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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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the germans started may thirteenth on g.w. . this is news live from turkey condemned as a jail's yet more journalists a court convinced convicts reporters from a leading opposition newspaper on terror charges amnesty international saying turkey must stop using the failed of twenty sixteen as an excuse to crackdown on free speech also coming up. but he's at the white house not so friendly in congress
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french president criticizing his hosts policies especially the president's america first approach. and also coming up munich stumbles in the clash of the titans their coach says his team deserved to win the champions league semi but that they were undone by injuries and missed chances against mighty real madrid. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us the human rights group amnesty international says turkey must stop using its ongoing state of emergency as an excuse for silencing his critics now its report comes a day after an istanbul cord jailed journalist at the leading opposition newspaper from her yet they stand accused of supporting a movement the government says is a terrorist organization and the back failed to fourteen people receive prison
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terms ranging from three to eight years three were acquitted those convicted will remain free while an appeals pending they are barred from leaving turkey. so can critical journalists still do their job in turkey did abuse istanbul correspondent delia on joins me now in the studio for good morning julia hi good morning you know early one has been arresting journalists for a long time now since the failed two but this sentence escalates the war on the media doesn't it what does it mean for press freedom and freedom in general well first of all drew here it is not just any newspaper it's the oldest newspaper founded in the one nine hundred twenty s. following a long tradition of secularist reporting and it is and was one of the few newspapers to still dare to criticize the government so among all the other media cases and trials against journalists it's safe to say this is the most high profile trial so far and of course it sends
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a devastating message to all other journalists in the country you could be next so what's your every move what's your every article and the journalists themselves jewelry a newspaper have said from the very beginning this is a politically motivated trial designed to intimidate all critical voices in turkey and what they are saying is it's not individual people standing trial there it's journalism as such in turkey and i think that's the message it's not just domestic journalism is it i mean we have here a institution for secular turkey we also have a german journalist on trial as well another german journalist yes after dinner as you that was the famous case was released this year her name is michelle little and she. was. put on trial faces similar charges like the jewelry a journalist supporting terrorist organizations she was released pending trial in december but she has to stay in turkey she has report to the authorities and today
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her trial is going to continue we don't expect any verdict but she of course hopes that she will be allowed to leave the country because she really wants to go back to. i mean he so that's this case that is going to continue today and that has of course strained relations between germany and turkey so it's an important trial to watch from here from germs or nationally as well and these arrests and the sentence come as turkey faces elections are coming up yeah two months spill actions indeed how does that all fit in well as you know independent reporting is essential for democracy for any election for citizens to be able to inform themselves and to form an opinion. unfortunately and that's the criticism here critical voices have been sidelined in the media a position candidates for example complain that they don't get enough time to get their message across and of course the dominating voice is the voice of the government and ministers a.k.p.
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representatives the governing party reporters without borders for example say pluralism in turkey is dying and pluralism is an essential element of and it is a sort of briefly if you could what were people in turkey saying about all of this how do they feel about the government's crackdown well if they are supporters of the government they don't see any problem they say what is it that you're saying we have a free media landscape we hear everything that we know but they are opponents they complain of course and many don't follow the mainstream media anymore they they go on twitter they go on facebook to try to find some other reports or they follow international channels you leon thanks very much for bring us up to date on these developments all they were buddies at the white house french president a call went out of his way to point out the deep differences with his host president trump when he made his speech to the joint session of congress in washington he criticized trump's america first agenda saying it was a threat to global prosperity on climate change mccall warned that there could be
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no planet b. . at his rendezvous with u.s. lawmakers now called look to share their love heaping praise on france's special bond with america but his message seemed to wrecked it to an audience of one u.s. president donald trump and iran warned against abandoning the twenty fifty nuclear deal but still took a hard line. for iran our objective is clear iran shall never approve this any nuclear weapons. that can push back on trans america first agenda urging the u.s. to engage rather than retreat from world affairs. but causing the door to the word will not stop the evolution of the word it will not dollars but inflame the fruits of our citizens. in the car also pushed back on trans threat to
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tear up international trade deals warning of commercial war between allies at the end of the day it will destroy jobs increase prices and the middle class will have to pay for it and he tried to switch from a father of five to reconsider the paris climate accord i believe in building a better future for our children which requires offering them a planets that and still have bit of all in twenty five years. before the current tide things up with the call of duty for france and the us to confront global threats shoulder to shoulder. with what we cherish is at stake what we love is in danger we have no choice but to prevail and together. we shall
