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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  April 26, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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making the is and you can also use the d.v.d. of the app to send us photos and videos which you think would be interesting that. the new say with us body w because we want to go jones are standing by and she have the business news for you coming up short. global inequality. what does inequality mean in a global economic did well. in rome to the media play. join the discussion and how long. as global media forum twenty eight. would like to be our fighters want to start families to become farmers or engineers every one of them has a plan for your children. and the thing is that the children who have already been
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the lawyer and those that will follow are part of a new process. they could be the future of collaboration in. granting opportunities global news that matters d. w. laid for mines. dacha bank is going to slash its investment unit as part of a major turnaround plan the cuts are leading to job losses the bank calls painful but unavoidable germany's biggest lender has been posting heavy losses the overhaul is part of a strategy to put dog shit back in the winnings. also on the program big big mega big s.u.v.s dominate the beijing alter show and german com makers know how to police. a department store in germany for goes its online business and goes
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instead to where the action is. welcome to do w. business german government sources are expecting that the european union's accenture in from high u.s. metals terrace will not be extended when it expires on may the first the news comes as german chancellor angela merkel is scheduled to meet with u.s. president on a trump on friday that's tomorrow to discuss the tariff trump announced higher terrace for u.s. steel and the minium imports in march but granted the e.u. and certain other countries exceptions pending the outcome of new trade talks the e.u. has said it will apply counter measures if the u.s. threatens its metal industries so considering that i'm going to america is on her way now to washington why would the german government mention their concerns regarding the may first deadline now well that's what i asked our financial correspondent in frankfurt. well it certainly looks like the government wants to
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prevent big disappointments because it's pretty clear that a solution for this. conflict with the americans about terrorists will not be found on the national level it's not the berlin government that will negotiate this with washington it's the european level the european union which will have to find a solution together with the americans but for sure until america will mention the topic when she is going to meet donald trump in washington she will repeat the position of the government that the government things those terrorists are wrong which means that this statement now can also be seen as a reminder to everyone that the government thinks there's you know pressure in the cattle that this is an important topic where solution has to be found not if i was a member of the steel industry let's say i think we're it now because they thirst is next week any reaction from industry at. yes not only the steel makers and
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steel traders themselves are worried investors are too the shares of the synchro for example are a big loser or a bigger one among the ducks losers today cluck call one of the big steel traders here in germany the shares are down four percent and not only these indicators show how nervous everyone is we've been getting business sentiment indices in the course of this week the f.o. index of business climate here in germany the. from france the clean mud is a fair the business climate in france both have come down recently and of course this also has to do with the unsolved conflict with the americans about terrorists and about nervousness what the potential impact on business will be. in frankfurt thank you a continued slump for germany's biggest lender deutsche bank reported nearly an eighty percent slide in first quarter profits to one hundred twenty million euros
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it also plans deep cuts to its biggest unit the corporate and investment banking division leading to job losses the band called painful but unavoidable it did not mention how many positions would be axed but the restructure could have an impact in london where deutsche a has its biggest investment banking operation the financing of big corporations is going to be reduced particularly in the united states and in asia. european central bank policymakers are gathered in frankfurt today for their rates that in meeting with a decision set for early this afternoon while nothing is expected to change today the markets will be watching closely for more clues on future rate hikes and the end to stimulus analysts say a gradual exige to a monetary policy meant as damage control is appropriate a decade after the financial crisis but while bank account holders and pension funds may welcome the return of high interest rates borrowing costs are set to get
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higher and a quickly changing backdrop of trade tensions and market volatility. so what's the way forward for a struggling retail stores going online you might say but one department store in germany is the bucking the trend and betting big offline instead entertainment draws the customers and to gets them spending one thing's for sure you can't get these experiences on the internet. maybe far from the coast but the city is now a surfing destination and even stranger the surf is in the middle of a department store customers can go shopping and then ride the waves but i know i get it i was just curious and wanted to see how it works. my son wanted to surprise me and said he planned something for us to do on the weekend he booked us for an hour of surfing so it was kind of a big surprise. the idea came about six years ago when fashion retailer ellen t.
