or stop as germans we have a special responsibility it doesn't matter where the anti semitism is coming from. politicians and church representatives stressed that anti-semitism has no place in germany anyone who wants to live here they added must adhere to this one of the head of the central council of jews in germany said there's a growing concern in the jewish community yob once enjoyed we've gotten a little too comfortable in germany i'm a little racism here a little anti-semitism there a bit of a slum a phobia i'm fine that's not so bad is it. yes it is and that's
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why we're demanding one hundred percent respect big pointing to recent attacks a member of chancellor on an american conservative party says a line has been crossed. forms of thought on the go it's all the more upsetting when i hear what's happening in berlin and other places in germany on a daily basis. let's stop calling them isolated cases anti-semitism unfortunately exists in our country or. how to condemn the fact that a rally against anti-semitism elsewhere in berlin was disrupted when some of the participants were attacked. and ukraine now and the chair noble disaster in one thousand nine hundred six remains the single biggest nuclear accident in history radiation from the reactor explosion killed thirty one people now more than a quarter of a million were evacuated from their homes in the months that followed as authorities in forced a thirty kilometer exclusion zone that's right around the disaster site its
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boundaries so have expanded over the years become a massive no go zone just outside the capital kiev now but while chernobyl has been devoid of human life for decades now nature has been reclaiming what's become a unique habitat our correspondent nick connelly went to take a look. this is no ordinary wetland what was once the cooling pond of the chernobyl nuclear power plant is now home to eat grits turns and ducks and they're not the only wildlife making inroads since the humans left. when reactor number four exploded in april one thousand nine hundred six no one could know what the long term fallout would be thirty one people died in the immediate aftermath of acute radiation poisoning more than a quarter million were evacuated from a thirty kilometer zone around the power plant as the years pass nature is
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reclaiming these villages. biologists said he pesky which is an expert on the region's wildlife and the impact of radiation. he wants to show us some of chernobyl's most charismatic an abbot and. wild horses. and so his camera traps show us that they've been in recent days heavy build species that lives in big family groups in theory they should be easy to spot but not today. he takes us to an abandoned van the horses like to visit. that's from the horse's mane they come in here to scratch themselves they love to get a rub along the walls. but that's not all the horses are looking for and here salt is at a premium in chernobyl and the villages once used this bond to store salty foods in wooden barrels this is a block bush the floor used to be much higher but the horses have come in and even
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with the added salt. no one taught the horses how to do this in the space of just a few decades they've learned to make the most of the human made landscape of abandoned villages just as they've adapted to chernobyl's forests originally from the open step of central asia scientists brought them here in the one nine hundred ninety s. in the hope they would keep the grass down and prevent wildfires around the reactor . it's time to check radiation levels after all we're only twenty kilometers away from the reactor. cores of the background radiation where we are now is the same reason that we have you know the radiation has migrated into deeper layers the soil in that region you have there doesn't necessarily mean it's a fair age for the for them to the. say he has spent the past twenty years studying the effects of radiation as it passes through the ecosystem while animals in and around to noble undoubtedly carry heightened levels of radiation say says it's not enough to impact their ability to survive and reproduce
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a conclusion that many international scientists would agree with but what about his own health does he worry or conger through and so far i've been fine so when. we get a call from one of said he's colleagues a group of horses has been spotted nearby. the male stands aside watching us closely while the females and last year's foals graze. say he tells us that this is polls have just been born this week but it will be some time yet before the mothers and their young leave the safety of the forest . the absence of humans being crucial to their success and radiation it seems has done little to dent that. eventually all the attention from our camera proves to be too much the herd heads back towards the forest the forest that keeps on growing and in just
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a few more years will likely swallow up this meadow as nature raises the last visible traces of human activity. in football now and generally drama in germany last night as the bonus league is buying munich holders real madrid in the semi advocate bridge from the sports talk about that better to underfeed for byron what happened that well unlike the previous evening's events last night's game really did have the feeling of a champions league semifinal heavyweight clash it was a cagey affair neither side wanted to make the first mistake but it was by munich who broke the deadlock to joshua kimmage but i did start to vulnerable off they lost to run shortly after they'd scored that goal and so it transpired marcello the brazilian left back things level before the second half marco asensio the youngster gave real madrid a two one lead and as it transpired a two one win now very difficult game for bind they've got
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a lot to do when they go out to madrid but madrid will be feeling very confident after that and byron have been so dominant lately how can you explain this does loss at home well i mean it's a very different beast when you go into europe i think by and fans are so used to seeing their team dominate every game and a bonus layer against the likes of freiburg an outspoken when you go and play a team out real madrid a wily tame full of talent it's a totally different beast and they thought they were found out slightly you know the injuries didn't help yogi love the germany manager was also in the stands to see jerome boateng limp limp off and they'll be concerns about his world cup participation but as we're about to hear from you it wasn't an injury so much as a lack of quality at both ends so let's hear what he had to say now. does it come to even though there were missed chances and on top of that we handed out gifts and then didn't use the chances we created for ourselves properly. in that system. like paul the last chances he was saying there this result means that we all must
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be the heavy favorites going into the second leg it's not a homebuyer doesn't have that advantages in madrid well they will be the favorites going to go to go out to the grid knowing that even one goal won't be enough a one nil win would be very tough to get together but about but they didn't need to score two and they're also going to have to stop madrid scoring which is the problem but as we've seen in this champions league campaign comebacks can happen from of a ton to three goal to sick and also not even just almost did the same thing against real madrid in the last round so your point is well have his team fired up and they will be going for it ok no madrid though let's look at it from this perspective it hasn't been doing well domestically can they make it three in a row well is this something about madrid on these european nights i don't know how they do it but they just turn into a different machine they know how to win these games and then it is it down their manager i mean he he's come under a little bit of fire this season but he's won two straight champions league no one had no one won the european cup twice on the bounce in milan in one nine hundred
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ninety unprecedented he could win a third in a row and if he does he'll go down to the legends madrid fans there's no doubt about it briefly if you could we heard is there do you think a buying can put it together in terms of quality get those chances you know actualized what do you think well there were a few spurn chances in that leg and they will be kicking themselves like i said the problem they've got now is they lost robin early in the game as well that last year on the tank so there's a lot of quality is going to be missing from that from their first choice eleven obviously the goalkeeper mammal neuer won't be playing even so it's going to be very hard and i think this could be this could be a little a bridge too far perhaps by me and a lot of stake the title mccambridge as ever from our sports thanks very much. if you're a minor of our top story at this hour turkish court has a jail journalist from a leading opposition newspaper on terror charges but honestly international stop using the failed to prove twenty sixteen as an excuse to clamp down on free speech . it's always time for thanks for being with us.
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it's one of nature's most perfectly designed machine. dung beetle. it can transport thousand times its own body weight. traversing rough terrain is no problem. but is it possible to replicate these capabilities with robots.
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tomorrow today next on d w. injured in the conflict zone confronting the powerful. it's no secret for the west is hanging with russia on a whole range of issues but the feeling here in moscow is decidedly new killfile guest this week is russia's deputy foreign minister sergei riyadh call for the close is a cold current slide in the east west relations oh if there were. sixty minutes d.w. . if you accidentally shed some funky music and. the trouble is. time in the field. how can you get out. within code oh a serious. shift this week on g.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every month for each of the
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first word american eagle nico he's in germany to burn germany. was his first why not live. in simple line on the road while touring. to suffer. d.w. zyklon in course. maybe see. welcome to tomorrow today. coming up. next year to storage by cutting down trees could be good for the forest. amateur detective decoding the history of plants. and the high.


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