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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 12:02am-12:30am CEST

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chancellor arar after the trump man's with a state dinner at the white house one can expect a possible trade war a handshake and a working lunch i'm broke off in berlin this is the day. he did that you know this state visit the first okinawa president trump has been a great honor for france. and you can have no inside information on what president trump might be considering regarding the iran nuclear deal that go nuclear. it seems to me that he's not very came to our poll that didn't make me able to do i take it personally it's good that also no one no one on your small my course of action is not to try and convince president trying to walk
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away from his campaign promises or to change his mind and not a masochist nice easy for me said. at four thirty with britain trying. we want we have to work together this is the only way to build. and that transaction the police and she. also coming up tonight in saudi arabia women are no longer forbidden from driving or from going to the gym or report tonight on changing bodies and changing minds to. i was shocked to see people rejecting the idea that women practice weightlifting wavin drink protein shakes they assume that if they drink protein shakes that body would become like a man. we begin the day with more long being by europe to change white house policy and fading hopes of it working after three days of hosting french president emanuel mccrone in an official state visit us president
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dublin trump tomorrow will welcome german chancellor and give america now the mek wrong marital mission has been a twofold one prevent a transatlantic trade war by convincing drum to extend tariff exemptions to europe on steel and elam idiom and to stop truong from abandoning the iran nuclear deal now as mccrone left washington he was quoted as saying that trump will probably kill the iran deal a policy you've heard that he reportedly described with the word insanity what will on the american will be able to change struck some on it is doubtful and the reasons were presented to the world about a year ago. it's not could moment during their first meeting at the white house that still sounds up the utter lack of political chemistry between on going to machall and donald trump. when traffic simply didn't react as merkel
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asked him to shake hands thank you. german chancellor i'm going to marco's reputation as the global leader who keeps the world strong men on the straight and narrow simply doesn't seem to apply to this u.s. president who insists on setting the pace and direction of global politics. observers say trump's erratic decision making challenges merkel's political style to confront even partners with very harsh positions to threaten and then to undo and sort of go back into a more co-operative mood and i would say yes kept european partners pretty much on their toes trump upstaged his nato allies by talking about money rather than values twenty three of the twenty eight member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they're supposed to be paying for their defense.
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his willingness to challenge the core values that bind together what is known as the west soon led machall to a sobering conclusion. side. and then there are times in which we could rely fully on others are somewhat over. for by more than a year into the term presidency germany is still struggling to find common ground for cooperation with trump's in a circle merkel second visit is laden with pressing issues. there are three important issues on the transatlantic agenda for this meeting one is definitely trade and the criticism of the transatlantic trade arrangement the second one is germany's contributions in military terms to nato and the third one is the iran nuclear deal. the president of the french republic at the end of his state visit in monrovia called directly criticize trump steelmaking and called on u.s.
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congress to live up to your expectations the united states is the one who invented this middle of dualism you are zero one now who has to herb to preserve and reinvent it. merkel won't have this kind of stage for two and a half hour visit is set to focus on working down the list of problems my car had to leave unresolved with but lynn already resigned to the fact that a trade war is in the making expectations are low. that they are all i'm joined now by our correspondent clear richardson she is at the white house tonight good evening to you claire's mr mark ron he left the white house empty handed merkel will probably do the same to morrow has this week of european lobbying has it failed. hi brant it's
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a little bit too early to issue a final verdict on that microphone and medicals efforts to get president trump to see eye to eye with them we're going to have to wait and see until the end of her visit which is going to be very much all business and no frills will be in the united states for less than twenty four hours now the two leaders have been looking as we heard in that report at two issues in particular they're trying to save the iran nuclear deal that was agreed in twenty fifteen and they're also trying to get donald trump to see eye to eye with them on issues like trade specifically trying to get a permanent exemption from the steel and aluminum tariffs that he announced back in march so coming up in may we've got two big deadlines that could really tell us what we're looking at with both those issues and right now it looks like off we come to monday we're going to be seeing the same situation that we saw earlier this week unless merkel can make some kind of deal. today. he remains committed to the nuclear deal but earlier today the u.s.
