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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 27, 2018 4:00am-4:03am CEST

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it is i'm a man whose ideas change the world but also divided it how real of and is he today and what influence does he have on politics and general culture on his two hundredth birthday karl marx and arts twenty one special and the documentary marks and his years d.w. . kim jong un made history friday by becoming the first north korean leader to set foot on southern soil since the end of the korean war in one nine hundred fifty three he joined south korean president moon cheney and for the first summit between the two sides in over a decade. the closed door talks are aimed at ending their long conflict and easing tensions moon hopes kim will confirm his will for complete
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denuclearization of the peninsula. head of the meeting kim's news agency said he would open hearted lee discussing all issues arising in improving enter korean relations and achieving peace the summit also sets the stage for kim to meet with u.s. president donald trump in late may or early june. earlier this month kim said his country would suspend nuclear and long range missile tests and dismantle its only known nuclear test site. comedian bill cosby has been convicted of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in two thousand and four at his home near philadelphia it marks the first such conviction of a celebrity since the me too movement began the eighty year old cause to be could face up to thirty years in prison. the french president left washington today tomorrow the german chancellor arar
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after the trump man's with a state dinner at the white house what can america expect a possible trade war a handshake and a working lunch i'm bored this is the day. that he did occupy this state visit the first organized by president trump has been a great honor for francis. and you have no inside information on what president trump might be considering the regarding the iran nuclear deal that gold nuclear. clean if you need seems to me that he's not very keen to uphold it didn't he will do that if you do i take it personally it's because of the no one no one on the additional my course of action is not to try to convince president trump to.


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