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prevail. and invitation to shape the twenty first century together one macro may have a tough time getting trump to accept. so did the french president leave the us with any political successes did abuse claire richardson so does more and more often. french president and men who came to washington d.c. on a charm offensive trying to woo donald trump into seeing eye to eye with france on a number of issues like trade climate change and involvement in syria but his most important mission of all have been to convince trump and not to back out of the iran nuclear deal russia china britain and germany agree with france that the landmark agreement is the best way to stop iran from developing a nuclear bomb but trump is calls it the worst deal ever made on his trip to d.c. mccrone called on the u.s. president not to ditch the deal without getting a better alternative in place first yet at the end of his three day trip he hadn't
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secured any promises from trump and it's not yet clear how much success he's had in buttering him up ahead of anglo-american his visit the german chancellor is coming to washington d.c. on friday when she'll be trying her hand at saving the iran deal claridge is there now for some of the other stories making the news today kim jong un's expected become the first north korean leader to cross into the south since the korean war kim will be meeting with president moon in a storage summit on friday two sides will hold talks focused mainly on nuclear program. following mass anti-government protests armenia's parliament says it will elect a new prime minister on may first lawmakers had chosen better leader sayres on as prime minister but that triggered the original demonstrations in the country critics accuse him of a power grab he resigned on monday. police in northern india say at least twelve children have died after a train crashed into
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a school bus at an unmanned route road crossing they believe the driver of the school bus who was also killed ignored guard signaled to stop several other children have been injured in that incident in guitar products. the philippines as close as most famous holiday island boracay to tourists for a six month cleanup every commercialization and over development have taken a toll on the once pristine island security forces have been deployed to enforce that shut down but businesses relying on tourism say the closures put their livelihoods wrist. well here in germany a court is due to rule today on whether a medical test to determine the age of young migrants yet is a hotly debated topic because of concerns that alder migrants pretend to be minors to avoid deportation currently of migrants ages established in a personal interview but the court ruling could replace that with medical tests.
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how old is this refugee is he an adult or still a minor since fleeing afghanistan to maury has already learned that his age plays an enormous role in germany. the traffickers told us refugees if you are twenty or twenty one and make yourselves younger because it will be to your advantage then they cannot deport you. know the. german officials check the age of refugees if there are doubts about whether they are legal minors there is a psychological interview and a medical exam x. rays a wrist bones of teeth or c.t. scans of the collarbone but critics say bone tests cannot precisely determine a person's age because. you cannot always determine a person's exact chronological age based in the age of his or her bones you know there's a range that can span one to three years. one to three years can make
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a huge difference under eighteen year olds are assigned a guardian help in the asylum process and accommodation with the youth welfare service. for refugees aged eighteen and above the initial conditions in shared accommodation are often much worse many must rely on their own devices. kiah grabowski and both guys and hina look after forty young refugees in their shelters they have even brought in young people from the streets after being categorized as adults all access to health was withdrawn from them with harrowing results we aren't sure if we consider it irresponsible and the catastrophe that age estimations are carried out without at the same time considering what kind of help is needed for a person might legally be an adult but if he or she is in need of health then in the interests of that person and of society adequate help must be provided. ahmed
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to morry has never lied about his age he's twenty four has received political asylum and is in a training program but he knows many others who are pretending to be younger hoping it will help them access help education and prevent them from being deported. football now and byron munich face an uphill battle after the first leg of their champions league sammy the bull as leader carryings were beaten at home by spanish powerhouse real madrid byron started fast with joshua chemist scoring on a theory thought the twentieth minute but the injury bug struck by are taking both jerome boa tangan aryan robin out of that match we all responded to the early pressure with a goal just before half then at the fifty seventh minute a two one win for we are heading to next week's return leg and that is in madrid.
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this said his club deserved to win the first leg match up with reale his club actually held control the ball for more than sixty percent of the not. does come to even though there were missed chances and on top of that we handed out gifts and then didn't use the chances we created for ourselves properly there will be a time the foreign coach your eye goes there will did you ever get the feeling that your car is missing a feature or two well how about the ability to turn itself into a robot to japanese engineers who obviously watched too much transformer episodes as kids have developed just that. that's an incredible robot can turn itself into a two seater sports car within a minute's time but the car itself is not especially fast as a top speed of only thirty kilometers per hour so you have to take your time getting anywhere still you will not get any parking tickets if you park in
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a robot model developers want to use the robot cars to transform the newsman parts around. and the children certainly will love. it we have more coming up at the top of the hour and you can always find out more about these and other stories that our website dot com and read it will be. colorful. lively. the most traditional. find any time. check in with. take a tour of germany by state. dot com.


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