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president he called in and he gave a very different version take a listen. viewing i believe iran a lot differently than he did before he walked into the oval office and i think that's important you understand where i'm coming from with respect to iran iran is a real problem for this country the president made a horrible deal when i say the president i'm talking about the past administration made a horrible. melt let's take a listen to what president when he was just this impasse with president troll. at four thirty. and. some disagreements and this warm approach i'm i think it's life it's the same thing in all the families i don't see home interests. so french interests just to say i i i just disagree i
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don't want to speak with you i mean it's ridiculous to best way to proceed is to say we all part are full long term we all lies you know they're allies but these are two leaders two realities neither of them declaring victory or defeat after this week was the state visit with my cold nothing more than trial acting presidential and mr. enjoying low micron certainly doesn't sound optimistic about the future of the iran deal as we just heard there i think the idea was very much to have friends come as a conduit for your out i to have him come and cozy up to donald trump to try and form a really good working relationship and we saw that play out they were buddy buddy they really rolled out the red carpet for micron's visit and it appeared that the two leaders seemed to be getting along but mccrone did not come away with any statements from donald trump that he was going to remain in the deal as we've heard
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he's called it the worst one ever so it's going to remain to be seen whether america can pull out a last minute play and change his mind now we know that. are popular in the u.s. there likability their approval ratings are much higher then mr truong last night george washington university spoke at a town hall event i want to get your impressions on there but first i want to listen to a student she asked. for his advice about american two party political system many young people here have inspired by your progress and they're probably going to marsh and i'm wondering what advice do you have for us who might be frustrated by this or struggling against a two party system trying to push these ideas that we can gather people from the lifton's a right to have a new progressive view for the country trying to address this critical challenge of . on economy on development on migration. and so on
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everybody said it was totally impossible because people decided it was not impossible we we made it. clear for a second you could imagine. his running to be u.s. president. well if he'd been born in the united states you might think he was just doing just that we did also hear him earlier this week during his trip to speak to the u.s. congress was quite rare for a foreign leader to be addressing u.s. lawmakers in english he got multiple standing ovations for his message which essentially implored the united states not to turn its back on the world order that it helped create he spoke about climate change that he hoped that the united states would return to the paris climate accord one day and really had a message that was the opposite of many items that are an essential part of trumps
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political philosophy and as someone said the poor. any chance. she will be able to stop the terrorists from going. that's right they have a temporary exemption right now that's going to be one of the things that's most important on her visit because it could really hurt german the german auto industry but this is going to be a real litmus test for the transatlantic partnership to see whether she can overcome what seems to be a rather negative rather poor relationship with donald trump compared with his predecessor barack obama to actually secure the kind of trade deal that germany wants to see. in the rest of the world will be watching the visit tomorrow that is for sure. and at the white house tonight it's clear thank you. well the british historian timothy garton ash generated headlines with his commentaries
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on the role of uncle americal as the new defender of the western liberal world the w.'s reproducer vald spoke with him about what influence america can have on the us president is there anything that she can do now that french president macron has failed to change trance mind about iran i think micro did a fantastic job but i think there's still a lot fanatical to do the style will be very different much less spectacular. less hugging and kissing probably but in substance to keep repeating the key european positions for multilateralism and also particularly given the danger of a trade war i think the german voice expressed transfer machall is still very important first we saw the bromance between trump and mark or then the very open words of the french president how difficult is this farm dilemma so if you remember
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there was a lot of speculation about whether i'm the leader of the free world right and of course that's too big for one person in europe but maybe there's a kind of joint to european leadership. a joint enterprise between micro machall and i think a lot of us are looking to the two of them. to give a strategic direction for europe and therefore also for the west so after all the camaraderie and the celebrated friendship even the french president said i don't really believe that donald trump is going to stick to the iran nuclear deal so what is. do you think don't trump should listen to on the american. well. i think he should do this too whether he will nobody knows i mean you know there are two problems with trump one is his as well ideology and his promises but an even bigger problem is the he's totally erratic personality the total