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moved it sports department into a new building. surfing here costs thirty year as for forty five minutes watching of course is free. as it has to be every saturday we're getting between twenty to thirty thousand visitors with numbers like that here and exceeded our wildest expectations. the new building with the wave pool cost thirty five million euros it's a simple plan the company is using the new attractions to draw in more customers and increase revenues. and it's a massive investment for a small company like l. and t. we're betting everything on experience and entertainment and not online online. l. and t. doesn't think it's risky to avoid having an online shop that's why the company invested in all sorts of offline activities from hiking to climbing or just kicking a ball. now the void and we wanted to come here to see the wave tank the new attraction and then of course we decided to stick around in the sports department
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we're looking for something for the world cup final on the footy maybe a football kit or something. or has often. you know make shopping more exciting and on line you just sit at home so you don't see these kinds of things. soon they'll be opening a gym here too with high tech equipment a sauna and even altitude training for competitive athletes. on the new hot line sir. this is really cutting into our profitability in your recent years because we didn't have anything surprising to offer it was all just the same with our new sports store project we're making a change by pivoting towards entertainment from entertainment. shopping and entertainment to something generally found only in big department stores in dubai or in the us. would get out of the music we would read articles from america while i go shopping my husband goes surfing my how cool is that you talk a little now we have that here in germany to see it so about. next year customers
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will have yet another excuse to hang around after shopping and surfing when the store launches its own open air cinema. china is considering a cuts to import duties on passenger cost the duty could be reduced by about half the move should be part of the country's plan to further open the awesome obama according to bloomberg china's cabinet wants to reduce the navy on imported cars to between ten and fifteen percent from the current twenty five percent. of a comic goes like. beijing's plans to cut import tariffs on passenger vehicles will have little impact they manufacture cars for china in china there's a lot of talk about electability and autonomous driving at the beijing motor show but s.u.v.s steal the show. diamond was presenting its mercedes my boss concept at the beijing motor show it's a cross between an s.u.v. and a luxury limousine
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a car for the super rich for billionaires when price is no object and extravagance is important there are enough potential customers in china. when we introduce their mercedes my bread and we did not expect such a successful then yes we have gotten four in the recent years especially here in china. now based on that success we had hoped for the middle actually. skoda evokes wagon brand makes cars for the mass market the czech car maker is joining the s.u.v. trend with three different models the newest scotto was developed in china and is only being built there china is by far the single largest market. here we have big plans you want to double our business tilt and indeed that means after having sold last year more than three hundred thousand vehicles. to sell more than six hundred dollars to be built in twenty twenty more and more tech companies in china are
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investing in the automobile industry and changing the branch radically for example lincoln co this startup is setting its sights on younger buyers they've planned a sharing model where drivers can share their car with other users short term per app sales people are obsolete and users receive a subscription complete with workshop access link in cobol longs to the powerful jelly company they own vovo and are large shareholders at dime where. the hot topics are vehicles which are connected to the internet drive autonomous li and are electric the chinese will come out with them sooner than others will. ice munch on. fully on line connected electric cars are still only a fraction of the vehicles in china but in the coming years that's all going to. a change china's goal is to become the world's top automotive innovator. when talking of cost you ever get the feeling that your car is missing
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a feature well how about to the ability to turn itself into a robot to japanese engineers who obviously watch too many transform episodes and develop just that the robot can turn itself into a two seater spalls coupe a within a minute's time but the car itself is small particularly fost still you won't get any talking ticket if you pocket in robot mode the developers want to use the robot cost to transform amusement parks around the crowds. that's your business update here on d w for me and the team thank you very much for keeping me company.
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for five years up to careen shin shake has followed the court proceedings for five years the trial of and his huge strain this has determined his life his father was one of the rockin terrorist victims. with the verdict expected soon he feels too many questions remain unanswered. disappointed. w. . entered the conflict zones confronting the powerful twenty years
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ago the good friday agreement paved the way to decades of bigger conflicts in the law but the results have been mixed my guess this week here in dublin is. for moderation prime minister just tough on job is the process not. the first. sixty minutes. every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word published in the. eco is in germany to learn german and why not learn to tell a simple online on your mobile and free shop for w z e learning course nico speak german made easy. the dangerous battle for images five women. five exceptional stories. one calling more photography
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dramatic pictures from the frontlines capturing faithful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to other stories of people who ended up. women more photographers starting may third on t w. hello and welcome to focus on europe i'm michelle henery i'm glad you could join us it was a series of killings that shipped germany to its core people mostly of turkish and ethnicity were murdered across the country in broad daylight in the early two thousand and four years the suspects a neo nazi terrorist cell got away with it it took more than a dick.


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