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unpredictability of the mountains and nobody is quite what he is going to do but we just have to keep on trying keep on working and in a sense good news is that he can change his mind as we've seen over north korea with the current national thank you so much for this interview. analogy that stunning and emotional cost be conviction the actor and comedian bill cosby found guilty in a sexual assault retrial just hours ago now caused be seen here live leaving the courthouse has been convicted of drugging and molesting a woman this marks the first big celebrity conviction of the need to move but he is out on bail tonight pending sentencing the eighty year old could spend could face a prison sentence of up to thirty years dozens of women have come forward to say that he drugged and assaulted the cosbys attorney has vowed to appeal the
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conviction saying that the fight quote is not over well after the verdict was announced gloria allred a attorney attorney representing dozens of cosby's accusers said that this is a watershed moment for the need to move. we are so happy that finally we can say. women are believed and not only on hash tag me too but in a court of law where they were under oath where they testified truthfully where they were attacked where they were smeared where they were denigrated and where there were attempts to discredit them. and after all is said and done. with it were finally and we thank the jury so much for that. our lives pick up on the story now i'm joined by my colleague here at the big table scott writes for he is the host of our weekly program keno which looks at the movies and
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the movie business and in los angeles tonight i'm joined by intertainment and hollywood reporter k.j. matthews to both of you welcome t.j. let me start with you this is a spectacular downfall for a man who was loved not just in the u.s. but all over the world. yes this is this is the beginning of the in for bill cosby he is eighty years old he's been convicted of three felonies he will likely spend the rest of his life in jail of course he hasn't been since yet that's going to happen this way another sixty to ninety days but his his image in america is america's t.v. father is tatar is no more there are more than thirty i think fifty some woman who came forward accusing him of sexual assault and it's really just been like you said a watershed moment you know many people in the african-american community initially really stood by him and they didn't want to believe the worst about him but as more
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and more women came forward everybody pretty much has abandoned. scott this is a this is something that a lot of people would have even imagined just a year and a half ago no i mean the stories both to the cosby had been circulating for quite some time but they were downplayed by a lot of people not just the african american community but among his millions of fans world worldwide but it's also i think it's so difficult to reconcile the image that we have of him as america's dad from from the from the cosby show as a as a pioneer for civil rights that to reconcile that with the facts have come out about his being more or less a sexual predator i'll say it right out that's come out with this case and to reconcile those two images has proved very very difficult but i completely agree i think his his reputation is in tatters he's not going to have about whatever happens legally going forward you know let's just take a listen to what one of his many accusers who said just moments after the verdict was announced. we'll have
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a deal i feel that i think. you. would like there are a lot of her right here right there like i'm sure you can. keep it's me. i feel like i'm getting i feel like i. when you first heard that you were not getting answered but. yet i feel like i've been in humanity is restored i mean you know that's a remarkable statement right there for someone to be able to say it k.-j. i mean there are people in l.a. in hollywood are they saying that justice has been served today absolutely and you know one of the most interesting things is this is coming about in the meat to movement you remember the first trial he had it was deadlock that was back in july that was before the whole need to movement really got steam it got off the ground now the need to move and has really just been she used it's been growing it is
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dominating hollywood and he may be a victim of that it's bad timing but it's also justice for so many women who have been saying this for years and years if not decades so hollywood is really standing behind all the accusers and the alleged victims in this case for sure and we were talking earlier about what he represented. before there was the cosby show but he was also a figure in the u.s. civil rights movement and as you said earlier he has been he enjoyed support from african-americans right up until recently. oh absolutely he has donated so much art and millions of dollars to historically black colleges and universities here in the u.s. he's always been about education for african-americans really trying to help them with scholarship funds but you know ironically it was an african-american male who really bought this to the forefront a comedian by the name of hannibal buress who had been joking several years ago
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that bill cosby was really a rapist and people should look into it nobody took it seriously and still more women start coming forward saying this comedian is telling the truth i know because i was sexually assaulted by him and initially it was a lot of blowback but after years again steam and a lot of people got behind these women as more and more and more women that is came forward and they were all of different races saying the same thing that they were drugged and sexually assaulted by bill cosby yet and this is this shatters the image of an icon for many of us who grew up watching him. around the world people norman from the cosby show or from saturday morning you know cartoons i mean you name it he had done it. what is this going to do that when we see this type of icon basically brought down scott. what can happen moving forward well i think this is can be seen as the first conviction in the me two era and i think you definitely
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see the difference from just a third of just a few months have made the the mistrial how that was seen last summer now post need to how how these cases are going to be seen i think a number of men including say mr harvey weinstein will be looking at this case and maybe shaking in his boots because he's also has prospered criminal trials coming up. i think the climate has changed i think hollywood has changed and i don't think there's any any going back and i think this is going to really make a major different. as to not only how these cases are seen but also consequences and and it is justice that could come from it and get there we understand that in the courtroom when the verdict was read out today that bill cosby shouted out and showed a very angry side it could that be the last part of this story that people will remember. oh absolutely you know they were discussing the deed this is district
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attorney that is why they are not he should be remanded into custody immediately since he is now a convicted sex offender and he said to the judge the d.a. said to the judge look he's a flight risk he has a plane he might not show back up in court and that's when bill cosby said up and yelled you know i don't have a plane you a whole expletive and his team had to calm him down but he was visibly angry visibly lash out and just really you know i think still in shock about the verdict but very angry and lashing out loudly for him ah the judge sided with him and said no you know he set his bail and basically he's allowed to go home up until the day that he will be sentenced you know already in a famous reporter k.j. matthews on the just stunning story for us in los angeles and right here the big table his very own scott writes for the both of you thank you very much.
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well it is a right that most men take for granted the right to walk into a gym and to pump iron but not if you're a woman in saudi arabia but that could be history the kingdom is working to change its image especially when it comes to the rights and social status of women new licenses have been issued for women only gyms granting women the right to work out . women working out in a gym an unremarkable scene in many parts of the world but in saudi arabia a sign of social and cultural aggression. these women weightlifters are taking advantage of new female only gyms the latest in a series of reforms in the conservative muslim kingdom. the sports entice and many women like rehab to stay in shape get fit though critics in the region claim weight lifting will cause women to lose their femininity. you might have had some of the all the people who are interested in sports who don't want to
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give this a try usually pretty skeptical of weight lifting some of the old assumptions still exist but the general idea about women in weightlifting on the contrary is that it would help women get into better shape look good and improve their fitness i don't see any problem with this. much. for gym owner in man show that the idea that weight lifting leads to a masculine appearance is baseless. but not for me was in what some girls fear they might get bigger muscles like men but that's impossible if they don't use growth hormones well you know what if they do normal resistance exercise if they eat proper healthy food they'll develop with his eat that they wouldn't get with any other sport my first of all the other. saudi women and they're allowed to attend football matches and will soon be permitted to drive as a nation seeks to change its international perception as
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a repressive state but for these women it's attitudes closer to home that are in real need of an overhaul. when i first came back from the united states in twenty thirteen i was shocked to see people rejecting the idea that women practice weightlifting wavin drink protein shakes they assume that if they drink protein shakes the body would become like a man even my own family thought. change doesn't happen overnight but for the saudi arabian women it's a push in the right direction. that. the conversation continues online or find us on twitter. and remember ever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day was given ever by.
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costs like. football or simply. the countdown. into the world cup is all but. the reporter only moody's checks out the team's one super week. the favorites the dark horses and what else we can expect. all these world cup. in sixty minutes dublin. moving off to fight in full details to take you seriously in the world of what here's what's coming up women's tour w. this superhero. smartarse smart stage managing the brain creasing really dangerous time the to w. me for my more photography dramatic pictures from the front lines capturing faithful moments in time and even risking death. she gave her life to other stories
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of people who ended up killing. women born photographers starting research on t w. o family and come to your own today show we're getting very creative for example like that. that's where i spend a shot is to make sculptures all those leaps. up at textual art the new film about the box movement.


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